Chapter 562: Explanation

    Chapter 562: Explanation

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    Lan Yunxi didn't draw her hand back. Perhaps she had been used to that since Zhang Tie had done too many excessive things to her. She might not accept other men to do that to her; however, if it was Zhang Tie, she didn't think it was improper.

    After slightly touching and kissing her tender hand for a while, Zhang Tie struggled to sit up on the bed. He leaned against the headboard and let Lan Yunxi sit on the bed by patting the bedside.

    Lan Yunxi rolled her eyes towards Zhang Tie. Without saying anything, she just sat on the bed.

    Finding Lan Yunxi so obedient, Zhang Tie became excited inside as he was immediately filled with a sense of satisfaction.

    "When did you learn to drive the glider?" the moment Lan Yunxi sat on the bed did she reach out her hand and catch Zhang Tie's claw which was reaching towards her butts and thigh. She then pressed Zhang Tie's claw on the bedside.

    Lan Yunxi in a military suit looked more attractive than wearing a skirt. Zhang Tie could only gaze at her plump butts and beautiful legs under the straight and tight military unit while he forcefully swallowed his saliva for a few times.

    "Hmm, I learned it by chance in a wild cultivation two years ago!" Zhang Tie immediately replied it as what he had planned.

    "Two years ago?" Lan Yunxi peered at Zhang Tie with a dubious look, "You mean you've just learned to drive a glider in only two years!"

    "Right. I know what do you mean!" Zhang Tie still replied with a casual smile, "You know I'm good at diving in Hidden Dragon Island and was the Yaksha in the sea over there. Actually, I find that driving a glider is similar to diving in the water. In the sea, I will face various ocean currents and subterranean flows; similarly, in the air, I have to face sorts of air flows. I find that I'm very sensitive to the water flows and air flows beside me. I can easily sense and catch their existence and flowing directions. Therefore, it's very easy for me to drive a glider!"

    Zhang Tie's explanation was perfect. No matter how amazed was Lan Yunxi, she could only admit Zhang Tie's talent on some aspect. Fish was born to swim, Bird was born to fly. Perhaps someone was really born with some special ability like Zhang Tie.

    "What's your weapon in the sky?"

    "Palm bolt. I've already promoted my precise throwing ability to the highest level when I was in Hidden Dragon Island. I only need one hand to drive a glider. I release palm bolts with the other hand."

    Lan Yunxi faintly sighed as she didn't know what to say. It was out of her imagination that the combination of an inferior ancestral bloodline and the excellent driving talent of Zhang Tie could lead to such a marvel in the air. Each of the above two abilities was admirable at most; however, the combination of the two abilities caused a great difference to Zhang Tie.

    "You've already prepared to do that when you bet with those people?"

    Zhang Tie raised his chest at once, "Of course, as those people wanted to pursue my woman, they should appreciate me for not burying them. Additionally, I didn't force them to bet with me. They were voluntary. As they could not match me on fighting skills, they did not disappear in front of me!"

    After hearing such a sufficient reason, Lan Yunxi became speechless.

    Zhang Tie thought Lan Yunxi was angry; therefore, he hurriedly asked with a smile, "Are you angry with me?"

    Lan Yunxi didn't smile; instead, she just watched Zhang Tie with a solemn look, "Do you know about the outcome of what you did in Flatte City?"

    "I know!" Zhang Tie hid his smile, "People are afraid of being famous. I must have become famous in Selnes Theater of Operations. This would bring me a lot of benefits and disadvantages!"

    "Just disadvantages?" Lan Yunxi flicked Zhang Tie's forehead with her finger abruptly, "You are seeking for death. Do you know about your nickname?"


    "Selnes Eagle!"

    "That sounds good. It's awesome!"

    "You will soon become the thorn in the demons' side. Those lackeys of demons and Three-Eye Association will definitely kill you. Even if you were a knight, you could not avoid from their assassination, not to mention that you're only LV 9." Lan Yunxi became worried about Zhang Tie.

    "As I was born in a chaotic age, I could not make choice on something!" Zhang Tie peered at Lan Yunxi decisively and frankly, "As a man, how could I just watch you fight ferociously in the sky when I have the ability to give you a favor? How could I just stay on the ground afraid of becoming the target of demons and Three-Eye Association? I've almost died for many times these years. Finally, I came up with a conclusion, as long as I can live up to my heart by protecting my beloved ones, I won't care when will I die!"

    "Trust me, I have my own survival rules. Nobody could kill me easily, demons or Three-Eye Association. I will protect myself! Before marrying you, I will not easily die. How can I just watch you become a widow?" Zhang Tie forcefully drew closer to Lan Yunxi's face and kissed her alluring lips.

    "Hmm!" Lan Yunxi struggled faintly and symbolically. Closely after that, her teeth were opened by Zhang Tie's tongue. Zhang Tie held her tongue at once, causing her become soft all over immediately.

    After carefully tasting Lan Yunxi's tongue for a few minutes, watching her blushed cheeks and half closed eyes, Zhang Tie became spirited at once. After slightly using his force, he had slipped his hand out of Lan Yunxi's grip. Meanwhile, he covered his hand on Lan Yunxi's plump breasts instantly.

    Lan Yunxi became stiff for a second as she caught Zhang Tie's weird claw and threw him out of the bed. Closely after that, she jumped off the bedside like a spring.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's miserable shriek and a huge sound in the room, those outside the ward rushed inside at once. After entering the ward, they all widely opened their mouths at the sight of what happened.

    Zhang Tie in the suit of a patient was lying on a wall in the size of "" with his face against the wall. When they came in, they saw him sliding off the wall like a pool of mud.

    Lan Yunxi just stood near the door while her face looked a bit red and her breasts were undulating. She was watching Zhang Tie while trying to hide her smile.

    "Captain." the crew members of the Idiots rushed towards him at once.

    "Ah, I'm okay, I'm okay..." Zhang Tie picked himself up from the ground while his nose was bleeding.

    "Ah, captain, your nose is bleeding!"

    "Wuh?" Zhang Tie touched it and saw blood on his hand. He then hurriedly raised his head as he took out of two pieces of toilet paper from a drawer of the cabinet near the bed and plugged his nostrils.

    "What happened, captain? Why were you on the wall?" a crew member of the Idiots asked before glancing at Lan Yunxi silently.

    "Ah, it's nothing serious. I woke up just now. Senior sister apprentice asked me about what happened these days. I then showed her how I killed enemies by a glider. As I was too indulged in the performance, I mistook myself as a glider and forgot about where I was. Therefore, I hit myself on the wall!" Zhang Tie lied as he glanced at Lan Yunxi with a gloomy look which could only be understood by Lan Yunxi.

    Watching Zhang Tie's hilarious look with toilet paper in his nostrils, Lan Yunxi almost burst out laughing, "You deserve that. Who let you be that lascivious..."

    "Now that junior brother apprentice Zhang Tie had woken up, you'd better take a good rest. Someone might come here for an investigation these days. Hope you are prepared for that!" Lan Yunxi replied with a pun in front of the public.

    "Thanks, senior sister apprentice, I know how to deal with it!"

    Lan Yunxi then left with her subordinates, leaving Zhang Tie and some crew members of the Idiots in the ward.

    "Captain, how...how...could a person treat himself as a glider?" a guy asked with a confused look.

    "If you want to have a try, when I drive a glider next time, I can bind you below the glider. I will show you then how to treat yourself as a glider!" Zhang Tie replied with a glassy-eyed look.

    That guy shrugged and became speechless. Knowing that Zhang Tie was safe, they then slipped out of the ward.

    Standing in the room, Zhang Tie raised his head and watched the ceiling which was full of pipes. He was trying to stop his nose from bleeding; however, he was thinking about what Lan Yunxi had told him just now.

    Those with secrets used to be low-key. However, at this moment, Zhang Tie knew that he could not be low-key anymore. He should follow his own choice and face the possible outcome instead of always enjoying the benefits privately.

    When an awl was in the balloon, it would break the balloon for sure, unless the awl broke its own sharp end.

    Therefore, now that something could not be avoided, it was better to have the initiative in your own hands. Sometimes, when you stood at the peak, you could protect yourself much better. While standing under the highlights, you could better hide some secrets.

    Zhang Tie had determined inside.


    After 2 hours, Zhang Tie looked much better. At least, his nose didn't bleed anymore. After putting on a set of clean suit, he left the ward for the Military Exploits Registration Center below the battle fortress of Lan clan...

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