Chapter 565: Great Honors

    Chapter 565: Great Honors

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    After seizing Flatte City, all the human troops across the south of Selnes Theater of Operations let out a deep sigh. If they were too intense about the holy war, they might collapse. Therefore, the Human Alliance Command conducted a propaganda widely towards the victory of Flatte battle by this chance, relieving all the troops.

    As a brilliant new star in the battle of Flatte City, the Human Alliance Command especially dispatched a colonel to the Crystal Battle Fortress and expressed the order of commendation of the Command to Zhang Tie. He invited Zhang Tie to attend the reward ceremony in the Human Alliance Command of Mocco City on April 27th.

    On April 26th, one day before Zhang Tie attended that reward ceremony had that order of commendation from the Command been delivered to all the frontline troops across Selnes Theater of Operations.

    There was only one sentence in the order of commendation, which Zhang Tie had seen in the Crystal Battle Fortress.

    --With the consent of the Holy War Alliance Command of Central Countries Alliance in Blackson Humans Corridor, we especially reward staff sergeant Zhang Tie, the air cavalry of Jinyun Country with the great honor of 'Selnes Eagle' and human glory medal.

    This order of commendation won Zhang Tie another two records in Selnes Theater of Operations: the first one who obtained the honorary title and a human glory medal.

    This honor was a special treatment as it was confirmed by the alliance command. Since the alliance command delivered this order of commendation, Zhang Tie's name had been closely related to Selnes. Selnes Eagle was not a nickname anymore; it was a great honor, which could be written in the history and be placed in front of his name at any place. This honor was even more important than any military rank and official post in the army. With this honor, Zhang Tie enjoyed the supreme treatment in any country across Blackson Humans Corridor.

    This was the first honor rewarded by the Holy War Alliance Command of Central Countries Alliance in Blackson Humans Corridor since the beginning of the 3rd holy war and the first honor that someone won in the 3rd holy war across the Blackson Humans Corridor.

    So was the human glory medal. Like an iron-blood medal, the human glory medal also carried a special meaning. Iron-blood medal was set by Norman Empire in order to commend the bravest soldiers in troops; human glory medal was also used to commend those individuals who had excellent performance in the battle with demons and raised the morale of all the human troops.

    Each human glory medal indicated the winner's great contribution to humans in the holy war.

    Zhang Tie was dumbfounded by the two great honors. Based on his performance in Flatte City, it was normal for Zhang Tie to gain one of the two honors; however, Zhang Tie found it a bit excessive to be rewarded with both honors.

    Zhang Tie understood the reason quickly. Actually, the one who needed the two honors most was not him but the alliance command and the human troops of over 5 million soldiers who were converging at the frontline of Selnes Theater of Operations.

    At this moment, a black horse, a victory by a narrow margin and the great honors which could show everyone the light of hope in the future are the most inspiring spiritual medicament for the frontline troops to survive on.

    Historically, there were many similar examples. Even if there were no heroes, they would fabricate a hero, not to mention a real hero like him. Perhaps some people in the alliance command were very thrilled to see such a hero at such a critical moment as they were dreaming about that.

    From Blackhot City, all that Zhang Tie had experienced these years had made him gradually mature. He had special opinions on many things. Zhang Tie frankly adopted his honors. He was neither too proud nor too modest. Zhang Tie had a sense of achievement about these honors and was satisfied with his growth.

    Zhang Tie was also very calm about the intention of some big figures in the alliance command. "Now that Selnes Theater of Operations needs such a figure and I meet the conditions of becoming such a figure coincidentally, I don't mind being used to increase the morale of the soldiers across the theater of operations as a spiritual medicament."

    In any case, it was always good to show hope to so many people. No matter what, this was a duel between humans and demons. As long as it was beneficial to humans and didn't violate Zhang Tie's behavioral principles, Zhang Tie could basically accept it.

    On April 27th, the entire theater of operations started to drizzle as if it wanted the battlefield to cease. After seizing the Flatte City, the demons' offense was curbed temporarily. These days, Selnes Plain was relatively safer. Although there were always skirmishes, almost all the battles above the scale of the division had disappeared. Encounters with LV 9 demon squad also decreased a lot. Therefore, everyone took a good rest for a few days.

    Including Zhang Tie. His glider was almost discarded as useless as its airfoils and empennage were severely damaged. There were too many wounds on the glider. In the words of the crew members of the Idiots, it was already a miracle for him to drive it back.

    Through this air battle, Zhang Tie accumulated a lot of experiences. Therefore, Zhang Tie was digesting what he achieved in this air battle in the trouble-reappearance situations these days as he recuperated and built up spirit for the preparation of the next battle.

    Zhang Tie's way to recuperate and build up spirit became a scene in the Crystal Battle Fortress. Almost every morning, he would call those crew members of the Idiots to beat him in boxing gloves. He just defended them yet not escaped. He asked them to beat him 2 hours a day.

    Many people in the Crystal Battle Fortress became confused about this, "Is this how the first air cavalry in Selnes Theater of Operations trains himself? It's indeed very special." Zhang Tie told them by training in this way could increase his anti-strike ability. Being influenced by the halos of his reputation, many soldiers started to learn from him.

    Near 2 pm, Zhang Tie wearing a wholly new suit of air cavalry drove a military SUV towards Mocco City together with Lan Yunxi to attend the reward ceremony held in the alliance command in Mocco City.

    As the commander of the airship troop of Jinyun Country, Lan Yunxi was also rewarded and invited by the alliance command due to her excellent performance in Flatte battle. Therefore, Lan Yunxi and Zhang Tie left the Crystal Battle Fortress together in the public.

    Since Zhang Tie woke up in the ward, he had not seen Lan Yunxi. Lan Yunxi was also busy dealing with after-war affairs in the airship troop. This time, Zhang Tie was really attracted by Lan Yunxi.

    In a military officer's ceremonial dress of the airship troop of Jinyun Country, Lan Yunxi looked bold, elegant and beautiful. The plump breasts and the tightening elegant curve from her knees to her butts in her ceremonial dress constantly attracted Zhang Tie's attention.

    Lan Yunxi also wore a pair of middle-heeled black leather shoes, which made her look more womanly.

    Beautiful feet, beautiful legs, beautiful butts, beautiful waist, beautiful breasts and beautiful look, that's Lan Yunxi's image in Zhang Tie's eyes. Even if she lost her temper towards him, Zhang Tie would find her especially cute.

    "What are you looking at?" finding Zhang Tie's eyes becoming increasingly audacious, Lan Yunxi became a bit bashful as she glared at Zhang Tie, "Drive your car carefully!"

    Zhang Tie sighed, "Chinese culture is really profound and extensive! I remember an old Chinese saying which is really wise!"

    "What old saying?" Lan Yunxi's curiosity was aroused.

    "A short departure is better than a new marriage!" Zhang Tie teased Lan Yunxi.

    "Shut up!" Lan Yunxi slightly blushed as she inclined her head and watched the drizzling scenery in the wild.

    Watching Lan Yunxi turning her head, Zhang Tie immediately touched her thigh. Lan Yunxi caught Zhang Tie's hand and pushed it away. Zhang Tie reached out his hand and was pushed away once again. After repeating it three times, Lan Yunxi became irritated, "Do you want to perform as a glider again?"

    "I have to do something even if I would be beaten ferociously!" Zhang Tie replied as he put his hand on Lan Yunxi's thigh once again.

    "Villain!" Lan Yunxi swore Zhang Tie. However, she didn't push Zhang Tie's hand away this time.

    Zhang Tie revealed a smile. Since Lan Yunxi would like to attend the reward ceremony with him and would like to sit in the front of the car, Zhang Tie had known that he had a chance to touch Lan Yunxi today. If Lan Yunxi really opposed him, she would choose to sit in the back seats. After experiencing so many women, Zhang Tie had been able to recognize women's delicate mental changes very well.

    Driving the vehicle and touching Lan Yunxi's thigh which felt nice, Zhang Tie sighed satisfactorily.

    "Why did you sigh?" Lan Yunxi didn't care about Zhang Tie's hand anymore as Zhang Tie's petting made her comfortable and especially stimulative. Lan Yunxi's face slightly blushed; however, she still pretended that nothing happened.

    "To drive a car and pet my beloved woman's thigh. That's what I had dreamed of. I've never imagined that this could happen so fast. However, under such an environment, I cannot stand but sigh!" Zhang Tie explained as he glanced at Lan Yunxi, "What's your dream?"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's question, Lan Yunxi's eyes became a bit vacant, "My dream?"

    "Yup, what's your dream?"

    "Nobody asked me about that before."

    "Is it a strange question?"

    "Yes, it is for me!" Lan Yunxi smiled which looked a bit disappointed, "I've awakened a powerful ancestral bloodline when I was born. Therefore, since I was 3 years old, everybody around me had set the only life target for me, namely, to be the most, most, most excellent person so as to live up my sacred bloodline. Therefore, I probably dream to be such a person!"

    Zhang Tie stopped petting her at once as he turned to watch Lan Yunxi, "Haven't you thought about what you were really desiring for since you were born?"

    "No, I don't desire for anything at all. Because all that I want has been piled up in front of me by choice. You might not know how Huaiyuan Palace educated me. The first lesson of my life was taught by my father. In the classroom, he made me understand that those things which could be bought with money were not worthwhile to be treasured and admired. I should learn to exchange money and those worthless things for something more valuable!" Lan Yunxi let out a sigh.

    "Ah, what?" Zhang Tie was shocked.

    "I remember that when I was only 4 years old, I saw a beautiful toy in another little girl's hand. I liked it very much and wanted to have one like that too. I told my father about that. My father didn't say anything to me at that time. On the 2nd day, he took me to a very distant city by airship. In a warehouse of that city, I saw piles of toys. My father told me that all the toys belonged to me, even that factory which produced the toys. He let me choose one. I didn't because I lost my interest in toys at once. I even started to dislike those lifeless toys. Do you know what happened then?"

    "What happened? Your dad let you burn all of the toys?" Zhang Tie guessed.

    "No, my father transported all the toys back to Huaiyuan Prefecture by airship. In a festival, he let me gift the toys to strange girls one after another. As a result, I exchanged those toys I disliked for more praises and reputation for the first time in my whole life. This was my first lesson."

    "You grew up in this way?" Zhang Tie asked seriously as he watched Lan Yunxi, "You were always under the control of others since you were a little girl!"

    Lan Yunxi nodded...

    With a shrill sound, Zhang Tie braked the car.
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