Chapter 572: Beat the Dogs Owner

    Chapter 572: Beat the Dog's Owner

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    When crew members of the Idiots started to hang those wing demons' heads over the military vehicle, all the people in the Crystal Battle Fortress who had received the news came here to watch it silently.

    Those wing demons' grim heads were well preserved. Many of the heads still had their dying looks .

    At the sight of that vehicle, all the onlookers were stunned. They didn't know how to describe the military SUV which was covered with wing demons' heads.

    It was both terrifying and shocking. After watching it, everyone felt being fully energetic, heroic and dauntless.

    The powerful wing demons' heads were just this vehicle's goods and ornaments.

    Those wing demons who made the sky full of terror became the trivial ornaments of this military vehicle.

    Those demons who once ate and massacred humans could also be killed and violated by humans.

    What a power!

    How sharp! How sharp!


    "Come on. Where's the photographer? Take a photo for me in front of this vehicle!" Soon after those wing demons' heads were well placed did a ground service commission officer shout.

    The onlookers instantly became boiled as many of them strove for taking a photo in front of this vehicle.

    With such a photo, even though one had not killed a demon, he could still bluff in front of his grandsons when he was old--Your grandpa had made contributions to the humans in the 3rd holy war; additionally, your grandpa once worked together with a human hero called Selnes Eagle in a battle fortress...


    When so many people were surrounding the vehicle, Ou Hongyu and his demon hunting squad who had left the base for about 10 days finally finished their task and returned to the Crystal Battle Fortress.

    When Ou Hongyu's demon hunting squad left the Crystal Battle Fortress, Zhang Tie was fighting ferociously in Flatte City. When Zhang Tie came back, Ou Hongyu was still in the outside where he could not touch Crystal Battle Fortress. Therefore, Ou Hongyu didn't know what happened these days. Neither did he know that Zhang Tie had become the hero across Selnes Theater of Operations only after two weeks.

    Demon hunting squad was like human elite squad which especially targeted at dealing with demon corps in the wild. This time, Ou Hongyu had a good performance. The entire squad suffered no casualty at all. Besides, they swept two demon squads and killed some wing demons. Therefore, when they caught sight of the Crystal Battle Fortress, they all felt pleasant due to a big triumph.

    "Senior brother apprentice Ou, you can definitely enter top 30 with this achievement. As long as you keep this achievement, senior brother apprentice Ou could definitely make a further improvement in Chuixue Palace in the future!" An apprentice of Chuixue Palace flattered him when he found Ou Hongyu was happy.

    "The achievement belongs to all of us. Without your cooperation, I can not make such an achievement. Especially Qingqing, with her fiery wheel, she has also has made a great achievement. She even killed three wing demons. We all have achievements this time. Later on, we need to work harder. After having a good experience in Selnes Theater of Operations, when we reach the Eastern Continent, we will have the chance to exhibit ourselves!" Ou Hongyu said modestly. However, his words revealed some important information.

    After hearing Ou Hongyu's words, someone among the demon hunting squad immediately realized something, "Senior brother apprentice Ou, you mean..."

    "Just keep it as a secret. Don't pass it on. It won't sound good..." Ou Hongyu warned them before lowering his voice, "I was told by a senior brother apprentice in Chuixue Palace, the bottom line for the six major clans of Jinyun Country to stay here was that demons would not pass by the Kalay Mountain Range. In case, the demon corps passed by the Kalay Mountain Range, all the Chinese across Waii Sub-Continent would leave for the Eastern Continent!"

    "Ah? Is that real?" some innocent guys were shocked by Ou Hongyu's words.

    "Some Chinese countries in the south of Waii Sub-Continent had prepared for leaving there in an all-round manner before the holy war. All the six major clans have their own ways in Eastern Continent. They have not cut their connections with their base in Eastern Continent yet. All the elders and heads of the major clans are top elites. After all, Waii Sub-Continent is a remote place. When there is no holy war, they could do business here; however, when the holy war breaks out, how can those clan elders let this place determine the fates of their clans? We only need to cultivate ourselves well here. When we arrive at the Eastern Continent, we might have a chance to appear in the Heavenly Fortune Rankings and be rewarded with the rank of nobility..." Ou Hongyu said as he gradually became heroic.

    "Senior brother apprentice Ou, I was told that Heavenly Fortune Rankings was a marvelous item in Taixia Dynasty. As long as one dropped his or her blood on it, the Heavenly Fortune Rankings would know all the information about this person. Is that real?"

    "I've not seen Heavenly Fortune Rankings yet. It's a mysterious product in the far-ancient civilization. In the former two holy wars, Heavenly Fortune Rankings served as the stage for the heroes to exhibit their own strength. It didn't make any mistake after so many generations and so many experiences. As Chinese, only when we become knights could we leave our names on it by dropping our blood on it. Thus, we could be rewarded with the corresponding rank of nobility according to the meritorious deeds that were exhibited on the Heavenly Fortune Rankings while our wives could also be rewarded with rank of nobility and our sons would inherit our positions and privileges. That's how the ancestors of the six major clan of Jinyun Country originated from!"

    "Ah? Senior brother apprentice Ou, don't many countries in Waii Sub-Continent also have emperors and nobles?" a younger guy asked with a puzzled look.

    "If you just stay at home, as long as you shut your door and buy some slaves to serve you, you can also treat yourself a emperor. However, can you enjoy the same treatment in the outside?" Ou Hongyu sneered, "Although only demon-killers could be rewarded with the rank of nobility according to the 'Humans Brilliance Charter', besides us Chinese, who should be rewarded with the rank of nobility according to the meritorious deeds exhibited on the Heavenly Fortune Rankings, other clans' nobles and imperial kingsmen don't have strict rules. As long as they kill some demons and are able to rule a mountain could they call themselves nobles and imperial kingsmen. Nobody cared about them. However, when they came to the Eastern Continent, they were nothing but a fart. They are just country moneybags at most. When they arrive at Taixia Dynasty, they have to be docile. None of them dare call themselves nobles at all..."

    "Ah? But why?"

    "Because, in Taixia Dynasty, only nobles on the Heavenly Fortune Rankings are recognized. All those who have not been recognized by the Heavenly Fortune Rankings dared to call themselves nobles would be split into 5 parts by horses according to Taixia's laws!"

    "According to you, the Fighting Strength Rankings in the Crystal Battle Fortress is really meaningful!" a member of the demon hunting squad became enlightened at once.

    "You just realized that?" Ou Hongyu smiled intently.

    "Ae back. Can you tell me what happened" Dantai Qingqing revealed a smile towards a soldier. That young soldier felt being struck by electricity while he blushed at once...

    However, before that soldier spoke, a voice in unison had sounded in the surroundings, "Ah? Here comes the Selnes Eagle. This time, the first rank would refresh his marks..."

    The demon hunting squad members turned around and found Zhang Tie walking in the crowd in a weird uniform, at the sight of whom, all the surrounding crowd gave a way to him.

    Ou Hongyu's face turned pale at once...

    Zhang Tie also caught sight of Ou Hongyu and the other members of the demon hunting squad. He smiled towards them silently. After that, he told those around the vehicle, "I'm sorry, please give me a way, I have to go out for a travel now!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's request, all of them gave a way to him hurriedly, leaving those who had not taken a photo with the vehicle pitiful.

    Zhang Tie got on the vehicle and drove away that shocking vehicle from the base in the Crystal Battle Fortress and headed for Mocco City.

    Those b*stards of Three-Eye Association wanted to kill him. Therefore, he wanted to show them the outcome to stir up him. "Aren't those b*stards thinking they are hiding in a secret place? I will find their owner some trouble then."

    "Before beating a dog, the others would see who's its owner. However, if a dog stirs up me, I will directly beat its owner..."
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