Chapter 551: The Idiots

    Chapter 551: The Idiots

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    A huge fury-level battle airship parked in front of Zhang Tie. Raising his head, Zhang Tie watched his own airship calmly while being thrilled inside.

    Zhang Yang and Zhang Tie were reviewing this new battle airship which had just been transported out of Zhang's airship factory and over 130 volunteers who were employed to manipulate the airship.

    These volunteers were very experienced in manipulating airships. They escaped from those regions which had been destroyed by demons to Huaiyuan Prefecture. Although having sold their airships, they still had a tough life in Huaiyuan Prefecture. The demon disasters had destroyed their homeland along with everything in it. The advertisement that people were recruited to crack down demons attracted a great number of volunteers who would like to go to Selnes Theater of Operations. After a round of selection, over 130 people of them were employed.

    Zhang Tie watched these volunteers calmly. Zhang Yang had already have them put on a set of blue airship uniform. Although they didn't look handsome, Zhang Tie could sense their decisiveness and morale, which was rightly what Zhang Tie required.

    The airship was matched with various weapons and gliders. Before leaving the factory, this airship had already passed strict tests and commissioning. Therefore, after taking a visit in the airship, Zhang Tie got off the airship and stood in front of these volunteers.

    "I'm Zhang Tie, the coxswain of this airship. This is my elder brother. You must have seen him. My elder brother had also told you about me. Perhaps some of you might have some questions, such as "Does this idiot and playboy really spend hundreds of thousands of gold coins to buy the best battle airship only to seek for death or show off in Selnes Theater of Operations?"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's question, many people of those volunteers exchanged glances with each other as what Zhang Tie said was really what they thought. Actually, at the sight of this 'coxswain', many of them even became a bit disappointed. Zhang Tie's age didn't fit this trip in their mind.

    Zhang Tie knew that he had to build enough authority in front of these people if he wanted them to follow his order. Otherwise, if these people didn't follow his order in the theater of operations, it would be a big problem.

    "Firstly, I want to say. I'm not a playboy. I'm 20 years old. Five years ago, I served in the Iron-Blood Camp of Iron-Horn Corps of Norman Empire, during which period, I was promoted to the first lieutenant and was awarded the Iron-Blood Medal. Do you know the condition to have an Iron-Blood Medal in Iron-Blood Camp?"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's self-introduction, many people responded with an amazing look as they didn't believe in Zhang Tie's experience.

    "Honestly, all the people that you have killed and will kill on the battlefield for the rest of your lives might not match me. This was the reason that I was awarded the Iron-Blood Medal. Later on, after leaving Iron-Horn Corps, I returned to Jinyun Country, where I experienced the event in Heavens Cold City. participated in the raid of Heavens Cold City organized by Huaiyuan Palace. This action directly detonated the demon disaster in Heavens Cold City. The heads of demonized puppets that I chopped off was also more than the total of what you've chopped off. Half a month ago, when I returned from Selnes Theater of Operations, I also swept a squad of demon corps. Therefore, don't treat me as a playboy. I'm not traveling to make money in Selnes Theater of Operations; instead, I'm going to fight demons there."

    Listening to Zhang Tie's introduction, those people started to look Zhang Tie respectfully instead of doubting him. Zhang Tie's experience and his meritorious deeds were both admirable.

    "Am I silly? Honestly, I am. I have a chance to leave here as soon as possible for the Eastern Continent; however, I refused it. I have to stay for some reasons. Therefore, it seems that I'm silly in others' eyes. Because of this reason, I even lost my opportunity to participate in the battle in Selnes Theater of Operations as an official soldier of Huaiyuan Palace. That's why I employ you to fight demons together with me!" Zhang Tie smiled, "In my opinion, you're also a group of idiots who're going to seek for death in Selnes Theater of Operations. You have your reasons and I have my reason. There we go!"

    All the volunteers burst out into laughter.

    "Look, that's all about me. You can ask me if you have any questions!"

    "Sir, can you tell me why do you choose Selnes Theater of Operations?" a 30-year old guy raised his hand as he asked Zhang Tie.

    "If others wanted to know the reason, I would tell them that I did that for the bright future of humans. However, as it is asked by you, I have two reasons. First, I hate demons very much. Each one who had witnessed the disasters caused by demons would hate demons. Second, my beloved woman is in Selnes Theater of Operations. She has a lot of pursuers. I have made a bet with her pursuers. If I could kill more wing demons than any one of them, they would give up her. Therefore, in one word, I'm going to Selnes Theater of Operation for killing demons and pursuing my beloved woman!"

    Closely after Zhang Tie's words, some guys whistled. Zhang Tie's reasons were not only convincing but resonating.

    "Sir, what kind of squad of demon corps have you killed?"

    "A squad of LV 9 iron-armored demons. You don't need to doubt that. When you arrive at Selnes Theater of Operations, you can easily see my performance!"

    "Are we going to fight iron-armored demons?"

    "If we meet them, we will beat them ferociously. However, our main target is not those iron-armored demons on the ground but those wing demons in the air. In Selnes Theater of Operations, wing demons are called airship killer. Therefore, this task would be very dangerous. If our airship was struck down by wing demons and fell onto the battlefield, none of you could survive. Therefore, you'd better think about it carefully. You can still leave now. When the airship set off next morning, we will have to execute military rules in the airship. If anyone of you wants to leave at that time, I will chop off his head!"

    "F*ck them!" a bearded uncle swore as he took out a small stoup and drunk a mouth of alcohol, "Sir, I'm Peter; just hand the engine room of the airship to me. If there's any problem with the engine room, just chop off my head!"

    "Fine, is there any other problem?"

    "Sir, our airship doesn't have a name yet!"

    "Haha, now that we're all idiots, just call it the Idiots!"

    "The Idiots?" all the volunteers exchanged glances with each other.

    "We Chinese usually say that idiots always have their happiness. I feel it's a very auspicious name..." Zhang Tie smiled, "I hope all of you could survive till the end!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's explanation, everybody nodded.

    With no more problems, Zhang Tie then delivered his first order, "You can go take a look in the airship and prepare for your job. We will set off at 8 am next morning. See you tomorrow!"

    After giving a salute to Zhang Tie, those volunteers left.


    Outside the gate of a hospital in Yiyang City, Zhang Tie sat in his vehicle and watched Miss Daina throwing herself into the arms of a 40-year old handsome gentleman in doctor's uniform who was walking out of the hospital while lifting an insulated lunch box with a happy look...

    Miss Daina was going to get married in the next month. They had already taken wedding photos two days ago. The man named James. He's a doctor in this hospital. He had a good family background and a good moral quality without any bad habit;

    "Is this the happiness wanted by Miss Daina?" at the sight of this, Zhang Tie had a complex mood, "Well, wish you happiness!" Zhang Tie said inside.

    Before Zhang Tie's family members left here, Zhang Tie would send his elder brother to ask Miss Daina's opinion. If they also wanted to leave, Zhang Yang would take them away. If they didn't want to leave, Zhang Yang would present them a lot of money as a reward for teaching his sons and daughter. He would also introduce some friends to Miss Daina and her husband.

    "See you, dear Miss Daina!"

    Noticing that Miss Daina was glancing at this direction, Zhang Tie drew in a deep breath before telling the driver, "Let's go..."

    The black vehicle then set off...

    "Daina, what's up?" that man asked her when Miss Daina turned around and saw the vehicle off.

    "That might be Zhang Tie in the vehicle" Miss Daina's mood became a bit complex; however, she responded with a smile, "Nothing!"


    After that, Zhang Tie returned home and had a dinner with his family members. After knowing that Zhang Tie was going back to the Selnes Theater of Operations, his parents' eyes turned red. His mom started to drop tears in the meal. Linda, Beverly and Fiona also wept.

    This supper might be the last meal that Zhang Tie had with his family members in Waii Sub-Continent. After Zhang Tie returned to the Selnes Theater of Operations, the people here would soon move to the Eastern Continent.

    "Dad and mom, don't worry about me. I will be okay. I can get in touch with my elder brother at any time now. When I finish my task over there, I will come for you in the Eastern Continent!" Zhang Tie forced a smile as he actually didn't know when he would see his parents next time...
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