Chapter 567: Breaking Sun Sutra

    Chapter 567: Breaking Sun Sutra

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    Until it was completely dark and the sky had dotted with sparkling stars did Zhang Tie take Lan Yunxi back to the Crystal Battle Fortress by the glider under the brilliance of the two bright moons.

    After sliding on the ground for a small distance, the glider finally parked. Zhang Tie and Lan Yunxi then got off the glider together. Seeing this, the ground service staff ran towards here.

    "Thank you!" Lan Yunxi told Zhang Tie, "I'm very happy today. It was a nice trip."

    Zhang Tie glanced at those ground servicemen who were running towards here before revealing a smile to Lan Yunxi, "I'm glad that you liked it. Remember to call me when you want to play truant next time!"

    Lan Yunxi replied with a smile, "Actually, I found you're not that bad."

    "Of course. I'm one of the top 4 excellent teenagers in Blackhot City. I'm a very good person, okay?" Zhang Tie urged.

    "I will go back first. You'd better not expose your talent to others."

    Zhang Tie knew that Lan Yunxi referred to his talent of driving a glider into the stratosphere. A fabulous experience for the glider drivers for sure. It magnified the application of atmospheric phenomenon.

    Below the stratosphere was the troposphere. The ascending airflow which enabled gliders to fly was the product of troposphere. This airflow stopped ascending when it reached below the stratosphere. According to common sense, gliders could never reach as high as the stratosphere. However, Zhang Tie could make it. Besides the ascending thermal airflow, Zhang Tie could also sense some more powerful spiral ascending airflow in the troposphere.

    If there was a high mountain range below or in the place where cold and hot air converged with each other, this powerful spiral ascending airflow might appear temporarily. The moment Zhang Tie seized it could he keep his glider climbing up until reaching the stratosphere. He could fly steadily and rapidly below the stratosphere.

    This was also the maximal flight height of gliders theoretically. The temperature above the stratosphere was higher than that below the stratosphere. Therefore, sinking cold airflow could always be seen in the stratosphere. This situation was completely opposite to that of the troposphere. Therefore, no glider could reach this height, even theoretically. This was determined by the flight principles.

    Knowing that Lan Yunxi was concerned about him, Zhang Tie nodded, "Don't worry. I will not show off this talent unless it's necessary!"

    "Why was it necessary for you today?" Lan Yunxi watched Zhang Tie with a bashful look.

    "Because it's always necessary for me to stay with you!" Zhang Tie watched Lan Yunxi fervently.

    "Have a good sleep!" Lan Yunxi turned away her bashful eyes as she said kindly.

    "You too!"

    Lan Yunxi nodded before walking towards the Crystal Battle Fortress. After walking a few steps, she suddenly turned around and asked, "Can you promise me one thing?"


    "Don't take any other women by your glider ever!"

    "I won't!" Zhang Tie replied decisively.

    "Humph!" Lan Yunxi left with a good mood.

    Seeing Lan Yunxi leaving, Zhang Tie almost howled towards the moon. He felt that his relationship with Lan Yunxi had entered a new stage from then on. Because Lan Yunxi had changed and become very womanly in front of him. Zhang Tie had never seen that before.

    After handing the WindTalker to the ground servicemen, Zhang Tie whistled and walked towards the Idiots vigorously. He planned to have the Idiots transport the WindTalker back to the glider base tomorrow.And by the way, he would drive back his SUV from there.

    Zhang Tie's memory was filled with Lan Yunxi's nice face. However, when he returned to the Idiots, he found the first mate sad. Zhang Tie instantly woke up from the sense of falling in love.

    "What's wrong?" at the sight of the look of the first mate, Zhang Tie had already known that something happened.

    "You didn't go there today?"

    "Hmm, I changed my opinion on the way. I took a ride in the sky!"

    "Thankfully, you didn't go there. If you went there, you might not be able to come back!" the first mate replied with a smile.

    "What happened?" Zhang Tie became stunned.

    "Something happened in the Mocco City. The entire city is in curfew now..." the first mate then told Zhang Tie about what happened today.

    After hearing his words, Zhang Tie changed his face. He had not imagined that he was worth being boomed with an alchemist's bomb by those motherf*cking demons lackeys. If he went there together with Lan Yunxi today, he might not survive.

    According to the witnesses, when the SUV from Crystal Battle Fortress drew close to the alliance command, someone suddenly rushed to the side of the SUV and ignited the alchemist's bomb. Everything over there was boomed into pieces. Nobody could react in that case.

    "Three-Eye Association, that b*stard must be dispatched by the Three-Eye Association."

    The moment he thought that Lan Yunxi was in the same vehicle with him, Zhang Tie became scared. An unprecedented fury and a killing intent started to boil in Zhang Tie's heart.

    The Human Glory Medal of Zhang Tie had been sent here by people from the alliance command. It was a diamond-shaped medal with a Chinese character "[1]" in the middle of it. Below that character was Zhang Tie's name. It looked pretty delicate.

    What was unprecedented was that this medal was a rare rune equipment. There was a very special rune effect on the medal. When he wore it on his chest, with the effect of rune equipment on the medal, Zhang Tie's voice could increase by 8% on loudness and force of penetration.

    This effect could be very remarkable in the public. It was also an effective manner for Zhang Tie to display his honor and dignity.

    Zhang Tie named it 'small trumpet' privately...


    On the next morning, after getting up and finishing his morning classes, someone from Crystal Battle Fortress came to inform Zhang Tie that Lan Yunxi wanted to see him. Zhang Tie tidied up his clothes before coming to Lan Yunxi's office in the Crystal Battle Fortress.

    Zhang Tie knew that Lan Yunxi probably wanted to see him for what happened in Mocco City yesterday.

    At this moment, Lan Yunxi had recovered her dignified look as the commander of the airship troop of Jinyun Country in Selnes Theater of Operations. At the sight of Lan Yunxi's solemn look, Zhang Tie's also became serious.

    "Have you known what happened in Mocco City yesterday?"

    "I have!" Zhang Tie nodded.

    "Perhaps there's some information that you don't know. After what happened yesterday, the alliance command has started to investigate the source of that alchemist's bomb. Finally, they found it was from the strategic arsenal of the Symbian Republic, which was right in the Mocco City. 3 alchemist' bombs lost in that arsenal. The director and many people being related to this case had been arrested. Although after the strict interrogation, there was still no answer. Nobody knew how the three alchemist's bombs were lost at all!"

    "That means there are two more alchemist's bombs waiting for me?" Zhang Tie sneered, "I'm really worthwhile in their eyes!"

    Lan Yunxi nodded, "This event is not as simple as it is apparently. This event reveals that the Mocco City and the alliance command have been penetrated by Three-Eye Association!"

    "That was expected. As so many people from different countries are gathering in Selnes Theater of Operations, it would be abnormal if there was no mole of Three-Eye Association among them. Additionally, from this event, we now know there might be more than one mole of Three-Eye Association among them in Selnes Theater of Operations!"

    "Therefore, you need to be very careful!"

    "I will!" Zhang Tie nodded.

    "Here you go!" Lan Yunxi took out a very precious item and gave it to Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie took it and found that was a half-palm sized square item being covered with a brilliant gold pattern which looked like a clan identification plate. In the middle of the gold pattern was a weird matchbox-sized black crystal.

    "What's this?" Zhang Tie looked at it for a while.

    "You will know it after injecting your spiritual energy into that piece of crystal!"

    "Is it another rune equipment?" Zhang Tie was moved as he injected a wisp of spiritual energy into that piece of black crystal.

    In a split second, some golden words had appeared in Zhang Tie's mind.

    --"Breaking Sun Sutra"

    Zhang Tie injected in more spiritual energy and started to skim over the words and images in the book one page after another.

    "It has the secret knowledge on cultivation?" Zhang Tie became spirited as he felt a bit thirsty. However, he still forced his spirit to retreat out of it.

    He then watched Lan Yunxi and drew in a deep breath, "Is this the secret knowledge of Huaiyuan Palace?"

    "Yes, you can light all the 987 surging points in your body according to the contents in the Breaking Sun Sutra. You can be promoted all the way to LV 16 and become a battle spirit!"
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