Chapter 546: Coming to Hidden Dragon Island Once Again

    Chapter 546: Coming to Hidden Dragon Island Once Again

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    After leaving Zhang's old mansion, under the guidance of Zhang Ping, Zhang Tie paid visit to his elder uncle's home. As he didn't see him before, he needed to pay an official visit to him out of courtesy.

    Zhang Tie's elder uncle's family lived in Xince City. Previously they had difficulties in living; with the help of Zhang Tie's family these years, their living standards had been greatly improved. Zhang Tie's mom suggested to take Zhang Tie's elder uncle's family away from Xince City to the Eastern Continent after negotiating with them.

    Of course, Zhang Tie and Zhang Yang had no objection about that as it could please their mother.

    The group of three ate supper at Zhang Tie's elder uncle's home. Even if they traveled by airship, when they arrived at home in Yiyang City, it was already dark.

    Zhang Tie estimated that 11 days had passed since he returned to Huaiyuan Prefecture on March 15th from Selnes theater of operations. Time flied. In a wink, it was already the beginning of April.

    "I have to return to the Selnes theater of operations before April; otherwise, the bet between I and those guys in the airship would become a laughing stock. I have to go back there for both Lan Yunxi and myself." Zhang Tie thought.

    As Linda, Beverly and Fiona felt inconvenient to live in Zhang Tie's home for long time, they returned to the apartment which they rented on the second day since Zhang Tie returned home from Clansmen Pavilion when Zhang Tie, Zhang Yang and Zhang Ping was paying a visit to Zhang's old mansion. Of course, after returning home from Xince City in the evening, Zhang Tie told his mom about his schedule in the next two days before going to the three women's apartment. Zhang Tie's dad and mom just pretended to not know about that.

    In the apartment of the three women, Zhang Tie had fewer constraints. Of course, he was indulged in making love with them over night. Zhang Tie would like to spend more time with them during the rest days in Huaiyuan Prefecture. He didn't know how long could he spend with them after he left Huaiyuan Prefecture.


    On the next early morning, Zhang Tie came to the wharf of Yiyang City with the three women. When they arrived there, they started to sense the influence of the holy war. Their vehicle could not move in the crowded place.

    Right outside the wharf, those who queued up to purchase tickets were sleeping in simple tents on the streets. The line was miles in length. Many more people were wandering outside the wharf and were seeking for chance to leave here.

    Besides Chinese, most of them were Hebrews. Many women and kids were standing on the roadside while raising all sort of brands with Chinese or Hebrew on them--

    "I'd like to be a slave, only for a boat ticket"

    "Please take me away, my master!"

    "I will be your best servant!"

    "I wish to be a slave, please take me away!"

    These people were all refugees who escaped to Yiyang City due to demon disasters. Many of them were unable to purchase boat ticket to leave Waii Sub-Continent; therefore, they sold themselves as a slave for a chance to leave out of here!

    After staying in Huaiyuan Prefecture for a few days, Zhang Tie felt that Huaiyuan Prefecture became more crowded than before. Some refugees poured in. However, it was really out of Zhang Tie's imagination that the wharf could be so crowded. After seeing an old woman and a 5-6 year old girl raising a board and selling themselves as slaves, Zhang Tie's heart pounded.

    "Argh..." Fiona exclaimed out of scare as she drilled into Zhang Tie's chest when a wrinkled face pasted on the window and watched them who were in nice dress in the car. At the same time, she kept patting the glass. As she was so close to Fiona, her grubby brown hair scared Fiona a lot.

    "Mr...Mr...please take my daughter away. As long as you take her away, you can let her do whatever you want...my daughter is very docile..." a man shouted as he drew a 13-14 year old girl to the window side forcefully, enabling Zhang Tie to see clearly that girl's face.

    That girl just stared at Zhang Tie with a flurried look. At this moment, that man on her side shouted, "Tess, hurry up, say some Chinese...you've just learned it..."

    However, the little girl was so scared that she could not even utter a word.

    Before Zhang Tie spoke, all the windows of his vehicle had been covered with numerous faces and palms. They were shouting outside the vehicle and would not like to leave no matter how much the driver pressed the trumpet. Many people were surging over here. As the vehicle slowly moved, the man and his daughter were pushed to one side by others at once.

    "Please take away my daughter..."

    "Please take us away..."

    "Please take me away, lord, I can do whatever you like..."

    "Please take away my sisters. We can serve you on bed..."

    Linda, Beverly and Fiona were so scared by this that their faces turned pale. Holding Zhang Tie, their hands kept quivering. They had not seen such a scene before.

    Zhang Tie hurriedly drew the curtains. The driver kept pressing the trumpet. At the same time, Zhang Tie saw some policemen running over here while blowing whistles and waving sticks to drive away those who stuck to the window side.

    It took them half an hour to finish the 2 km's travel in the wharf. On the way, Zhang Tie found that a fat guy on the vehicle in front of his vehicle picked four women and drew them into his vehicle like picking vegetables in the market without even spending one gold coin.

    Seeing this, Linda's hand became icy although holding Zhang Tie tightly. All the three women on Zhang Tie's vehicle looked bad. Zhang Tie also became a bit regretful. If he knew the current situation in the wharf, he would have chosen to go to Hidden Dragon Island by airship for the sake of convenience. Previously, he thought that the three women had not traveled by sea after arriving at Huaiyuan Prefecture, he planned to travel with them by sea. However, it was out of his imagination that the situation in the harbor could be so worse.

    Zhang Tie was also greatly shocked. If it became so worse in the territory of Huaiyuan Palace, he could imagine how worse the other places in Waii Sub-Continent would be.

    The vehicle parked beside a 3000-ton private luxury yacht of Zhang's family. Zhang Tie, Beverly, Fiona and Linda then got off the vehicle and boarded on the yacht.

    This yacht was produced by Milky Way Shipyard. It was gifted to Zhang Yang by grandpa when Zhang Yang married Lu Shiyun, his second wife. Although it cost hundreds of thousands of gold coins, given the relationship between Zhang Tie's family and Zhang Tie's uncles and aunts, it was worthwhile.

    After Zhang Tie and the three women reached the rest room on the top of the yacht, standing on the deck outside the rest room and watching Yiyang Harbor disappearing in their eyes, the three women slowly looked better.

    Linda leaned against Zhang Tie's shoulder in a tender manner, "Those people were really frightening. I wonder whether I would also look like them without you. Perhaps I would be more miserable than them. Promise me, do not leave me, okay?"

    "Idiot, what are you thinking about? Even if I'm not with you, I will not let you suffer like that!" Zhang Tie kissed Linda's face.

    "Those people are really poor!" Beverly also let out a slightly sigh.

    "Don't think too much, we should not waste time!" Fiona said with a naive look and plump breasts, "How long will it take us from here to Hidden Dragon Island?"

    "About 7 hours?" Zhang Tie answered.

    "You only belong to us in the 7 hours!" Fiona yelled as she rolled her eyes and watched Linda's charming and sexy figure with a mischievous smile, "Sister Linda is still a bit shameful each night. She's not mastered some skills yet. Let Beverly and I teach you this time, how about that, Beverly..."

    "Nice!" Beverly also grinned...

    "Argh, now?" Linda blushed right now as she looked around shamefully.

    "What are you afraid of? There are only four of us. Nobody else!" Fiona urged as she pushed Zhang Tie onto a lunge beside the swimming pool. After that, Fiona sat on Zhang Tie's lower abdomen and showed a pair of snow-white legs as she looked at Zhang Tie in a womanly way. She then bit Zhang Tie's ear as she drilled her tongue into Zhang Tie's ear, "My Lord Magical Beast. Can I borrow some of your organs as sister Linda's props in these hours?"

    Zhang Tie said righteously, "No problem. Just take it. I like to help others. You don't even have to pay if you break them."

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, the three women burst into out laughter's as they forgot all their sorrows...


    7 hours later, Zhang Tie caught sight of Hidden Dragon Island...

    Although a few years had passed, the Hidden Dragon Island remained unchanged.

    After landing on the wharf of Hidden Dragon Island and passing by the White Dragon Town, Zhang Tie was frightened by the boisterous scene in Jinwu Castle...
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