Chapter 589: Asylum

    Chapter 589: Asylum

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    Before Rawls returned, Zhang Tie made a dialogue with Heller.

    Zhang Tie: Is it okay?

    Heller: You're the owner and ruler of Castle of Black Iron, you have the authority to make any decision.

    Zhang Tie: How many people could Castle of Black Iron hold?

    Heller: Based on the food storage and productivity of Castle of Black Iron, Castle of Black Iron can now hold at most 26,000 people. If 26,000 people entered Castle of Black Iron, half a year later, if those people joined in the production and wasteland reclamation, Castle of Black Iron could hold another 78,000 people. Similarly, if the land area of Castle of Black Iron didn't change, it could at most hold and survive 1,200,000 people in the future.

    Zhang Tie: If...I mean, if there are truly so many people in Castle of Black Iron one day, can you manage them?

    Heller: In the space of Castle of Black Iron, the existence of all the substances and lives would be restricted by the rules of Castle of Black Iron. Their lives would be completely determined by your willingness. Even 12 billion people are like 12 billion yeasts in my eyes if I want to manage them, not to mention 1.2 million.

    Zhang Tie: Can they cause any harm to the small tree?

    Heller: I can set a rule in Castle of Black Iron. Without your consent, all of them will be stopped 100 m away from the small tree. Additionally, we can slightly change the terrain in Castle of Black Iron. Thankfully, the basic energy storage in Castle of Black Iron could support such an innovation...

    Zhang Tie: Do you think...I'm a bit selfish by doing this? After they enter, I will not allow them to leave out of there for a long time...

    Heller: No, Castle Lord, I feel your deed is very lofty. For them, Castle of Black Iron is their paradise. Additionally, you will not forbid them here forever. One day, if your fighting strength reaches a degree, trust me, there will be no problem even if you let them leave or they know that you have such an ability.

    Zhang Tie: Is there going to be such a day?

    Heller: It's possible. Only you could answer this.

    Zhang Tie: if there are indeed so many people, how will I bring them in?

    Heller: Castle Lord has been LV 9, as your ability gradually improves and the holy war between humans and demons starts, the space transfer function of Castle of Black Iron will be further open to you. If you want to take those people in, Castle Lord could authorize me with the ability to open the space asylum function of Castle of Black Iron!

    Zhang Tie: Space asylum?

    Heller: Yes, after having such an ability, it would be very easy for you to take people or living beings in Castle of Black Iron. As long as Castle Lord could lock them with your spiritual energy, you can take them in like carrying an item by touching their bodies directly or indirectly...

    Zhang Tie: It's that easy?

    Heller: Yes, so easy.

    Zhang Tie: It depends on you.

    Heller: No problem. Castle of Black Iron should have some more aboriginals now. They could help us develop Castle of Black Iron.


    After the dialogue with Heller, Zhang Tie patiently waited for Rawls. Meanwhile, he silently observed those demonized puppets in the huge underground space and the situation in his surroundings.

    Zhang Tie felt that Rawls was not faithless man. However, Zhang Tie had to be careful in this place in case of being betrayed.

    It was very risky for him to do this. Zhang Tie didn't know whether he was too kind-hearted. He only knew that he would gain tranquility by doing this. Perhaps, it was a usual mental illness of people like him who grew up like small figures--sympathy would always affect his decision.

    Thankfully, nothing happened in the 2 hours. By then, it was time for those human captives to sleep. Many of them gradually stopped working.

    Perhaps, even demons knew that humans could not keep working like machines. Nobody could keep working a couple of days without any necessary rest, no matter how strong they were. For the sake of their working efficiency, they had to take necessary rest in the late night.

    Zhang Tie found those demonized puppets and lackeys of Three-eye Association who waved their kurbashes became relatively less alert. Especially those lackeys of Three-eye Association, many of them had already left the working place of human captives and walked towards the camp of demonized puppets in the distance.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie saw a group of people climbing towards him rapidly under the leadership of Rawls.

    Over 30 people were following Rawls.


    Rawls watched Zhang Tie in a bashful look while those who followed him here were watching Zhang Tie with thrilled looks. Among the 30-odd people, over 20 of them were male. The age of those females ranged from 40-50 years old to about 10 years old. They all looked swarthy and were in shabby clothes. Zhang Tie could only identify their gender through their physical traits.

    Their current miserable looks were all caused by the hell-like situation here. Even the 50-odd woman could move so swiftly on the ground, which shocked Zhang Tie greatly.

    After arriving here, a little girl of 13-14 years old with short-cut hair hid behind Rawls' back and watched Zhang Tie with frightful, widely opened eyes.

    "These people are together with us. They don't want to eat human flesh, either. Therefore, they cannot survive here for sure..." Rawls explained to Zhang Tie with an embarrassed look.

    Zhang Tie raised his hand to stop Rawls as he watched those people.

    "You have to know that although that place is hidden, once I take you in, you will not come out easily..."

    "Will we be starved there?" a 50-60 odd man asked.

    "No, you won't!"

    "How large is that place?"

    "Very large, much larger than here!"

    "That's okay. As long as you don't force us to eat human flesh or be eaten by humans, it will be better than here. After all, if we stay here, we will die sooner or later. Maybe we can survive by choosing this way. As you come in from outside, you will always have more methods to escape out of here than us!"

    Zhang Tie looked around, "Do you also think so?"

    Everyone nodded.

    "Fine. Come closer, hand in hand. Stand closer to me in a circle. Before taking you out of here, I need to hold a special blessing rite for you!" Zhang Tie told them in a very solemn look.

    Those people did according to Zhang Tie's words without any doubts. Hand in hand, they moved closer to Zhang Tie as they really thought that Zhang Tie was going to hold a blessing rite for them.

    Zhang Tie put his hand on Rawls' shoulder, "How many people would not like to eat human fleshes?"

    "Too many. For the sake of management of human captives and destroying their unity, demons would let those who were succumbed to eat human flesh wear some human teeth over their neck. The more teeth they had over their neck, the more loyal they were to demons. These people might be promoted to supervisors of human captives and lackeys of Three-eye Association. They might do less labor work. Although those demonized puppets had low intelligence, they would not eat such people!"

    Zhang Tie then watched their necks and found none of them wore teeth.

    "Do you mean all the people who didn't wear teeth would not like to eat human flesh under the threat of demons?"

    "Yes, many of us don't like to do this." Rawls answered, "For those wild beasts who start to eat human fleshes, the teeth over their necks are their amulets!"

    "Are new human captives always be transported in through the secret tunnel?"

    "Yes, many times a day or many days a time. People here die everyday. Some new human captives would be transported in everyday."

    "Do you mean that even those lackeys of Three-eye Association and demonized puppets could not keep everyone's look in mind, right?"

    "Yes. Additionally, human captives were moving when they work. Nobody could remember all of their looks."

    "If so, put off your clothes and lend it to me. After a while, I will give you a new set of clothes!" Zhang Tie told to Rawls as he glanced at his frame.

    Rawls became hesitated for a short while before putting off his shabby clothes.

    After taking his clothes using one hand, Zhang Tie smiled towards Rawls, "The rite is going to start. Close your eyes, please. Don't open them until someone asks you to open your eyes. Good luck!"

    After saying this, Zhang Tie used his spiritual energy while the 30 people were teleported into Castle of Black Iron in a split second.

    Knowing that all of them have entered Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie felt relaxed and became very satisfied.

    Zhang Tie directly put off his clothes. After that, he fetched some dust from the ground and applied them to his hair and face, making himself look like those who had been teleported into Castle of Black Iron. Although Rawls' clothes were shabby and smelly, Zhang Tie didn't care about that. He rolled on the ground for a short while to make him more similar to them.

    When rolling on the ground, he changed his black hair into brown, along with the color of his skin and eyes. Only after over 10 seconds, Zhang Tie had completely turned into another person.

    After that, Zhang Tie lowered his body and sneaked towards where Rawls and the others came from...


    In Castle of Black Iron...

    "Okay, you can open your eyes..."

    Heller's voice sounded as they opened their eyes. Closely after that, they were shocked by what they saw...

    The man standing in front of them was as handsome as Apollo. Behind this man was a vigorous world. Although it was evening here, due to the tender and bright light radiated by the colorful clouds in the sky, they could still see clearly the green plants everywhere. Furthermore, they could smell the fresh air which carried the flavor of flowers and fruits.

    "Am...am I dreaming...?"

    "Ah? Where're we?" Rawls was completely stunned by all the strange things.

    "This is your new home!" Heller watched them kindly.

    The old man who talked with Zhang Tie just now trembled as he knelt down on the ground at once. At the same time, he deeply lowered his head and gathered some mud with his hand and took a deep sniff. Closely after that, he highly raised his hand while his eye sockets were filled with tears.

    "Ah, what fertile and fragrant soil...I'm not dreaming. But it's real...it's real..."

    Everyone then knelt down...

    "God, it must be God who has heard our prayers and saved us out of the hell..." someone shouted loudly out of excitement, "This must be the God's domain. It must be. We're saved..."

    "Are...are you God?" a petite girl beside Rawls asked as she raised her head.

    "I'm not God; I'm God's steward..." Heller smiled.

    At this moment, all of them realized that the human fighter was not here.

    "That man is the God, God saved us...God saved us..."

    Everyone started to scream out of excitement...
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