Chapter 539: The Best Wish

    Chapter 539: The Best Wish

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    When Zhang Tie's mom spoke, all the family members focused on Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie immediately felt a great stress. Especially facing his parents' desiring eyes, Zhang Tie didn't know what to say at all.

    "Get married and give birth to a baby?" To be honest, Zhang Tie had thought about this before. However, it was still too early to consider it now.

    "Don't worry, mom. I promise you that I will give birth to more grandsons than my elder brother. You and dad are my idols. As you and dad fell in love freely, you can not force me to accept a stranger. I will also choose a free love and bravely elope with my beloved one. Am I right, dad?" Zhang Tie looked at his dad with a grin.

    "Of course, at that time..." the moment Zhang Tie's dad became excited and wanted to say something with a proud look did he become frustrated and smirk under the sharp gaze of Zhang Tie's mom.

    Zhang Tie's elder sisters-in-law all giggled while covering their mouth with hand...

    At the sight of Zhang Tie's casual look, Zhang Tie's mom sighed...

    Zhang Yang hurriedly shifted the topic as he pointed at the layout inside the airship, "Zhang Tie, guess where was this airship produced?"

    Zhang Tie looked at it for a while before replying, "It looks nice, is there anything special with it?"

    "Do you remember that small airship manufacturing company where our dad worked in Jinhai City?"

    "Argh, is this airship produced by that company?"

    "Yes!" Zhang Yang revealed a smile, "Two years ago, I bought that company at the cost of over 400,000 gold coins. Now, that company has changed its name into Jinwu Airship Manufacturing Company. Dad became the boss of that company. That is to say, this airship was produced by ourselves. Its type sea swallow was even named by dad. Its endurance could not match large-scale airship. However, It's suitable to medium and short-range flight within 2000 kms. As it's smaller and faster than the fury-level airship produced in Huaiyuan Prefecture, it has good market sales!"

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that his elder brother had the same thought as him. Previously, he had thought about purchasing that airship manufacturing company so as to please his dad and himself.

    After Zhang Yang finished his words, Zhang Tie picked himself up from the cozy seat and took a visit around the airship. To be honest, this airship was really not bad. Its design and craftsmanship could reach middle and upper class. Additionally, it could move fast. It seemed that they had made it with heart.

    "How much does such an airship cost?" Zhang Tie asked Zhang Yang.

    "About 14,000 gold coins for an average one. It could be customized and decorated according to the demands of customers!"

    "Can we match it with weapons?"

    "There's only a small steam ballista in the airship! As it is for civil use, it's not matched with too many weapons; however, it could be extended with some weapon positions. As war demands were considered in advance, additional weapon positions had been left on the power package!" Zhang Tie's dad started to introduce this airship for Zhang Tie with full of excitement ahead of Zhang Yang. Seeing their dad being that spirited, Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang exchanged glances with each other before grinning at the same time--a man should have an undertaking so as to bring spice to his life.


    It took them about 3 hours from Taian City to Yiyang City. After coming back to Yiyang City, Zhang Tie saw more airships in the sky than that a couple of years ago. At this moment, Huaiyuan Prefecture had not been influenced by the holy war; instead, it became more prosperous.

    Being far away from demons disaster and being adjacent to the ocean, Yiyang City was the most important traffic hub in the entire Waii Sub-Continent. This place was also the trading center of the continents. From here, people could leave Waii Sub-Continent. With the surging population brought by war and the relevant developed trading and manufacturing, Yiyang City became more magnificent and grand.

    The airship of Zhang Tie's family members didn't land in the airship port in Yiyang City; instead, it landed in a magnificent manor of Yiyang City.

    After getting off the airship, Zhang Tie took a deep breath at the sight of those servants and babysitters who became busy because of the arrival of the airship and that faintly luxurious and grand building behind the woods.

    "Let's go, we always keep your room clean. When you're outside, our mom would clean up your room each week and wait for you to come back!"

    The whole manor covered more than 26000 square meters, which was twice that of Zhang's old mansion in Jinhai City. The qi field of this manor was much greater than that of Zhang's old mansion. Of course, this manor in Yiyang City was much more valuable and magnificent than that in Jinhai City.

    At the sight of this place, Zhang Tie had understood his elder brother's intention--just for the face of their dad.

    Being followed by a lot of servants, Zhang Tie's family members arrived at the front of that building. Before that round pool outside the front door of the building, Zhang Tie caught sight of Miss Daina when a current spread over Zhang Tie's body from his spine, causing him quiver all over for a second.

    Miss Daina was still that beautiful with brown hair and blue eyes. Her hair was shorter than before, yet she looked more womanly. Wearing a decent azury female western uniform, she was squatting in front of the pool and applauding towards Zhang Cheng'an and the other kids. With a hurrah, those kids ran towards Miss Daina.

    "Miss Daina is now the private teacher employed by us!" Zhang Tie's elder brother threw a deep glance at Zhang Tie before explaining to him, "With the help of all-purpose medicament, his elder brother has been completely cured two years ago. He's now working for Jinwu Corporation!"

    Miss Daina stood up as she looked at Zhang Tie with a smile while holding two kids. This scene was like a beautiful picture in Zhang Tie's eyes. After burying his thought in mind, Zhang Tie revealed a smile as he walked over there, "Miss Daina..."

    "I always wanted to extend my sincere thanks to you. But I had no chance. Although I didn't have your message these years, I believed that you were safe!" Miss Daina watched Zhang Tie.

    Watching the blue mountain, Zhang Tie felt that his mind became pure, "Ha...ha...Miss Daina has taught two generations of Zhang family. That's your greatest thanks to us. I find that Cheng'an and Shiyu like you so much!"

    "Actually it's a bit relaxed to teach kids. I'm also happy to stay with them!"

    "Miss Daina meant I was naughty at school..."

    Miss Daina replied with a smile...


    Before supper, Miss Daina completed today's task and intended to leave. Zhang Tie accompanied her to the outside of the manor.

    Walking on the shadowy path, they chatted for a short while at the beginning; however, they both became silent after a while.

    They just walked and didn't know what to say.

    After a long while, Miss Daina broke the silence, "Zhang Tie, thank you..."

    "It's my pleasure, teacher. To transfer you out of Blackhot City is the most meaningful thing that I've done since I was born!"

    "You knew that holy war was going to break out at that time?"


    Miss Daina became silent once again. After a few more steps, she suddenly looked at Zhang Tie and asked, "Before you came back to Blackhot City, you didn't know about doctor Bionne, right? Doctor Bionne told me that it was you who taught him to say that."

    After being silent for a second, Zhang Tie watched Miss Daina, "Yes!"

    They then stopped at the same time, Daina watched Zhang Tie with a sophisticated look. It was Zhang Tie's first time to watch Miss Daina with an unprecedented brave look. He could almost hear his own heart beats.

    "Miss Daina...I...am already LV 9!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Miss Daina became a bit amazed. While blinking her eyes, she smiled as she hugged Zhang Tie and kissed his forehead slightly, "Promise me, be my best student, okay? I've met my beloved man in this city. I want to get married. If not, I will be really old. I'm always waiting for this chance to tell you about this!"

    The kiss almost made Zhang Tie fly; however, her following words made Zhang Tie hear something breaking in his heart.

    After being silent for a few seconds...

    "Ha...ha, I'm kidding. How come I become a bloody-scorpion fighter..." Zhang Tie burst out laughter at once with a cynical look. He even made a grimace towards Miss Daina, "All the students at school said that your appointment was fake. It seems that they were right. But I win a kiss at least. I'm so happy to know that you will get married, Miss Daina. That guy must be handsome!"

    "Hmm, he's a handsome doctor. He's also considerate!" Miss Daina also smiled.

    "Pitifully, I have to leave Huaiyuan Prefecture in a few days. Otherwise, I'd have definitely stayed to attend your wedding ceremony!"

    "Do you still want to leave?"

    "Hmm, I will go back to Selnes Theater of Operations..." Zhang Tie shrugged.


    After having the driver of the manor send Miss Daina away, Zhang Tie just stood still outside the gate of the manor and seeing her off like a concrete sculpture.

    A few minutes' gaze was like a couple of years for Zhang Tie. During this period, Zhang Tie understood that many nice things in one's life could not be gained!

    If you got it, you would be happy; if you lost it, you would grow up.

    No matter whether it was happiness or growth, it would be a wish!

    "I'm not the God. The world would not circle around me. Try your best, man!"

    Zhang Tie forcefully rubbed his face, making it as red as his eyes. He wanted his tears back in his eyes. He then took a deep breath and forced a smile before returning to the manor.

    "My parents are still waiting for me to eat supper."

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