Chapter 585: Misty Moon Woods

    Chapter 585: Misty Moon Woods

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    As it was raining, the glider suffered a heavy resistance in the sky. Zhang Tie could obviously feel that the glider slowed down. Additionally, it was harder for him to find an ascending thermal air flow. Zhang Tie could only use the elevating force provided by the main wing of the glider to offset the influence of rain drops and the downward cold air.

    Unless Zhang Tie drove the glider away from this region, he could not violate physical rules to keep his glider hovering in this region without any driving power.

    Actually, it was already a marvel for Zhang Tie to stay above the Misty Moon Woods for over 7 hours in such a weather. The other glider drivers could not even fly off their gliders in such a weather. Even if they could fly off, they could only stay for a short period in the sky. However, Zhang Tie almost stayed an entire daytime in the sky with that WindTalker.

    In the past 7 hours, Zhang Tie unavoidably declined from 15,000 m to 1,000 m or so. Additionally, it was very difficult for him to elevate again.

    It was not heavily raining. However, the mist above the Misty Moon Woods became denser. Sitting on the glider, Zhang Tie inclined his head and watched the mist below the glider. Feeling like flying above the cloud sea of the stratosphere, Zhang Tie could see nothing.

    In order to prevent rain from coming in, the protective cover above the cockpit was closed. The rain drops soon slid off the protective cover. However, due to the difference in temperature, the protective cover was always covered with a layer of fine mist. As a result, the visibility in the cockpit became poorer.

    In only a few minutes, the glider had declined another 100 m. Using his instinct, Zhang Tie caught two sparse topographic elevating air flows to slightly elevate the glider. However, in the irresistible weather, the glider gradually declined like being pressed by an invisible hand.

    "Sh*t!" Zhang Tie swore inside.

    It was the 5th day since Zhang Tie arrived at the Misty Moon Woods. In this period, even though Zhang Tie had checked all over the Misty Moon Woods once, he still could not find the hiding place of those demonized puppets corps.

    The name Misty Moon Woods had two reasons: this place was covered with dense fog all the year round; there were vacant woods below. Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't have any achievement.

    As long as human scouts dispatched by the allied human forces entered this place, they would disappear. As a result, they could only lay hope to air reconnaissance.

    In a good weather, such a method might work; however, when in rainy days, this method's effect would undoubtedly be sharply reduced.

    It was already a big test for people to execute tasks with gliders in such a bad weather, not to mention that the heavy rain made the fog denser, causing a poorer visibility.

    Besides Zhang Tie, Lan Yunxi also dispatched some airships to coordinate him for the reconnaissance; however, they made no achievements, either.

    The longer the airship troop of Jinyun Country stayed here, the more possible it would be for them to get exposed to wing demons. Everyone knew it clearly.

    It was a misty sea below. At the sight of a hillside in front of him, Zhang Tie considered two seconds before gritting his teeth and diving towards that hillside while pressing down his rudder.

    As he didn't have any clue, plus the bad weather today, it was even more difficult for him to return to the base. Therefore, Zhang Tie made a decision and prepared to land the glider on this hillside. He planned to take a look down there. If the weather became better tomorrow, he would fly off based on the terrain of the hillside.

    The glider declined rapidly by hovering in the sky. Under Zhang Tie's manipulation, the glider became more flexible. Additionally, even if it was hovering there, its head was still facing sharply downward. Even if it was those trump-card glider drivers, very few of them would dare to descend in this way. In only half a minute, the glider had already been close to the ground.

    When the glider's head was going to touch the ground, with the faint elevating air flow on the hillside, Zhang Tie raised the head of the glider rapidly. With a slight shock, the body of the glider leveled up at once. After rushing dozens of meters ahead, Zhang Tie instantly stretched his feet out of the bottom of the cockpit. After running a few meters on the grassland had he stopped the glider steadily.

    After putting down the glider, Zhang Tie opened the protective cover of the cockpit and jumped out of it. In the rain, he closed the protective cover once again. After that, he carried that glider and ran towards the woods on the hillside.

    The glider which weighed less than one ton was almost like a weapon in Zhang Tie's hand. Carrying the glider, Zhang Tie ran over there without leaving any trace on the ground.

    After entering the woods, Zhang Tie found a covert bush. After briefly cleaning it, Zhang Tie hid the glider in the bush. After that, he took out his dagger and chopped off some twigs to cover it.

    After hiding it in such a way, a person being dozen meters away could not find such a glider at all, unless he came here and moved away the twigs.

    Additionally, nobody could imagine that there was a glider in the wild.

    After doing this, Zhang Tie's clothes were almost wet all over. He took the six javelins from the armrack outside the cockpit and carried them on his back. After that, he arranged two trace systems around the glider before leaving this place rapidly.

    Twenty minutes later, the rain grew heavier while it became colder.

    Zhang Tie found a mountain cave in the valley over 10 km away from the glider. After a brief investigation, he found nobody in this cave. He then drilled into the cave.

    The mouth of this cave was not big; thankfully, the cave was deep and a bit twisting. There were some trees below the mouth of the cave while some withered leaves and twigs were lying down there, some of which were not wet; Zhang Tie collected some dry twigs and leaves and set a fire at a mysterious location in the cave.

    The entire cave warmed up at once.

    After having a pee behind a big tree at the mouth of the cave, Zhang Tie returned to the cave. He then drank two mouths of all-purpose medicament to supplement his energy. After that, he took out a piece of dried meat from Castle of Black Iron and baked it over the fire. As he gradually warmed up, Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh.

    When the alluring aroma drifted from the piece of dried meat, the rain water in his clothes started to steam. After eating the food, he got some water from Castle of Black Iron and drank it. Gradually, his clothes were dried. Zhang Tie then sat behind a huge rock at the mouth of the mountain cave and started to stare blankly at the rain scene in the valley.

    Many familiar faces appeared in Zhang Tie's mind. After several months, Zhang Tie started to miss them, especially Linda, Fiona and Beverly. The moment he thought of his babies who were going to be delivered by the three women had he have an exotic and complex feeling.

    Honestly, Zhang Tie had not been ready to be a father until now. However, he also knew that when he was ready to be a father, the relationship between him and the three women might not remain the same as of now.

    The greatest effect of the babies was to turn the status of the three woman as his women and lovers into his wives. After such a relationship was set, it would remain unchanged no matter how far and long it was.

    Sometimes people could not just live for themselves. You'd better treasure someone when it was necessary. Do not let those who deserve your cherish be the passers-by in your life; instead, they should be the scene, benefactor in your life and a part of your life. When you could see them everywhere in your life, your life would be fulfilled.

    This was what his mother told him when Zhang Tie entered the No. 7 National Male Middle School in Blackhot City. Zhang Tie always kept it in mind.

    I wonder when could I go to the eastern continent, how old the three little guys would be when I see them and whether they could call me dad or not. Plus three more grandsons, mom could open a kindergarten now...

    When he thought of his mom being surrounded and pushed by many little kids to run, Zhang Tie revealed a smile.

    After staying there for a short while, Zhang Tie shook his head to clean those romantic scenes from his mind. After that, he took out a map and found his location on it. He then frowned.

    This reconnaissance region was not selected casually. Zhang Tie selected it after several days of reconnaissance as he thought it probably hid the demonized puppets corps. The bad weather and the dense fog greatly weakened the effect of reconnaissance. Watching the map, Zhang Tie made marks on the grids of the map. He prepared to take a look at those places on the map where he marked when the rain became lighter.

    The target that could not be noticed from the sky would be very remarkable on the ground. Even If there was indeed the demonized puppets corps in these places, Zhang Tie didn't believe that he could find hundreds of thousands of demonized puppets.

    Zhang Tie started to cultivate in the mountain cave as he waited for the rain to become lighter.

    It kept raining over night...
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