Chapter 561: Selnes Eagle

    Chapter 561: Selnes Eagle

    Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

    Two days later, the airship troop of Jinyun Country returned to the Crystal Battle Fortress with a smell of smoke. They brought back an exciting news.

    After sacrificing over 200,000 people, over 2400 armored vehicles and tanks and over 180 airships, Flatte finally returned to the hand of humans.

    Although Flatte was completely ruined, it was still of very important significance for the allied human forces across Blackson Human Corridor to seize back this city.

    Because this was the first city that humans grabbed back from the hand of demons since the beginning of the 3rd holy war between humans and demons. This victory not only extremely inspired the morale of the allied human forces, but also cut off an aggressive tentacle of the demon corps towards the south.

    Although the main opponent of the allied human forces was just a demonized puppets corps, 1/3 of which finally retreated to the north. However, nobody cared about this at all. They only cared about the first victory that humans had gained since the beginning of the holy war.

    After knowing about this victory, many people finally relieved their stress which was caused by demons.

    Flatte City not only brought an inspiring triumph, but also a legendary person in the air to the allied human forces who was witnessed by nearly 1 million people in the left wing corps of Selnes.

    Because of this legendary person, the number of airships being ruined also dropped from over 500, which was deducted by the Prewar Coalition Command to over 180 while the casualty of pilots on the airships also declined from 85% on average to less than 20%.

    Finally, with the excellent performance of the airship troops which had completely taken the air supremacy of Flatte City, the demonized puppets that occupied the Flatte City were heavily struck by the human airship troops. As a result, the demonized puppets corps escaped to the north, allowing the battle in Flatte City to come to an end in advance.

    Nobody knew who was that legendary person. When the Flatte Battle came to an end, through investigation, none of the troops could find that legendary person, who had created a marvel above Flatte City using a glider.

    In only 5 days, an earthshaking nickname had spread among all the airship troops in the left wing corps of Selnes Theatre of Operations--Selnes Eagle.

    "Perhaps that Selnes Eagle was in our Jinyun Country!" a mapping advisor in the command module of Lan Yunxi's flagship airship argued when the airship gradually landed in the base of the Crystal Battle Fortress, "That guy's falcon-level glider is produced in Huaiyuan Prefecture!"

    "Are you kidding me? All the airship troops of Jinyun Country are here. Do you mean that

    Guy flew all the way here from Jinyun Country?" another second lieutenant refuted.

    "That guy could stay 5 days in the air. That's a new record. He might be able to do that!"

    "Forgot about that. Huaiyuan Prefecture has sold so many furys and falcons these years. I was told that some countries had been authorized to produce them. Look at how many fury-level airships are in Selnes Theater of Operations now. He's just driving a falcon. You can get no information from it!"

    "But I feel that man always appeared nearby the airship troops of Jinyun Country. Many people have seen that!"

    "Flatte is so large. Additionally, it's in the sky. We all moved so fast. As long as he was on the battlefield, he could be easily seen by us. Perhaps you should go to ask about others airship troops' opinions. They must also think that person always appear nearby them!"

    Lan Yunxi watched the gradually larger Crystal Battle Fortress under her feet as she slightly frowned. All the military officers' words had drifted in her ears. As the fierce battle had come to an end, She didn't mind them talking about some easy topics to relieve the stress brought by the battle.

    What made Lan Yunxi slightly frown was that military officer's feeling. Lan Yunxi had a deeper feeling about that military officer. Lan Yunxi felt that the Selnes Eagle didn't just appear nearby the airship troops of Jinyun Country more often than the other airship troops but also completely safeguarded her and her airship troop.

    "Is that him?" Lan Yunxi waved her head slightly, "How could that rascal master such marvelous driving skills. That person has just left Huaiyuan Palace for 3-4 years. He has not touched glider in Huaiyuan Palace. Even if he had immersed himself in studying how to drive a glider in that period, he could still not make this."

    "There's no such a Chinese bloodline. Even those who have dozens of years' experience in troops would be stunned by his driving skills. How could he make that in only a few years?"

    "But why do I have a familiar sense?"

    Lan Yunxi didn't know why. She just felt a bit upset!

    Lan Yunxi's airship directly landed in the Crystal Battle Fortress. The moment she got off the airship had she felt something weird in the battle fortress. Before she asked, one of her henchmen had already walked in front of her and whispered to her.

    Closely after hearing the words, Lan Yunxi changed her face...


    "Zhang Tie arrived at Crystal Battle Fortress with the other crew members of the Idiots on the 14th day of this month. On the next early morning, he had left by the Idiots. Those crew members of Idiots said that after the Idiots left the Crystal Battle Fortress, Zhang Tie had driven a glider away from the airship. He even told those crew members that if he did not come back in two days, they could drive the airship back to the Crystal Battle Fortress. The Idiots stayed 3 days outside there and returned to the airship base of the Crystal Battle Fortress on the 18th day of this month. Zhang Tie didn't come back with them. On the evening of the 20th day of this month, after leaving here for 5 days, Zhang Tie finally came back by a glider. However, he was heavily wounded and is in a deep coma now!"

    When they accelerated towards Zhang Tie's ward in the Crystal Battle Fortress, Lan Yunxi's henchman whispered to her.

    "You mean he stayed 5 days on a glider outside there?"

    "Those crew members of the Idiots told me so. Nobody else saw when Zhang Tie left the Idiots by his glider. Therefore, I don't know whether it's true or not!"

    "What's the type of his glider?" Lan Yunxi's heart raced as she hurriedly asked.

    "He drove a falcon produced by Huaiyuan Palace. When he came back, his glider was covered with blood and wounds. According to the test, all the blood belonged to wing demons. This even aroused a shock in the Crystal Battle Fortress at once. The cockpit had been destroyed with a weapon of a LV 10 wing demon on it..."

    "How's he right now?"

    "Lan elder has checked his wounds and applied medicine to his wounds. Lan elder said he's safe. However, as he had not slept for a long time, plus being heavily wounded, he might wake up in a couple of days!"


    Lan Yunxi saw some crew members of the Idiots with red eyes were waiting outside of a ward. Seeing Lan Yunxi and the other guys, those crew members directly stopped them.

    "Our captain is still in the coma, nobody is allowed in!"

    "Audacious! This is Zhang Tie's junior sister apprentice, the commander of the airship troop of Jinyun Country..." one person beside Lan Yunxi scolded.

    "Ah, this is the woman that our captain likes..." a crew member of the Idiots blinked his eyes as if he had enlightened something.

    Lan Yunxi watched that crew member and asked him calmly, "Has Zhang Tie talked about me?"

    Under the gaze of Lan Yunxi, that crew member's heart pounded as he poured out everything, "Captain told us that the woman he loved was in Selnes Theatre of Operations. He said she was a very sharp Iron Lady, being surrounded by a lot of flies..."

    "Iron Lady?" some guys beside Lan Yunxi glared at that crew member. Lan Yunxi didn't say anything, neither did she care about those crew members. She directly entered the ward. The Idiots crew just let her in.

    Lan Yunxi entered the ward alone.

    The white bed sheet and the white wall in the room carried a smell of sterile water. Zhang Tie seemed asleep as he was breathing slowly and evenly.

    Lan Yunxi was standing on Zhang Tie's bed and silently watched Zhang Tie's pale face. Her awe-inspiring powerful qi gradually faded away. Her eyes gradually turned tender as she slightly touched Zhang Tie's face and combed some hair on Zhang Tie's face.

    Zhang Tie was the very person who protected her in the sky of Flatte City. At this moment, Lan Yunxi had been sure about her feeling. Although she didn't know how Zhang Tie made it, watching this man who preferred to be imprisoned by the clan elders and driven out of Hidden Dragon Palace so as to protect her in Selnes Theatre of Operations, nothing else was important.

    "You're really an idiot!" Lan Yunxi slowly sighed.

    After a while...

    A weird sound "Gulu..." appeared in the room, which came from Zhang Tie's stomach.

    The moment she heard the sound did Lan Yunxi draw back her hand from Zhang Tie's face. However, before she drew it back, Zhang Tie had already seized her hand. Zhang Tie opened his eyes at once. He looked at Lan Yunxi with a faint smile. After that, he drew Lan Yunxi's hand to his mouth. He even forcefully sniffed and kissed it, causing a sound "Zi".

    Lan Yunxi almost cried, "This douchebag had long woken up. He was just pretending to sleep."

    "You rascal!"

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