Chapter 574: The Public Enemy of Mothers

    Chapter 574: The Public Enemy of Mothers

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    When Zhang Tie drove to the urban square of Mocco City, those soldiers who came here to see the Selnes Eagle and the whole carriage of wing demons' heads had blocked all the roads of the vehicle in every direction.

    When Zhang Tie's vehicle couldn't move, he directly parked it and got off the vehicle.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie felt that he had reached his target. However, the great effect was really out of his imagination.

    However, before Zhang Tie got off the vehicle, he had found those soldiers outside the vehicle gave a way to him like ebbing tide. At the same time, a group of generals with stars on their shoulders walked towards him.

    This time, Zhang Tie realized that he really could not leave.

    He hurriedly jumped off the vehicle and gave a solemn salute to those generals.


    General Howard then climbed onto the top of Zhang Tie's vehicle in the Urban Square of Mocco City and delivered a fervent keynote speech. Even Zhang Tie felt bashful about that; meanwhile, the atmosphere in Mocco City was pushed to the climax.

    Even when the flatte battle ended, Mocco City was not as boisterous as today. After Zhang Tie took a round in the city today, the city's morale became lit. The whole city became boisterous like winning a war.

    Zhang Tie's vehicle parked in the Urban Square of Mocco City just for others to visit and take photos with. Zhang Tie then entered the alliance command together with General Howard. After talking with those generals for a while, Zhang Tie was invited into General Howard's office.

    In General Howard's office, Zhang Tie could still faintly hear the cheers from the Urban Square of Mocco City.

    After the adjutant of General Howard made a cup of tea for Zhang Tie, General Howard pushed open the door of his office and walked in. His adjutant then closed the door and left.

    "General!" at the sight of Howard, Zhang Tie put down the tea cup and stood up politely from the sofa.

    "Take a seat, young man, take a seat!" General Howard walked towards Zhang Tie and put his hand on Zhang Tie's shoulder with a genial smile. He pressed Zhang Tie onto the sofa.

    Zhang Tie respected this old man who was several times elder than him and was still insisting on staying in Selnes Theater of Operations. However, Zhang Tie did not look too humble or too recalcitrant. To date, actually, he didn't need to perform in front of anybody. Even in front of the elders of Huaiyuan Palace, Zhang Tie could still stick to be himself, not to mention now.

    "Have you heard the voice outside?" General Howard went to the window sill of his office and watched the scenery before turning around to ask Zhang Tie.


    "What did you hear?" General Howard asked with a profound look.

    Zhang Tie shrugged straightforwardly, "Humans hope to survive the holy war and the hateful sound of demons and the lackeys of Three-Eye Association!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's answer, Howard nodded before throwing a glance at Zhang Tie profoundly.

    "Do you know that you will face danger here?"

    "I know. But I also believe that those b*stards might not have predicted that I could do this. Even If they knew that I was going to be here, they would not make such a fast response in Mocco City. This city is still under the rule of humans. Therefore, it may seem to be a dangerous travel, but is actually not." Zhang Tie replied frankly.

    "You surprised me. To be honest, your performance today completely changed my recognition on you from what I had three days ago!"

    Speaking of the event three days ago, Zhang Tie scratched his head bashfully as he just smirked...

    "Thankfully, you didn't come here three days ago. If you really came, those demons' lackeys plan would have succeeded. This time, your arrival was much more meaningful than that three days ago. Since you entered Mocco City with those wing demons' heads, you've already won a battle in Mocco City in front of about one million of soldiers in Mocco City and weakened the morale of those lackeys of demons! We human army require heroes like you." General Howard made a high comment on Zhang Tie's deed today.

    "I was just doing what I should do and like to do!"

    General Howard looked a bit thrilled, "No, young man. You don't know. You're not only doing what you should do and like to do, you're also doing what the others want to do yet cannot do. Do you know how proud some of our common soldiers were when they mentioned you? If you've seen them, you would change your saying!"

    "Amon soldiers compared to a major or a lieutenant colonel.

    When humans were at a disadvantage, the former choice would bring pride and dignity to common soldiers and trigger everyone's courage; while the latter choice made people admirable at most.

    "Aged ginger was more pungent." Zhang Tie sighed inside, "None of the knights are silly. Lan elder has maximized my personal value silently. What a smart man!"

    Knowing that Zhang Tie had understood it, General Howard made a request to Zhang Tie, "Many generals are moved by today's event. Some general suggested that heroes like you should not limit your value on the battlefield. You could bring more inspirations to the front line soldiers."

    "What does that mean?"

    "The alliance command wants to set an exclusive task group for you and open a special column for you in 'Holy War News', which will be responsible for propagating and shaping your positive image and inspiring the front line soldiers."

    Zhang Tie was startled by this suggestion as he hurriedly shook his head. He heard about such a treatment before. However, he had not dreamed about this for himself. He could never perform such a great and positive image. Actually, he didn't feel his affairs were worth to report. If the report was true, it would violate his personal privacy; if it was fake, he would be disgusted to death by himself. He didn't want to be observed by others. How tired it was! If his secret was exposed, he would have no place to cry for that.

    Seeing Zhang Tie's firm attitude, Colonel Howard replied with a bitter smile; however, he didn't give up, "This is actually a part of the war. Through propagating and shaping heroes, we could bring great spiritual energy to many people. You have already felt such a strength today. Additionally, I've been told what you've done in the Hoorn Republic Glider Base. You encouraged them by signing your name for the commission officers and soldiers in the base. Now, all the soldiers in the Hoorn Glider Base were fully energetic. It was similar to that!"

    "I'm sorry, general. Perhaps in your mind, this is right. But I really don't want to be such a role. I've never defined myself as a hero and honestly, I don't want to be a hero. Actually, I have a lot of shortcomings. Neither do I like to be a performer under a magnifying glass. As I've said, I only want to do what I should do and like to do." Zhang Tie lowered his eyelids, "If possible, what I want most is to embrace my beloved woman and just eat and play until death, instead of fighting demons here!"

    "Is it real?" General Howard became a bit amazed.

    "Yes, it's my real thought!"

    "By doing this, you can encourage a lot of people!"

    "Many people would be killed too!"

    "But many people would appreciate you!"

    "No!" Zhang Tie shook his head, "Many mothers would hate me..."

    Zhang Tie watched General Howard seriously, "If it was 4 years ago, if my mom knew that I admired a hero and was finally killed on the battlefield, she was doomed to hate that 'hero'. Because I have a good mother, I don't want to be the public enemy of all the mothers across Blackson Humans Corridor. Each hero is the public enemy of mothers who send their sons onto the battlefield. I had understood this since I was young. Therefore, if you ask me what requirement do I have, I only want to not be the public enemy of mothers."

    "Each hero is the public enemy of mothers who send their sons onto the battlefield?" General Howard had not heard about this before. Opening his mouth, he watched Zhang Tie's serious and stubborn face for a few seconds.

    "You have a great mother!"

    "Yes, my mother is very great!" Zhang Tie nodded frankly.


    Zhang Tie stayed in the alliance command for about 2 hours. When he walked out of the gate of the alliance command, he saw a masculine man leaning against a vehicle outside the alliance command, exposing his wide chest. He was smoking a cigar.

    "Brat, long time no see..." Reinhardt raised his jaw towards Zhang Tie like when he saw Zhang Tie for the first time. At the same time, he threw a cigar towards Zhang Tie.

    After catching the cigar, Zhang Tie put it close to his nose and took a deep sniff before jumping into Reinhardt's vehicle...

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