Chapter 544: Being Imprisoned

    Chapter 544: Being Imprisoned

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    After leaving the Ancestral Bloodline Pavilion, Zhang Tie was escorted into an underground prison of Clansmen Pavilion by two serious deacons.

    The two deacons looked as stiff as a piece of iron in front of Zhang Tie who dared to disobey the order of Clan elders. Zhang Tie had thought about refusing by force; however, given his current ability, he would definitely struggle in vain if he dared to stir up trouble in Clansmen Pavilion. Therefore, he just entered the prison with a glassy-eyed look.

    "Bang..." after the door of the prison was shut up, Zhang Tie was left alone inside.

    Until then did Zhang Tie start to look around this prison. It was a small room which covered over 10 square meters. The walls were made of caesious stones. There was a plank bed, a toilet bowl and a water pipe. There was a row of pores on a wall which were used to ventilate. As some sunlight penetrated through the pores, the room didn't look too dim. However, it was impossible for Zhang Tie to escape unless he turned into a mouse.

    Every nation has its own laws and every family has its own rules. Huaiyuan Palace was now executing family rules on Zhang Tie. Being capricious and disobeyed the order of Clan elders at the cost of the benefit of the Clan. Zhang Tie knew that he had made a very severe crime. However, he really could not make it if he was forced to leave Waii Sub-Continent. Because Zhang Tie had promised those people in the Ice and Snow Wilderness who had a great hope on him that as long as one Slav fighter was still defending the Ice and Snow Wilderness, he would not abandon them.

    What irritated the Clan elders of Huaiyuan Palace most was Zhang Tie's stubbornness. Two Clan elders were so infuriated that they directly left with a flick of their sleeves. Even Zhang Tie's sixth grandpa's face turned green. Finally, he had to have Zhang Tie imprisoned.

    If not considering Ice and Snow Wilderness, Zhang Tie felt that Huaiyuan Palace truly had considered well for him. The Clan's arrangement was human friendly. As long as he agreed to leave Waii Sub-Continent, he would immediately have women, money, safety and an influential status in Zhang Clan. This was a special 'Panda-type' treatment given by the Clan after he awakened the immortal bloodline. Commoners could not even have it. Therefore, Zhang Tie became capricious in the eyes of the Clan elders.

    "Should I make a choice?" at this moment, Zhang Tie could only make a choice between his promise and the expectation of Zhang Clan.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that he could have such trouble by awakening the bloodline called transformation.

    Zhang Tie forced a bitter smile as he knew that his relationship with Huaiyuan Palace would break for sure if he didn't compromise this time. When in Heavens Cold City, his relationship with Huaiyuan Palace had become stiff, this time, he would be marginalized for sure in Huaiyuan Palace. Zhang Tie didn't know whether he could remedy this relationship. Of course, Zhang Tie didn't think that Huaiyuan Palace could implement any mandatory measures on him. Perhaps these Clan elders were a bit old-fashioned and prioritized the interest of Zhang Clan too much, they should have a high morality. They would not treat him too bad.

    After standing there fore a short while, Zhang Tie threw himself onto the plank bed and started to cultivate. It would be too boring if he just stared at the icy walls.

    As Zhang Tie didn't know how long would he be imprisoned there, he could only kill time by cultivating.

    Shadow Demon Backroom--Mental Arithmetic--the 3rd floor of All-Spirits Pagoda--as Zhang Tie didn't know how to light surging points after LV 9, he could only cultivate himself between the three sides alternatively.

    The narrow cell was too quiet. Nobody came to see him. Each day, only a cold steamed bun was put inside through the window of the door, by which Zhang Tie could keep alive and identify how many days have passed.

    When the 7th cold steamed bun was put inside through the window, Zhang Tie had recited the sutra of the 3rd floor of All-Spirits Pagoda for over 400,000 times. Zhang Tie could still stand less than 6 seconds in the Shadow Demon Backroom; however, it was about 0.2 second longer than before. Through practicing mental arithmetic, Zhang Tie also improved his spiritual energy a bit.

    When Zhang Tie thought that he would get his 8th steam bun here, the door was opened with a crashing sound. Someone entered. Zhang Tie opened his eyes and saw his 6th grandpa was standing in front of him. Zhang Tie hurriedly got off the bed and bowed towards him.

    "Have you thought through these days?" Zhang Tie's 6th grandpa asked Zhang Tie with a calm voice.

    "I'm sorry, 6th grandpa, I could not accept the Clan's arrangement. I will not leave Waii Sub-Continent until the continent collapse. I know what does this mean. I also understand the hope and concern from the Clan. Whereas, each one has his own persistence. I think that even Lord Huaiyuan doesn't expect that one of his descendants eats his words!" Zhang Tie replied frankly.

    Zhang Tie's 6th grandpa moved his eyebrows as he glanced at Zhang Tie with a sophisticated look. He then sighed, "Alright, I know, you can leave now!"

    Zhang Tie was so happy that he had not imagined that he could pass it so easily, "Thank you, 6th grandpa!"

    "You're welcome. Now that you have your own choice, you should shoulder the corresponding responsibilities. Before leaving this place, hand out your clan identification plate. Hidden Dragon Palace doesn't fit you anymore. A person who has awakened his ancestral bloodline yet doesn't wish to contribute to the Clan is not suitable to stay in Hidden Dragon Palace anymore!"

    Zhang Tie felt sad inside. He knew that Zhang Clan was driving him out of Hidden Dragon Palace. From today on, he would be nobody but a commoner. His future in Huaiyuan Palace also came to an end.

    In this world, you could not make a choice at no price.

    Zhang Tie took out his clan identification plate of Huaiyuan Palace and submitted it to his 6th grandpa. Holding it, his 6th grandpa forcefully pinched it into ashes.

    "Take care of yourself. Do not do evil things in the name of Huaiyuan Palace. Otherwise, I will let you know the taste of home rules!" after warning Zhang Tie, he left.

    "Let's go!" a scowling deacon of Clansmen Pavilion watched Zhang Tie, implying him to leave.


    After walking out of the gate of the Clansmen Pavilion, Zhang Tie felt a bit dazzling by the sunlight. Therefore, he put his hand on his eyes for a few seconds. After being adapted to the sunlight, Zhang Tie looked back at the Clansmen Pavilion. He knew that he probably had no chance to come here again in the future while many Zhang commoners would have no chance to visit here in their whole lives.

    Zhang Yang strode towards Zhang Tie and tightly hugged him. He then checked Zhang Tie from his head to toe, "Is everything okay?"

    "It's okay!" Zhang Tie replied with a smile, "How do you know that I would be released today?"

    "Let's talk about it in the vehicle!" Zhang Tie muffled.

    Zhang Tie nodded before getting on the vehicle.

    Sitting in the back seats of the sedan and watching the suddenly strange streets and the crowd on the streets, Zhang Tie told his elder brother about his current situation. He was told that his elder brother ordered Jinwu Castle to suspend its cooperation with Long Wind Corporation during these days when he was imprisoned. During the 7 days, Jinwu Castle didn't provide even one vial of all-purpose medication for Long Wind Corporation.

    Hearing his elder brother's words, Zhang Tie felt so moved inside. He knew that his elder brother had to bear a great risk and stress by delivering such an order. If not his elder brother's decisive attitude in the outside, this event could not be solved so easily.

    "As long as you're safe, the undertaking is nothing serious. Our family could even survive that tough living environment in Blackhot City, I don't think that we cannot survive without all-purpose medicament. The worst scenario is to sell rice brew again! To the final analysis, Zhang Clan need all-purpose medicament more than us."

    Zhang Yang said this with a smile like talking something trivial. After talking about that, the two brothers looked at each other with a big smile. Compared to the lives of their family members, this small frustration was nothing serious at all.

    "Oh, if the Clan drives you out of Hidden Dragon Palace, will it pose any influence to you?"

    "Although I've been LV 9, I don't know how to light surging points in the next. Previously I planned to exchange for some secret knowledge about promoting from LV 9 to LV 10 in the Hidden Dragon Palace, I also wanted to inquire something about cultivation. After being driven out of Hidden Dragon Palace, I have to abandon this plan!" Zhang Tie forced a bitter smile.

    "Can we buy the secret knowledge about cultivation after LV 9?" Zhang Yang asked.

    "It's hard!" Zhang Tie shook his head, "I attended some auctions; yet I didn't see any cultivation methods after LV 9. It seems to be a taboo, which is strongly restrictive in humans. Nobody dare to break it easily!"

    Zhang Tie believed that Zhang Yuan, his master, could help him. However, he had completely lost his contact with that old man. Zhao Yuan might have thought that he was dead. It was as difficult as finding a needle in the ocean if Zhang Tie wanted to find such a superb powerhouse.

    Seeing his elder brother frowning, Zhang Tie laughed, "Elder brother, don't worry about this, it's just a small problem. I have other methods. It was just a matter of a few days!"

    Zhang Tie remembered the Huge Bear Tribe, the most powerful tribe in Ice and Snow Wilderness. He didn't believe that a tribe that could cultivate knights didn't have the cultivation methods after LV 9. His puzzle would be solved as long as he returned to Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's reply, Zhang Yang relieved his frown, "These days, dad and mom were worried about you so much. After knowing that you're safe, they will be reassured!"

    "Elder brother, you'd better arrange our family members to leave out of here as soon as possible!"

    "I'm preparing for that. We will leave out of here in 2 months!"

    "When you arrive at the Eastern Continent, remember to find Donder and root in a proper place. The world is growing more and more chaotic. Our parents are old; they could not stand too much tortures anymore. My nieces and nephews are still young. They need a good growth environment. My elder sisters-in-law could not stand too many difficulties in the chaotic world. We have to take care of them!"

    Zhang Yang nodded, "I know, don't worry. I will treat it seriously!"

    "Oh, elder brother. I have to trouble you to purchase an airship for me. After a few days, I will go to the 1st theater of operations. It'd better be a fury-level battle airship. It should be matched with some gliders and a batch of experienced volunteers who would like to fight demons in the 1st theater of operations with me!"

    "When do you need them?"

    "The faster the better!"

    Zhang Yang forcefully nodded, "No problem!"


    Zhang Tie had actually a very sophisticated mood at this moment. He didn't know whether he should feel lucky or worried about being driven out of Hidden Dragon Palace. He felt lucky because he got rid of the restriction of the Clan and felt relaxed; on the other hand, he started to worry about something.

    He was worried more about Lan Yunxi than the cultivation methods after LV 9 or his future. After being driven out of Hidden Dragon Palace, Zhang Tie was clear that the development of the relationship between him and Lan Yunxi would be greatly impeded by Huaiyuan Palace. Zhang Tie wondered what Lan Yunxi would think after knowing that he was driven out of Hidden Dragon Palace.

    A deserted young man who was driven out of Hidden Dragon Palace wanted to marry a princess of Huaiyuan Palace. If this really happened, many people's faces would be slapped. Of course those people didn't want this event to happen.


    Watching the vehicle returning to home, Zhang Tie hid his concern as he revealed a sunny smile in case of his parents' concern.

    When Zhang Tie was imprisoned, Linda, Beverly and Fiona just accompanied his mom at home which made his mom a bit reassured. After this event, Zhang Tie found that the relationship between Linda, Beverly and Fiona and his family members furthered developed. It seemed that he didn't need to worry about something anymore.

    When Zhang Tie returned home, the entire home was filled with joy again.


    When it was late, they all went to bed. After returning to his bedroom, Zhang Tie took a bath and slept on the bed in dark. He just waited there silently with his hands crossed on his head, leaving his door unlocked. The door could be opened from outside by slightly pressing the handle.

    In less than 10 minutes, Zhang Tie heard a low sound as someone pushed open the door and slipped in. It was Fiona.

    After entering in the bedroom, Fiona immediately drilled into Zhang Tie's quilt with a grin.

    In another 10 more minutes, Beverly slipped in. Being quiet, he fumbled all the way to Zhang Tie's bed before drilling in his quilt too, where an exclamation sounded when the two women saw each other...

    What a cool experience! Zhang Tie still laid on the bed with his hands crossed under his head, waiting for the arrival of the 3rd woman.

    In 5-6 minutes, the door opened for the 3rd time when Linda with a faint blush slipped in with her fascinating body fragrance as a mature woman.

    When the 3 women met and exclaimed in Zhang Tie's quilt in unison, Zhang Tie finally burst out into laughter...
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