Chapter 590: Exposed

    Chapter 590: Exposed

    Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

    In the deep and dark underground cave, after working hard for a day and eating something casually, almost all the human captives fell asleep in hunger and fatigue.

    They were sleeping in those dim mountain caves of the underground space. Some of the caves were pitch dark. According to the miserable practices and lessons of human captives, In the dark environment, people had the best sleeping effect and recovery of the body energy at the fastest speed. Those who liked to sleep in bright places could not survive long in such an environment. They had long become bones. Even their bones could not be found.

    Because of this, all the human captives would choose to rest in quieter and more hidden places.

    Additionally, Zhang Tie found that those human captives who opposed to eat human fleshes didn't sleep together with those who had eaten human fleshes. They were sleeping in different caves. In this way, they might feel a bit safer.

    Coincidentally, it was convenient for Zhang Tie to move.

    In shabby clothes and messy hair, Zhang Tie was like the other human captives. Even If someone saw him, they would not doubt his status as a human captive.

    When the entire underground space became quiet and even those demonized puppets started to take rest in batches, Zhang Tie fumbled in the dark and checked each mountain cave to seek for those human captives who didn't wear human teeth.

    There were so many mountain caves. Some caves held over 10 people, some held over dozens of people, while some held hundreds of people.

    Like a ghost in the dark, Zhang Tie ran very fast in a mountain cave. Any person being touched by his hand would be teleported into Castle of Black Iron. It only took Zhang Tie less than 10 seconds to transfer over 100 people of a mountain cave into Castle of Black Iron.

    Some people didn't fall asleep. Zhang Tie was founded by those people twice when he flashed in the mountain cave. Those people sat up and wanted to exclaim; however, before they exclaimed, they had already been teleported into Castle of Black Iron.

    Zhang Tie didn't know how many people could he save. He was just doing his best. He even didn't need to ask whether those people would like to be teleported in Castle of Black Iron or not. Because he had no time, neither would he waste time on that. In these mountain caves, besides death, these people would not face the second possible result. The only problem was how long could they stand here, one month, two months or three months...

    If some of them were the extreme masochist and would like to be mistreated to death by demons, they only needed to jump into the Pool of Chaos.

    However, such an idiot didn't exist at all. Therefore, he didn't need to ask whether they would like to leave out of here or not.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie had determined his mind to save as more people as possible.

    Time was precious.

    The rune effect of rapid moving skill had long faded away. In the next 2 hours, Zhang Tie applied two rapid moving runes to himself so as to maintain the highest swiftness and speed.

    During the 2 hours, Zhang Tie didn't even know how many people had he saved and how many mountain caves had he entered. He estimated that he saved at least 10,000 people. Zhang Tie knew that the more people he saved, the more possible would he expose his move to the demons and the lackeys of Three-eye Association.

    Finally, after teleporting over 60 people from a mountain cave to Castle of Black Iron, the moment Zhang Tie was going to leave the cave had he seen a guy in better clothes standing at the entrance of the cave with a dumbfounded look and a kurbash in hand...

    That guy was a lackey of Three-eye Association. Zhang Tie didn't know whether he was here to check or for what; it seemed that he had already found that all the humans inside the cave had disappeared. Before he made any sound, Zhang Tie had already made a preemptive move.

    Zhang Tie dragged that person into the cave, causing him unable to resist. Being held by Zhang Tie's pliers-like grip, that man's face turned red as he started to struggle.

    "I ask, you answer, okay?" Zhang Tie then gradually loosened his grip.

    "You...you cannot escape out of here...you'd better let me go...if you dare hurt me...the holy clan will kill you..."

    That guy seemed having not figured out what was happening; or perhaps he mistook Zhang Tie's status due to the shabby clothes. Therefore, he threatened Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie didn't speak. That guy thought that Zhang Tie was scared by his words. As similar events had happened many times. None of the human captives had succeeded. Therefore, he started to get fearless about Zhang Tie.

    As Zhang Tie moved fast in the dark, he didn't know Zhang Tie's real fighting strength. Additionally, his fighting level was not high, he was short-sighted. Therefore, he could only treat Zhang Tie as a guy who had some fighting strength among those human captives. Those human captives were at most LV 6 or LV 7, who could not make any big trouble.

    "Where are Feli and the other girls...where are they...if you tell me about that...if you wish to cooperate with me...after catching them...I will count that as your meritorious deed...I can recommend you to the big figures of the holy clan...you can be a slave supervisor like me...you can also have Feli and some female captives serve you..."

    Zhang Tie remembered that there were indeed some women in this mountain cave. However, he didn't see their looks clearly. This guy might want to do something dirty to those women.

    Realizing that this guy still thought that he could control the situation, Zhang Tie slightly intensified his grip, causing him unable to utter any voice. After that, he took out a dagger and ferociously stabbed into the guy's thighs seven or eight times like stabbing a bag. Each time, he'd have the blade fully enter the flesh, then drew it out, then in, then out, then in... each time, he'd stab in a different place...

    Zhang Tie's cruel movement caused the guy to widely open his eyes like a dead fish. While being pressed by Zhang Tie, he could not move. After being stabbed many times, he started to cramp like shrimps in an iron span while the veins on his neck and his forehead bulged.

    Only after 10 more seconds, soybean sized sweat beads rolled off his forehead; meanwhile, his face turned completely pale.

    Zhang Tie just watched him icily without a wink, "What's the highest level of the demonized puppets in this demonized puppets corps?"

    After asking this question, Zhang Tie slightly loosened his grip, allowing him to utter a sound.

    "Who...who are you?"

    This guy had realized that Zhang Tie might not be a human captive. Because none of the human captives here were allowed to carry a dagger. Facing Zhang Tie's dead qi, he felt a strange fear. Pitifully, he was not smart enough.

    When Zhang Tie pinched his neck once again, he stabbed in his thighs another three times rapidly, almost causing him to pass out.

    "What's the highest level of the demonized puppets here in the demonized puppets corps?" Zhang Tie repeated before slightly losing his grip.

    "LV 12..."

    That guy finally realized that Zhang Tie didn't want to hear craps.

    "What about the army chief?"

    "LV 16...LV 16...the army chief of this demonized puppets corps is...is a LV 16...battle spirit..."

    It was within Zhang Tie's expectation that the army chief of this demonized puppets corps was not a knight. As cannon fodder, demonized puppets corps's chief commission officer always had a relatively lower level compared to that of demon corps. After all, knights were not as cheap as white cabbages. Knights could not be matched to any troop for free. Given that the demonized puppets corps was actually controlled by the parent worm of puppet worms, the main mission of the army chief of the demonized puppets corps was to communicate with the parent worm.

    "Is the army chief a human or a demon? What's his name?"

    "He's human, called Koz...the eldest son of the head of Senel Clan of Titanic Duchy...This demonized puppets corps is also controlled by Senel Clan..."

    "What's the background of the Senel Clan of Titanic Duchy?"

    "The heads of this clan had served as the protectorship of the duchy for consecutive generations..."

    "Does Senel Clan belong to Three-eye Association?"


    "Besides Koz, who else of Senel Clan is here?"

    "Koz's sons are all here..."

    "What's the highest level of his sons?"

    "Also LV 12..."

    Although oozing sweat due to sharp pain, that guy still replied very fast as he was afraid of being stabbed again by Zhang Tie. He was trembling inside...

    "Where's the parent worm?"

    "Only army chief Koz knows that!"

    "Is he in the camp?"

    "He had returned to Titanic Duchy two days ago..."

    Zhang Tie started to think about it...

    "Can...can you stop my bleeding?" that guy watched Zhang Tie with an imploring look.

    "No need!" Zhang Tie glanced at him before stabbing in his heart.

    When Zhang Tie was thinking about whether to take a look at the camp of demonized puppets and find a chance to find the parent worm and kill it, a sharp whistle sounded abruptly from afar...

    "Someone escaped..." a person screamed in the distance.

    After glancing at the whistle in front of the chest of this dead guy, Zhang Tie realized that his deed had exposed...
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