Chapter 582: Killing Intent in Illegal Demon Hunters Market

    Chapter 582: Killing Intent in Illegal Demon Hunters Market

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    The illegal demon hunters market in Volv City was in a lane behind the Demon Hunters Bar. Compared to the demon hunters market in Mocco City, this one was a bit smaller. However, the items in this market could match those in the market in Mocco City.

    As it was raining, the ground paved with rubble became wet from the water dropping from the sunshade. The stones at the foot of the wall were also covered with a layer of thin moss. Under the green light of the fluorescent lamps, people's shadows were elongated in the moist lane. The lane was crowded with a lot of guys in overclothes. Their voices had changed, either hoarse or shrill. Some were even talking in ventriloquy, while their voices were produced in their stomach, making it more difficult to distinguish.

    On a rainy night, some guys in masks wandered in such a serene lane like ghosts. At the sight of this, someone might be frightened a lot. Therefore, the atmosphere in the lane was a bit weird.

    Zhang Tie was also walking in the lane in a suit of black overclothes and a mask as he watched the items being displayed on the windows on both sides of the lane.

    After reaching LV 9, Zhang Tie started to understand why it was just a beginning of cultivation at LV 9 as was told by Zhao Yuan, his master. Besides a lot of invisible surge points that needed to be ignited after LV 9, a lot of fighting skills could be learned only after LV 9.

    Take movement skills as an example. Before LV 9, Zhang Tie was only qualified to learn leaping skill, which could greatly increase one's leaping ability by releasing force through the spine. Before mastering it, Zhang Tie could use his instinct to leap 4 m high. However, after mastering it, he could leap 6-7 m high easily.

    When Zhang Tie came to this demon hunters market, he witnessed the biggest trade. It was a movement skill called "Storm Movement". Its price was 650,000 gold coins. This really stunned Zhang Tie. When he was attracted by this book, he asked about its details and learned that its effect could not be exerted until over 70 surging points on one's feet were ignited. Therefore, Zhang Tie gave it up.

    Many high-level fighting skills required the cultivator to light some surging points. After obtaining the secret knowledge on how to light surging points, for many people, whether the fighting skills that they cultivate could coordinate with the surging points that they have lit determined their personal strength.

    Generally, the more surging points that were ignited, the greater potential would be released. As a result, the more fighting skills could be cultivated and applied. Therefore, on the road of cultivation, the more powerful you were, the more powerful you would be. Although each step forward was very difficult, after each step, you would see a different world.

    When Zhang Tie was looking at the merchandise in the lane, he suddenly felt his finger slightly numb through the ring of awareness. Zhang Tie was immediately shocked.

    When the effect of the ring of awareness was triggered, it indicated that someone was staring at him with a malicious look for over 20 seconds.

    Zhang Tie didn't know who was following him. However, the warning from the ring of awareness made him careful. Although he pretended that he hadn't noticed, when he watched those weapons on a roadside booth, he rapidly glanced over those people behind him through his eye corners.

    He saw over 30 people behind him in the lane using his dark vision. Each of them was wearing a suit of black overclothes and a mask. They were all going about their own business. Some were in a group of 2 or 3, some were independent. It seemed that nobody was noticing him at all. Zhang Tie could not identify who was staring him from behind.

    'Is it a coincidence or someone is going to rip me off after knowing my status?'

    Zhang Tie rapidly racked his mind. In Selnes Theatre of Operations, demon hunters came from different countries and regions. Therefore, even if the relationship between demon hunters was very complex sometimes. Zhang Tie had also heard about demon hunters stabbing each other with sabers in the wild. Even in some cities, some demon hunters who thought they were powerful had also done illegal things. Therefore, Zhang Tie was not sure what that person behind him was thinking about.

    Seeing Zhang Tie stopping and watching those weapons in front of his booth, the demon hunter who sold his weapons became excited at once, "Our weapons are of top quality in Selnes Theatre of Operations. They all carry rune effects. Even it is the simplest rune effect, it is much more powerful than those common weapons. Take this longsword, for instance, the rune effect it carried is sharpness. Additionally, it is made of high-quality alloy. It's a rare treasure that we obtained on the move!"

    The owner held a 1 m-long sharp long sword and exhibited it in front of Zhang Tie. It was indeed a very nice merchandise. It was classic and majestic. Together with its sheath, it didn't have too many decorations, however, it felt very stable and sharp.

    Being interested in it, Zhang Tie looked it over. it was very heavy. Although it seemed to be only over 20 kg, it weighed at least 70 kg, which was proper for Zhang Tie. It was indeed made of a special material.

    "How much?" Zhang Tie asked the owner.

    "1,200 gold coins. Don't bargain!"

    If it was a common elite sword with no rune effect, it was at most worth 200 gold coins. However, it carried with a rune effect. Additionally, its quality was higher than that of a common elite sword in all aspects. Therefore, its price rose from three digits to four digits.

    "1,000 gold coins. I will take it away!" Zhang Tie gave a counter-offer.

    After watching Zhang Tie for a few seconds, the owner replied, "Fine, I will make a contribution to the holy war. That's a deal, 1,000 gold coins!"

    Zhang Tie took out of a gold check of 1,000 gold coins and gave it to the owner. The owner took it and checked it carefully before nodding towards Zhang Tie.

    Although this price meant nothing for Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie knew it was not cheap as with it he could buy two Faerie Dragon super sports cars. 'My dad could not afford such a rune weapon without eighty or ninety years' salary.'

    Taking the long sword, Zhang Tie directly hung it under his overclothes. After that, he continued to wander in the lane. The ring of awareness didn't send a warning anymore. However, Zhang Tie didn't recover his composure.

    The raindrops fell on the sunshade above the lane, causing cracking sounds. Wind and drizzle leaked through the gap on the sunshade, making Zhang Tie feel cold.

    The coldness didn't come from wind or rain, but from a looming killing intent in the wind and rain. If not for the ring of awareness, Zhang Tie might not be able to identify the killing intent inside the coldness.

    Zhang Tie calmed down.

    There were hundreds of people in the illegal market. Before the fight, Zhang Tie didn't know who among these people were threatening him. Although he was wearing a mask and a suit of overclothes, his frame would remain unchanged. For one or a group of powerhouses or killers, as long as they could keep his frame in mind, they could recognize him even he was in a mask and a suit of overclothes.

    Zhang Tie thought that someone had already noticed his trace since he rambled in the illegal demon hunters markets over the past one month. Therefore, the opponent just waited there for his arrival.

    Those who lurked among demon hunters were all powerhouses. They could better hide in the crowd. Additionally, they could easily escape after the assassination.

    All of a sudden, Zhang Tie felt that the illegal demon hunters market was filled with killing intent, causing him to tense up.

    After failing to assassinate him with alchemist's bomb, especially knowing that he could kill LV 10 wing demons, the opponents would dispatch powerhouses above LV 11 for sure this time. Zhang Tie wouldn't find it strange even if they were great battle masters.

    Although Zhang Tie looked relaxed, he was working out counter-measures anxiously. However, at this moment, a sound drifted into his ears from a booth in front of him.

    "Alas, are you kidding me? It's just a "Robust Ox Skill". Don't waste my time. You can only cheat those guys below LV 6 with this. However, who would like to block his own way of cultivation only for improving one level. Buddy, this item was a bit valuable before the holy war; however, now even the average members of regular demon corps is LV 9, who will buy it..."

    "Erm, if you want it, I will give you a discount, how about 10,000 gold coins?"

    "Forget about that. This is a trap for those below LV 10. Anyone who cultivates it will have a bad fortune."

    "If it's complete, it's an emperor-level secret knowledge. Even if you don't cultivate it, you can also collect it!" the owner urged.

    "Antiques are valuable in a flourishing age while gold is valuable in a chaotic age. Who'd like to collect and study this? In such a chaotic age, gold is the best!"

    Saying that the man shook his head and left the booth.

    As nobody was sure that he wanted "Robust Ox Skill" for sure, Zhang Tie could confirm that what happened in front of him wasn't a cheat or trap.

    It was indeed a strange occurrence. Zhang Tie had not imagined that the extremely rustic secret knowledge "Robust Ox Skill", the incomplete "King Roc Sutra" which he had been striving for could appear together with the killing intent at the same time.
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