Chapter 555: Military Exploits Rankings

    Chapter 555: Military Exploits Rankings

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    Zhang Tie arrived at the Crystal Battle Fortress on April 14th. As the frontline base of Jinyun Country in Selnes Theater of Operations, the Idiots had to register here before being authorized to participate in the action in the Selnes Theater of Operations and gain the air territory access right.

    According to relevant orders in the theater of operations, the Idiots was freer than regular troops. However, it should also follow the order of the airship troop of Jinyun Country. When necessary, the military of Jinyun Country was entitled to take over the command of the Idiots.

    Without the supply and maintenance of the airship base on the ground, the airships in the air would not be sustainable. If they wanted to enjoy the ground services, of course, they had to carry the corresponding commitment and responsibilities. Although the Idiots was voluntary, its rights and obligations were on an equal footing. Zhang Tie didn't oppose the obligations that they had to take. As Lan Yunxi was the commander of the airship troop of Jinyun Country, Zhang Tie could accept that the Idiots was under her control. He didn't believe that Lan Yunxi would find him trouble.

    On one hand, Zhang Tie was here for Lan Yunxi; on the other hand, as a human fighter, Zhang Tie thought that he should do something for his family members, friends and many commoners.

    If the demons were resisted here for one more day, those people behind the frontline would have one more day to evacuate. If some more demons were killed here, fewer people would die in the future.

    This was each human fighter's sacred mission and responsibility.

    Additionally, because of the relationship between Zhang Tie and Ice and Snow Wilderness, Zhang Tie knew that he had to fight demons in Waii Sub-Continent to the death. He'd better face demons himself and be familiar with the battle with demons instead of being waiting for demons to arrive at Ice and Snow Wilderness. In such a battle, he could gain more marvelous fruits and grow powerful quickly.

    Each people were doomed to face holy war. As a human, he had no other choice but to face demons dauntlessly.

    Selnes Theater of Operations was filled with the smoke of white phosphorous gel bombs. The moment Zhang Tie got off the airship and landed on the airship base did he realize that he was surrounded by others.

    A lot of ground crew members were discussing about the Idiots. They were curious about the name and the status of Idiots.

    "Is that you?" seeing Zhang Tie getting off the airship, a young Chinese military officer ranked major became stunned, "You came back?"

    Zhang Tie didn't know his name; however, he had an impression on him in the command module of Lan Yunxi's airship one month ago. This guy was also one of the pursuers of Lan Yunxi. "I don't care which clan do you belong to. Now that you dare to content with me for Lan Yunxi, I will put you under my feet this time."

    "Of course it's me!" Zhang Tie burst out into laughter, "I wonder how many wing demons have you killed over the past month?"

    "More or less. Some killed over 10, I also killed 3!" that major watched Zhang Tie with a smile, "It's nice to see you back. If you didn't come back, we would not know who's the final winner. If you cannot kill even one wing demon, we'll have to repeat the scene like before. That would be boring!"

    "Over 10? That's not bad!" Zhang Tie smacked his lips, "I wonder how do you count, senior brother apprentice? What if someone registered more than he had killed?"

    "It' simple. Each of us has prepared for an agreement on the vow of soul and bloodline. After signing that agreement, if someone told a lie, he would suffer from being engulfed himself!"

    "The agreement on the vow of soul and bloodline?" Zhang Tie became slightly shocked. When he attended the survival training in the wildwolf valley at the beginning, he even used this to frighten others. Actually, Zhang Tie didn't even have a chance to see the real agreement on the vow of soul and bloodline by now. On the other hand, Zhang Tie also sighed with emotions inside, "What elites from the six big clans of Jinyun Country! They dared to use the agreement on the vow of soul and bloodline for this bet. There are so many people who want to pursue Lan Yunxi. Does it mean that each of them has to consume at least one piece of the agreement on vow of soul and bloodline?"

    "Senior brother apprentice, can you tell me where did you get the agreement on the vow of soul and bloodline from?" Zhang Tie asked modestly.

    That major replied with a faint smile, "Don't you know that as long as the youth elites of the 6 big clans in the Crystal Battle Fortress are above LV 9, they can ask for a piece of agreement on vow of soul and bloodline from the Lan elder in the Crystal Battle Fortress and join the elites military exploits ranking in the fortress."

    Zhang Tie was shocked inside as he instinctively felt that something had been out of his expectation. In the beginning, he was just making a bet with those guys who wanted to pursue Lan Yunxi, it was out of his imagination that even the clan elder in the Crystal Battle Fortress was involved in.

    Actually, Zhang Tie didn't know that the bet between him and those people had been spread across the Crystal Battle Fortress since he left there. Once being focused by too many people, many things would change in nature and meaning.

    After that bet was known by too many people and the Lan elder touched those people of the big clans in Jinyun Country, the bet turned into a wrestle on ranking between young elites at the Selnes Theater of Operations. All the clan rulers would like to have their young elites contend with those of other clans.

    Additionally, such a match on military exploits could easily trigger their moral and braveness. Therefore, under the acquiescence of the clan rulers and the push of someone, the bet had turned into a wrestle between young elites of the 6 clans at Selnes Theatre of Operations. Besides those guys that Zhang Tie met in the command module, more people joined it. As a result, this match carried a special meaning.

    The strong ones would always be stronger. Those with excellent performance in this match, as long as they survived to the end, would definitely be the pillar of each clan and represent the top fighting strength and ability among the younger generation of each clan. Therefore, this wrestle caught the attention of many people as it faintly seemed like a rehearsal of the ranking of the 6 clans in Jinyun Country in the future.

    Under such a background, it's too easy for the 6 clans to fetch some pieces of agreements on the vow of soul and bloodline in order to authenticate whether someone was telling a lie or not.

    At this moment, nobody talked about that bet anymore; however, all the attendants bore it deep in mind. Within 3 months, those whose rankings were below Zhang Tie would feel embarrassed to appear in front of Lan Yunxi anymore.

    In the Crystal Battle Fortress composed of 6 battle fortresses, Zhang Tie caught sight of an over 10-m high steel frame, on the top of which were three words welded by steel--Military Exploits Rankings.

    Names and military exploits were below the Military Exploits Rankings. Names were written on iron plates, which were inserted in the grooves of the steel frame and could be easily taken out of there. On the left of the grooves were the rankings of military exploits from high to low.

    Behind those names were four figures. The first figure was that person's level; the second figure was the number of enemies that he had killed in the air; the third figure was the number of enemies that he had killed on the ground; the fourth figure was the total scores.

    There was a notice board on scoring rules on one side. A LV 9 iron-armored demon counted 1 point; a LV 9 wing demon counted 6 points; with one level higher, the score would rise by 5 times; namely, a LV 10 iron-armored demon counted 5 points while a LV 10 wing demon counted 30 points and so on.

    From this rankings, Zhang Tie could see how tricky was wing demons and humans' hatred towards wing demons. It was definitely more difficult to kill a LV 9 wing demon than a LV 10 iron-armored demon.

    The Military Exploits Rankings were full of wildness and bloody smell. Undoubtedly, Lan Yunxi ranked first. After a glance, Zhang Tie knew that Lan Yunxi had killed 23 wing demons in the past one month and gained 186 points. From her score, Zhang Tie knew that she had killed 2 LV 10 wing demons and 21 LV 9 wing demons.

    The one closely below Lan Yunxi was called Ou Hongmeng, whom Zhang Tie had not heard of before. That guy killed 18 wing demons and gained 132 points.

    The one on the 3rd place called Shi Zhongyu, who gained 112 points in total.

    The one on the 4th place was very familiar to Zhang Tie, Zhang Wumu. He didn't kill any wing demon; however, he killed 87 iron-armored demons and gained 107 points.

    Dantai Yuya and Wang Hu, whom Zhang Tie met in the command module one month ago were also in top 100, however, their ranks were both below 30.

    Senior brother apprentice Liu Xi, whom Zhang Tie was familiar with was also on the top 100. He ranked 98th, 11 points in total.
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