Chapter 581: Dilemma and Hope

    Chapter 581: Dilemma and Hope

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    "When demons change the tactics of the wing demon troops, their air defense in the front lines to the north of the Selnes Theatre of Operations would weaken. Although spare wing demons were unable to annihilate the human airship troop, they could also provide the necessary early warning for demons as the defensive line off the demons against human airship troop. To date, the demons have started to gather the wing demons collectively. This means they would leave a lot of loopholes in the north defense line. As long as we seized this chance, the human airship troop might give a heavy blow to the ground troops of demon corps!" Lan Yunxi's gleaming eyes roused the others' morale once again. As a result, the conference room gradually warmed up.

    "However, we need to confirm the precise position of demonized puppets corps on the ground. We should forget about attacking the main forces of demons, as demons are smart, even though wing demons changed their tactics, they would at least keep sufficient wing demons as their guards in the air above the encampment of their main forces. Therefore, our target is still the demonized puppet corps. Given their limited air forces, the demons could only choose between the main forces and the demonized puppets corps." The chief of staff of fleets who sat on the left side of Lan Yunxi added.

    "As the population of demonized puppets is not limitless. If we can annihilate the demonized puppet corps, we can also give a heavy blow to demons. When we kill a lot of demonized puppets, the demons' control force in their occupied zone and Selnes front line would have loopholes for sure. By then, our ground troop would have a greater chance to win. By doing this, we're peeling off the armor of the main force of demons." A commissioned officer on Lan Yunxi's right side said after being silent for a few seconds.

    "However, the priority is to confirm the encampment of the demonized puppets before making a move. Meanwhile, we need to dodge from wing demon troop. We have to move very fast. We need to accomplish our evacuation before the wing demon troop makes any response. Otherwise, once being hampered by the wing demon troop, we might suffer a loss even if we could make it back. If so, we might even suffer more than the Francia Federation's airship troop.

    "Such a move is very dangerous. Jinyun Country should not resist demons alone. We'd better touch the alliance command before moving out. With other airship troops' coordination, our danger would be reduced to the lowest level."

    The commission officers discussed fervently.

    "However, our airship troop needs to solve the problem of early warning before this. Especially when the subordinate fleets and greater brigades move alone, other gliders could not take off from the airships in bad weather. Even if we have Selnes Eagle, Zhang Tie could still not take care of each fleet. If we can't solve this problem, once those subordinate fleets and greater brigades encounter greater troops of wing demons when en route, they might repeat the outcome of the Francia Federation's airship troop."

    "Before working out a feasible solution, I propose that our airship troop cancel the independent movement of subordinate fleets and greater brigades." A colonel suggested Lan Yunxi.

    "I agree. This is what I want to say." Lan Yunxi nodded. "As the wing demons' tactics changed, our airship troop should also change its tactics. Now I will announce the new movement rules of the subordinate fleets and greater brigades of Jinyun Country's airship troop..."


    After over one hour, everybody left the conference room with a gloomy mood. They all saw a hope of reversing the current situation. Therefore, they were not hopeless.

    Zhang Tie left in the end. Seeing Zhang Tie staying, the other guys who bet with him before hurriedly left the conference room. Given the special relationship between Zhang Tie and Lan Yunxi, plus that they only met for a few times in the same airship troop over the past one month, it was really a marvel to hear no scandal between Zhang Tie and Lan Yunxi.

    Sometimes, even Zhang Tie could not understand why. 'Is it because that Lan Yunxi and I have a great gap in all aspects or because Lan Yunxi exhibits a very powerful image in front of others so that nobody would believe in that Lan Yunxi could act in another way in front of me?'

    After refusing Lan Yunxi's "Breaking Sun Sutra" for twice, whenever they stayed together, Lan Yunxi would gaze at him with a hateful look, making him very depressed.

    The moment the door of the conference room was closed, as the last person's footstep grew quieter in the distance, Zhang Tie hurriedly raised his hands when he saw Lan Yunxi changing her eye lights once again.

    "Well, I surrender. Please don't look at me in this way. It makes me look like an unfaithful lover. Give me some more time, please. I will get the secret knowledge on cultivation for sure!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Lan Yunxi wanted to lose her temper once again. However, she didn't. After taking a deep breath, she said, "You mean that in the demon hunters markets?"

    "How did you know that?" Zhang Tie watched Lan Yunxi with his eyes widely opened.

    "Nonsense, your status is so special. Additionally, you move together with the airship troop, won't I pay attention to you?"

    "Heh...heh...how about my moral standing? Besides demon hunters markets, I've not been to any brothels in the over the past month. I would always keep it for you even if I was forced to have internal injuries. You can tell me if you want it." Zhang Tie molested Lan Yunxi with a big smile.

    If it was before, Zhang Tie's shameless words would definitely make Lan Yunxi blush. This was also one of Zhang Tie's interests. However, Lan Yunxi just released out a slow sigh this time.

    "You cannot find any sultras in the demon hunters markets."

    "I know."

    Lan Yunxi then bit her lips. After being silent for a short while, she plucked her courage. "Do you know that I will not marry a man below knight?"

    When she said this, Lan Yunxi blushed.

    Zhang Tie watched her vacantly while being moved greatly inside.

    Lan Yunxi thought Zhang Tie was scared. Therefore, she added in a tender voice, "Commoners might have satisfied when they reach above LV 10. Such kind of people could be talents and elites in many places. However, it's different for those beside me in Huaiyuan Palace. To be knight is only their basic condition. If your secret knowledge is below count, your development potential would also be restricted in the future even if you're a knight. Am I clear?"

    "Don't worry. I will definitely promote to knight with a secret knowledge above count." Zhang Tie promised decisively.

    "There's no secret knowledge on cultivation above count in Waii Sub-Continent. Do you think you can find one here? How can you make me reassured?" Lan Yunxi watched Zhang Tie with a slightly disappointed look. "Do you want to start cultivation when you come back to the eastern continent? Do you know that the clans and sects in eastern continent treasure secret knowledge more than they do here? You might find many secret knowledge below count, however, those above the level of count are also very precious. In the sects of the eastern continent, you need chances to touch such secret knowledge after strict tests. How many years can you spare for that?"

    "I've told you I will promote to a knight with a secret knowledge above count, I will definitely make it. Additionally, I'm confident that it will not take me too much time. I have my own fortunes and methods. You can believe in me!" Zhang Tie drew Lan Yunxi's hand.

    After watching Zhang Tie for a short while seriously, Lan Yunxi slowly nodded. She didn't know how Zhang Tie could be so confident. However, Zhang Tie's decisive and frank look told her that he was not kidding.

    "Well, I believe in you. I hope you not to play jokes with...with your future!"

    Zhang Tie then reached his hand onto Lan Yunxi's waist while twisting like a snake. Lan Yunxi faintly moved before sliding his hand off.

    "I have to go to the alliance command of Mocco City..."

    "Do you come back at night?"

    "What for?" Lan Yunxi became alert.

    "As we have three days' rest, I want to talk about my dream with you. Although the holy war is critical, we should not give up our dreams!" Zhang Tie said officially.

    "What's your dream? I've not heard about that before?"

    "It's so-so. I dream to contribute my trivial strength to human's reproduction. As the commander of my airship troop and a righteous and kind human, you should support my dream whatever, right?"

    After being silent for three seconds, Lan Yunxi understood Zhang Tie's words. In a split second, she was driven mad, 'You asshole. You're becoming more excessive. How dare you pose such a request towards me?' She then threw a paper file towards Zhang Tie's head, "Roll out of here..."


    Several minutes later, Zhang Tie left the airship. Standing in the drizzle, Zhang Tie watched that airship taking off and flying towards the direction of Mocco City.

    After putting on his raincoat, Zhang Tie left Base C.

    After one hour, it was completely dark when Zhang Tie appeared in the Demon Hunters Bar in Volv City...

    Good luck to me this time!

    Zhang Tie muttered as he entered the gate which was as thick as that of the vault safe in bank.
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