Chapter 547: Encountering an Old Friend

    Chapter 547: Encountering an Old Friend

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    When Zhang Tie and the three women caught sight of Jinwu Castle, it was a bit later than 3 pm. It was the most boisterous time in Hidden Dragon Island, especially in Jinwu Castle.

    At the foot of Yunju Mountain, the road from Jinwu Castle to White Dragon Town was crowded with sorts of peddles on both sides. The entire road was crowded with people. The closer it was to Jinwu Castle, the more people there would be and the more advanced the commodities would be.

    Zhang Tie remembered that the land covering hundreds of thousands of square meters being close to Jinwu Castle was bald when he left Hidden Dragon Island previously. However, it was now covered with buildings, hotels, shops, workshops and markets with unified styles, just like a downtown in the city.

    Jinwu Castle was located in the center of those buildings like landmark. What surrounded Jinwu Castle was a beautiful fountain square.

    If not the two brilliant words 'Jinwu Castle', Zhang Tie even dared not believe that this was the exact place he had been familiar with.

    "Wow, I've not imagined that there's such a beautiful place in Hidden Dragon Island. I thought this was the wilderness where fighters would cultivate." Fiona exclaimed at the sight of all of this.

    The three women were always living in downtown, where they could touch beautiful clothes, cosmetics, yummy food and daily commodities. However, the sorts of medicament, medicine, potions, armors, weapons, special ornaments, survival tools and items that were made of special body parts of underground demon beasts widely broaden their vision, making them feel like entering another world.

    All the three women became thrilled.

    At the sight of this, Zhang Tie didn't enter Jinwu Castle; instead, he just wandered through those shops and booths outside Jinwu Castle with the three women.

    "Argh, what's this?" Beverly saw a string of brilliant necklace with decorative patterns as her eyes glittered at once. Fiona and Linda also stopped to look at it.

    "Lady, you really have a good taste. This is the fire-dragon crystal necklace that we've just polished. It must fit you very well!" a female clerk of 16-17 years old hurriedly walked here and introduced it to the three women.

    When that female clerk walked over here, Zhang Tie threw a glance at her. Her age and personality immediately reminded Zhang Tie of those junior sister apprentices who worked in Zhixing Department.

    The female clerk also glanced at Zhang Tie, a 16-17 year old teenager who was embracing three foreign beauties. Additionally, Fiona, Beverly and Linda didn't look like fighters who came here for promoting their fighting skills. Very few commoners dared to come here for a travel.

    After sleeping in Castle of Black Iron for three years, Zhang Tie's look remained unchanged. However, Fiona, Beverly and Linda looked maturer. Therefore, Zhang Tie looked too young compared to the three beauties on his sides. He was completely like their younger brother. Linda could even be Zhang Tie's aunt. However, all the three women behaved like Zhang Tie's lovers, creating a powerful qi field for Zhang Tie.

    "Argh, what's fire-dragon crystal?" Although the three women could speak Chinese very fluently after staying in Huaiyuan Prefecture for three years, they were still strange about some special terms.

    Before that female clerk opened her mouth, Zhang Tie had already walked to their side and started to explain it to them with a smile, "This fire-dragon crystal is just a crystal formed by a special species in larva after condensation in the underground world. It's not very precious; however, the LV 8 king snake had always engulfed it. After a long time, it became fire-dragon crystal in the king snake's stomach, which is precious."

    "Why would the snake engulf it?" Linda asked out of curiosity.

    "King snake is a cold-blooded demon beast. Like other snakes on the ground which could drill out of dark place for sunshine so as to supply heat with them. As king snake could not get sunshine in the underground world, it would engulf this crystal. It's said that this crystal would make king snake feel warm like basking in the sun. While some people said that king snake used crystal to gather energy as a form of cultivation. After hunting the king snake, people would obtain this crystal from its stomach. With this crystal, you would feel calm. After wearing it, you would feel cool in the daytime and warm in the evening. After sensing the qi of this crystal, those insects on the ground dared not to touch the wearer at all!"

    "Wow. Is it something in the body of the king snake? Why is it called dragon?"

    Zhang Tie smiled, "This is a traditional Chinese culture. Some times, snake is called small dragon in Chinese. In Chinese legends, dragon could be evolved from snake!"

    The three women became clear at once. Watching the three women's looks, Zhang Tie knew that they like it. Therefore, without asking the price, Zhang Tie directly told the clerk, "I want three top-class fire-dragon necklaces. Don't take out of the necklaces in the counter. I know that you always keep the good fire-dragon crystal necklaces for the insiders!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, that clerk threw another amazing glance at him before turning around to the inside of the counter and whispering something to another clerk in the shop. After that, she walked in and took out of a tray with three bloody, brilliant fire-dragon necklaces on it in half a minute.

    Compared to those fire-dragon crystal necklaces in the counter, the new fire-dragon crystal necklaces looked much more advanced.

    Zhang Tie directly picked up the fire-dragon crystal necklaces for the three women and then asked, "How much?"

    "200 gold coins for each, 600 gold coins in total!"

    Zhang Tie put his hand into his pocket and took out a gold note that was worth 1000 gold coins in Golden Roc Bank and passed it to the clerk.

    That clerk carefully took over the gold note as she said, "Please wait for a second!"


    The clerk then asked another little girl to invite someone to authenticate the gold note from outside.

    Linda, Beverly and Fiona then watched the other items in the store.

    After waiting for less than 1 minute, a 30-year old man walked in. After taking over the gold note, he carefully authenticated it before nodding towards the clerk. After that, he exchanged ten gold notes for her, 100 gold coins for each before leaving.

    The clerk then gave Zhang Tie four gold notes, 100 gold coins for each, which was the minimal par value of gold note. Soon after Zhang Tie took the gold notes and walked out of the store with the 3 women did they encounter a woman outside the door.

    "Argh, younger sister Guo, what a coincidence..." Zhang Tie blinked his eyes as he greeted that woman.

    "Zhang Tie!" Guo Miaolu widely opened her eyes like seeing ghosts in the daytime.

    "Hahahaha, long time no see. Junior sister Guo, you look more beautiful!"

    Guo Miaolu was much taller and more plumper than that four years ago. In beautiful black female warrior's uniform, she had short hair, lifted breasts, slim waist and long legs. She looked healthy and shrewd. Guo Miaolu was the head of a group of girls four years ago; now, she looked more like an able woman, which was far from that innocent look when she was in Zhixing Department.

    "Is that you?" at the sight of Zhang Tie, Guo Miaolu was really shocked, especially by the same look and his bad smile. She then stretched out her hand and pinched Zhang Tie's face.

    Zhang Tie didn't move.

    "Haha, long time no see, you became much bolder. Previously, you even did not dare to touch me. Now, you dare to pinch my face. Are you falling in love with me?"

    Guo Miaolu blushed at once as she hurriedly drew her hand back. She finally confirmed that he was Zhang Tie, the one who disappeared three years ago. She wanted to say something; however, after noticing the three beauties beside Zhang Tie, she swallowed what she wanted to say about the gossips and changed it right away, "D**chebag, you're still so nasty!"

    Zhang Tie waved his hand, "Well, I know you all want to beat me. Just keep this chance until this evening. Sorry to trouble you, junior sister Guo, you can call all those who want to beat me in Hidden Dragon Palace. I'm waiting for you in Jinwu Castle tonight!"

    "You want me to do that for you? Why not call them yourself?" Guo Miaolu glared at Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie rubbed his nose with an embarrassed look, "Erm...I will tell you in the evening. In one word, I will not enter Hidden Dragon Palace now! I have to enter Jinwu Castle and have them prepare it for you..."

    "Okay then!"

    Zhang Tie then waved his hand towards her before taking Linda, Beverly and Fiona away. Before Fiona left, she even looked back at Guo Miaolu.

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