Chapter 569: Being Clear

    Chapter 569: Being Clear

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    "In this age, according to Chinese traditions, any secret knowledge that helps people promote all the way from LV 10 to LV 16 can be called sutra, which indicated its qualified, dignified position."

    "The cultivation of visible and invisible surging points are too complex that it contains hundreds of billions of methods, which could not be concluded by humans after the Catastrophe without making any mistakes. Instead, they were the far-ancient cultural product that people discovered in the underground relics. That's why cultivation methods above LV 10 are very precious!"

    Lan Yunxi continued to explain as Zhang Tie gradually understood the world of cultivation above LV 10. At the same time, a question appeared in his mind.

    "Now that such a secret knowledge is so precious, why have I encountered many human fighters above LV 10. Have all of them gotten the precious secret knowledge?"

    "That's what I'm gonna tell you and what should catch your attention. Besides those secret knowledge being called sutra, there were many other levels of secret knowledge on cultivation across the Waii Sub-Continent and other continents, such as law, rule, know-how, skill and technique. When you meet one of them, you'd better not be too happy with them and cultivate them at once. If not, you might regret for the rest of your life."

    "Ah? Why?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "Because the above 5 kinds of secret knowledge could not promote you all the way from LV 10 to LV 16 smoothly. Instead, when you reach a certain level, you will completely lose the advancing route later. That's a dead end. You might not advance even a bit at a certain level!" Lan Yunxi told Zhang Tie with a solemn look.

    "Where do they come from?"

    "These kinds of secret knowledge are incomplete secret knowledge of cultivation which were discovered from underground relics. After losing the later parts, they were called law, rule, know-how, skill and technique so as to separate them from those sutras, which contain complete cultivation methods."

    "What about the differences between law, rule, know-how, skill and technique in details?"

    "Among these kinds of secret knowledge, those being called law under sutra are the best, which could promote people to LV 15; followed by rule, which could promote one to LV 14; know-how, which could promote one to LV 13; skill, which could promote one to LV 12. Those being called technique are the worst, with which you could only promote to LV 11 at most, some of which could only promote you to LV 10. If one cultivates such laws, rules, know-hows, skills and techniques, after reaching upper limits, they could only watch their invisible surging points as they dared not light them. As long as they mistook the order of lighting surging points, they might lose their lives while lighting the next surging point!"

    "Do they still cultivate such kinds of secret knowledge?"

    "Of course. Do you think that everyone else could have a chance to pick and treat sutra as ** like you at such a critical moment?" Lan Yunxi rolled her eyes at Zhang Tie, "In the entire Waii Sub-Continent, even laws, rules, know-hows, skills and techniques are the top secret knowledge, which are only in the hands of very few people. Many people might not have a chance to see it in their whole lives. Additionally, each one has different qualifications, gifts and cultivation conditions. Many people would be satisfied if they could reach LV 11 or 12. Therefore, suppose if they could be guided to reach this level, they would be very satisfied!"

    Lan Yunxi's words reminded Zhang Tie about his experience in Blackhot City. At that time, his elder brother, who had just reached LV 5 made all the family members very happy and proud of him. They were thinking about the dignified look of him when he became the commission officer in Blackhot City. At that time, Zhang Tie would already be satisfied if he could reach LV 7 or 8, not to mention LV 10. By the way, he could never imagine that he would be concerned about the cultivation road above LV 10.

    "If so, whether 'Breaking Sun Sutra' is the only secret knowledge in Huaiyuan Palace?"

    "Of course not. Huaiyuan Palace also has many other inferior secret knowledge. They would be delivered to different people according to their personal situations. 'Breaking Sun Sutra' could only be cultivated by excellent talents in Zhang's direct descendants. Additionally, they could only get a part of the 'Breaking Sun Sutra'. Only when their level and contribution to the clan reach a certain degree could they cultivate the rest part of 'Breaking Sun Sutra'. Very few people could be rewarded with class II or class III cultivation method of 'Breaking Sun Sutra' at once!"

    Zhang Tie forced a bitter smile, "She must be condemning about my silly deed. The others might only get class II cultivation contents of 'Breaking Sun Sutra' after hard efforts, however, I refused to accept the complete contents of 'Breaking Sun Sutra'. No wonder Lan Yunxi looks a bit angry."

    However, Zhang Tie still felt that he had made the right decision. "Given the importance of the 'Breaking Sun Sutra', if I accepted it frankly, Lan Yunxi would carry a greater responsibility in the clan. I don't want my woman to sustain such a heavy burden for me." Zhang Tie had been very satisfied to know that Lan Yunxi wanted to shoulder risks for him.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie felt like coming to the right place.

    "You mean even sutras have different effects in the later phases. Do you mean that even sutras have different positions and could bring us different achievements after unlocking the human potential treasury?"

    "Yes. Even complete sutras would have different positions. These sutras were all products in the far-ancient times. In that age, although these secret knowledge were complete for cultivation; due to a hierarchical system, these sutras also had different positions. They were divided into 7 levels, namely emperor-level, throne-level, duke-level, marquis-level, count-level, viscount-level, baron-level, which was similar to the divisions of human noble..."

    "Is there a sharp difference between different levels of secret knowledge?"

    "Before promoting to knight officially, these secret knowledge, as long as they are complete, would not have a sharp difference with each other after lighting all the surging points. However, when one promotes to a knight and reaches a certain phase, these secret knowledge would have different effects, which might cause sharp differences in fighting skills."

    "Might?" Zhang Tie watched Lan Yunxi with a dubious look.

    "Yes, might. Although the secret knowledge are different in levels, after promoting to the knight, when you want to advance to higher cultivation levels, you might not qualify due to some objective conditions. You might not be able to use your advantage and possibility which were granted by your high-end secret knowledge. After all, the cultivation conditions and cultivation resources in this age are sharply different than that before the Catastrophe. Those could be easily done before the Catastrophe might be extremely difficult in this age."

    After thinking for a second, Zhang Tie asked, "Look whether it's like this. If I cultivate a high-end secret knowledge now, it's like a poor guy suddenly becomes a legal successor of a great sum of legacy. That sum of legacy is in abroad, which could not be succeeded until I am 30 years old. However, when I am 30 years old, I might not go abroad due to many reasons such as war, etc.. Therefore, it's nothing different than having the right and also not!"

    "Right. Accurately, you have the right of succession to that legacy. However, when you can succeed that legacy, you don't know where's that legacy. As a result, you could only live the same life as others. However, as long as you could find that legacy, you could instantly become the No. 1 richest person in the country. By contrast, those who cultivate inferior secret knowledge are unable to succeed that legacy even though it's in front of them. This is the difference between cultivating different levels of secret knowledge."

    After hearing Lan Yunxi's explanation, Zhang Tie revealed a bitter smile as he finally understood the difference between a poor guy and a princess. Lan Yunxi perhaps has long known these knowledge. However, for Zhang Tie, everything was so fresh. If not being told by Lan Yunxi, He didn't know when would he understand that the cultivation methods were so important above LV 10, which might even influence the cultivation after promoting to the knight. "That's too complex!"

    Zhang Tie smacked his lips, "What's the level of 'Breaking Sun Sutra' of Zhang Clan in Huaiyuan Prefecture?"

    "Zhang's "Breaking Sun Sutra" and Lan's "Big Dipper Sutra" are both in count-level! Such secret knowledge could be the top secret knowledge on cultivation across Waii Sub-Continent. They could support a clan and a kingdom. In the western continent, there is duke-level secret knowledge; however, senior secret knowledge could only be found in Taixia State in Eastern Continent. The Xuanyuan Emperor who rules the Xuanyuan Hill cultivates the only complete emperor-level secrete knowledge among humans--Xuanyuan God-Converting Sutra!"

    "Count-level secret knowledge!" Zhang Tie tasted it as he remembered a situation introduced to him by Lan Yunxi, "If so, those incomplete laws, rules, know-hows, skills and techniques, when being complete, might have higher levels than 'Breaking Sun Sutra'. They might reach marquis-level, duke-level, even throne-level and emperor-level?"

    "Yes. But it's meaningless. Even though it's an incomplete emperor-level sutra, if it could only help you reach LV 11, it might not be more powerful than an inferior secret knowledge which could help you reach LV 12. If you cannot reach the top level of an incomplete emperor-level sutra, you might fully play its role. That's why they only divide complete secret knowledge into levels!"

    "Is there indeed an incomplete emperor-level secret knowledge?"

    "Yes, there is!"

    "Ah? Really?" Zhang Tie almost exclaimed.

    After thinking for a second, Lan Yunxi continued, "The incomplete one was discovered with the 'Xuanyuan God-Converting Sutra' at the same time. However, with the incomplete one, you could only promote to 3 star-strong fighter!"

    "What's the name of that incomplete secret knowledge?"

    "It's called 'King Roc Sutra'. However, as it's an incomplete one, you could only reach LV 10 with it. Therefore, it got another name, 'Robust Ox Technique'!

    "Robust Ox Technique", Zhang Tie twitched his eye corners after hearing this wild name.

    "How did you know that?"

    "It's the most widely spread secret knowledge. Many big Chinese Clans have it, including Huaiyuan Palace!"


    10 minutes later, Zhang Tie left Lan Yunxi's room. Through this talk, Zhang Tie became more clear-minded while his cultivation road instantly became bright. Although he didn't take Lan Yunxi's 'Breaking Sun Sutra', he finally fixed his road ahead.

    At this moment, Heller's voice sounded, "Find a 'King Roc Sutra', don't miss this chance!"

    "Ah? Why?" Zhang Tie became slightly stunned.

    "Others are afraid of losing their lives after making a mistake, what are you afraid of in the trouble-reappearance situation?"

    Zhang Tie felt like being struck by thunderbolts at once...
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