Chapter 545: Zhangs Osmanthus Tree

    Chapter 545: Zhang's Osmanthus Tree

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    On the next day, Zhang Tie, Zhang Yang and their dad went to visit grandpa. They previously planned to do that on the 3rd day since Zhang Tie returned home; however, Zhang Tie was suddenly called away by Clansmen Pavilion. Therefore, they could only visit him.

    As the old saying went, if one was poor, even if he was in the boisterous city, he would be ignored; however, if one was rich, even if he was in the deep mountain, he would still have frequent visits from distant relatives. Similarly, as Jinwu Company gradually developed, the relationship between Zhang Tie's family and his uncles and aunts became much better.

    With a prosperous domestic undertaking and two successful sons, Zhang Tie's parents became less concerned. As a result, they got along well with Zhang Tie's uncles and aunts.

    During the couple of years when Zhang Tie disappeared, the grandpa always asked about Zhang Tie and had dispatched people to Norman Empire to search Zhang Tie. Therefore, Zhang Tie had to pay a visit to him.

    When they arrived at the old mansion of Zhang family, although there were fewer people compared to the last time, Zhang Tie felt a much better atmosphere in the old mansion. Not only those Zhang family members, even those servants smiled more sincerely towards Zhang Ping, Zhang Yang and Zhang Tie.

    Even grandpa's first wife treated Zhang Tie as her direct grandson as she pulled Zhang Tie's hands and cared about him casually. She even started to concern about Zhang Tie's marriage.

    It was not proper to describe it with the word 'utilitarianism'. Because even when Zhang Tie's family returned to Huaiyuan Prefecture with an extremely poor look several years ago, these family members in the old mansion also took care of them a lot; even though someone didn't like them, they didn't show it on their face at least.

    However, as they were in the real society, if they could cooperate with each other to maintain the honor of this big family, they would share a greater energy. At the critical moment, if they could have more human relationships to use, they could always gain more respect and smiles from outsiders. Facing such an overall benefit, what happened was not important. When in emergencies, Zhang Tie's family could only rely on the family members of Zhang Tie's uncles and aunts. After all, they had ties of kinship. Some things were decisive.

    Zhang Tie's elder brother managed Jinwu Corporation with the help of Zhang Tie's two uncles' family members. After these years, Zhang Yang genuinely felt that it was much easier with the help of family members.

    Huaiyuan Palace was really too big for Zhang Tie, which contained complex human relationships. Zhang Tie's family only had a feeling on the relatives on the grandpa's side.

    Zhang Tie's family came here in the daytime without any notice. Therefore, they just saw grandpa and his wives in the old mansion.

    After a meal in the old mansion, grandpa led them in a tranquil pavilion in the backyard garden and chatted with them.

    Being covered with osmanthus, this pavilion was a good place for taking rest and chatting.

    Zhang Tie's dad then talked with grandpa that his family members were going to migrate to the Eastern Continent in the recent couple of months. This was also one of their targets here today. As it was a major event, they had to notice grandpa's side in advance.

    After hearing Zhang Ping's words, grandpa slightly closed his eyes for awhile before opening his eyes, "It's fine. After all, Waii Sub-Continent is a remote place. It could not match the prosperity and stability of the Eastern Continent. We need to find another way to survive ourselves. Last year, I told Zesheng to pave a way for our family in the Eastern Continent with some juniors. When you arrive at the Eastern Continent, you can contact Zesheng first. He will give you a hand. I will give you Zesheng's address after awhile. Zesheng is now in Yingzhou Province, one of the 72 major provinces in Taixia. Many years ago, Huaiyuan Palace had been rooted in Yingzhou Province. We have a city there called Huaiyuan City. All the family members could seek for shelter in Huaiyuan City."

    Zesheng was one of grandpa's sons and a brother of Zhang Tie's dad, who had different mothers. Therefore, he was Zhang Tie's uncle. They had met each other last time, although not being very impressive. After being told about Huaiyuan Palace's undertaking in Yingzhou Province of Eastern Continent, Zhang Tie was shocked as he had not imagined that Huaiyuan Palace could have a private city in Eastern Continent.

    Zhang Yang was also very surprised as he put it straightforwardly, "Argh, I've not imagined that Huaiyuan Palace could have a city in the Eastern Continent."

    "Huaiyuan Palace originated from Zhang Clan in Taixia Country. It's nothing strange for it to have a city in Eastern Continent. In case of your fickleness, we don't reveal it to the outside. Therefore, average people don't know about that. Not only Huaiyuan Palace, even the other influential clans in Jinyun Country had their own territory in Eastern Continent. Eastern Continent is the root of all the big clans and the sacred land of Chinese. Everything here is just twigs and leaves which takes in sunshine and rain dew. When the holy war breaks out, the autumn wind blows, the fallen leaves would finally come back to its root." Grandpa signed with full moods while he made a pun.

    After hearing about that fallen leaves would finally come back to its root, Zhang Ping and his sons became confused. Grandpa watched Zhang Tie and smiled, "Life or death, it depends. If I die, my ash would also be carried back to the Eastern Continent and buried there. As a Chinese, I have to go back for my root. I've been managing shipyards for my whole life and busy working for business every day. However, I have no achievement in cultivation. Therefore, I could only live for about 100 years. I'm 70 years old now. There are 2 or 3 decades left. As you and your cousins have entered the Hidden Dragon Palace and would have a great achievement in the future and Zhang family's undertaking develops well, our family gradually looks like a big clan. We might have a shrine later on. Therefore, I will have no regrets anymore."

    After hearing grandpa's words, Zhang Tie became bashful at once. He thought that grandpa would know about this sooner or later. Therefore, he'd better tell him now, "Hmm...I am not a member of Hidden Dragon Palace anymore since yesterday."

    Grandpa asked Zhang Tie while slightly changing his face, "What's wrong?"

    Zhang Tie briefed the reason. Additionally, he said that he had awakened another ancestral bloodline. However, he didn't tell grandpa about the concrete ability of this ancestral bloodline.

    Actually, the Clan elders had considered well for Zhang Tie. Even though Zhang Tie wanted to stay in Waii Sub-Continent for some reason, the Clan elders suggested to dispatch a powerhouse to protect him. When Zhang Tie finished his thing on Waii Sub-Continent, that powerhouse would escort him back to the Eastern Continent. However, Zhang Tie finally refused this suggestion.

    As long as the Zhang Clan dispatched a powerhouse to protect him, Zhang Tie's secret would be exposed. That powerhouse who was confident to take him away even when the entire Waii Sub-Continent was collapsed by demons was undoubtedly much more powerful than Zhang Tie. He probably be a battle demon or a battle spirit. In front of such a sharp person, Zhang Tie would have no chance to play any tricks. He might be under the gaze of that person around the clock. In such a situation, he would have no chance to disappear in front of that person and enter Castle of Black Iron to eat fruits. This was a great obstacle for Zhang Tie, which even completely blocked his way of cultivation.

    Additionally, as long as he returned to Ice and Snow Wilderness, more secrets would be exposed to those big figures of Huaiyuan Palace. If so, how could he interpret what he has done in Ice and Snow Wilderness such as the so-called God's manifestation and those exotic seeds? If so, he would fall into a deeper mire. Zhang Tie didn't want to expose all of his secrets to the the members of Huaiyuan Palace.

    Therefore, Zhang Tie finally infuriated those Clan elders of Huaiyuan Palace...

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, grandpa didn't look disappointed like what Zhang Tie had imagined. Instead, he just watched Zhang Tie with a weird look. After a long while, he smiled casually and said, "It's okay. After all, there are so many Zhang members in Hidden Dragon Palace. The greater the Clan is, the more rules there will be. Sometimes, big clan would be too utilitarianism. As long as you're enough talented, those clan rules will be as nothing but waste papers. You can crumple them into a ball and throw them into a toilet bowl. Some people would even applaud for you. Therefore, you don't need to care about this!"

    Grandpa comforted Zhang Tie with intelligent words, which shocked Zhang Tie inside. At this moment, Zhang Tie remembered Lan Yunxi as he understood it at once. "Yes. If I'm an alchemist master and as talented as my master, the conversion demon, as well as a knight who has the three-in-one power mentioned by my master, will anyone of Huaiyuan Palace dare to say that I'm not qualified to marry Lan Yunxi?"

    "To the final analysis, if I'm enough powerful, all the problems and obstacles would disappear."

    Zhang Tie became open-minded at once...


    After chatting with grandpa, Zhang Tie's family left. Grandpa then started to drink tea leisurely in the pavilion. The eldest grandma took here a plate of fruits and sat besides the grandpa. She started to flap a fan for him.

    Grandma felt that grandpa was very happy today through his look. Therefore, she also aroused a topic.

    "It's good to know Zhang Tie is safe. He's already 20 years old. He should get married. You've met Liangying before. Her dad took her here last time. She's my granddaughter and looks beautiful and virtuous. How do you think about them? It will be great if they can get married."

    Grandpa glanced at his first wife with a smile, "Don't worry about Zhang Tie. He has his own plans!"

    Grandma also replied with a smile, "Well, at the sight of Zhang Tie today, I find he's different than that last time. Which one is better; Su'er or Zhang Tie in your eyes?"

    "Su'er is steady and bold. As he has experience in Hidden Dragon Palace, he has both human relationship and ability. As the eldest grandson of my eldest son, he could carry forward this undertaking and have a great achievement for sure!" grandpa touched his mustache with a smile.

    After hearing the comment of his husband about his grandson, grandma revealed a satisfied smile, "What about Zhang Tie?"

    "Zhang Tie..." grandpa suspended for a second before watching his first wife with a solemn look, "This grandson will be the pillar of Zhang Clan for sure. After my death, he might be able to build a shrine for Zhang Clan!"

    After hearing his husband's comment about Zhang Tie, grandma became shocked as she had not imagined that her husband could give such a high confirmative comment about Zhang Tie, "Argh, how can that be?"

    "Zhang Tie has been expelled out of Hidden Dragon Palace by the Clan elder yesterday!" grandpa replied calmly.

    "Why do you comment about him in this way then?" grandma could understand the comment about her eldest grandson of her eldest son who was famous in Hidden Dragon Palace; however, it was out of her imagination that a person who was expelled out of Hidden Dragon Palace could gain a better comment from the grandpa.

    Grandpa didn't explain. Women could not understand some domestic affairs. He just watched the grandma, "I will not tell you why. But remember, Su'er and Zhang Tie are cousins. If they treat each other kindly, it would be a happiness for Zhang Clan. The undertaking of Milky Way Shipyard belongs to us. Zhang Ping's sons are not interested in this undertaking at all. As an elder, you need to keep the family in harmony. Am I clear?"

    Grandma lowered her head respectfully in front of the dignified look of grandpa, "I know."

    "Hmm, go and take a rest then. I will sit here for awhile!"

    Grandma then left...

    Sitting in the pavilion, grandpa drank tea and watched the tall osmanthus trees which shivered their twigs and leaves in the wind. He entered meditation. Not a single young man at his 20s dared to say no to the Clan elders over hundreds of years. Even grandpa dared not do that at the age of Zhang Tie; his sons dared not do that at the age of Zhang Tie; his eldest grandson of his eldest son dared not to do that. However, Zhang Tie dared.

    Zhang Tie truly had a reason to be thought highly of by the Clan as he was also bold and responsible enough to refuse the Clan's order. If grandpa could not see the potential of his grandson, he must be blind.

    "Is anyone going to establish shrine for Zhang Clan in the future? There really seems to be an osmanthus tree[1] that could brighten up the Zhang ancestors in Zhang Tie's generation..." grandpa thought.


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    [1] Osmanthus tree, Zhang Tie was compared to a osmanthus tree with fragrant osmanthus blossoms.
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