Chapter 557: The Final Preparation

    Chapter 557: The Final Preparation

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    Seeing Ou Hongyu walking towards him, Zhang Tie could feel his hatred. The animosity was doomed to form between them.

    "F*ck" Zhang Tie swore inside, "Who let you be a disgusting poser by ruining my image? You deserve that!" Zhang Tie never really care about such an enemy. "This father will accompany you to play whatever you want."

    "Haha...even now senior brother apprentice Ou was desiring for cleaning demons for the sake of the benefit of the homeland, how could this junior brother apprentice hide behind the back of the theater of operations?"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Ou Hongyu's eyes corners twitched as he frowned immediately. However, it was not good for him to lose his dignity in such a battle. Therefore, Ou Hongyu recovered his composure. He even revealed a smile like Zhang Tie was really praising him, "Thanks, thanks, that's how heroes should act! At this moment, all the senior brothers and sisters in the theater of operations were doing better than me. As for you, junior brother apprentice, how many wing demons have you killed after you disappear one month?"

    "Not yet!"

    "What about iron-armored demons?"

    "Not yet!"

    Ou Hongyu then smiled as he started to introduce Zhang Tie to those beside him, "This is the junior brother apprentice of senior sister apprentice Lan Yunxi. He made a bet with us at the beginning; however, after one month, junior brother Zhang still have not gained a point at all except for returning to Huaiyuan Prefecture!"

    After hearing Ou Hongyu's introduction, although those beside him didn't say anything, they had already revealed an obvious disdainful look.

    Zhang Tie looked as calm as before. He just replied with a smile, "There're two months left."

    "Hahaha..." Ou Hongyu burst out into laughter, "It seems that junior brother apprentice Zhang Tie is very confident. If so, I will congratulate you to have a good achievement as soon as possible. Oh, I forgot when you joined the militia of Jinyun Country. This uniform is too eye-catching in the Crystal Battle Fortress. Junior brother apprentice Zhang Tie's behavior is really amazing!"

    Ou Hongyu meant nothing but that Zhang Tie was currying favor by claptrap. It was indeed a bit exaggerating for one coming from Hidden Dragon Palace to be a militia. That would be a great waste! Therefore, Ou Hongyu knew that Zhang Tie put on the militia's uniform himself instead of being forced by the ruler of Huaiyuan Palace.

    Zhang Tie shrugged, "Senior brother apprentice Ou, you're still that talkative. But the contest between men finally relies on fighting strength and power, instead of eloquence, am I right? It's meaningless for us to argue about that. Let's just match on the Military Exploits Rankings. I hope to see your name in top 18, senior brother apprentice Ou."

    Ou Hongyu was chocked at once. Zhang Tie then directly left...

    The woman called Dantai Qingqing gazed at Zhang Tie's back with glittering eyes.


    "What's this guy's level?" one person beside Ou Honyu asked after Zhang Tie left.

    "Zhang Tie, LV 9..." the one replied was not Ou Hongyu, but from the Military Exploits Registration Center on one side. They turned around and found a second lieutenant was taking out an iron plate and reading it while he painted Zhang Tie's name and level on the iron plate tidily. It seemed that Zhang Tie had just completed his official registration.

    "F*ck, I thought he was at least a battle master. He's too presumptuous!"

    "If a LV 9 guy really wants to join the demon-killing squad, he could at most survive 2 months in the battlefield!" another person ridiculed as he didn't believe in that a LV 9 guy could play any trick in the Crystal Battle Fortress with so many powerhouses. In other places, a LV 9 fighter was qualified to be arrogant; however, in the Crystal Battle Fortress, it was...

    "Lan Yunxi's junior brother apprentice looks fresh and tender!" Dantai Qingqing uttered which shocked all the men at once, "Fresh and tender? what does this woman want?"

    "Qingqing, you're wrong!" Ou Hongyu forced a smile, "This guy had already over 50 lovers at the age of 16, four years ago. He's the Love Affairs Number One in Hidden Dragon Palace!"

    "Ah, 16 years old 4 years ago? He is 20 years old now?" Dantai Qingqing blinked her eyes.


    "Ah, not only fresh and tender, he's also good at skin maintenance. He still looks like 16 years old..." Dantai(Surname) Qingqing(given name) exclaimed out of excitement.

    After hearing her words, all the men cried loudly inside, "Elder sister, we're also not old. We're just a bit elder than 20..."


    After completing a series of procedures of registration for the Idiots in the Crystal Battle Fortress, Zhang Tie received a flight chart in Selnes Theater of Operations. After that, he left the Crystal Battle Fortress. Based on Zhang Tie's current status as a nongovernmental volunteer, he could not even have a room in the Crystal Battle Fortress. He had to sleep in the airship Idiots.

    When he returned to the airship base, it was almost dusk, Zhang Tie saw a first lieutenant who was responsible for ground service was talking with the first mate of the Idiots at the hatch door of the airship. The crew members were transporting various supplies into the airship by drawing hydraulic trailers.

    "You can supplement anthracite, water, food and those common weapons in the airship base of the Crystal Battle Fortress; however, as we have to keep the supply of white phosphorous gel bombs for regular troops, we could not provide it for you!"

    "Without white phosphorous gel bombs, this airship's effect in the sky would decline by 1/3. We're striving for killing demons here. Do you want us to fight demons with empty hands or are you letting us be the target of demons? the first mate urged out of fury, "Or you want us to get its supply back in Jinyun Country?"

    "I'm so sorry, the supply of white phosphorous gel bombs across the Selnes Theater of Operations are short. Each white phosphorous gel bomb is worth over 200 gold coins. In order to ensure the effectiveness of such a valuable military material, we cannot afford to supply you such military materials!"

    After hearing this reply, the first mate shouted like being insulted, "Our crew members are all experienced. On the way here, we've killed tens of thousands of demonized puppets in the Holy Golden Orchid Empire with 24 white phosphorous gel bombs. Isn't it a good example for our high-efficient use of white phosphorous gel bomb?"

    After hearing this, the first lieutenant didn't say anything; his look was just labeled with one word, "Liar". Killing tens of thousands of demonized puppets with 24 gel bombs? Such a military exploit was fruitful even in the Selnes Theater of Operations. Few airships could make that. How could he believe that an airship manipulated by volunteers could gain such remarkable military exploits so easily?

    The first mate's face turned red. He wanted to say something. However, Zhang Tie walked over there and slightly patted his shoulder.


    "Well, it's okay. I've heard that!" Zhang Tie comforted the first mate as he patted the first mate's shoulder. After that, he told that first lieutenant, "I'm very glad for everything that you've provided for the Idiots. Hard work, ground service brothers. The Idiots will not let you work in vain!"

    The first lieutenant gave a solemn salute to Zhang Tie. After that, he nodded towards Zhang Tie and left.

    "That's too excessive!" the first mate still grumbled.

    "It's okay. Check the supply of the airship. You've been working so hard these days. Have a good rest tonight. We will show them our value tomorrow!"

    The first mate nodded.

    "How many white phosphorous gel bombs are left in our airship? I remember that we have more than 300 white phosphorous gel bombs before we set off, which was many times more than that in other fury-level airship. How did we use them up so quickly?"

    The first mate scratched his head bashfully. After the first mate left far away, he told Zhang Tie with a cunning smile, "Erm...we didn't use them up. But there's an old Chinese saying that crying babies could always have breast milk. I was just thinking whether can we gain supply here after using up the white phosphorous gel bombs."

    Zhang Tie replied with a weird smile.


    Lan Yunxi left the Crystal Battle Fortress with her airship troop a couple of days ago. This time, the airship troop from Jinyun Country under her leadership would coordinate with the left wing corps in Selnes Theater of Operations to complete a large-scale ground military action. It was estimated that she would not come back in 10-15 days. After acknowledging this situation, Zhang Tie didn't plan to wait in Crystal Battle Fortress; instead, he prepared to have a try with the Idiots on the battlefield tomorrow.

    Big airship troop had their special mode of operations while a single airship had its own mode of operations. The former chose to charge at the enemy together while the latter chose to fight like guerrillas. As long as they could eliminate the demons and constantly decrease the number of regular demon corps, they could choose their mode of operations for free.

    Back in the airship, Zhang Tie entered the trouble-reappearance situations where he challenged the shadow demon backroom for three times, crashed the squad of iron-armored demons on the railway for two times and played difficult flight movements for two hours by glider. Finally, he exited the trouble-reappearance situations.

    Ou Hongyu could never believe what tortures Zhang Tie had experienced in the period between supper and sleeping time. Through such a constant cultivation, Zhang Tie's fighting strength and skills gradually improved.

    After exiting the trouble-reappearance situations, Zhang Tie visualized mental arithmetic for an hour so as to supplement his spiritual energy. After that, he recited the Great Wilderness Sutra for over 20,000 times, amounting the times of the Great Wilderness Sutra to 670,000. After doing this, he went to bed...

    The next morning at 10 am, the Idiots set off from the airship base of the Crystal Battle Fortress and headed for the northern region of Selnes which was under the control of demons...

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