Chapter 538: Family Members

    Chapter 538: Family Members

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    Being in the northernmost of Huaiyuan Prefecture, Taian City was adjacent to Shunjiang City of Lan Clan of Jinyun Country. After the 3rd holy war broke out, the entire Taian City became the northernmost military town of Huaiyuan Palace. Most of troops that left Huaiyuan Palace had to pass Taian City, not to mention airship troops. Now, Huaiyuan Palace set its airship base in Taian City. The airship No. 086 landed on a busy large-scaled airship port.

    The airship arrived at noon while the sun was hanging high above head. Zhang Tie waited until all the wounded soldiers were carried away. The wounded soldiers bid farewell to Figo. When Hillman left, the coxswain even gifted him a box of collected chess. Because of the two guys, those airship crew's looked towards Zhang Tie while turning milder.

    "Brat, remember what you said. Go back to the 1st theater of operations to kill wing demons. Don't be coward if you're a man."

    Zhang Tie turned around and found that strong sergeant first class who talked with him a few days ago was shouting towards him while exposing his head out of the safety fence of the deck and waving his fist.

    Zhang Tie smiled as he waved his hand towards this guy.

    Soon after he passed the hatch door at the bottom of the airship was Zhang Tie stunned.

    "Little Fruit..." Zhang Tie's mom rushed to him at once and embraced Zhang Tie. At the same time, she burst out into tears. After half a minute, she separated from Zhang Tie. Like checking a good, she checked Zhang Tie's body from head to toe. She even let Zhang Tie turn around. After that, she stopped sobbing, "It's good to see you safe...it's good to see you safe..."

    Zhang Tie's eyes also turned red. When his mom rushed to him and embraced him, he genuinely sensed how his parents were concerned about him during the past 3 years.

    His dad also came here. Wiping off his tears, he patted Zhang Tie's shoulders, "Remember to usually...usually send a message to us when you go out next time in case of your mom's concern!"

    Zhang Tie wiped off his tears. He just nodded, "I know...this time...it's my mistake. I should not have made you and mom worried about me for such a long time!"

    After saying that, Zhang Tie looked at his elder brother, who looked more mature and dignified than that when Zhang Tie left Huaiyuan Prefecture. Zhang Yang had kept a mustache. On his side were standing some people. Zhang Tie's eldest sister-in-law Huizhen, who was holding a strong 4-5 years old kid in her right hand and a 2-3 years old little girl in her left hand. Both kids were adorable.

    Besides the eldest sister-in-law were two women, both of whom looked like fair ladies and were more beautiful and dignified than the eldest sister-in-law. One of the two women was holding a 2-3 years old boy. The other woman who looked a bit plump was cradling a half-year old baby. Zhang Tie found that they were all similar to his elder brother.

    "What a great elder brother!" Zhang Tie sighed with emotions inside.

    Besides more family members, Zhang Tie found everybody was wearing better, especially his three elder sisters-in-law, who looked noble. It seemed that their living standards had been greatly improved. After a couple of years, Zhang Tie's parents looked even better than before due to the effect of all-purpose medicament. They didn't look old at all. Furthermore, their cheeks were rosy. This made Zhang Tie reassured.

    "Cheng'an, do you remember your uncle? Call uncle together with your younger sister!" Wang Huizhen, the eldest sister-in-law touched the head of that 4-5 years old boy while telling him to hold the hand of the little girl on his side. Both kids then called Zhang Tie uncle in a naive voice with curious black eyes.

    Zhang Tie then squatted as he touched their head sand kissed their tender faces. Being not accustomed to that, the little girl was so scared by Zhang Tie's kiss as she directly hid behind Zhang Tie's mom, "Grandma, grandma..." all the family members then laughed about that...

    "Shiyun, Huayin. Come out to greet Zhang Tie!" Zhang Tie's elder brother coughed, telling the two women on his side to greet his younger brother.

    Zhang Tie stood up very officially, "Nice to see you, elder sisters-in-law!"

    Zhang Yang then introduced the two women to Zhang Tie. The second sister-in-law's son was Zhang Chengxu, who's Zhang Yang's second son while the third sister-in-law's son was Zhang Chengze, who was just 5 months old. The eldest sister-in-law's daughter was Zhang Shiyu. That was to say, Zhang Tie's elder brother already had 3 wives, 3 sons and 1 daughter.

    "That's awesome, elder brother. I have some nephews and nieces now. Since I came back in a hurry this time, I've not prepared any gifts for my nephews and nieces. How about this uncle bringing you some gifts next time?" Zhang Tie pinched the petite face of Zhang Chengxu.

    "Thanks, uncle..." Zhang Chengxu replied as his mom that is Zhang Tie's second sister-in-law revealed a smile.

    "Who are they?" Zhang Yang looked at Hillman and the other three guys on Zhang Tie's side.

    "These are my subordinates. Elder brother, arrange someone to lead them to Jinwu Castle and settle them down there!" after saying that to Zhang Yang, Zhang Tie said something to Hillman and the other three guys. After that, they were taken away by a subordinate of Zhang Yang by a car being not far from here.

    "Let's talk inside home!" after they all recognized with each other, Zhang Tie's dad suggested on one side as all the others nodded.

    "Let's go back home then?" Zhang Yang looked at Zhang Tie.

    "Fine. Let's talk inside home. Chengze and the other kids are too young to stand such a heavy wind!" Zhang Tie also nodded, "Oh, how did you come here, elder brother?"

    "By airship. Our home has already moved to Yiyang City!" saying this, all of them started to walk in one direction.

    Right dozens of meters away from here, there was a very luxurious and beautiful streamlined medium-sized manned airship. After boarding on the airship, Zhang Tie found that this airship was much more comfortable than that he could imagine. There were servicemen, babysitters of Zhang Yang's kids and their bodyguards. It seemed that Zhang Tie's parents and eldest sister-in-law had been used to this living style. Zhang Tie was also amazed by the bodyguards' levels. 3 of the bodyguards were LV 9, 2 of them were LV 10. The level of the rest one was unpredictable as a 50-odd years old man whose existence could almost not be sensed.

    They just sat on the cozy sofa in the passenger cabin and chatted for free.

    "These bodyguards were employed through special channel when Jinwu Corporation reached a certain scale. They are all members of Zhang Clan from Huaiyuan Palace!" Seeing Zhang Tie glancing at them, Zhang Yang whispered to Zhang Tie.

    "Jinwu Corporation?"

    "I recruited a team of guards last year. Our firm also developed. Therefore, our Jinwu Firm promoted to Jinwu Corporation!"

    Zhang Tie nodded, "Elder brother is really an insightful person. I've predicted about the fast expansion of Jinwu firm with the business of all-purpose medicament."

    "Tell me about you. Where have you been these couple of years? Don't you know how much your mom was worried about you?" Zhang Tie's dad glared at Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie scratched his head as he didn't know how to explain to his parents.

    "Put down your hands. The moment you scratch your head, it means you're telling a lie. That's a bad habit that you've formed since you were young. I know you well!" Zhang Tie's dad put it straightforwardly.

    Under the curious looks of three elder sisters-in-law, Zhang Tie revealed an embarrassed smile as he put his hands on the knees, "Erm...actually, I was cultivating in the wild these years. As it was remote, I didn't even know that the 3rd holy war had broken out until recently."

    Zhang Tie expressed his experience in a honest way.

    "Cultivate? You're just a teenager. To cultivate what? Tell me, have you been LV 6? Don't think that you papa could be easily cheated by your nonsense!" Zhang Tie's dad condemned him.

    "Dad, I'm LV 9 now!" Zhang Tie replied honestly.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's reply, both Zhang Tie's dad and his elder brother were shocked.

    "What?" Zhang Tie's dad thought he heard it wrong.

    "LV 9! As I've already promoted to LV 9, I returned to an inhabited place and found that the holy war had broken out. I've not encountered any dangers these couple of years although I've not returned home. Don't worry about me, dad and mom!" Zhang Tie comforted his parents. After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Zhang Tie's mom looked much more relaxed.

    "Then why did you come back by the war airship of Huaiyuan Palace?"

    "As demon disasters exist everywhere, I could only come back through Huaiyuan Palace's airship in the Selnes Theater of Operations!"

    "Well, it's okay, it's good to see my son back. Don't always talk with him so seriously. We're not interrogating a criminal!" Zhang Tie's mom urged. Zhang Tie's dad then became silent.

    Meanwhile, Zhang Tie's mom cradled Zhang Shiyu, who was climbing on the ground, onto her knees as she revealed a benign look, "Little fruit, you're almost 20 years old. I will find a girl to marry you this time. You have to learn from your elder brother and give birth to some kids for the sake of the domestic undertakings. The domestic undertaking is growing too large. Your dad and I are even a bit afraid about that. As long as you have more babies, your dad and I will be reassured..."
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