Chapter 570: The Super Glider

    Chapter 570: The Super Glider

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    After leaving Lan Yunxi's room, Zhang Tie covered his excitement. After thinking for a short while, he returned to the outside of the Crystal Battle Fortress and allowed people to load WindTalker glider in the Idiots. After that, he flew towards Hoorn Republic Glider Base by the Idiots.

    It was not easy to recover 'Robust Ox Technique' to 'King Roc Sutra'. Even though he had the trouble-reappearance situation where he could make mistakes endlessly, it required a great patience. After reaching LV 10 with 'Robust Ox Technique', each step forward would require him to make mistakes for hundreds of times in the trouble-reappearance situation.

    "Is it worth it?" Zhang Tie didn't know. He was not too ambitious. According to Lan Yunxi's words, "The power of emperor-level secret knowledge on cultivation might gradually show up after the cultivator became a knight. It was just 'might'!"

    Although there were many powerful ones among billions of humans, only emperor Xuanyuan of Taixia State on the Eastern Continent could successfully cultivate emperor-level secret knowledge. With this point, Zhang Tie knew that it was very difficult to cultivate the latter parts of emperor-level secret knowledge.

    Therefore, Zhang Tie would better dream about what surprises and benefits could the 'King Roc Sutra' bring him before he promoted to a knight than expecting for the 'rich legacy' brought by the complete emperor-level secret knowledge after he promoted to a knight.

    From LV 10 to LV 16, the difference caused by different levels of secret knowledge was not decisive; what was really decisive was the level of a person and the number of surging points that he had lit. Therefore, in this process, Zhang Tie would be satisfied if the King Roc Sutra's performance was not worse than that of the Breaking Sun Sutra. As it was an emperor-level secret knowledge, it might not be worse than "Breaking Sun Sutra".

    "Pitifully, I only have one body and my surging points could only be lit once; otherwise, I'd probably recover all those secret knowledge below sutras in the trouble-reappearance situation.'

    "Of course, the priority is to get a 'Robust Ox Technique'; otherwise, everything would be an illusion. Additionally, the secret that I cultivated 'Robust Ox Technique' must not be exposed to the public; otherwise, when I reached above LV 10 with this secret knowledge, it would arouse a great shock."

    Zhang Tie gradually sorted out his ideas on the Idiots. Only after over 10 minutes, the glider base of Hoorn Republic had appeared.

    What was most important for Zhang Tie was to clean those demons and b*stards of Three-Eye Association who hid among humans in Selnes Theater of Operations. If not what happened in Mocco City yesterday, Zhang Tie didn't know that the Three-Eye Association and demons would like to kill him so quickly, neither would he come to the Hoorn Republic Glider Base today.

    However, now that he had known about it, Zhang Tie determined to launch a ferocious counter-attack towards demons and those b*stards of Three-Eye Association for their tricks and plots. He had to make demons and those b*stards of Three-Eye Association more afflictive.

    "How to make demons and those b*stards of Three-Eye Association more afflictive? It's simple! I have to constantly become more powerful and kill more wing demons."


    When Zhang Tie got off the airship, Colonel Ohlson with a dense whisker walked towards him on the glider base and gave Zhang Tie a fervent bear hug.

    "Welcome to the Hoorn Republic Glider Base, Selnes hero in the air!" after that, Colonel Ohlson watched that WindTalker which was pushed out of the Idiots by the crew members and asked, "How about our WindTalker?"

    "Nice, very nice. This is the best two-seat glider that I've ever driven!" Zhang Tie replied with a solemn look. After all, it was his first time to drive a two-seat glider. Therefore, it was a compliment, not a lie. Additionally, WindTalker indeed has a good driving experience. Besides agile manipulation, its lift-to-drag feature was very excellent. Although being a two-seat glider, it could even match Huaiyuan Palace's one-seat falcon.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's compliment, Colonel Ohlson became very spirited as his face blushed. He then turned around and shouted towards those soldiers in the base, "Bit*hes, have you heard that? Selnes Eagle said WindTalker was the best two-seat glider that he had ever driven!"

    After hearing this, many people in the base cheered up. In Blackson Humans Corridor, one way to make friends with the Hoorn Republic was to talk about their glider. If you want to make them happy, you should praise their glider; this method had been spread across Blackson Humans Corridor for hundreds of years. The compliment from the Selnes Eagle was more lethal to these soldiers and commission officers of Hoorn Republic. As a result, all of them was proud of themselves.

    "You're the best friend of Hoorn Republic!" Colonel Ohlson patted Zhang Tie's shoulder.

    "The glider of Hoorn Republic is very famous in Blackson Humans Corridor. I'm here today to ask for your help!"

    "Help what? As long as we can do it, no problem!" Colonel Ohlson said immediately.

    "I need a glider that I could fight with. It should be modified according to my requests. Hopefully, you could give me a favor!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's request, Colonel Ohlson's eyes gleamed as he watched Zhang Tie's eyes very seriously, "You mean you need us to provide a glider for you. You want to drive the Hoorn Republic's glider to f*ck those demon b*stards, are you kidding me?"

    "Right, I will pay all the expenses!"

    Colonel Ohlson drew in a deep breath as he turned around and shouted more loudly, "B*tches, tell those moldy engineers to prepare to work. Let them gather in the warehouse No. 1 and tell them it's time for them to contribute to the country..."


    After a few minutes, Zhang Tie saw a lot of gliders in the warehouse No. 1 and dozens of engineers who looked very thrilled. After Colonel Ohlson told those engineers that Zhang Tie wanted to drive a Hoorn Republic's glider to fight demons, they became more thrilled. Some of them even burst out into tears.

    "In order to fight demons, our Hoorn Republic dispatches the most excellent people here. Although these guys could not fight on the battlefield, they are the most excellent engineers and technicians in the Hoorn Republic. You only need to tell them about your requirements. They will work out your glider for sure!"

    After talking with those guys, Colonel Ohlson turned around and talked to Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that his request could arouse such a shock. Standing in front of those engineers and watching their gleaming eyes, Zhang Tie revealed a bashful smile.

    "Actually, my requests are not complex. First, it should fly fast; second, besides being available to be thrown out of the airship in the air, it'd better set out on the ground. Of course, I don't mean that they are dragged by other instruments. Instead, I want to run it by foot until it reaches the speed of taking off. Thirdly, it should be matched with some battle pendants which are adaptable to my battle mode!"

    Soon after Zhang Tie's voice did those engineers' start to discuss enthusiastically.

    After discussing it for a few minutes, an engineer asked, "Your Excellency, can you make it clearer what you meant by running it by foot?"

    "Actually, it's like this..." as the language was not concrete, Zhang Tie then fetched a metal ring whose diameter was about 60 cm and wore it while putting the metal ring at his waist, "This metal ring is like the cockpit. When I am in the cockpit, I lift the glider by hands and carry its weight. When I want to fly off and land on, I will put my feet out of the cockpit and run..." Zhang Tie made a running gesture, "This is like how I lift my short pants and rush to the toilet..."

    All the engineers became stunned as they had not imagined that Zhang Tie would choose such a method to fly off the glider. This is like how birds such as swan run before flying off. Nobody has tried that before. That's insane.

    "Your Excellency, you need to lift about 800 kg so as to keep its balance. Additionally, you need to run at least 50 km per hour. Are you sure about that?"

    Zhang Tie replied with a smile, "Sure!"

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