Chapter 549: One Night Dance

    Chapter 549: One Night Dance

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    When Zhang Tie met his old friends in the same party in the same place, he finally knew that men were no more the same ones.

    How a lot of teenagers and partners celebrated party here last time was still deeply imprinted in Zhang Tie's mind. Zhang Tie had not imagined that it was already impossible for him to gather those people only after 4 years.

    "Yang Yuankang, Zhu Wenqiang had been promoted to LV 9 last year. After completing the cultivation in Hidden Dragon Palace, they were recruited by the Clan and had long left Hidden Dragon Island. Senior sisters Gu Caiyun and Ma Aiyun also left Hidden Dragon Island in the latter half of the last year after completing the cultivation in Hidden Dragon Palace. It's said that these senior sisters have been dispatched to the Eastern Continent. Before leaving Hidden Dragon Island, senior sister Gu even came here for you. She wanted to have a talk with you; however, as nobody knew where you were, she could only give it up!"

    "What about Zhang Keliang, Zhang Yunfei, Wei Wu and Zhang Hongsheng? They should not have reached LV 9 yet. Are they also going to leave Hidden Dragon Island?"

    "They're already LV 8. After accepting the missions dispatched by Hidden Dragon Palace, they are cracking down demon disasters on the Waii Sub-Continent with other corps in Jinyun Country. Besides those who have completed the cultivation in Hidden Dragon Palace, most of the male clan apprentices above LV 7 have participated in cracking down demon disasters. They are directly cultivating themselves on the battle field; therefore, they could barely come back one time a year. The ones left in Hidden Dragon Island are mostly female apprentices below LV 9 like us!" Guo Miaolu put it straight.

    Zhang Tie glanced at those girls at present. Those coy junior sister apprentices had grown into beautiful young ladies. At this moment, Zhang Tie found one person less. There should be 12 junior sister apprentices here.

    "Where's junior sister apprentice Zhang Ya?" Zhang Tie asked.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's question, all the girls looked gloomy.

    "Junior sister apprentice Zhang Ya met an accident when she gathered soul fire in the underground world at LV 7. After chopping a huge centipede into two halves, junior sister apprentice Zhang Ya thought that the huge centipede had died. However, it sudden sprung up. Junior sister apprentice Zhang Ya then..." when Lv Shasha explained it, she started to drop off tears together with the other girls.

    Zhang Tie's heart raced, "What an adorable and coy petite girl! When she smiled, she had two beautiful dimples on her face. What a pity..."

    Without saying anything, Zhang Tie directly forced the lid of a jar of liquor to pop out of the jar by forcefully patting the jar. Closely after that, he raised his head and bottomed it up...

    This evening, Zhang Tie was drunk, so were those girls. As nobody knew when could they gather here like this the next time or whether all of them could come here by then...

    Guo Miaolu stumbled towards Zhang Tie with blushed face. She forcefully patted on Zhang Tie's shoulder as she put her arm over Zhang Tie's neck. After that, she pushed Fiona aside from Zhang Tie's chest before sitting on Zhang Tie's thigh.

    "Junior...junior brother apprentice Zhang Tie...you...they...all say...you...you have a lot of women...you tell me...whe...whether our junior sister apprentices are...are your women..." Guo Miaolu stammered.

    "O...of course...you...you're all my women...for the rest of your lives..." Zhang Tie stared at Guo Miaolu with drunk eyes.

    "You...you...asshole..." Guo Miaolu swore before bursting out into laughter, "You gifted...your women fire-dragon crystal necklaces...do you know...that you...have a share with that store...you gifted your women with those items...then what...what do you...gift us..."

    Zhang Tie became a bit dizzy, "I...will also gift you fire-dragon crystal...necklace..."

    "No..." Guo Miaolu shook her head...

    "I present Jinwu Castle...to you...all of it..."

    "Junior sisters...do you want that..." Guo Miaolu turned around and shouted towards the other girls.

    "No...you have to...gift us...unique things..." the girls jeered.

    "Right, if you gift us with the same item...we will not take it..."

    "You have...to gift...unique items..."

    "I will gift myself to...to you..." Zhang Tie burst out into laughter...

    "No...who cares about you lady killer..." Du Yuhan started to cry.

    "Yeah, who cares about you lady killer..." Qu Liangying, who sat on Du Yuhan's side also cried. These two girls were the most drunk tonight.

    "Gift us...what others could not...take away forever!" Zhang Wanjun shouted...

    "Now that junior sisters...don't like items...this senior brother will...will perform a set of fist for you!" after saying this, Zhang Tie stumbled to the open land from the back of the table. He then gradually stood steadily.

    A generous qi upsurged in Zhang Tie's chest. With the drunk feeling, Zhang Tie felt a bit sad as he remembered the strange song that Donder usually sang when he was drunk. Each time Donder sang it, he would burst out into tears. Zhang Tie suddenly felt like singing it loudly...

    "Gloomy, my departed friend! Long distance between Qin state and Wu; 1000 km between Yan state and Zhao state; We depart when spring moss appear; we depart when autumn wind blow..."

    In the strange song, a fiery-blood banner surged into the sky like a milky way and reached over 200 m in height. In the battle-qi totem, a huge king snake swam like a furious dragon started to hover above the entire Jinwu Castle...

    Zhang Tie boomed his unrivaled iron-blood fist, which looked like brilliant flower of life...

    "Thus vagrants are miserable; wuthering wind, exotic clouds; boat at the riverside, vehicles beside mountain road; how could I leave? how could horse stop neighing; covering the gold cup, who would like to drink? putting aside the zither, my tears wet the horizontal bar of vehicle. Friends at home lying on bed, feeling like losing something..."

    In the song, Zhang Tie's fists swayed the girls' hair and skirts with a strong wind...

    At this moment, from the bartizan of Jinwu Castle to White Dragon Town and Hidden Dragon Palace, numerous people raised their heads and watched the huge king snake that was swimming like a huge dragon above Jinwu Castle. Everybody was shocked and fascinated by the iron-blood battle qi, which rolled the west wind...

    "The sunshine gradually fade away from the wall, the moonlight gradually spray over the corridor. Red orchid is holding the autumn dew; green catalpa is covered with frost. Entering the old rooms, I half close the door and touch the brilliant bed; a grief rose; vagrants stop in his dream, imagining about the souls swaying behind him."

    With the great force of Iron-Blood Fist, the water in the pool on the rooftop of the castle rose and flew towards the skyline like a reversed waterfall. After spraying over the pool, it jumped up once again. Water drops turned into fog, causing a dreamland over the rooftop of Jinwu Castle.

    "Thus departure feels different in different situations. Tall, handsome horse matches silver-inlaid saddle; red vehicle matches colorfully-painted wheels; I build a tent outside the gate of capital and bid a farewell to my old friends in Golden Valley Park. Strings of harp, flute and drum produce music; sad songs of Yan State and Zhao State make beauties weep; pearls and jades are brilliant in the late autumn; silks and brocades are fascinating in the early spring. Being shocked by the song, horses raise their heads and chew; fish jumped out of the deep water. When in departure, with tears in eyes, I feel lonely and gloomy."

    By then, Zhang Tie's Iron-Blood Fist suddenly changed its feature as the wind of his fist contained the sound of zither and drum. It sounded like thousands of pearls falling into the jade plate. Sometimes, it was like horse's neigh; sometimes, it was like fish swimming freely in the abyss. The wind along with his fist blew over their faces which felt like desolate wind in autumn. All the girls were fascinated by that...

    "There are swordsmen who feel shameful about having not appreciated their masters and young righteous men who targeted their masters, such as Nie Zheng assassinated Xia Lei, the prime minister of Han State, Yu Rang intended to assassinate Zhao Xiangzi in the toilet of the imperial palace, Zhuan Zhu assassinated the emperor of Wu State, Jing Ke assassinated the first emperor of Qin Dynasty. All of them abandoned the warmth of their mother and wife. They left their homeland and bid farewell to their family members. Before leaving, they wiped off their tears and blood and gazed at each other. After riding on the battle horse, they didn't look back anymore, leaving dust on the way. They paid gratitude to their masters at the cost of their own lives. When bells rang, cowards turned faces while their parents and wives wailed to death."

    Zhang Tie jumped in the air while he released his golden-carp sword and silver-carp sword from his waist. He released sword qi for over 100 times and punched 100 times at the same time. The sword qi surged towards the sky. Zhang Tie's fist intention incarnated into the shape of dragon while the golden and silver carps flew out of his sword qi vividly and reached the skyline directly. Under the shiny skyline, they danced with the king snake. Dotted by red, golden and silver, the stars in the sky were even dwarfed. It was absolutely a legendary scene...

    Watching this, a 50-year old wrinkled man widely opened his mouth as the bowl of night snacklate fell on the ground, causing a "cracking" sound.

    Many people in the inn raised their heads and watched the direction of Jinwu Castle silently.

    "...the frost in the deep autumn is like pearls; the bright moon in the autumn night is like jade chip; the bright moonlight and the pearl-like frost, come and go. After departure, I miss you so much.

    Therefore, although the departing parties and reasons are uncertain, I will always be sad about that. Being upset, I lose my awareness and suffer a great trauma and shock mentally and spiritually. Although there are marvelous poems of Wang Bao and Yang Xiong and the profound narrations of Yan An and Xu Le; although there are many handsome people in the examination hall and numerous talented people in the national library whose poems are known as having a powerful qi surging into the heavens like that of Sima Xiangru, whose texts are known as profound and extensive like that of Zou Shi, who could describe the scene of departure!"

    After the song, the sword qi disappeared, the fist intention was buried and the dancing king snake remained dormant as Zhang Tie's figure reappeared in the water curtain. The water curtain turned into water drops once again and fell onto the girls' faces and skirts.

    Zhang Tie then stared at his double-carp swords and forced the two thin sword blades out. He then forcefully collided the golden carp sword with the silver carp sword, breaking them into pieces at once.

    "Does this set of fist position...look good...I've broken my double-carp swords...especially...for you...the gift that I present to you...could not be grabbed away by...anyone else"

    All the junior sister apprentices of Zhang Tie had burst out into tears...

    After asking this, Zhang Tie laughed as he lay down, facing the sky at once. With an exclamation, Linda, Beverly, Fiona who had long recovered her consciousness and all of Zhang Tie's junior sister apprentices surged up towards him immediately.

    After checking him carefully, Guo Miaolu wiped off her tears. Looking at Zhang Tie who was leaning against her breasts, she smiled at the other sisters,"Senior brother apprentice...is just drunk...he's fallen asleep!"

    That night, Zhang Tie's dance became legendary.


    At the peak of the mountain where Hidden Dragon Palace rested, a group of elites who were holding a meeting in Heavens Breaking Pavilion were also gazing at that marvelous scene in Jinwu Castle. Until the marvelous scene disappeared did everyone become speechless.

    "The one who could break the heavens is not here, isn't it hilarious for us to break heavens here? I will leave Hidden Dragon Island for the theater of operations in Qilan State tonight. I hope to further improve my cultivation. See you..." after a long sigh, a youth crossed his hands towards his partners before directly jumping off the Heavens Breaking Pavilion.

    "See you next year then, hope you'll be alive then! after saying this, another youth also jumped off the Heavens Breaking Pavilion.

    In a wink, all the elites of Hidden Dragon Palace had left. Before the final one left, he stared at the three words "Heavens Breaking Pavilion" and frowned. He then jumped up and punched that board into pieces. Closely after that, he left without looking back--from today on, there's Heavens Breaking Department in Hidden Dragon Palace; yet no Heavens Breaking Pavilion in the Heavens Breaking Department...
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