Chapter 577: Different Responses

    Chapter 577: Different Responses

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    With 'Fierce Tiger Technique', one could reach LV 13 and light 233 surging points. It was also incomplete. If it was complete, it should be called 'Fierce Tiger Sutra'.

    The complete 'Fierce Tiger Sutra' was a viscount-level cultivation method.

    After hearing that voice, Zhang Tie walked closer to that booth. Hearing some customers' discussion at the booth, Zhang Tie understood something at once.

    'Fierce Tiger Technique' was a secret knowledge in a northern country occupied by demons. Before the holy war, that country was prosperous. However, after only a few years, everything had become a history. To date, this secret knowledge had become a merchandise in the demon hunters illegal market in Mocco City.

    This 'Fierce Tiger Technique' was also recorded on a piece of diamond crystal which was rimmed with metal. The one who sold this secret knowledge was a guy in a cloak who wore a mask.

    The price of 'Fierce Tiger Technique' was 350,000 gold coins. It could also be exchanged with other items of the equivalent value.

    After watching it for a while, those guys in front of that booth left due to its high price, so did Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie became thrilled by finding a skill-level secret knowledge as he was looking to find 'Robust Ox Technique' here. Additionally, it might not be expensive. For most of the LV 9 demon hunters, they felt pitiful by only promoting one level to three-star strong fighters at most. Even LV 9 soldiers were just commoners in demon corps, not to mention a LV 10 soldier.

    However, after taking a round in the illegal market, Zhang Tie didn't find any 'Robust Ox Know-how'. Therefore, he recovered his composure. He believed that he would have a chance to find the secret knowledge here sooner or later.

    Zhang Tie didn't know whether Reinhardt had bought his necessity as he was empty-handed when Zhang Tie met him. Reinhardt was amazed about that birdcage in Zhang Tie's hand.

    "You bought it?"

    "Yup, I bought an Iron-Blood Fist as a souvenir. The seller gifted this to me as changes!"

    Reinhardt became speechless.

    "Let's go!"

    "Whether there are also demon hunters illegal market in Volv City and Sladic City?"

    "Yes, there are. But the markets in the two cities are a bit smaller than here! However, there are also high-quality goods there..."

    "Can you tell me the whereabouts of the two markets? I want to take a look there!"

    Reinhardt then told Zhang Tie the addresses of the two demon hunters markets. The same with this one, the other two markets were also covered by a bar.

    Zhang Tie silently remembered the addresses in mind. He planned to take a look there these couple of days. Perhaps, he could find what he needed in the other two markets.

    After leaving the bar, Reinhardt directly threw the car key to Zhang Tie.

    "You drive my vehicle back. The military SUV of Jinyun Country is too eye-catching in Mocco City. As there are too many military SUVs from Norman Empire here, you might be safer by driving it!"

    "What about you?"

    Reinhardt burst out into laughter, "Iron-Plough Corps's encampment is several kilometers away. I will just walk there!"

    Zhang Tie nodded as he took the key. It was just a vehicle which was worth about 100 gold coins. Zhang Tie even didn't need to ask Reinhardt whether would he return it to him.

    "Fine, see you then. You can find me in the Crystal Battle Fortress if you need help!"

    "You too. You can find me in Iron-Plough Corps. But I'm not always in Mocco City. I only stay here for 3-5 days a month. As the holy war has just started, you'd better not show off your fighting strength on the battlefield. I really don't want to hear that you have a cool performance on the battlefield again. The demons have not exerted their full efforts yet. Remember, you cannot have a bright future if you're dead!" Reinhardt told Zhang Tie solemnly as he forcefully patted his hand on Zhang Tie's shoulder.

    Zhang Tie nodded, "You need to take care of yourself too!"

    Reinhardt nodded before leaving. In the dark, Zhang Tie saw Reinhardt's back disappearing in front of him before taking the key and getting on the vehicle.

    The moment he got in the car did Zhang Tie open the bird cage and let the thunder hawk out of the cage. The seller thought that the thunder hawk had already recovered; actually, it did not. Zhang Tie found that when he let it jump onto his hand.

    After cultivating the 'Great Wildness Sutra', with his rising cultivating level, Zhang Tie found that he had mastered the ability to communicate with these animals and magical beasts. That was really a great ability. No wonder the deceased one who left the 'Great Wildness Sutra' to him in the cave told him that he could easily have numerous wealth once he mastered the 'Great Wildness Sutra'. Based on his current ability, he could easily perform as a common animal controller.

    The seller mistook another point about the thunder hawk. Although thunder hawks would fight for spouse and would suffer wounds in the process, even die, this thunder hawk's wounds were not caused by fighting for the spouse. Instead, they were stricken by lightning bolts when they caught up with them in the sky.

    Like how a moth would charge at the fire, thunder hawk liked to pursue lightning bolts in the sky. Nobody knew the reason. That was where their name came from. Generally, very few thunder hawk could survive a lightning bolt, except for this one, who really survived on.

    Zhang Tie soon drove out of Mocco City and came to the wild. Zhang Tie then put one hand on a wheeler while stretching another hand out. At the sight of this, the thunder hawk flattered it wings and jumped on Zhang Tie's one side.

    "As you've not recovered yet. How about resting somewhere for a few days? I have good drinks and food for you." Zhang Tie asked the thunder hawk as he touched its head.

    It seemed that the thunder hawk had already understood Zhang Tie's meaning. It rubbed its head on Zhang Tie's hand for a few times. Zhang Tie smiled as the thunder hawk instantly disappeared into the position of the copilot.

    At this moment, Heller's voice sounded.

    "Castle Lord, can you bring in some more animals? This place is a paradise for those animals. They would like it!"

    "Okay!" Zhang Tie replied as he suddenly remembered something, "Heller, can I directly set free animals into Castle of Black Iron?"

    "Of course!"

    "That's great. I will have a try next time..."

    At this moment, a scene appeared in Zhang Tie's mind. He wondered when Castle of Black Iron could be as large as the Blackson Humans Corridor, when could he enjoy the most splendid and exotic landscape everywhere. He could see various docile mutated plants and living beings there. Besides, it could hold billions of people...

    By then, when humans were forced against the wall by demons, he could lead them in Castle of Black Iron. After all, they were two completely different spaces. However, Castle of Black Iron with 100 sq km was still a bit limited for long-term settlement. If it could be as large as millions of sq km, it would be available for enough people to live in. He could even found a country inside.

    As he thought about that, Zhang Tie threw the metal birdcage into the Pool of Chaos in Castle of Black Iron which added trivial basic energy storage to Castle of Black Iron. After that, Zhang Tie drove back to the Crystal Battle Fortress. Fortunately, nothing happened on the way.

    Those in Crystal Battle Fortress also knew about Zhang Tie's "heroic deed" in Mocco City today. When Zhang Tie parked his vehicle, he found the surrounding soldiers were watching him with admiring looks.

    However, before he returned to the Idiots, a person outside Lan Yunxi's office told him that Lan Yunxi wanted to see him. Therefore, Zhang Tie entered Lan Yunxi's office.

    In Lan Yunxi's office, Zhang Tie was ferociously sworn by her. Like Reinhardt, Lan Yunxi also disagreed with Zhang Tie's deed today. She was even very angry about that.

    "Do you think you're great by just killing some LV 9 and LV 10 wing demons? Do you think you can step all the demons under your feet? Do you know that there are also battle-spirit-level wing demons? Do you think you can still survive back if you met any wing demon above LV 11? Do you think you could be the main character of the holy war between humans and demons?"

    Lan Yunxi was driven mad that her face almost froze. She released a powerful and unrivaled qi, "I thought you were smart. However, I've not imagined that you are as silly as the other men!"

    Zhang Tie couldn't even utter a word. However, Zhang Tie found that he grew happier as Lan Yunxi swore him.

    Finally, before Zhang Tie uttered any word, Lan Yunxi had driven him out of the office. Standing outside the office, Zhang Tie touched his nose as he smiled and returned to the Idiots.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that another woman was waiting for him in the Idiots.

    She was Dantai Qingqing...
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