Chapter 536: Love Affairs in Battle Field

    Chapter 536: Love Affairs in Battle Field

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    "Having over 40 lovers before becoming an adult?" after hearing Lan Yunxi's introduction, all the young, handsome guys from different clans threw their weird looks at Zhang Tie. If they were commoners, they might admire about Zhang Tie's "achievements"; however, all these were elites from the 6 influential clans of Jinyun Country. They were all born and grew in rich families. They could have 400 women, not to mention 40, if they were allowed.

    Actually, these true Chinese rich and powerful families had very strict requirements on love affairs. They were instructed since they were young that a person being indulged in love affairs could only be confined in the clan as a birth machine; instead of becoming any influential figure in the clan.

    Therefore, none of the true elites in Chinese rich and powerful families would indulge in love affairs. Meanwhile, they treasured their reputation on this aspect especially. If those elders and big figures of their clan knew that they had love affairs with women outside, it was nothing different than destroying their own future.

    Through Lan Yunxi's introduction, Zhang Tie became a playboy in Huaiyuan Palace. Plus Zhang Tie's "whiteboard" military uniform, more people started to feel that Zhang Tie was just a birth machine. Otherwise, as Lan Yunxi's junior fellow apprentice in Hidden Dragon Palace who had awakened his ancestral bloodline, he should have some shining points.

    Each powerful clan had some people like Zhang Tie. However, they didn't express their contemptuous looks for the sake of Lan Yunxi's face. However, given Lan Yunxi's ridicule, they knew that Lan Yunxi disliked her junior fellow apprentice. Otherwise, she would not have revealed Zhang Tie's nickname "Love Affairs Number One".

    Of course, Zhang Tie admitted what he had done. After witnessing the miserable situation in Blackhot City, Zhang Tie felt that it was very timely and remorseless to pick the girls of Rose Association away from Blackhot City. Therefore, Zhang Tie looked very calm at this moment.

    After Lan Yunxi's words, before Zhang Tie opened his mouth, another guy had burst out into laughter.

    "Haha, senior sister apprentice Xi's words make us embarrassed. But I think that real men should have meritorious deeds in the battle field in this chaotic world. We should fight demons and defend humans on the battle field and tint our battle armors using demons' fresh blood instead of being indulged in love affairs in the moonlight. What do you think?"

    All the others started to nod.

    The one who talked was a toyboy, whose words were full of superiority. By participating in the holy war, he looked as righteous as a savior in the doomsday. Zhang Tie would not care about that in usual days; however, at this moment, this guy was showing off himself in front of Lan Yunxi, which made Zhang Tie very uncomfortable.

    "F*ck, I'm talking with my wife. who're you? How dare you show off yourself in front of me?"

    "Good talk! Senior fellow apprentice, your words really enlightened me!" Zhang Tie applauded as he watched that guy with a 'sincere' smile, "May I know your name, senior fellow apprentice? Which clan do you come from?"

    "I'm Ou Hongyu from Chuixue Palace!" that guy replied with full of conceit.

    Chuixue Palace was the official name of Ou Clan.

    "Oh, it's senior fellow apprentice Ou from Chuixue Palace. It's my great honor to see you..." Zhang Tie revealed an 'admirable' look. "I was told that all the great heroes in the ancient times aimed at eliminating enemies and defending their home. Senior fellow apprentice was so righteous at targeting and sweeping the demons, which really enlightened me a lot. I'm really dwarfed in front of you. I think senior fellow apprentice Ou must have the ambition of sweeping demons and defending our home. I really admire you, please accept my bow."

    After saying this, Zhang Tie really gave a bow to this guy seriously.

    "Erm..." after hearing Zhang Tie's words, this guy felt something was wrong. However, as he had just said that, he felt shameful to regret; therefore, he revealed a faint embarrassed look.

    "Were you kidding just now?" Zhang Tie asked him with an 'amazed' look.

    "Of course not!" that guy glared at Zhang Tie.

    "You were just talking about it. Actually, you didn't think about sweeping demons and defending our home?"

    Under the gaze of the onlookers, including Lan Yunxi, that guy could not swallow his words, "Of course not!"

    "Good man!" Zhang Tie smiled as he forcefully applauded for a few more times, "As you've all witnessed that, senior fellow apprentice Ou Hongyu expressed his ambition of sweeping demons and defending our home here. That's really admirable!"

    After saying that, Zhang Tie told Lan Yunxi with an embarrassed look, "I'm sorry, senior fellow apprentice Xi. Seeing so many senior fellow apprentices surrounding you, I thought they were all courting you; I've not imagined that this senior fellow apprentice Ou was so noble and so decisive. As this holy war would at least last 100 years, I know senior sister apprentice Xi would not marry until 100 years later when you become a old grandma, this senior fellow apprentice Ou was...alas...pitiful...pitiful!"

    Zhang Tie shook his head as the face of Ou Hongyu turned pale. He had not imagined that Zhang Tie had dug a pit for him and buried him alive; additionally, Zhang Tie even matted down the soil and set a gravestone for him. As a result, Ou Hongyu had no chance to free himself at all.

    At this moment, all the other guys in the room threw their sympathetic glances at Ou Hongyu. They all sympathized Ou Hongyu. With so many elites from 6 clans at present, Ou Clan would definitely force Ou Hongyu to be a 'martyr' for the reputation of Chuixue Palace; otherwise, Ou Clan would be derided by others.

    Of course, with one less competitor for courting Lan Yunxi, some guys were happy inside. However, at this moment, nobody treated Zhang Tie as a 'birth machine' anymore. None of the senior fellow apprentices of Lan Yunxi was coward, even a playboy who was indulged in love affairs...

    Seeing Zhang Tie's eyes lit up once again, all the guys' hearts pounded.

    "Who else have the same thought as senior fellow apprentice Ou Hongyu?" Zhang Tie asked with a smile.

    "Junior fellow apprentice Zhang Tie must be joking. Although junior fellow apprentice Hongyu's ambition is admiring, this holy war would last 100 years, even 1000 years. Facing the holy war, it's our responsibility to protect humans by killing demons on the battle field; however, it's also our responsibility to extend our clan bloodlines. If our generation could not sweep the demons, we will have our sons and grandsons clean the demons!" a 27-year old man with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel smiled with a mature look.

    All the elites of the 6 clans were excellent in some aspects. Although Ou Hongyu fell into Zhang Tie's pit, how could the others be foxed by such a problem.

    His words sounded much more reasonable, which formed a resonance with Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie then cupped his hands in front of his chest, "May I know your name, senior fellow apprentice?"

    "I'm Dantai Yuya from Tuisi Palace!" that man replied politely.

    "Is senior fellow apprentice also wanting to court our senior sister apprentice Xi?" Zhang Tie put it straightforwardly.

    "Ahem..ahem..." Dantai Yuya did not feel suitable to answer Zhang Tie's question. After glancing at Lan Yunxi and thinking about Ou Hongyu's outcome, he said euphemistically and bravely, "Gentlemen always court for fair lady. Senior sister apprentice Yunxi is as delicate as a orchid and as bright as the sun and the moon. It's my great honor to be favored by her, if possible!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie talking about her private affair, Lan Yunxi glared at Zhang Tie.

    "Ha...ha...don't be embarrassed, senior fellow apprentices. Our senior sister Xi is the most brightest star in Huaiyuan Palace and Hidden Dragon Palace. Numerous people are courting senior sister apprentice Xi. It's not strange for you to have such a desire." After hearing Zhang Tie's words, everybody exchanged glances with each other before nodding inside.

    "However, as our fellow apprentices in Hidden Dragon Palace had negotiated before, the men who could match senior sister apprentice Xi must be very excellent. If he was an average person, even though senior sister apprentice Xi agreed to marry him, we fellow apprentices of Hidden Dragon Palace would not agree. In the eyes of our brothers from Hidden Dragon Palace, men from other clans courting senior sister apprentice Xi were like buddies from other schools stealing away our school sweetheart. What do you feel about that?"

    Everyone in the room nodded as Zhang Tie's words were very vivid.

    "Therefore, anyone wanting to court our senior sister apprentice Xi has to pass our brothers in Hidden Dragon Palace, right?"

    Lan Yunxi stared at Zhang Tie with a puzzled look. She didn't know what other tricks would Zhang Tie play. However, Lan Yunxi was moved by one point of Zhang Tie's words. She was bothered by a lot of men all day long. Sometimes, she was very bored about them. However, their excuses were about military affairs; she felt embarrassed to drive them away. Therefore, she wanted to see what method did Zhang Tie have.

    "I wonder what do you mean by passing the brothers of Hidden Dragon Palace." Dantai Yuya asked calmly.

    "It's very simple. If you could not match the talents of the brothers of Hidden Dragon Palace, you'd better be self-conscious and stay away from senior sister apprentice Xi. As a girl, our senior sister apprentice might be embarrassed to drive you away sometimes. Our brothers of Hidden Dragon Palace could help her select her pursuer.

    "Match what?" soon after Zhang Tie's words was a lieutenant colonel's question. None of those confident men would retreat at this moment.

    "Any item which is concerned with money or family background is not trustful as it's not your own talent. I have a good item. As we are in the first theater of operations, where all the men head for, we will match the number of wing demons we can kill. As senior sister apprentice Xi had mentioned, I am just a toyboy and her most coward junior fellow apprentice, let's bet with 3 months. Those who could not kill as many wing demons as me within 3 months would stay far away from senior sister apprentice Xi. A toad don't dream for eating swan. Within the following 3 months, unless military affairs, please do not draw closer to senior sister apprentice with those old excuses for the sake of the others' feelings. What do you think about that?"

    Those men exchanged glances with each other before raising their heads like game fowls with unpredictable smile.

    "Hahahaha, that's funny, that's funny. Guys from Hidden Dragon Palace are really funny..." a man laughed hysterically, "I will match with you, let's see whether I'm qualified to court senior sister apprentice Xi after 3 months. I'm Wang Hu. This junior fellow apprentice is really funny. Let's drink when there's a chance!"

    A guy with whiskers walked here and patted Zhang Tie's shoulders before going away.

    Dantai Yuya also smiled, "Junior fellow apprentice Zhang Tie is right. Let's match our fighting strength then. We will be relaxed after 3 months!"

    After leaving these words, Dantai Yuya also left.

    The rest of people exchanged glances with each other before leaving. Only Ou Hongyu glared at Zhang Tie before leaving.

    In a wink, there were only Zhang Tie and Lan Yunxi in the command module.

    "What do you mean, junior fellow apprentice Zhang Tie?" Lan Yunxi glared at Zhang Tie as she accented the term 'junior fellow apprentice', "From when did you start caring about my private affair?"

    Zhang Tie revealed a roguish smile, "Erm...as so many men were surrounding you...I'm afraid, I'm afraid to wear a green hat[1]!"

    Soon after he finished his words, Zhang Tie found Lan Yunxi's eyes turned green as she slowly moved towards Zhang Tie with an increasingly dangerous qi.

    Zhang Tie forcefully swallowed his saliva as he moved back out of fear, "Argh...what..what do you want?"

    "Green...green..." Lan Yunxi muttered while gritting her teeth. It seemed that she had been obsessed with a ghost as she glared, "You b*stard!"

    Soon after saying this, Lan Yunxi darted towards Zhang Tie in a high speed that Zhang Tie could not even catch her figure.

    "Don't beat my face...argh..."

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