Chapter 591: A Living Hell

    Chapter 591: A Living Hell

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    Zhang Tie instantly threw this dead guy into the Pool of Chaos in Castle of Black Iron. By doing this, he could make this event more mysterious and himself safer.

    With the sharp whistle and exclamations, more and more people woke up. Zhang Tie hurriedly ran out of the mountain cave.

    "Everyone, come out...everyone, come out..."

    Some slave supervisors shouted loudly outside the mountain caves. When many human captives were awakened and ran out of the mountain caves, Zhang Tie sneaked into the crowd and followed them towards the gathering center in a flurried way.

    As they had been doing labor work underground for a long time, most of the human captives looked swarthy and unidentified. When Zhang Tie entered the crowd, besides some human captives around him who glanced at him, none of the others paid attention to him.

    As human captives died and arrived everyday, they had long been used to strange looks. Additionally, everyone was forced to do high-intensity labor work everyday. In the rest time, they would go to find food. As a result, most of these human captives only knew a few people besides them.

    The entire underground space was in chaos. Although human captives usually escaped, they always faced a very miserable outcome. However, it was the first time for all of them to assemble because someone escaped.

    Zhang Tie was then followed to the open underground space by supervisors with the other captives like ducks in a chaotic way.

    On one side of the open land was the boiling lava river. Zhang Tie, in the crowd, found more and more supervisors running towards here.

    "What's wrong?" a 20-odd human captive asked Zhang Tie with a flurried look.

    Zhang Tie glanced at him and found that this guy was a bit emaciated. However, he didn't wear any human teeth. Although those who didn't wear human teeth didn't sleep together with those who wore human teeth, when in assembly and work, all of them would stay together. This was how demons and slave supervisors managed these human captives. Looking at those who wore human teeth beside him, Zhang Tie shook his head.

    "I don't know!"

    " I'm Huwen, what's your name?" that guy asked in a low voice.

    "I'm Peter..." Zhang Tie replied.

    "Shut up, quiet..." a slave supervisor waved his kurbash and shouted loudly in front of the human captives as he whipped towards those in front of the crowd, causing miserable shrieks at once. In a split second, the crowd became quiet, including Zhang Tie, who just watched carefully.

    Human captives were constantly driven out of mountain caves and dim places and started to assemble in an open land. Those slave supervisors scolded ferociously as they whipped those human captives constantly.

    Human captives were forced to form loose and chaotic square matrices in a group of about 5000 people. Each square matrix was overseen by 10 slave supervisors. Those slave supervisors constantly whipped those human captives so as to keep them obedient and quiet.

    At the beginning, there were some voices among those matrices; however, when squads of armored demonized puppets with grim and bloody eyes appeared, those human captives became quiet at once.

    Everyone knew that those demonized puppets ate humans. Therefore, at the sight of these undying, stinky and bloody demonized puppets, most of the common human captives felt as fearsome as chicks at the sight of skunks.

    When demonized puppets surrounded Zhang Tie's square matrix, Huwen and some guys beside Zhang Tie started to tremble. Zhang Tie also pretended to be afraid when he was actually observing the surrounding situation.

    Soon after the squads of demonized puppets arrived, Zhang Tie saw some commission officers in brilliant and advanced armors in front of the square matrices.

    These commission officers were not demonized puppets; instead, they were pure humans; or, precisely, they were just b*stards of Three-eye Association.

    At the sight of these people, a slave supervisor of each square matrix ran towards them at once. Like how a dog saw its owner, they bowed and whispered to those commission officers.

    Due to the distance, Zhang Tie couldn't hear clearly what they were talking about. Only after a few minutes, Zhang Tie found those commission officers had dispersed and came to the front of square matrices with those slave supervisors.

    The one who came to Zhang Tie's square matrix was a man who looked very sinister with a hooknose and deep socket.

    That man's eyes were shooting bloody and brutal lights. He casually pointed at a human captive in the front. After knowing his intention, two strong slave supervisors instantly rushed towards that man and dragged him out of the square matrix and took him in front of that commission officer.

    "When you slept, some human captives escaped. Do you know where they are?"

    The human captive became frightened so much that he stammered.

    "I...I don't know."

    "You don't know?" that man revealed a sneer as he waved his hand, "If so, you're useless!"

    The two slave supervisors immediately dragged that captive's hands and walked towards the lava river over 20 m away. The human captive started to wail and struggle, "Please...I really don't know about that...I've fallen asleep...I don't know anything about it..."

    However, his cries didn't stop the two slave supervisors. Compared to the four powerful hands, his struggle became useless.

    In a wink, that human captive had been dragged to the side of the lava river and thrown into it by the two slave supervisors.

    With a groundbreaking shrill shriek, that person just flapped twice in the fiery lava before sinking into it. Besides some bubbles and a lower flame on the lava river, nothing else was left.

    The same scene happened to other human square matrices at the same time. In a wink, dozens of people had been thrown into the lava river.

    All the left human captives looked pale as they trembled.

    Including Zhang Tie, but not because of fear, but fury. Lowering his head, he tightly gritted his teeth as he clenched his fists tightly, causing the veins on the back of his hands swell.

    That 'hooknose' sneered as he pointed at another human captive. The two slave supervisors immediately caught that captive and dragged him out of the square.

    "I don't know...I don't know..."

    This time, the hooknose didn't even ask him. He waved his hand once again while the second human captive was thrown into the lava river.

    The 3rd one...the 4th one...

    With constant shrill cries from each square matrix, many human captives being pointed at were so scared that they even had an incontinence.

    When the 5th human captive was dragged out, the 60-year odd man spat towards that hooknose forcefully, "Peh...you Senel Clan will not have a good result...sooner or later...you will be crushed into pieces by the human army...all of you will be thrown into the lava river one after another too...to embrace the burning stake in the hell forever..."

    "Wait!" the hooknose wiped off the saliva from his face as he stopped the two slave supervisors, "Drag him over here!"

    The 60-year odd man was dragged in front of that hooknose. The old man still wanted to swear; however, the hooknose had already drawn out a long sword from his waist and stabbed into his mouth. With one agitation, the old man's teeth, tongue and the entire mouth had been completely hurt. He could not even utter a word anymore.

    The hooknose drew out his long sword and chopped off the old man's limbs, causing his limbs to fall on the ground.

    "Stop his bleeding. Keep him alive and awake." the hooknose said mercilessly.

    The two slave supervisors immediately took out medicine powders. One of them tore open the old man's clothes and started to stop his bleeding; the other filled in the old man's bloody mouth with a vial of medicament.

    The old man, who had been in coma woke up once again. The old man didn't succumb to the hooknose; instead, he glared at him while his facial muscles trembled. It seemed that he was still swearing at him.

    The hooknose fetched four demonized puppets by waving his hands as he pointed at the old man's limbs, "This is your food today!"

    The four demonized puppets got his meaning as they immediately picked up the old man's limbs and started to gnaw them in front of him.

    The old man trembled and directly closed his eyes.

    "Open his eyelids, I want him to look at it..." the hooknose's merciless voice sounded.

    The two slave supervisors opened the old man's eyelids brutally and had him watch his limbs being gnawed by demonized puppets one piece after another.

    "From today on, let him stay here. I want everybody to see him. Cut off a piece of flesh from him everyday. I will keep him alive and have him watch how he was eaten by holy worms one piece after another. I want to let him know the look of the hell. Am I clear?" the hooknose told those slave supervisors.


    "Humans are doomed to be destroyed. The holy clan will establish wholly-new orders for sure and have humans back under the ruling of the holy clan. Our Senel Clan is doomed to become the human nobles and rulers since we mastered the Senel Holy Worm Corps. Like what happened before the Catastrophe, we will stomp you one generation after another. You and your posterity only have two choices--to succumb, or to taste hell alive." the hooknose shouted loudly as he pointed at that old man, "Those people cannot escape out of here. They must be hiding in some hidden underground tunnels or space that they discovered when doing labor work. If anyone among you knows the whereabouts of those people or could provide useful clues, I will promote him to be the leader of these slave supervisors!"

    The human captives were still silent.

    The hooknose waved his hand once again as another human captive was dragged out with shrill cries.


    After killing over 100 human captives, those b*stards still obtained no clue yet. At this moment, the commission officers of Senel Clan then gathered together once again. After a short negotiation, they had the rest human captives return.

    However, those human captives being released didn't go back to sleep; instead, they were forced to check all the tunnels and caves that they had excavated in order to find those who had escaped...

    In the opinion of those commission officers of Senel Clan, those slave captives must have found some hidden tunnels or space when they worked. They must have covered it silently. After preparing for a long time, they finally escaped.

    In such an underground space of complex terrain, it was normal to see those hidden natural tunnels, ground cracks and underground space.

    Like others, Zhang Tie was also forced to do labor works...

    After leaving the open land beside the lava river, Zhang Tie threw a deep glance at that old man who was being watched by some demonized puppets. Lying on the ground, facing towards the sky, he seemed having died. However, Zhang Tie knew that those slave supervisors and b*stards of Senel Clan would keep him alive.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie finally understood what a person would be when he was driven extremely furious.

    He was not furious anymore; instead, he became as calm as an ice-capped volcano. Meanwhile, a name deeply impressed in Zhang Tie's mind--Senel Clan!

    Zhang Tie never had such a strong will to destroy something until now...
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