Chapter 563: I am an Air Cavalry

    Chapter 563: I am an Air Cavalry

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    Closely after the Flatte Battle, the Military Exploits Center and the Military Exploits Rankings of the Crystal Battle Fortress had been crowded with people. Most of them were onlookers, rest of them were here to register their own military exploits.

    Zhang Tie's arrival attracted many people's attention at once.

    Two days ago, when Zhang Tie returned by that glider, all the onlookers were shocked. They could hardly imagine what kind of a bloody battle had Zhang Tie experienced.

    After knowing that Zhang Tie stayed in the air for 5 days, everybody became stunned. They didn't believe that a person who could break the record of the longest driving time in the air across Waii Sub-Continent came from the Crystal Battle Fortress. In this age when fighting force counted most, although driving skill was not as eye-catching as fighting skill, it was greatly favored by airship troops like how sailors were favored by the navy.

    No matter what, a person who could break a record would always catch others' attention wherever he was.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie became very attractive. If he was not in a coma in the last few days, he might have been visited by too many people.

    Everyone was curious whether he really broke the record or not and what was his military exploits.

    "Junior brother apprentice, what a coincidence, nice to see you again!"

    At the Military Exploits Registration Center, Zhang Tie met a guy who made a bet with him--Dantai Yuya.

    Closely after Dantai Yuya's voice, a lot of young military officers turned around and glanced at Zhang Tie. Many of them faintly glittered their eyes. They finally knew who Zhang Tie was.

    "Ah, senior brother apprentice Dantai. You're also here to register military exploits?" Zhang Tie greeted him with a normal look.

    "Yes, I made some achievements in Flatte Theatre of Operations this time. I want to confirm here!" Dantai Yuya watched Zhang Tie as he replied politely and sincerely, "I was told that junior brother apprentice Zhang Tie bought an airship to join the battle as a volunteer after leaving Hidden Dragon Palace. That's what real hero does! That's really admirable."

    Dantai Yuya had top demeanor and temperament. Therefore, since Zhang Tie met him last time, Zhang Tie had liked this elite of Dantai Clan. After hearing his praise, Zhang Tie became a bit bashful.

    "Senior brother apprentice Dantai, you make me bashful. I know many senior brother apprentices were commanding the airships; however, this military exploits registration was just personal; it doesn't contain the contribution of the troops. It's actually a bit unfair for senior brother apprentices. My contribution is dwarfed by your commanding ability!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Dantai Yuya smiled, "Haha, don't say that. In this age, all the plots and intelligence would be dwarfed by powerful fighting strength. In the duel between humans and demons, fighting strength counted most in the end. If a person lacked fighting strength, he could be an assistant at most no matter how clever and tactical he was. Such person's achievement is limited."

    Zhang Tie replied with a smile as he knew this was how apprentices from big clans thought about. For these apprentices from big clans, the tactic was just a tool while personal fighting strength really predominated everything. Although they also paid attention to tactics and commanding skills, it was just an important component of one's real power. Tactics and commanding skills were dwarfed by one's fighting strength.

    This point could be seen clearly from the clan elders. Each clan elder was assumed by a knight. As long as one promoted to a knight, one would have a great influence and power wherever one was. Knight could influence and predominate a clan's fate. However, Zhang Tie had not heard anyone who was excel at tactics and commanding skills could become a clan elder across the Waii Sub-Continent.

    This was the most famous "Stronger's Effect" or "Knight's Effect" in this age. Because of different levels in cultivation, there's a sharp difference in ability and fighting strength between a knight and a common fighter. When tens of thousands of soldiers of an average division could not realize what a knight did, an invisible ceiling would form in front of all the brain workers.

    Before the Catastrophe, human intelligence and tactics were placed in a very important position. Brainworkers governed people; why labor workers were governed by people. Those who excelled at tactics and had excellent thinking ability were usually favored by people and could easily gain success and social status. However, in this age, all the rules were founded on fighting strength for both groups and individuals.

    When they talked, Dantai Yuya had registered his military exploits. It was soon Zhang Tie's turn.

    Seeing Zhang Tie going to register his own military exploits, all the onlookers pricked up their ears. Many people drew closer out of curiosity. Dantai Yuya also prepared to look at Zhang Tie's military exploits. As Lan Yunxi's junior brother apprentice who dared to bet with others, Dantai Yuya thought that Zhang Tie's performance wouldn't be too worse, at least among the LV 9 fighters.

    After glancing at Zhang Tie, a lieutenant nodded, "You're also here to register your military exploits?"


    "Have you registered it before?"

    "No, it's my first time!"

    "Okay, now that you've signed the agreement on soul and bloodline, any lie of you would bring you a side effect of violating the agreement. Therefore, don't brag your military exploits. You'd better not count what you are uncertain about. Additionally, the military exploits that have been registered should not be counted in repetitively. Each military exploit should be the latest. The group's achievement is not counted in." The lieutenant explained it to Zhang Tie patiently.

    "I know!" Zhang Tie nodded.

    "Hmm, tell me your name and your military exploits!" that captain prepared to record.

    Zhang Tie took a deep breath before saying, "Zhang Tie, 157 LV 9 wing demons, 4 LV 10 wing demons, if not count wounded wing demons!"

    "What?" that captain thought he heard it wrong as he asked Zhang Tie to repeat it.

    "I killed 157 LV 9 wing demons and 4 LV 10 wing demons these days!" Zhang Tie repeated it calmly and confidently.

    The Military Exploits Registration Center became so quiet that even a needle dropping on the ground could be heard clearly. Everybody watched Zhang Tie's face as they seemed to wait for something special to happen. However, Zhang Tie remained calm and frank. His face didn't turn black; neither did he smell bad.

    --He's not been affected by the oath of soul and bloodline? Everyone realized that Zhang Tie was telling the truth.

    The captain wrote down Zhang Tie's military exploits on the notebook with a quivering hand as he forcefully swallowed his saliva and looked at Zhang Tie like seeing a ghost, "Can...can you repeat it once more, sir?"

    The captain changed his tone.

    "157 LV 9 wing demons, 4 LV 10 wing demons. Is that okay..." Zhang Tie replied patiently.

    "Ae. As an air cavalry, a new independent establishment, you should change your suit. Otherwise, it would be too awkward..." Lan elder then applauded as one person entered the room at once. He pointed at that person and told Zhang Tie, "You can negotiate with him about your suit, equipment and symbol. I will not care about that. It's estimated that you will use them very soon."


    Zhang Tie negotiated with the logistics director of the Crystal Battle Fortress for almost one hour. After confirming the style, material, military rank, dog tag, collar badge, cockade and symbol of his military suit as the first air cavalry, he left the Lan's battle fortress.

    As there were so many senior talents and handicraftsmen in the logistics department of the Crystal Battle Fortress, it would take them at most one day to work out Zhang Tie's military suit.

    When Zhang Tie walked out of the Lan's battle fortress, the Military Exploits Rankings in front of the Crystal Battle Fortress had already changed. Zhang Tie ranked first with 1062 points, followed by Lan Yunxi. In the battle of Flatte City, Lan Yunxi killed 8 LV 9 wing demons, 2 LV 10 wing demons and a LV 11 wing demon, causing Lan Yunxi's points rise to 444 points from 186 points.

    However, her points were still less than half of that of Zhang Tie's.

    Although it was just a ranking, Zhang Tie felt pretty special by defeating Lan Yunxi as he had a sense of conquest.

    All the fighters in the Crystal Battle Fortress, at the sight of Zhang Tie, would show their respect to him, especially those fighters of Huaiyuan Palace. At this moment, Zhang Tie was the most glorious member of Huaiyuan Palace.

    When Zhang Tie returned to the Idiots, all the crew members went out of the airship and celebrated Zhang Tie's return in the most grand way. Only by this could those crew members feel that they were showing their full respect to their captain.

    Zhang Tie greeted them with a big smile as he patted their shoulders. After having a good supper with them, Zhang Tie told them he needed to take a rest and didn't want to be disturbed. After that, he returned to the captain's room.

    Where he entered the Castle of Black Iron and wanted to check what surprise had the small tree brought to him...


    After a few days, the inside of Castle of Black Iron didn't change too much. Besides the aura in the refreshing air, with the expansion of the area of Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie felt here more like the outside world.

    Heller was already waiting for Zhang Tie under the small tree as he knew that Zhang Tie would come in. At the sight of Zhang Tie, Heller said with a solemn look, "Castle Lord, you're too risky this time. If you don't treasure your life, we will feel very frustrated inside here. We will feel everything is meaningless!"

    Zhang Tie scratched his head in a bashful way. He knew what Heller referred to. The mode of battle that he fought 5 days in the air at the cost of his spirit was truly very dangerous. On the 5th day, he could almost not stand it. Being attacked from flanks by two LV 10 wing demons, Zhang Tie almost died.

    "Alright. I know that. But in that case, as long as I can stick to a longer time, I might save many people's lives. Therefore, I could not stop..."

    Heller sighed, "If you cannot control such a case, you might encounter it later on. If so, Castle Lord, you'd better get some more iron-body fruits. At least you could bear more strikes and could tide over dangers easier. As long as you spend some time, you can easily get iron-body fruits. This fruit would have a remarkable effect when you eat enough of them. They could strengthen your body. Body is the foundation of everything. Castle Lord, you'd better not ignore it. Somethings like sunshine and air, although being cheap, could be easily obtained. However, they were the basis on which everything relied on. Take this time as an example, as long as you had eaten two or three more iron-body fruits, you would have been clear-minded when you landed and would not be wounded so severely!"

    Heller's words aroused Zhang Tie's attention. Zhang Tie realized that he indeed did not eat iron-body fruits, "Heller barely makes such a good comment about any fruit. Perhaps, I've not completely exerted the effect of iron-body fruits..."

    "Fine, I will spend more time in obtaining iron-body fruits for sure!" Zhang Tie nodded with a solemn look. After that, he asked Heller, "Have those fruits of demons grown out?"

    "Yes, they have..."

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