Chapter 550: Arrangements

    Chapter 550: Arrangements

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    When Zhang woke up late the next morning, he felt spirited all over and was in his best state. After one night, Zhang Tie had a better recognition of fighting skills. He suddenly felt that he could apply Iron-Blood Fist, swordsmanship and his battle qi as well as the 'One Step, One Scene' smoothly. That one night dance was Zhang Tie's best performance since he was born.

    When Zhang Tie woke up, he found that he was resting his head on Linda's plump and snow-white thigh. Linda was massaging his dimples kindly by hands. The fragrance of the plant essential oil in her hands smelt very comfortable. Seeing Zhang Tie opening his eyes, Linda stopped.

    "Ah, you woke up..."

    "Where are Fiona and Beverly?" after looking around, Zhang Tie found nobody else in the bedroom, including Fiona.

    "Fiona said she wanted to see how those female servants worked in the castle. She went with Beverly!"

    Zhang Tie smiled. As Fiona and Beverly had not lived in the castle before, it was normal for them to be curious about that. To the final analysis, they were still childish.

    Zhang Tie and Linda then got up. After pulling the rope of the bell in the room, after a few seconds, the female servants had entered with Zhang Tie's clothes and cleansing tools one after another.

    In only 5-6 minutes, Zhang Tie had already cleansed himself and dressed well. Noticing those women glancing at his thing, Zhang Tie blushed although being shameless. Whispering something to Linda, he hurriedly left the bedroom.

    After coming to the outside, Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh inside.

    "Where are my junior sister apprentices?" Zhang Tie asked Sonia who followed him.

    "Those guests have left this early morning. You were still sleeping at that moment, your excellency!" the servant of Jinwu Castle answered while her blush did not completely fade away.

    Zhang Tie drew in a long breath as he didn't know when would they gather again. However, that was how life went. Banquets would always come to an end. After acknowledging his friends' information, Zhang Tie had solved half of his concerns in Hidden Dragon Island. After lighting the soul fire of bloody scorpion as a LV 9 fighter, Zhang Tie would leave out of here.

    "There's one more thing!"


    "Many people wanted to see you outside the Jinwu Castle this early morning, my lord!" Sonia reported.

    Zhang Tie knew these people must be attracted by the fist position that he performed last night. Zhang Tie really had no time to care about these people. Whether they were here for fame or benefit or out of pure curiosity, Zhang Tie didn't plan to waste time on them.

    Additionally, Zhang Tie didn't know whether there were killers of Three-Eye Association among those people. If Three-Eye Association intended to deal with him by arranging moles in Hidden Dragon Island, they might want to slip in Jinwu Castle by this chance. It was unnecessary for him to find trouble for himself.

    "I will not see any of them!" Zhang Tie ordered as he walked, "Oh, I have sent someone to bring Davinci here from Stars Viewing City yesterday, has he arrived here?"

    "Yes, he has. He's waiting for you, castle lord!"

    "Let him wait for me in the lobby!"

    "As you will!"


    In a few minutes, Davinci, whom Zhang Tie met a few years ago, stood in front of Zhang Tie politely. He even did not dare to look at other women in the castle. Since he entered the lobby, he had been gazing at his feet.

    "Take a seat!" Zhang Tie pointed at a chair on his side. Davinci then sat down carefully.

    Zhang Tie put it straightforwardly, "I want you to give me a favor."

    "Argh, it's my pleasure...just let me know your demand!" Davinci picked himself up in a flurried manner before sitting down hurriedly.

    "How's the slave trade in Stars Viewing City?"

    "Alas, just so so. After the holy war broke out, human life had become worthless. Not only Stars Viewing City, even the slave trade across the entire Waii Sub-Continent could hardly sustain. Honestly, I've not had a business for a long time!" Davinci replied with a bitter look.

    "I have a business for you!" Zhang Tie directly passed an envelope and 5 gold notes to Davinci, each note was worth 10,000 gold coins. At the sight of the par value of the gold notes, Davinci's face started to cramp as his eyes turned bloody. He started to pant like an old ox. In a split second, a powerful qi aroused from him.

    "What...what do you want me to do?"

    "I have a friend. He wants me to transport some slaves to Ice and Snow Wilderness for him!"

    "Are you kidding me?" Davinci watched Zhang Tie with an amazed look, "So many people are striving for a stock certificate of Ice and Snow Wilderness. This year, each share of stock delivered by the tribal axis of Ice and Snow Wilderness has reached 100 gold coins. Even so, you could barely get one. Many rich people could not get one, not to mention those worthless slaves!"

    "Mind your own business. You only need to bring those people, who wish to be slaves and seek shelter in Ice and Snow Wilderness. These 50,000 gold coins are your budget!"

    "I want to help you, but I cannot make that without the admittance certificate of Ice and Snow Wilderness..." Davinci forcefully swallowed his saliva while gazing at the gold notes; he decisively shook his head, "As to those ferries which want to steal in Ice and Snow Wilderness, even though they have arrived at Eschyle City, all the passengers have to pass the check there. Only those who have admittance certificates are allowed to land in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Those having no admittance certificates would have to go back where they came from!"

    Zhang Tie smiled as he pointed at that sealed envelope, "My friend handed this letter to me. You only need to have your man hand this letter to the ruler of Eschyle City. They will take over those slaves."

    "Ah, does that work?" Davinci watched Zhang Tie with an unbelievable look.

    "My friend has a great power in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Don't worry about that. As long as you could deal with it well, I promise you will have a bright future. Gold coins will not tell a lie, right? It's unnecessary for me to play a joke with you with 50,000 gold coins!"

    Davinci finally made his decision as he gritted his teeth, "Fine, I will do that!"

    "I have to warn you. Those who would like to be slaves are poor. Many of them are orphans and lonely old women. Don't play tricks with me. Just bring those people to Ice and Snow Wilderness safe and sound. If you don't understand this point, I'm sure that as long as I hear some bad news about you, you won't try how I review my wrongdoings. Am I clear?"

    Davinci quivered all over before nodding solemnly, "Don't worry. I'm clear. I won't do that stupid thing!"

    "That's what I want. I will have someone accompany you there as your bodyguards and assistants..." after saying that, Zhang Tie sent someone to bring here Hillman, Figo, Michael and the 'manager' and told them about their job.

    As it was their first time to serve Zhang Tie, they all treated it as a test of their loyalty; therefore, they all agreed instantly...


    Closely after that, they left Jinwu Castle. Seeing them off, Zhang Tie sat still for a short while before telling the other servants that he wanted to enter meditation in the backroom. After that, he entered the basement of Jinwu Castle.


    After changing a look in 20 minutes, Zhang Tie walked out of a private residence in White Dragon Town and rapidly surged towards the Dragon Cave...

    After 7 hours, Zhang Tie finally caught sight of a LV 9 bloody scorpion which was higher than 10 m in the deep underground space of Dragon Cave. The bloody scorpion walked towards him like a mountain. Zhang Tie responded with a smile...

    When Zhang Tie walked out of the basement of Jinwu Castle in the evening, nobody knew that Zhang Tie had become an official LV 9 fighter. After being lit by the soul-fire of the LV 9 bloody scorpion, Zhang Tie's iron-blood battle qi gradually improved qualitatively. Zhang Tie tried the trouble-reappearance situation of the shadow demon backroom once again. With the help of the LV 9 iron-blood battle qi, he survived 6 seconds under the attack of the shadow demon for the first time. 6,6,10--the latest data of Zhang Tie's fighting force.

    The biggest problem facing Zhang Tie now was how to promote to LV 10. As long as he reached LV 10, he would be able to release his battle qi through the air. As a result, he could kill his enemy using his iron-blood fist over 10 m away. By then, he would reveal the real power of iron-blood fist which was the secret knowledge of the imperial household of Norman Empire.

    At dinner, Zhang Tie fetched all the female servants. After that, he took out a contract and handed it to Sonia.

    "Sonia, given what you've done for Jinwu Castle and your loyalty to me these years, you're free now. If you wish to stay in Jinwu Castle and serve me loyally, you will become my home chancellor and enjoy the treatment of home chancellor. Do you like to stay?"

    Being thrilled, Sonia took that contract as her eyes turned wet at once. She stammered, "I...I wish to stay and serve you, my lord!"

    All the other female servants watched Sonia with an admirable look. This contract brought hope to all the female servants.

    That was what Zhang Tie pursued. Zhang Tie pointed at Linda, Beverly and Fiona and told those female servants, "After a few days, you will follow them to the Eastern Continent. From then on, the three women will be your masters. I will hand your contracts to them. They will control your fate, am I clear?"

    All the female servants nodded as they showed their etiquette to Linda, Beverly and Fiona solemnly.

    After the female servants left, Zhang Tie called in the team of Spirit soldiers and introduced their female masters to them.

    The last one entering was Paul, the candidate muling of Sun Dynasty, who was almost the most humble person in Jinwu Castle. Although he was low-key, he also showed his loyalty to Zhang Tie in his own way. Zhang Tie also paid him for his loyalty--several years ago, when those girls of Rose Association and those brothers of God Blessing Brotherhood returned to Huaiyuan Prefecture before the holy war broke out, Zhang Tie fulfilled his promise. He told his elder brother to dispatch someone to kill that head muling named Keehn who had killed all the family members of Paul in Sun Dynasty.

    From then on, Paul sincerely accomplished the task of setting free sand-scale fish requested by Zhang Tie in Jinwu Castle everyday. It seemed that he treated this as his only task and work in the world.

    When Zhang Tie came back yesterday, Paul was not back from the wharf yet. Therefore, it was Zhang Tie's first time to meet Paul in the past 4 years. The fruit of redemption on the small tree in Castle of Black Iron witnessed this man's diligent work everyday.

    When Zhang Tie met Paul once again, he was a bit shocked by Paul's qi. This slave looked more tranquil and profound. Average people could not observe that except Zhang Tie.

    "Have you broken through it?" Zhang Tie asked with a slightly amazed look.

    "Yes, my lord. Watching those maritime lives returning to the ocean freely and happily everyday, I feel very tranquil and comfortable inside. Therefore, I have finally broken through!" Paul's calm face slightly revealed a bit excitement. As he replied, he knelt down in front of Zhang Tie and touched the ground with his forehead, his shoulders and his knees, which was the highest etiquette that followers used in front of their leaders of the school God of Brilliance, "Thank you, you're my lord of brilliance. It's you who had wiped off hatred from my heart and silently pointed out a bright road towards sacredness for me. Please allow me to follow you and be loyal to you. It's my great honor to be your home chancellor, even servants!"

    Zhang Tie opened his mouth as he had not imagined that this man could make the breakthrough in cultivation only by watching sand-scale fish returning to the ocean. After a short while, Zhang Tie finally asked him, "What's your rank now?"

    "According to the standards of the school of the God of Brilliance, I'm a 5-star battle priest now!"

    "5-star battle priest?"

    "Hmm, my fighting strength is equal to that of a LV 9 fighter!"

    "F*ck" Zhang Tie almost shouted out. "This guy was just a candidate muling of the school of God of Brilliance over one decade ago. Such a breakthrough must be a result of long-time accumulation. But it's too weird to make breakthrough in this pattern. Is there any secret inside?" as Zhang Tie thought about it, he gradually recovered his composure. He glanced at Paul and finally nodded, "From today on, you will be my home chancellor. When I'm not in the castle, you should serve them; this is Linda, this is Beverly, this is Fiona!"

    Paul then gave his salute to Linda, Beverly and Fiona respectively...


    On the next day, after arranging the affairs in Hidden Dragon Island, Zhang Tie returned to Yiyang City with Linda, Beverly and Fiona by airship.

    As he had finished what he wanted to do, he would prepare for returning to the Selnes Theater of Operations...

    Zhang Tie sensed that he could find a chance to breakthrough LV 10 in Selnes Theater of Operations...
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