Chapter 583: Getting the Robust Ox Skill

    Chapter 583: Getting the Robust Ox Skill

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    Zhang Tie looked around and found that those people who wanted to assassinate him were very careful. He drew in a deep breath before walking in front of the booth at a medium-sized pace frequency.

    Where he saw an item which looked similar to the 'Breaking Sun Sutra' of Lan Yunxi. It was a metal with beautiful patterns. The center of that piece of metal was a piece of black crystal which was circled by some Chinese characters "", which meant "Robust Ox Skill".

    Having not imagined that the item that he had been seeking for over a month was right in front of him; thankfully, nobody liked to buy it. Zhang Tie's hand under his cloak started to quiver...

    Beside that 'Robust Ox Skill' was a diamond-shaped crystal which was wrapped by the metal. At the sight of that item, Zhang Tie had known that it was a secret knowledge for sure. All the secret knowledge above LV 9 were as mysterious as this. Unless deliberate destruction, such a secret knowledge would remain unchanged for thousands of years.

    Besides the two secret knowledge were some vials of medicament and medicinal powders.

    Zhang Tie ignored the 'Robust Ox Skill'; instead, he directly took up another secret knowledge on its side and asked the owner.

    "What's this?"

    The owner also wore a black cloak and a mask.

    "This is the secret knowledge 'Meteor Shower Sword'..."

    "Meteor Shower Swordsmanship?"

    "Right. This fighting skill comes from the eastern continent. You can cultivate it when you reach LV 10."

    "Is there any requirements on surging points?"

    "No. Additionally, you could trigger it using various battle qi. This sword's power will increase along with your level and realm. Although it could be cultivated by people at LV 10, it could exert a bigger effect when you reach the knight. That's its strength. It's told that some sword sages in the eastern continent immersed in such a swordsmanship for their whole lives. This swordsmanship is very profound and extensive."

    The booth owner introduced the benefits of that swordsmanship to Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie seemed to be interested in it as he took it up and looked at it.

    "Can I read it?"

    "10 seconds available!"

    Under the supervision of the owner, Zhang Tie injected a wisp of spiritual energy into the crystal when the golden Chinese characters "", which meant "Meteor Shower Swordsmanship" appeared in his mind. After that, the golden characters gradually faded away as a long, classic Chinese sword appeared. At this moment, the owner had already reached out his hand and stopped Zhang Tie.

    "How much?"

    "200,000 gold coins!"

    "Too expensive. Give me a discount!"

    "This amount of money would be shared by a squad. Each of us could only get a small amount of it. Do you think it easy to get such a secret knowledge? If not risk our lives, we cannot get it!" the owner pretended to be pitiful.

    "That's too expensive!" Zhang Tie shook his head as he pretended to leave.

    "Fine, you say a price..." as it was hard to see such a rich customer, how could the owner let Zhang Tie go so easily.

    Zhang Tie stopped, "190,000 gold coins then. Hmm, plus this as a gift. I like to collect these items. It's about 10% off..."

    Zhang Tie pointed at the 'Robust Ox Skill' which had not been sold yet and said in a calm voice.

    The owner became hesitated for a short while as he seemed to calculate behind the mask. He then asked Zhang Tie, "Will you pay me cash?"

    "Of course!"

    "Which bank's gold check?"

    "Golden Roc Bank!"

    "Fine, 190,000 gold coins then. You can take the two items away!"

    Zhang Tie directly took out 19 gold checks of Golden Roc Bank, the par value of each one was 10,000 gold coins and gave them to the owner. The owner counted and authenticated the gold checks adroitly before nodding towards Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie also nodded. Being extremely thrilled inside, he put the two secret knowledge inside his cloak; at the same time, he teleported them into Castle of Black Iron.

    After the trade, Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh inside at once.

    "Who had imagined that I could obtain the incomplete version of an emperor-level secret knowledge so easily in an illegal market. I might be the only one who could recover 'Robust Ox Skill' to 'King Roc Sutra' in the world. In the process of recovery, even if I was in the trouble-reappearance situation, I might also die hundreds of times in order to light each surging point. This is the price of cultivating emperor-level secret knowledge."

    "As to the 'Meteor Shower Swordsmanship', I can cultivate it when I'm free. If I'm busy, I will gift it to those junior sister apprentices in Hidden Dragon Island."

    After obtaining the most important secret knowledge, Zhang Tie's concern was finally solved. His next step was to deal with the killing intent in the illegal market.

    Zhang Tie kept wandering in the lane. At the same time, he paid attention to his surroundings. Zhang Tie felt the killing intent beside him was becoming icier. It seemed that they were going to launch an attack.

    "What should I do?"

    Each of the passers-by might be a killer. Zhang Tie became intense. If the enemy was going to launch a thunderbolt sneak attack towards him, he might suffer a great loss.

    A raindrop fell from the sunshade onto Zhang Tie's face through its crevice.

    Zhang Tie became slightly stunned as he raised his head. At the same time, a thought flashed across his mind, "F*ck, why would this father wait here for death? Even If they knew how I came here, I don't think they will know how I left."

    Zhang Tie then burst out laughing, which startled those in the surroundings. In the next second, Zhang Tie sprung up from the ground as a sword qi shot out of his hand. After making a big hole on the steel sunshade, he jumped out of the hole immediately and disappeared in a split second.

    As a result, the heavy rain was blown inside through the big hole, exposing the gloomy sky. All the demon hunters became stunned.

    "What the hell! Is he a motherf*cking lunatic? How could he leave in such way? F*ck..." a demon hunter swore loudly after his clothes were splashed wet.

    Under the mask, some became silent as they only felt a bit strange; while some turned ghastly pale.

    The terrifying killing intent in the illegal market was solved by Zhang Tie in such an odd and abrupt way.


    After one hour, Zhang Tie, being wet all over, returned to Base C. The moment he returned to Base C had he caught sight of Wang Cheng coming out of the building of the commission officers club along with some young commission officers of the airship troop. After staying in the sky for so many days, the moment they landed, had these commission officers relaxed themselves in the club by drinking, chatting and playing cards with friends.

    Although there were some beautiful female waiters in the club, none of these young elites would waste time on them as they didn't want to be labeled as lascivious. Zhang Tie really admired those Chinese elites on this aspect.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie who looked like a drowned rat, they were all amazed.

    "Zhang Tie? What are you doing?"

    "I have been angry lately, so I'm just running in the rain to cool down myself!" Zhang Tie joked.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Wang Cheng and the other commission officers burst out laughing at the same time. They didn't realize that Zhang Tie had just escaped from a dangerous situation just now.

    After escaping out, Zhang Tie didn't report to the military of Volv City. Because it was useless. As long as those killers in the illegal market were not idiots, they would never expose their traces at all after Zhang Tie escaped successfully. They could only wander in the market and leave that demon hunters market with the others.

    Those who could freely access to the demon hunters bar and the illegal market in Volv City would have no problem with their ID certificates. Three-eye Association was good at hiding their lackeys in human organizations. There was only one result--they could not catch anybody after great efforts. This might attract the attention of demon hunting squads in Selnes Theater of Operations. If those demon hunting squads knew that it was caused by Zhang Tie, they would find him trouble. Those b*stards of Three-eye Association didn't mind setting him up by aggravating the complicated situation.

    Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't tell them about what happened to him.

    A mature man could hold many things in mind. Even if he had experienced great troubles, he would still look calm.

    Only resentful men and small cynical figures would complain about their unfairness and wounds now and then.

    The best way to deal with demons and Three-eye Association was to crack them down by powerful strength mercilessly.

    After greeting Wang Cheng and the others, Zhang Tie returned to the Idiots. After taking a hot shower and changing to a suit of clean and comfortable clothes, he took out of his 'Robust Ox Skill' in the Captain's Room and started to immerse in the cultivation road after LV 9 according to the secret knowledge...

    The emperor-level secret knowledge, although being incomplete, also shocked Zhang Tie greatly. It opened the gate of another world to Zhang Tie...
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