Chapter 548: My Castle

    Chapter 548: My Castle

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    After Zhang Tie left with Beverly, Fiona and Linda, that clerk who sold them fire-dragon crystal necklaces greeted Guo Miaolu sweetly, "Senior sister apprentice Guo!"

    "Hmm, junior sister Song, why were they here?" Guo Miaolu watched Zhang Tie's back with a sophisticated look.

    "That man bought one top-quality fire-dragon crystal necklace for each of the three women..."

    After hearing that, Guo Miaolu forced a bitter smile.

    "Aplex look.

    "Argh, no way! Given his look, he's just 16-17 years old like me. Did he join Hidden Dragon Island at the age of 12? That sounds great. He should be very famous in Hidden Dragon Palace!"

    "Humph, that guy does not look old at all!" Guo Miaolu said as she touched her own face, "Didn't you always want to see the top one on the Hidden Dragon Wealth List? You saw him!"

    "Argh, it's him..." junior sister apprentice Song's eyes soon glittered, "He's too great. I've not imagined that the senior brother is so young and so handsome..."

    "Hmm, junior sister Song, you've forgotten one point. This guy is the most lascivious one in the world! You junior sisters have to take care of yourself in case of being cheated by this guy's look. Do you know how many girlfriends does he have?" Guo Miaolu asked full of fury.


    "More than 40. This guy is the idol of many people in the Hidden Dragon Palace!"

    "Wow!" the junior sister apprentice exclaimed as she kept watching towards the leaving direction of Zhang Tie with a curious look...


    Zhang Tie walked towards Jinwu Castle together with Linda, Beverly and Fiona.

    "Is that beautiful Chinese girl your junior sister apprentice?" Fiona asked Zhang Tie in a low voice.

    "Hmm! She's a junior sister apprentice that I met here before!" Zhang Tie nodded.

    "Your junior sister apprentice really has a nice figure. She's also beautiful and special!" Fiona continued. At the same time, she silently drew a circle in Zhang Tie's palm as she whispered to Zhang Tie, "Have you f*cked her, like how you did to those girls of Rose Association?"

    "What are you talking about?" Zhang Tie blushed as he glared at Fiona, "Am I that kind of a person? Am I just a lady killer in your eyes? Do you think that I have to make love with all the beautiful women around me?"

    "Why don't you ask Beverly and Linda whether you're a lady killer or not?" Fiona urged.

    "What do you think?" Zhang Tie then watched Beverly and Linda.

    After exchanging glances with each other, Beverly and Linda giggled and replied in unison, "Yes!"

    Zhang Tie stared at them with his widely opened eyes before bursting out into laughter...

    After passing by the suspension bridge and entering Jinwu Castle, Zhang Tie found the barbican of Jinwu Castle which was more boisterous. Additionally, the commodities being sold in the barbican were more advanced. The rows of stores in the barbican made it as prosperous as the Bright Avenue in Blackhot City. What Zhang Tie conceived about Jinwu Castle had completely become a reality.

    "Castle Lord..." a loud voice sounded in front of Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie looked front and found Runo, the captain of the guards of Jinwu Castle was looking at him with a thrilled look.

    Runo was tall and wearing a set of excellent full-body armor while a double-hand long sword was hanging over his waist. He looked very dignified. After a few years, this Spirit soldier had become far from slave and grown more confident and powerful.

    After feeling Runo's qi, Zhang Tie revealed a smile, "Fine, you're already a LV 6 fighter now. I'm very happy to have you with me!"

    According to the appointment between Zhang Tie and those Spirit soldiers, as long as these people reached LV 6 in Jinwu Castle, they could have their freedom back. Additionally, Zhang Tie would present them 200 gold coins. Runo was a free man for sure at this moment. Compared to the amazing promotion speed from LV 2 to LV 6 in 4 years, Zhang Tie became more reassured about Runo's choice.

    "Welcome back, Castle Lord!" under the leadership of Runo, a team of patrol guards knelt down in front of Zhang Tie on their knees and waited for Zhang Tie's return.

    At the sight of this, all the onlookers watched Zhang Tie with an amazing look. As a result, this place became quiet at once. They had not imagined that Zhang Tie was the castle lord of Jinwu Castle.


    Zhang Tie's return aroused a great shock in Jinwu Castle at once. Since Zhang Tie entered the internal castle of Jinwu Castle being escorted by a team of Spirit guards, the entire castle had become boisterous.

    The moment Zhang Tie entered the castle, a humpbacked old man had already rushed in front of Zhang Tie in a nimble way and kissed Zhang Tie's shoes, "Thank god, you're back, my lord. I knew that you would come back safe and sound..."

    Zhang Tie almost forgot about this humpbacked old man. It was the scar on his face that reminded Zhang Tie of him. He was that miserable, poor old slave. He looked much better now.

    "Get up. As you're old. Don't show such a great etiquette to me from now on!" Zhang Tie replied in a tender voice as he lifted up the old man, "Are you used to staying here these years?"

    "Yes, yes; thanks to your mercy. I could have food and drinks here everyday. I could even have new clothes to wear. I'm so glad to be a watchdog for you..." as he said this, the old man started to drop off tears.

    Zhang Tie was also a bit moved as he didn't know what to say. Instead, he just patted the old man's shoulder before entering with Linda, Beverly and Fiona.

    In the hall of the internal castle, the moment Zhang Tie sat in the main seat, those people whom Zhang Tie kept in Jinwu Castle at the beginning, the two female stewards dispatched to Jinwu Castle by Zhang Yang and Hillman and Figo whom were just sent to Jinwu Castle a few days ago hurriedly came here to greet Zhang Tie. The etiquettes that they executed were solemn as those chancellors welcomed their lord back from the battle field. Zhang Tie received them one batch after another. After encouraging them and acknowledging about the current situation of Jinwu Castle, he dispatched some missions to them, and let them leave.

    Until now did Linda, Beverly and Fiona on Zhang Tie's side know that Zhang Tie have a private castle. Before they arrived at Hidden Dragon Island, Zhang Tie just told them that he wanted to take them to travel two days in Hidden Dragon Island and show them how he cultivated in the clan at the beginning. He didn't tell them that he had such a magnificent castle and so many subordinates and servants here.

    Watching Zhang Tie sitting in the chair and receiving those people calmly and confidently, the three women's eyes glittered. Such a man was indeed attractive to women. Additionally, he could give them a strong sense of safety and an unspoken pride or vanity.

    Jinwu Castle had changed a lot in the past 4 years.

    Most of the Spirit guards had become LV 4 or 5 warriors. Runo and another guard called Buffet had promoted to LV 6 successfully. Runo might be promoted to LV 7 this year.

    Because of the cozy living environment in Jinwu Castle, those female slaves from Varner Empire had changed completely. They all had good looks before; but after 4 years, Zhang Tie could not even recognize them.

    At this moment, the internal castle of Jinwu Castle had already become a country full of 20-30 beauties.

    When Sonia who looked like a noble beauty and the other 52 women stood in front of Zhang Tie, even Zhang Tie felt stressed about their plump breasts and butts and their increasingly hot eyes. Zhang Tie then introduced his female servants to Linda, Beverly and Fiona.

    "The three women would be your female master from then on. You should follow what they order. Am I clear?"

    "Clear!" those 50-odd women glanced at Linda, Beverly and Fiona before moving their eyes away. In front of those women, Linda, Beverly and Fiona were sitting elegantly as they raised high their breasts.

    "Hmm, prepare a night banquet for me at the roof of the castle like how I held last time!" Zhang Tie told Sonia, "I have friends here tonight!"

    "Fine, master, what else can I do for you!"

    "Nothing more, you can leave!"

    "Yes, sir!"

    After those female servants left, seeing nobody entering anymore, Fiona started to lean against Zhang Tie as she pouted, "You're not a lady killer? I've not imagined that you have so many more women here besides those girls of Rose Association!"

    Zhang Tie pinched her petite face as he replied, "They were female slaves from Varner Empire that I bought in Stars Viewing City. What are you thinking about? From then on, you three will be their female masters, how could you envy your servants?"

    "Female slaves from Varner Empire? I've not imagined that they could be so beautiful. They look more like those women who'd like to wander in Bright Avenue in Blackhot City..." Fiona blinked her eyes. She had heard about female slaves from Varner Empire, "You mean they were virgins when you bought them?"

    "Hmm...erm, should be, but I've not checked that!" Zhang Tie bought them in the price of virgins. However, Zhang Tie felt bashful to check them. Therefore, he was not sure about that. As most female slaves didn't have a good experience, Zhang Tie didn't know what other troubles had met them. However, according to Davinci, the slave trading agent, those slave traders had a good reputation.

    Noticing that Fiona was rolling her eyes once again, Zhang Tie patted her elastic butts, "Don't think too much about that. As we've been on the sea for the whole day, you might be tired. You can take some rest first. I will introduce my friends to you in the evening!"


    Watching the three women leaving out of here under the guidance of a female servant, Zhang Tie started to meditate while sitting in the chair. At this moment, the scene that an old grandma and a little girl raising a brand and wishing to sell themselves reappeared in his mind, making him upset.

    After thinking about for over 10 minutes on the chair, Zhang Tie finally made a decision. After gritting his teeth, he took up an iron bell and rang it. Iron bell's sound was muffled while copper bell's sound was silvery which was always used as a musical instrument. Iron bell was used to call people who were waiting to serve him outside the hall in the castle.

    A guard entered the hall and bowed towards Zhang Tie.

    "What can I do for you, my majesty!"

    "Go to Stars Viewing City and bring Davinci here!"

    "Yes, sir..." the guard then left.

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