Chapter 560: A Bloody Battle in the Air

    Chapter 560: A Bloody Battle in the Air

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    Before 2 pm, as the sun had reached the climax of the sky, the ground temperature increased, causing the ascending thermal current to reach its highest intensity of the day. For average glider drivers, this was the peak time of flight of the day.

    However, Zhang Tie had no feelings about this peak time. Just like a fish in the ocean would not care about the weather above, Zhang Tie didn't care about the intensifying and increasing thermal current below him. No matter what time it was, Zhang Tie felt that he could keep flying in the sky based on various airflow as long as he wanted. Unless the air stopped flowing, he would not concern about his flight.

    Since he left the Idiots, Zhang Tie had wandered in the sky for about 4 hours like an eagle hunting its preys. After deepening about 200 km into the right wing of the Selnes Theater of Operations, Zhang Tie had killed 34 wing demons.

    Most of the 34 were in twos or threes. The moment they saw Zhang Tie would they fly towards him. Undoubtedly, they all became Zhang Tie's targets. Their heads were boomed by Zhang Tie's palm bolts within 200-400 m one after another. Closely after that, they fell off.

    The most wing demons that Zhang Tie met once was 11. One hour ago, Zhang Tie saw dense smoke rising up from the ground. When he arrived there, he found over 10 airships were attacked by a group of wing demons. At the same time, tens of thousands of human troops were fighting demonized puppets with the coordination of armored vehicles. The two parties wrestled with each other. The airships were here to launch an air raid towards the demonized puppets on the ground; unfortunately, their plan was disrupted by wing demons.

    One human airship had been completely destroyed by wing demons. The other airships were struggling to retreat towards the south. Those gliders on the airships seemed to have been destroyed by wing demons.

    In the next second, Zhang Tie appeared. After circling around the human airship troop for less than 2 minutes, he had killed 10 of the 11 wing demons. The last wing demon wrestled with Zhang Tie in the air.

    That was a LV 10 wing demon. The LV 9 wing demon's weapon was two long and slim spikes while the LV 10 wing demon was holding a fork-shaped weapon. The LV 10 wing demon was not only bigger, but also much agiler and faster than LV 9 wing demon.

    It was Zhang Tie's first powerful enemy in the air. Within 100 m, Zhang Tie constantly launched three palm bolts towards that LV 10 wing demon; however, all of them were blocked off. That LV 10 wing demon was driven infuriated as it croaked and accelerated towards Zhang Tie while waving his weapon. Zhang Tie could only wrestle with him by the glider.

    In Zhang Tie's eyes, palm bolt was just a minimized javelin. Although it was portable and easily launched, its destructive strength was weakened due to its small size and lightweight, which was reflected on the LV 10 wing demon. Based on the fighting strength of LV 10 wing demon, although they could not move faster than palm bolts, they were able to block off Zhang Tie's palm bolts by their weapon.

    After wrestling with each other for half an hour, the two people had ascended from 1,000 m to about 7,000 m and left the battlefield by 100 miles. At such a height, Zhang Tie changed his tactics. He didn't target his palm bolts towards the head and limbs of the LV 10 wing demon; instead, he targeted at its double wings which were as long as 4-5 m.

    Finally, after the LV 10 wing demon blocked off Zhang Tie's two palm bolts, one of its thin wings was penetrated through by the 3rd palm bolt.

    With a sound "Pfttt...", the palm bolt penetrated through one of its wings like breaking a balloon, making it a turning point of this battle.

    With one hole on its wing, the wing demon's speed and agility were weakened greatly at once. As a result, it shrieked.

    After finding it not good, the LV 10 wing demon hurriedly drove downwards. Of course, Zhang Tie would not abandon this good opportunity. He kept chasing after it.

    After dozens of seconds, with four sounds "Pfttt, pfttt, pfttt, pfttt", Zhang Tie opened another 4 holes on the same wing.

    Although one of its wings was complete, the other wing looked like a sieve. This time, the wing demon could not maintain its balance in the air anymore as it struggled to fall off.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie launched his last palm bolt from the back of the wing demon. The palm bolt entered the afterbrain of the wing demon and completely boomed its head.

    Although this battle came to an end, Zhang Tie was still oozing cold sweat. Thankfully, he just met one LV 10 wing demon; if it was two, he would be the one who fell off.

    Zhang Tie rejoiced for his good luck inside. Thankfully, he didn't directly head for the area under the control of demons. If he met two LV 10 wing demons there, he could not return at all.

    It was 2 pm when he killed this LV 10 wing demon. In the steaming ascending thermal current, Zhang Tie changed his direction. After reaching about 10,000 m high, Zhang Tie flew towards the west of Selnes Plain, namely the left wing of the human defense line.

    The airship troop of Jinyun Country under the leadership of Lan Yunxi was in the west of Selnes Plain. Zhang Tie wanted to check over there. If possible, he could relieve the stress of the airship troop from wing demons over there.

    At this moment, he felt a bit hungry. He then directly took out some all-purpose medicament from Castle of Black Iron and poured it into his mouth.

    After drinking it, Zhang Tie felt full spirited and energetic.

    On the way there, Zhang Tie killed another 7 wing demons.

    The closer he was to the west, the more airships could Zhang Tie see in the sky. He even met many gliders which were responsible for the investigation. Many pilots of the gliders also noticed Zhang Tie. However, they didn't care about him. At this moment, there were too many gliders in the left wing of the Selnes Theater of Operations, all of which were released from the airships. As long as they were not wing demons, nobody would pay attention to them.

    Zhang Tie saw many kinds of gliders, some were bigger with 2 or 3 people. Besides the pilots, the others on the gliders were all manipulating weapons like the crossbow. Facing the threat of wing demons, human troops were also constantly adjusting and improving their coping ability.

    If the south line of Selnes Theater of Operations was relatively calm, the west line was intense. A corps of the right wing of the theater of operations was preparing to seize back Flatte, a very important city in the west of Selnes Plain with the coordination of large-scale airship troops and ground armored troops.

    Flatte was more than 270 km away from Moog, the core city in the left wing of human defense line. It was once the most important industrial town of Titanic Principality in Selnes Plain. However, now, this city had been occupied by a demonized puppets corps. Flatte, after being occupied by the demonized puppets corps was like a sharp embolon, which extended the power of demonized puppets corps from north to the central and southern parts of Selnes Plain. As a result, the allied forces of nations across Blackson Human Corridor could not sleep well. They treated it as a thorn in their flesh.

    After long-term considerate preparation, the allied human forces finally launched a large-scale battle to seize back Flatte City on the defense line of left wing last week. Over 1 million people joined this battle. Even the airship troops of Jinyun Country participated in this battle.

    At this moment, the 2000 square km ground in Flatte City had become a huge battlefield. From ground to sky, a lot of blood sprayed at each second.

    Zhang Tie, who had just have a try in the right wing of the human defense line also drove into this battlefield with his glider.


    Five days later, during the sunset, a sentry in the airship base of Crystal Battle Fortress saw an item flying towards the airship base in the afterglow of the sun.

    The sun was right behind its back. Being reflected by the hot setting sun, although it was unclear and twisted in the telescope, its two wings could still be identified.

    "Wing demon?" the sentry almost sent the air-defense warning. Thankfully, before the sentry sent out the air-defense warning, he caught sight of the metal luster on that thing.

    When that thing drew closer in a rocking way like being drunk, the sentry identified that was a glider.

    The glider landed on a plain grassland outside the airship base. However, nobody got out of it. When a lot of ground crew in the airship base and all the crew members of the Idiots rushed in front of that glider, everyone was shocked.

    None of them had seen such a miserable glider before...

    Its metal hull was covered with wounds. What was more shocking was that it had been covered with blood stains from head to wings.

    It was more like a bloody battle armor than a glider...

    The crystal covers of the cockpit had long been broken into pieces while a pale golden, twisted and grim steel fork stabbed into the crystal cover on one side of the cockpit.

    A person was sitting in the cockpit while lowering his head, being breathless. His left shoulder was nailed on the seat by that grim steel fork, causing half of his body tainted by fresh blood...

    "Captain..." all the crew members of the Idiots charged forward...

    "Hurry up, carry him into the Crystal Battle Fortress..." a captain who was responsible for ground services roared with red eyes...

    Only after a few minutes, the Crystal Battle Fortress had been boiling...
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