Chapter 578: Who Pursued Whom?

    Chapter 578: Who Pursued Whom?

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    At the sight of Zhang Tie, those crew members forcefully blinked their eyes towards Zhang Tie. The first mate then told Zhang Tie that a woman was waiting for him in the command module of the airship.

    "That's a very beautiful woman!" the first mate commented.

    After entering the command module, Zhang Tie caught sight of Dantai Qingqing.

    Seeing their captain coming in, those horny male wolves who were showing off their muscles in front of Dantai Qingqing left the command module.

    A bit treacherous red hair, a sexy figure and a beauty mark[1] near her lip--Zhang Tie didn't know what Dantai Qingqing was here for.

    At this moment, she was wearing a brilliant, rosy longuette and a pair of high-heeled shoes like she was going to attend a ball. Those horny male wolves who showed off their muscles in front of her might not know that she could kill them all in a second if she lost her temper.

    "I heard that you are waiting for me? What's the matter?" Zhang Tie asked straightforwardly.

    "Why not ask my name first? Don't you think it's rude?" Dantai Qingqing pouted her mouth, which looked cute.

    Zhang Tie rubbed his face as he blushed, "Miss Dantai Qingqing, we met in the Military Exploits Registration Center. I heard someone calling your name. Therefore, I know who you are. You also know who I am. So, we don't need to ask names!"

    "Ha, I've not imagined that you could pay attention to my name. It means I'm charming!" Dantai Qingqing smiled, which was too alluring that even Zhang Tie was shocked.

    "Beautiful woman is always eye-catching, let alone it was in Crystal Battle Fortress!" Zhang Tie shrugged and said honestly.

    After hearing this, Dantai Qingqing became happier. With a fascinating smile, she walked towards Zhang Tie. The moment she came closer to Zhang Tie had Zhang Tie sniffed her good smell. "I'm here to ask you some questions?" Dantai Qingqing said.

    "Go ahead"

    "Do you have a girlfriend?"

    Zhang Tie became stunned as he glanced at Dantai Qingqing with a curious look, "Yes, I have, many!"

    "You're honest. Do you mind having one more?" Dantai Qingqing put one hand on Zhang Tie's shoulder as she leered at Zhang Tie.


    Dantai Qingqing showed off her arrogant figure by raising her head as she said, "How about this girl?"

    "You?" Zhang Tie seriously looked at her from her head to toe. Standing closer to him, Dantai Qingqing really made Zhang Tie's blood boil.

    When Zhang Tie glanced at her, he was fully dubious, "F*ck, this woman must have eaten wrong medicine. What an open girl!"

    "There are so many men in the Crystal Battle Fortress. I believe that a lot of them must be pursuing you. Why did you choose me?" Zhang Tie asked out of curiosity.

    "This girl likes little fresh meat[2] like you. You're handsome and talented. How about that?" Dantai Qingqing put it straightforwardly.

    Zhang Tie smiled, "Well, I agree. From now on, you're my girlfriend!"

    "Really?" Dantai Qingqing had not imagined that Zhang Tie could agree with her so fast as he became excited at once, "You have a good insight!"

    Zhang Tie then put his arm around Dantai Qingqing's slim waist as he smirked and glanced over her body once again.

    Under the 'evil' gaze of Zhang Tie, Dantai Qingqing twisted her body restlessly as she seemed not being used to Zhang Tie's arm. As Zhang Tie embraced her waist, he started to tease her by rubbing the place under her waist, causing goosebumps all over Dantai Qingqing.

    Zhang Tie laughed inside as he directly headed for the Captain's Room.

    "Where are we going?"

    "We're in the command module. It's where we work. Now that you're my girlfriend, we'd better talk about rest of the things in my room!"

    Dantai Qingqing threw another glance at Zhang Tie before raising her head and followed Zhang Tie into the Captain's room in a proud way.

    The moment they entered the room had Zhang Tie locked the door from inside.

    After hearing the door was locked, Dantai Qingqing turned around. At this moment, Zhang Tie had already forcefully kissed her plump lips with his arm around her waist.


    Having not prepared for that, Dantai Qingqing widely opened her eyes at once. She had not imagined that Zhang Tie could do this. After being vacant for a few seconds, she pushed away Zhang Tie at once. Meanwhile, she raised her eyebrows and watched Zhang Tie furiously as she blushed, "What're you doing?"

    Zhang Tie watched her with an 'amazing' look, "Now that you're my girlfriend, it means that I can kiss you. Have you seen any boyfriend who could not kiss her girlfriend? Don't tell me this was your first kiss..."

    "Who...who said this was my first kiss?" Dantai Qingqing's breasts undulated heavily as she glared at Zhang Tie. After half a minute, she recovered her composure. She revealed a smile once again as she said calmly, "It was too abrupt. You've not even told me about that. I'm not used to that!"

    "You mean you want me to aware you in advance?" Zhang Tie asked with a voice that sounded as tender as water.

    "Hmm, that would be better!"

    "Okay. You can go to bed and take off your skirt..." Zhang Tie pointed at that bed.

    Zhang Tie's words shocked Dantai Qingqing so much. Widely opening her eyes, Dantai Qingqing asked unbelievably, "What did you say?"

    "I told you to take off your skirt and lie on the bed!" Zhang Tie explained very patiently.

    "What...what do you want?"

    "Of course, I want you to be my girlfriend!" Zhang Tie watched her with an 'innocent' look, "Since I came to Selnes Theater of Operations, I've not made love. Now that, you want to be my girlfriend, just let me enjoy it!"

    Saying this, Zhang Tie had already put his hand on Qingqing's butts. Being scared, Dantai Qingqing jumped away like a deer being startled. Gritting her teeth forcefully, the woman glared at Zhang Tie, "B*stard, who...who agrees to let you enjoy it!"

    "Isn't it normal between a man and his girlfriend?" Zhang Tie watched Dantai Qingqing who was staring at him like finding an alien, "Is it strange for me to make love with my girlfriend? Hurry up. No crap! Lie on the bed. You can also lie on your stomach. The more gestures you could perform, the more I will like. Heh, heh, your butts look plump..."

    "Who...who told you that a man and a woman have to do this?"

    "Yes, a man and a woman don't necessarily have to do this. However, as you're my girlfriend, when you stay with me, we must do this." saying this, Zhang Tie had stripped to his waist. He started to undo his waistband and prepared to take off his pants.

    "F*rt, who told you that a man and his girlfriend must do this?" Dantai Qingqing became both furious and bashful as her face had completely turned red.

    Zhang Tie stopped at once as he revealed a considerate look, "You're also right. Whether I'm too secular or not? Perhaps I'm shortsighted. How about this? If you can tell me a story, the main male character of which was a eunuch, it means you're right. Otherwise, just lie there obediently!"

    Dantai Qingqing widely opened her mouth. Zhang Tie stopped his movement as he just watched her...

    After half a minute...

    "Have you got one?" Zhang Tie asked in a kind voice, "If not, just follow my order and lie on the bed. We can take it slow. Don't worry, I will not hurt you! I've really not imagined that a beauty like you could propose to be my girlfriend voluntarily in Selnes Theater of Operations. That's marvelous! I think I will not feel lonely at night later on."

    Zhang Tie revealed an 'obscene' smile as he undid his waistband. Meanwhile, he gradually drew closer to Dantai Qingqing. Perhaps being frightened by Zhang Tie, Dantai Qingqing's face turned a bit pale, "This isn't little fresh meat! This is a lady killer." She started to move back one step after another as she stammered, "You...you...you stay away from me!"

    "Do you want to play something violent? You are a good performer. Heh...heh...I like it..." Zhang Tie revealed an 'evil' smile as he gradually forced Dantai Qingqing against the wall. After undoing his waistband, he whipped it loudly, "Now that you like this atmosphere, I will show you something good on me!"

    When Dantai Qingqing had nowhere to go, Zhang Tie rapidly took off his pants.

    "Ah..." Dantai Qingqing uttered a shrill as she covered her eyes and directly sprung up from the ground and fell on the door side. She then opened the door at once and darted outside without looking back.

    "Qingqing...don't run...I will be kind...Qingqing..." Zhang Tie pretended to chase after her for a few steps as he shouted with a 'sentimental', oily voice.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's exclamation, Dantai Qingqing sped up. She even lost one high-heeled shoe. What a miserable escape!

    After staying in the room quietly for half a minute and watching Dantai Qingqing rushing towards the Crystal Battle Fortress after leaving the airship barefoot, Zhang Tie burst out into laughter at once as he staggered forward and back.

    If it was four years ago, he might have been frightened by Dantai Qingqing's performance tonight. However, Zhang Tie had already experienced too many love affairs. The moment he caught sight of Dantai Qingqing had he known that this hot beauty had not made love before. It was too easy for Zhang Tie to deal with such a little beauty who had a great fighting strength, yet was rebellious and inexperienced in some aspect.

    Zhang Tie then lowered his head and looked at his loose sky-blue boxer shorts from different angles. Touching his jaw, he made some poses, "Hmm, doesn't this pair of boxer shorts look good? This is the uniform of air cavalry in Selnes Theater of Operations. What the hell are these women thinking about? That's too complex. Do they think that men don't wear underwear..."

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