Chapter 584: Planting Gold Seed Rune in the Shrine

    Chapter 584: Planting Gold Seed Rune in the Shrine

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    Through the experience in the illegal market, Zhang Tie knew that he had already become the most hated person in the eyes of Three-eye Association and demons. Therefore, he did not dare to become relaxed. After taking the incomplete 'King Roc Sutra', he started his cultivation during the rest of the airship troop.

    Although the 'Robust Ox Skill' was the incomplete 'King Roc Sutra', it contained two aspects that Zhang Tie wanted the most to learn since the beginning: how to manifest those invisible surging points through his cultivation; how to light those invisible surging points.

    The first step of cultivation was to manifest a golden rune--King Roc Seed Rune in his shrine according to the secret ritual procedure that combined spiritual energy with the battle qi in the 'King Roc Sutra'.

    That was not an average rune, but a special seed being cultivated by Zhang Tie's powerful spiritual energy and battle qi. After visualizing that King Roc Seed Rune, he needed to visualize another 7-layer gold egg to wrap the King Roc Seed Rune like wrapping yolk.

    This process did not sound complicated; however, it was just a beginning. After visualizing that gold egg, he needed to manifest 987 different classic runes, each of which looked as light as feather on special locations of the eggshell. Those runes had to cover the entire gold egg. By then, he would just accomplish the first step of cultivating the 'King Roc Sutra'--to plant gold seed in the shrine.

    At the beginning, Zhang Tie didn't think that it was complicated. He thought he could accomplish it with his powerful spiritual energy very fast. However, when he started to manifest the King Roc Seed Rune in the shrine, Zhang Tie's face turned pale.

    While sensing the mysterious awareness, the Shrine surging point seemed to become as vast as a palace. The King Roc Seed Rune was like a black hole that could engulf everything in this palace. Zhang Tie seemed to have a big fight each day during the past four days as he constantly mixed the spiritual energy in his mind and the battle qi in his body into that King Roc Seed Rune. Each time, Zhang Tie felt his strength was dried up.

    On the evening of June 15th, after his strength was dried up once again, the King Roc Seed Rune in the Shrine surging point finally manifested itself while radiating golden light.

    The moment the King Roc Seed Rune was planted, before Zhang Tie took a breath, had he found that the Shrine surging point and the 34 surging points on his spine started to rock like an earthquake. As a result, his body started to quiver all over. After vibrating 7 times consecutively, he finally recovered his composure.

    "What's wrong?" Zhang Tie became startled.

    "Congratulations, Castle Lord, you've accomplished the manifestation of King Roc Seed Rune. You could treat the rock as the welcome ceremony of the King Roc Seed Rune to you!" Heller's voice drifted into Zhang Tie's mind.

    "Will other cultivation methods have the same effect?" Zhang Tie asked Heller.

    "The surging points will vibrate 7 times. This is the feature of the emperor-level secret knowledge's seed rune when it manifests in the Shrine. As to the other seed runes, when the seed rune was manifested in the Shrine, surging points of throne-level secret knowledge would vibrate 6 times; surging points of the duke-level secret knowledge would vibrate 5 times. Similarly, the surging points of the lowest baron-level secret knowledge would vibrate one time."

    After hearing Heller's words, Zhang Tie remembered that Lan Yunxi had talked about this when she explained how to divide levels of secret knowledge on cultivation to him. He remembered that when he asked her how to distinguish it when someone fabricated high-end secret knowledge with low-end secret knowledge, Lan Yunxi replied with a smile and said that it was impossible. When the seed rune was manifested, the level of secret knowledge would be clearly distinguished.

    Zhang Tie finally understood it.

    "Heller, what's wrong with this seed rune? Why did it take me so long to manifest? I remember that Lan Yunxi said this step only took 1-2 days in 'Breaking Sun Sutra'. Additionally, it really consumed too much energy. It took me so long time to accomplish it although my spiritual energy and battle qi was many times more than that of commoners. If others want to manifest this King Roc Seed Rune, it will take them several months!"

    "Right, Castle Lord, your speed is really fast. It's already many times faster than that of commoners!"

    "What's the reason?"

    "Of course, the foundation of a skyscraper and that of common buildings consume different materials in construction, neither the construction time are the same. A baby elephant and a baby rat require different nutrients. Am I clear?" Heller explained to Zhang Tie very patiently, "Even if it was the simplest first step, how could that of an emperor-level secret knowledge be as same as that of other secret knowledge?"

    After hearing Heller's words, Zhang Tie finally understood it. He then thought about another shocking question.

    "987 runes need to be manifested on the gold egg through visualization. Will it take me 4-5 days to manifest each rune?"

    If it took him the same efforts as he spent on the seed rune to manifest about 1000 runes, Zhang Tie would cry as it would take him 10 years to accomplish this step. That was too frightening!

    Thankfully, after hearing Heller's explanation, Zhang Tie became relieved at once.

    "The runes on the gold egg would consume lesser spiritual energy and battle qi. Based on your ability, you could manifest about 10 runes in one day!"

    "According to you, it will take me about 100 days to plant the gold seed in the Shrine of 'King Roc Sutra' right?"

    For Zhang Tie who had been used to enjoy the benefit of fast cultivation, he felt 3 months was too long for him to accomplish the first step of 'King Roc Sutra'.

    "For the emperor-level secret knowledge, if you can complete the foundation in 100 days, it's already very fast. It will take others above 1 year to complete this!"

    Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh. When he thought about those people who could only promote one level after hard efforts with this secret knowledge, he felt an inner balance at once. No matter what, he was already a lucky dog. If others knew that he was qualified to cultivate a complete emperor-level secret knowledge, they would drown him with saliva at once. Numerous people were dreaming for this opportunity at any cost. However, he was complaining about the long term which was required to lay the foundation.

    "Fine, 100 days. It's just a bit longer than 3 months. The road of cultivation really needs to be paved one step by another!"

    "Hope you can think in this way; When you could light those surging points, those leakless fruits on the small tree would work. Benefited from that, you would promote to LV 10 very fast!"

    "When you reach LV 10, you need to seek for the correct route through constant attempts in the trouble-reappearance situation!"

    "This is the only method!"

    "Heller, I feel that you know the complete King Roc Sutra." Zhang Tie suddenly aroused his question.

    Heller became silent for a few seconds...

    "I truly know something. I have knowledge on some contents of the 'King Roc Sutra', however, being different than what you think, I know that this road of cultivation is the best for you. I know what the 'King Roc Sutra' might bring to you in the future; however, I don't know the concrete cultivation method of King Roc Sutra!"

    "Ament. After being familiar with Heller for so long, Zhang Tie had not heard him describing someone or something with power and freedom.

    Therefore, if Heller said power, it must be power; if Heller said freedom, it must be freedom.

    Zhang Tie started to dream about the bright future.

    On June 16th, after 4 days of rest, the airship troop of Jinyun Country left Base C in Volv City once again and headed for the northern frontline.

    During the past 4 days, an airship troop of over 100 airships lost contact with the outside world. Although it was not confirmed, everyone knew that this airship troop must have been annihilated.

    Before setting off, Zhang Tie attended another conference hosted by Lan Yunxi. In the conference, Lan Yunxi drew a circle in the northwest of an amplified flight chart in Selnes Theater of Operations using her baton.

    "According to intelligence, there is always a corps of over 300,000 demonized puppets in the region Misty Moon Woods. As this region is covered with dense woods and valleys, we couldn't find the demonized puppets corps. Our mission is to find that demonized puppets corps while dodging from the disturbance of wing demons and give them a fierce blow. Closely after that, the ground elite troop will enter the Misty Moon Woods and turn this region in a defense line so as to restrict demons' power for a long time. This is a very important move. Our performance will determine this move. Am I clear?"

    "Clear!" everyone replied in unison.

    More people moved their eyes on Zhang Tie. In the entire airship troop of Jinyun Country, the one who could probably find the location of that demonized puppets corps in the shortest period must be Zhang Tie.

    Such a mission was delivered to the airship troop of Jinyun Country probably because the big figures appreciated Zhang Tie's excellent talent in the air. All the attendants at present reached an agreement inside.

    "I will find the location of those demonized puppets corps!" facing their looks, Zhang Tie replied calmly.

    Lan Yunxi threw a deep glance at Zhang Tie, "Be careful!"

    Zhang Tie smiled, "I will!"

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