Chapter 576: Trade in the Illegal Market

    Chapter 576: Trade in the Illegal Market

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    Until then did Zhang Tie realize that the demon hunters squads made rich profits. Zhang Tie then pitied himself that he only knew how to deal with wing demons. However, besides a pair of leather short pants, those wing demons only had a weapon in hand in order to relieve their burden in flight. As to those iron-armored demons that he encountered for the first time were like members of dare-to-death corps. Now that they prepared to break through the back of the human defense line, of course, they didn't carry anything valuable with themselves.

    "Can I take a look inside?" Zhang Tie was moved greatly.

    "Of course, no problem. I'm also looking to find some useful items inside!" Reinhardt nodded.

    The two people then walked towards that room. After entering that room, Zhang Tie found it was absolutely a huge dressing room. After paying a gold coin per person, those entering it would be requested to put on the black cloak and face mask. After putting on them, Zhang Tie and Reinhardt each got a number plate before being allowed to enter that underground illegal demon hunters market.

    Wearing the mask, Zhang Tie felt his voice become hoarse. Wearing the black cloak, his moving ability was not restricted; however, his military uniform was well covered. Nobody could identify which troop did he come from.

    In the illegal market, nobody knew the opposite's status, the buyer or the seller. They could only be identified by the temporary number plate.

    Zhang Tie's number was 1361 while Reinhardt's number was 1362. After taking the number plate, they walked downwards along a winding stair for more than 20 m before entering a huge underground space.

    That underground space was obviously an air-defense cave with ventilating pipes and rotating ventilators. It was prepared for the war. When they built it, they didn't imagine that it could be used as an underground illegal trading market for demon hunters.

    "Let's take a look at what we need. We're not allowed to call the real names. If you want to call me, just call my number!" Reinhardt nodded towards Zhang Tie as he patted his number, "And if you really need to trade something, you'd better change your voice in case of trouble!"

    "Fine!" Zhang Tie nodded. As a LV 9 fighter, Zhang Tie had a great ability to control his body. It was very easy for him to slightly change his voice.

    After nodding towards each other, they then headed towards different directions.

    This underground air-defense cave was as huge as an underground football field. It could hold tens of thousands of people. Fluorescent lamps were hanging on the roof and the walls of the air-defense cave. The fluorescent lamps had faint brightness. People could barely see the items beside them. This was especially designed by people. As a result, this illegal underground market looked a bit mysterious.

    There were rows of counter-like booths in the illegal market. Some of them were vacant, some were covered with items, while some other booths only hung a plate, on which was written what the owner wanted to purchase or sell and a number below it.

    The number of people in the illegal market was at least 700-800, which was more than Zhang Tie had imagined. It seemed that many people had already been here before Zhang Tie and Reinhardt.

    Those who traded here were basically above LV 9. Those items being liked by people above LV 9 were naturally of high value.

    Only after wandering for a short while had Zhang Tie found that the items like weapons, medicament or something else were all of high quality. Some of them were rune equipment and alchemist's equipment. However, they were at least two times more expensive than the same equipment that Zhang Tie saw in the auction house of Kalur several years ago. This was also a change brought by the holy war.

    On a booth, Zhang Tie saw a secret knowledge of 'Iron-Blood Fist'. At the sight of the familiar silver cover, Zhang Tie became stunned for a second as he recalled the time when Captain Kerlin gave him this secret knowledge in the ward when he attended the survival training in the wild wolf valley.

    This secret knowledge had a special meaning for Zhang Tie.

    "How much is this secret knowledge?" Zhang Tie took up the 'Iron-Blood Fist'.

    "50 gold coins. Don't bargain. Although this secret knowledge is a pirate, it has a great printing quality. Additionally, the raw material of this secret knowledge is good, which could be barely seen even in Norman Empire!" the owner of the booth was as tall as Zhang Tie. He also wore a mask and a set of cloak.

    Zhang Tie instantly took out a gold check of 100 gold coins from Castle of Black Iron and gave it to him.

    After taking over that gold check, that man checked it carefully before nodding and putting it away, "Look, this gold check has the minimal par value here, as I have no changes, can you pick up some more items. I will give a discount!"

    "This guy is really a good businessman." Zhang Tie nodded. Even if the price of this secret knowledge was 1,000 gold coins, he would also buy it right now. However, it only cost him 50 gold coins. Additionally, after paying 100 gold coins, he could have another item. Therefore, Zhang Tie started to look at the items patiently.

    On this booth, besides the 'Iron-Blood Fist', Zhang Tie also found some good-quality sabers and swords, a waistband and a bird in a cage, which aroused Zhang Tie's curiosity.

    This was Zhang Tie's first time to see live animals being sold in the illegal market. Therefore, he was very curious about that. The medium-sized bird looked ugly and dark gray all over. However, its eyes were very sharp. It looked a bit restless in the cage.

    "What's this? Did the demon hunters squad catch birds to sell?"

    "This is thunder hawk. Although it does not look big, it's a ferocious LV 1 living being. A thunder hawk could drive away a pack of common wild wolves. This bird could not only move fast in the sky, but also be very agile and ferocious. Generally, this bird could hardly be caught. Our demon hunters squad encountered this one by chance. It might have dropped on the ground during the process of striving for the spouse with other thunder hawks and got wounded. We found it and brought it back. Its wounds have recovered. I was almost injured by it twice."

    "What could it be used for?"

    "You can find a bird trainer to train it. This kind of bird could serve as the best scout and messenger. It is also a good helper for hunting in the wild!"

    Zhang's heart pounded at once, "Well, I want this, is it worth 50 gold coins?"

    "Its price is 60 gold coins. But if you want it, you can take it with 50 gold coins!" after selling this bird, that person let out a sigh evidently.

    Zhang Tie took over that bird cage. That person even warned him kindly, "Remember, do not put your finger into the cage; otherwise, the bird will cut off your finger with its beak at once. Thunder hawk has a very great strength..."

    "Alright, I will remember that!" Zhang Tie took over the cage and left at once. After passing by that booth, Zhang Tie put one finger into the cage. At the sight of the finger, the thunder hawk didn't give him a peck; conversely, it started to rub Zhang Tie's finger intimately with its beak like a spoiled child. Zhang Tie almost burst out into laughter. "This bird seems a bit intelligent. It's great! I am seeking for a chance to try the soul-based animal controlling skill of the 'Great Wildness Sutra' these days. "

    As there were all sorts of people and items in the illegal market, Zhang Tie did not look too eye-catching with a birdcage on the way. Zhang Tie even saw some iron-armored demons' heads being soaked in potion on a booth. When he passed by that booth, Zhang Tie even heard that owner whispering with another guy.

    "1,000 gold coins per one. Just take it away. When you submit this as a military exploit, you could be promoted to a commission officer at once...After that, you can leave Selnes Theater of Operations with the excuse of being wounded. With military exploits, a commission officer could leave here easier than common soldiers. All those rich dandies do this..."

    "It's too expensive. How about a bit cheaper? We've just received a business, we need at least 10..."

    "950 gold coins for each. Additionally, you need to wait for two days for the rest ones..."

    They then bargained in a low voice...

    Wherever there were people, there were always trades. In the same theater of operations, those common soldiers were driven spirited by the carriage of wing demons' heads; however, at the same time, someone was racking his head to implement his escape plan using a demon's head...

    Zhang Tie sighed inside--this is human, this is humanity...

    "Ah, 'Fierce Tiger Know-how'..." a nearby, low exclamation attracted Zhang Tie's eyes...
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