Chapter 579: War and Bloodline

    Chapter 579: War and Bloodline

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    What happened between Dantai Qingqing and Zhang Tie was just a small episode in Zhang Tie's life. He didn't care about that at all.

    On the second day, the news that Zhang Tie drove a vehicle being loaded with wing demons' heads around Mocco City had been published in 'Holy War News' along with the two photos, which shocked the entire Selnes Theater of Operations.

    Everyone knew that it was how Zhang Tie responded to the assassination which targeted at him two days ago.

    The reputation of Selnes Eagle grew louder. Zhang Tie evidently became the representative of human heroes in the theater of operations.

    However, Zhang Tie wasn't used to represent or be represented. After being warned by Reinhardt and Lan Yunxi; Zhang Tie, being in the peak of the storm, became low-key at once. He didn't do excessive or eye-catching things anymore; instead, he proposed to join the airship troop of Jinyun Country. Ignoring his social status and halos, Zhang Tie fought demons together with the airship troop. As an air cavalry, he was responsible for protecting the entire airship of Jinyun Country in the air. Additionally, he would carry out some reconnaissance missions with other glider drivers.

    After making such a choice, although Zhang Tie did not become that remarkable as that a couple of days ago, his persona movement was limited. He had fewer chances to kill wing demons. However, he became more honorable in the heart of those fighters in Crystal Battle Fortress and the airship troop of Jinyun Country.

    Across the Selnes Theater of Operations, Jinyun Country's airship troop was the only airship troop that was escorted by the air cavalry. Because of Zhang Tie's existence, the casualty rate of the glider drivers of Jinyun Country's airship troop declined to the lowest in the Selnes Theater of Operations. The casualty of each mission declined by over 90% than before.

    In the troop, those who could provide a strong guarantee to their comrade-in-arms and could save so many people, would gain others' respect wherever they were, such as Zhang Tie.

    The life in the theater of operations was relatively boring and very intense everyday. Everyone was in a high alert. In the blink of an eye, Zhang Tie had stayed in Jinyun Country's airship troop for over a month.

    During this period, although being in the same troop, Zhang Tie couldn't see Lan Yunxi very often. Sometimes, they could not see each other for 1 or 2 weeks. Additionally, they met in the public each time.

    In the same period, Zhang Tie almost visited all the large-scale airships across Selnes Theater of Operations as he followed his airship troop out for battle or transfer. Zhang Tie also visited Volv and Slavic, another two cities in the human territory where his airship troop took a stop in turns. He visited the illegal demon hunters markets over there.

    Although Zhang Tie had seen a lot of cultivation methods and secret knowledge in the two demon hunters markets during the past month, he still didn't see 'Robust Ox Know-how' or the incomplete 'King Roc Sutra'. Zhang Tie gradually became worried. He could not just remain stagnant on his fighting strength. This would be a huge loss for him, causing him to bear a great stress.

    The situation on the battlefield changed every second. Like what Lan Yunxi said, in the fight between humans and demons, a LV 9 fighter could never be the main character. Because there were so many opponents who were more powerful than him.

    Lan Yunxi talked with him again later on; however, Zhang Tie still didn't accept her 'Breaking Sun Sutra'. Because of this, Lan Yunxi didn't speak to him for about two weeks. However, after that, Zhang Tie had made a warning in mind--If he did not get the 'Robust Ox Skill' at the end of July, he would find another secret knowledge to cultivate.

    Zhang Tie really could not keep going like this. If he was not afraid of exposing his secret and being caught for vivisection, he could fetch the 'Robust Ox Know-how' from Huaiyuan Palace in the broad daylight, he could also fetch one from Long Wind Business Group.

    However, Zhang Tie dared not do that as each of his movement was eye-catching. If he cultivated the 'Robust Ox Know-how', once he passed LV 11, he would become the focus of the public. By then, he could barely clarify it. That would arise a big trouble to him. Therefore, he could only work out a way to get 'Robust Ox Know-how' stealthily. To be rich silently counted the most.

    "What if I still could not fetch the 'Robust Ox Know-how' in the end of July?"

    Zhang Tie didn't have a high requirement on himself, neither did he have a great ambition. He only needed an incomplete sutra above count. "Zhang Huaiyuan, the founder of Huaiyuan Palace have had such a great undertaking only by a count-level 'Breaking Sun Sutra', if I could also have such a great undertaking, I would be satisfied; it would be better if I could get an incomplete sutra above marquis or duke.

    Over the past one month, Zhang Tie had contacted his elder brother for several times through remote-sensing crystal. He told his parents that he was safe and reported his recent situation to his family members. Although Zhang Tie was in Selnes, he always concerned about his family members.

    Under the arrangement of his elder brother, Zhang Tie's family members had almost prepared well to leave Waii Sub-Continent. By the next month, Zhang Tie's family would set out for the eastern continent.

    Although Zhang family would move to the eastern continent, Zhang family's business in Huaiyuan Prefecture didn't end at once, and had been properly arranged. After Zhang Tie's elder brother left, the business of Jinwu Corporation would shrink. Some of its business would be sold to Long Wind Corporation. Through remote sensing crystal, Zhang Tie's elder brother could also manage the business here from the eastern continent. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang entrusted the specialized agency of Huaiyuan Palace and Golden Roc Bank respectively to supervise the operations of the corporation.

    What Zhang Tie worried most was actually Linda, Fiona and Beverly.

    When he returned home last time, in the last evenings before he left Huaiyuan Prefecture, he injected his essence of new life into the body of the three women by the special ability gifted by the small tree after carnival.

    The request was also proposed by the three women. Before they departed from him, they expected to breed new lives for him and would wait in the eastern continent for his return.

    At the beginning, Zhang Tie didn't know they had such a thought. After making love with them for many times, he found they all maintained an odd gesture; at the same time, they prevented his fluid from flowing out of their body. Zhang Tie then realized that they all wanted to have babies.

    "If I need to wait for you a few years, I'm afraid that I will miss you so much. However, if I had a baby, I could spend time with our baby. That would not make me insane!" Beverly told him.

    "Since you left the airship on the way back to Huaiyuan Prefecture, I was thinking about having a baby for you. That was the first time I wanted to be a mom and have a man's baby. Even if you don't come back, even if you died, when the kid grows up, I would tell him, he had a great papa. He's my most admirable man!" Fiona told him.

    "If I can give birth to a baby, I want to have a baby with you. I'm afraid of losing the quality to be a mom. When you'd see me in the eastern continent, I might have already lost that quality. That would be a great pity! Beverly and Fiona had already told you what I wanted to say..." Linda said.

    When a woman determined to have a baby for you regardless of being fat, ugly, regardless of the huge pains, and the other potential dangers. When a woman would like to be a mother, to accomplish the greatest role conversion in her life, wish to sustain more life responsibilities or put all her efforts in breeding a baby for a man...Zhang Tie didn't know what other men would feel when they heard this, but he was deeply moved by this unprecedentedly.

    When the three women said the above words, they didn't say the three words 'I love you', but Zhang Tie thought all the words were solemn oath and promises...

    Being moved by this, Zhang Tie made the most important decision for himself.

    To tell the truth, even Zhang Tie himself didn't know when would he see them again. The hopeless wait was the most excruciating. Zhang Tie even didn't know whether could he return to the eastern continent in the future after this departure.

    Zhang Tie felt that he was responsible and obligatory to sustain such a bloodline for himself, for Linda, Beverly and Fiona, for his dad and mom and for Zhang family.

    In the beginning, Zhang Tie only told his elder brother about that. Before Zhang Tie came to Selnes, Zhang Yang had already asked his wives to pay attention to the health of Linda, Fiona and Beverly. By the end of May, Zhang Yang messaged Zhang Tie that all of them had no menstruation in May. After reporting it to their dad and mom, Zhang Tie's mom picked up them and arranged them to live in Zhang's household. According to the doctor, Linda, Beverly and Fiona were pregnant.

    Zhang Yang said that although their dad swore Zhang Tie, he was very happy inside. So was their mom. The whole family was very boisterous now. Their mom was preparing for the babies' clothes, although she didn't know whether they were male or female.

    Zhang Tie didn't tell his elder brother what he wanted to say through the remote sensing crystal--the babies that Linda, Beverly and Fiona had were all male with black hair and eyes. Additionally, they would awaken the two bloodlines the moment they came to this world, precise throwing skill and body transformation.

    This was a powerful ability gifted by the small tree which could control and determine the sustainability of his bloodline .

    It was soon mid-June, less than 2 months after the human alliance seized back the Flatte City. However, the tusk of the demon corps shocked everyone once again...
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