Chapter 541: Family Members II

    Chapter 541: Family Members II

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    For many people, time was as cruel as a butcher's knife as it would turn beautiful things into vulgar and meaningful things into insipid. In front of such a butcher's knife, any beauties would grow old and any heroes would fade away.

    However, sometimes this butcher's knife also become a brew master. Being fermented by this master, those raw or sweet fruits turned into fragrant, mellow and intoxicating drinks.

    Zhang Tie was drunk over night.

    The next morning, when Linda, Fiona and Beverly woke up on the bed in a sluggish and slightly fatigued manner, they found nobody else was on their bed. They almost thought that was just a dream. That was too illusory. At the same time, they heard chopping sound from the kitchen and faint aroma of dishes and food. This indicated that it was not a dream. It was real. That man truly came back.

    Linda was the eldest and the most bashful one among them. When she woke up and saw Fiona and Beverly's looks, she hurriedly covered her body with the bed sheet and jumped off the bed rapidly to take up the night skirt and put it on.

    Fiona and Beverly exchanged glances with each other and giggled. After that, they also got up and put on a skirt casually before walking towards the kitchen together.

    When they came to the kitchen, they saw Zhang Tie cutting potatoes into shreds and boiling a fish in the kitchen. The whole kitchen was filled with the aroma of the fish soup.

    Watching Zhang Tie cooking in the kitchen, all the three women felt something strange.

    Linda walked there first and tightly hugged Zhang Tie's waist from his back. At the same time, she put her face on Zhang Tie's back as she closed her eyes. It seemed that she was not sure that was the real Zhang Tie if she did not do this.

    Zhang Tie turned around and slightly kissed Linda's forehead. He then revealed a smile, "We can have breakfast in a few minutes. I've not cooked for many years. Hopefully, my cooking skills didn't regress! After breakfast, you can take me to visit your store. After that, go back home with me!"

    "Argh, go back to your home?" Fiona was amazed.

    "Of course. Mom was still worried that I did not have a girlfriend when I came back home yesterday. I will take you back home today!" Zhang Tie said in a cynical tone.

    All the 3 women got Zhang Tie's meaning from his reply. Fiona and Beverly exclaimed at once. Closely after that, they turned around and cleansed themselves. Zhang Tie felt Linda's body turned slightly stiff.

    "Do...do I need to go there? You can just take Fiona and Beverly there..." Linda asked Zhang Tie in a low voice behind his back, "I've already been very satisfied about this!"

    After cutting the last potato into shreds, Zhang Tie stopped and washed his hands. After drying his hands with towel, he turned around and pinched Linda's jaw, raising her beautiful and womanly face as he looked in her beautiful eyes, "What are you worried about?"

    Linda dodged from Zhang Tie's eyes in a bashful way, "I...I'm much elder than you. According to Chinese customs, I...am a bit improper...!"

    "What are you talking about? In Chinese, if woman is 3 years elder than the man, she would bring a gold brick to the man. As you are over 10 years elder than me, you can bring me a gold mountain for sure. I have to marry a mature woman like you. You can bring me wealth and manage the household well." saying this, Zhang Tie put his arm around Linda's waist as he rubbed her plump and soft butts with her silk night skirt in between. After that, he bit Linda's ear slightly, "Woman with such butts could easily deliver a baby. You have plump breasts too. As my mom has sharp eyes, she will know that you can deliver a healthy baby at the sight of your figure. She will like you for sure. Come on, go cleanse yourself and put on a set of beautiful clothes. Baby..."

    Hearing the word 'baby', Linda instantly blushed, even her ears turned red. It seemed that this word reminded her of many other things. After glancing at Zhang Tie bashfully, Linda nodded as her face shined. After slightly kissing Zhang Tie, she went to cleanse up and change her clothes.


    Actually, when women dressed up themselves seriously, it would take them a lot of time. After half an hour, Zhang Tie had already cooked the breakfast; however, the three women were still in the room. Therefore, Zhang Tie entered their room.

    "Beverly, does this purple skirt fit me? and the shoes? I like this pair of brown high-heeled shoes. However, the deep color of this pair of shoes seemed not matching the deep color of this skirt...It's a bit depressing..." Fiona was standing in front of a dressing mirror in only bra and underwear while holding a skirt in front of her.

    The bed was covered with various clothes. All the wardrobes had been opened. Beverly was delving in her casket for something, "Argh, have you seen my crescent earrings that I bought last time?"

    "It might be in the 2nd drawer of your dressing table!" Linda replied as she had already put on a red elegant skintight longuette, which displayed all of her beautiful lines. She was sitting on the chair and putting on her silk stockings.

    Zhang Tie really enjoyed watching the three women changing clothes in the room. After a couple of years, Fiona and Beverly looked more beautiful and maturer. They had already become fully mature at the age of about 20. Due to the effect of all-purpose medicament, Linda didn't look elder than that three years ago at all. Additionally, benefited from all-purpose medicament, they looked healthy and brilliant inside and outside--brighter eyes, shinier hair, whiter and finer skin without any defects, which even faintly brightened up.

    Zhang Tie's elder brother indeed understood Zhang Tie. Even though Zhang Tie was not in Huaiyuan Prefecture these years, Zhang Yang still supplied enough all-purpose medicament, which was favored by noble women across Blackson Humans Corridor as the sacred medicine of youth, to the three women.

    Beverly was the first one who found Zhang Tie was leaning against the door and watching them with gleaming eyes, "Argh, don't peep at us!"

    "Haha, what are you afraid of? I've already seen everything on your bodies!" Zhang Tie grinned.

    "Argh, go out...go out..."

    Zhang Tie was then driven out of the room by Linda. Standing out of the door, Zhang Tie patted his head as he shouted, "The breakfast is ready..."

    "We will come soon..."

    After another half an hour, when Zhang Tie almost cooked the breakfast for the second time did the three women walk out of the room. At the sight of the three women, Zhang Tie's eyes brightened up. How elegant, beautiful, alluring, energetic, mature and charming women!


    In the afternoon, Zhang Tie visited their store in a quiet and tidy avenue of Yiyang City. All the surrounding stores and buildings looked high-end and stylish. The clothing store covered more than 200 square meters, which was much larger than that Linda opened in Blackhot city. However, the commodities were almost the same. Besides the 3 of them, they also employed four saleswomen and two highly skilled tailors and garment makers.

    They sold middle-grade female clothes that they designed and processed themselves. Their business was neither too good nor too bad. Besides maintaining the expenditure of running the store, they could survive themselves. What was more was that they found some spice in this business.

    Zhang Tie felt it was not bad. Not each woman in this world was like Lan Yunxi, who had brilliant look and overwhelming fighting skills than men; or Olina, who was extremely shrewd and could establish a great undertaking out of nothing. If all women were like them then men would be nothing but a birth machine.

    Perhaps this thought was a bit radical which might even arouse the ridicule of those feminists, able women or tough girls. However, Zhang Tie really thought that an average woman only needed to dress herself well, maintain health and take care of her man and her family. If possible, she could also have her own undertaking. Women didn't need to think that much.

    After visiting where they worked and knowing how they lived and killed time these years, Zhang Tie took them back home.

    The three women became a bit intense. Beverly visited Zhang Tie's home and had already met Zhang Tie's parents in Blackhot City as Zhang Tie's "student". However, her status was different this time.

    Additionally, Zhang Tie took three women back home at once. Thankfully, Zhang Tie had already informed his elder brother and his parents in advance. Therefore, Zhang Tie's parents were not surprised at the sight of Beverly, Linda and Fiona.

    Instead, Zhang Tie's three elder sisters-in-law were shocked by the three women brought by Zhang Tie like seeing aliens. Whereas, Zhang Tie was shameless, who didn't care about their response at all.

    Since Zhang Tie's mom caught of Zhang Tie making love with those girls of Rose Association in Blackhot City, she had been prepared well for Zhang Tie's absurd action in some aspect.

    After opening a clothing store and living in Huaiyuan Prefecture for three years, Beverly, Linda and Fiona could speak Chinese very fluently. They spoke Chinese fluently when they talked with Zhang Tie's parents, which satisfied Zhang Tie's parents very much.

    What was out of the imagination of Zhang Tie's parents was the age of Linda, who was even elder than Zhang Tie's three elder sisters-in-law. However, Linda's kindness and beautiful look left a very good impression to Zhang Tie's parents; especially after being told that the three women had waited for Zhang Tie for three years in Huaiyuan Prefecture, Zhang Tie's parents didn't know what to say.

    This evening, the three women slept in Zhang Tie's home...


    "Are you serious?" Zhang Yang asked Zhang Tie when there were only two of the them in the room.

    "How many three years do a woman have in their most beautiful age? I don't want to pursue for any ground-breaking love. I felt that these women had spent too much for me." Zhang Tie looked a bit moved while watching his elder brother, "I only feel that such women deserve my serious treatment. I feel very relaxed to be with them. I don't need to disguise at all. When we move to Taixia, we need to take them; as long as they don't live up to me, I will not live up to them!"

    Zhang Yang watched Zhang Tie as he nodded seriously.


    In the midnight, Zhang Tie got up and slipped towards their rooms. Unexpectedly, all of their bed rooms were locked from inside. Even Zhang Tie called their name from outside the door, he still received no response. Finally, Zhang Tie could only return without any achievement. After cultivating for a few hours, he fell asleep.


    The next morning, when Zhang's family members ate breakfast together with Linda, Beverly and Fiona, Zhang Tie's mom, who was drinking porridge, suddenly asked Zhang Tie, "Was there a stray cat in our home last night? I heard a stray cat scratching doors!"

    After hearing her words, Zhang Tie's three elder sisters-in-law lowered their heads as they tried to not laugh out. Linda, Beverly and Fiona also glanced at Zhang Tie bashfully. However, Zhang Tie disguised in front of his mom, "Argh, is that true? I didn't notice that!"

    "Of course it is!" before Zhang Tie's mom replied, Cheng'an, who slept with his grandma last night had raised his innocent face and said seriously, "Grandma said there was a big stray cat scratching doors last night. She said the cat was going to steal little golden fish. The big stray cat is too bad..."

    "Pfttt..." Zhang Yang almost sprayed out a mouth of porridge after hearing his son's words. He hurriedly covered his mouth with napkin.

    "Don't talk nonsense, Cheng'an. Hurry, eat breakfast..." Zhang Tie's eldest sister-in-law hurriedly fed her son although trying her best to not laugh out.

    "I'm not talking nonsense. If you don't believe me, you can ask my uncle. My uncle must have heard that last night!" Cheng'an urged innocently before watching Zhang Tie, "Uncle, dad said you were great. Can you help me catch that big stray cat. I don't want it to steal our golden fish!"

    Zhang Tie frowned as he nodded solemnly, "Trust me, Cheng'an, this uncle will beat its butt for you!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, all the people at the table burst out into laughter...


    After having breakfast, the steward arrived. Lowering his body, he glanced at Zhang Tie and whispered something in Zhang Yang's ear.

    "What's up?" Zhang Tie asked Zhang Yang.

    "There's a deacon from Clansmen Pavilion and a vehicle. He wants to take you to Clansmen Pavilion..." Zhang Yang slightly frowned...

    The moment they heard that the deacon from Clansmen Pavilion arrived did Zhang Tie's parents change their face. Deacons from Clansmen Pavilion were big figures. If not major events, they would not come here themselves...

    "Argh, is there something wrong?" Zhang Tie's dad became worried as he was a bit afraid about the Clansmen Pavilion of Huaiyuan Palace due to his elopement with his wife.

    "It's fine, dad. I will take a look out there!" Zhang Tie cleaned his mouth as he stood up.

    "Me too!" Zhang Yang also stood up and walked out of the dining room with Zhang Tie...

    In the parlor of Zhang Tie's home, Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang caught sight of that deacon from Clansmen Pavilion. That was a 50-odd years old man in a black robe who looked very dignified.

    When Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang entered, that man glanced at Zhang Yang immediately before focusing on Zhang Tie. Like seeing a jewelry, he kept gazing at Zhang Tie, making Zhang Tie a bit scared.

    "F*ck, is he a psycho?" Zhang Tie swore inside...

    "Are you Zhang Tie?" that man asked.

    "Yes! Who are you?"

    "I'm Zhang Jin, a deacon from Clansmen!" saying this, the man took out of his clan identification plate and showed it to Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang.

    After checking the plate, Zhang Yang nodded at Zhang Tie.

    "May I know your intention here?"

    "The clan elders want to see you..."

    "The clan elders want to see me?" Zhang Tie was stunned at once...
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