Chapter 593: The Pledge

    Chapter 593: The Pledge

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    Zhang kept his eyes closed and maintained his spiritual energy; meanwhile, he paid attention to the situation inside and outside the entire mountain cave.

    Two hours later, both the inside and outside of the mountain cave became quite as the snoring sounds filled the mountain cave. At this moment, Zhang Tie opened his eyes.

    Huwen had been in a sound sleep on Zhang Tie's side. He didn't sleep well last night. After being woken up in the midnight and doing another one day's heavy work, he had been extremely fatigued. Unless someone shouted loudly in front of him, he would not wake up, like the others in the cave.

    Besides snoring sounds, there was another special sound, "Gulugulu" from those hungry guys' stomachs. Without getting sufficient food, they could only have one method to prevent hunger by drinking a lot of water before sleeping.

    After slightly touching Huwen's shoulder, Zhang Tie had teleported him into Castle of Black Iron. After that, Zhang Tie stood up and flashed around the inside of the cave, teleporting all the others into Castle of Black Iron.

    After doing all this, Zhang Tie sneaked out of the mountain cave.

    There were some more caves where human captives slept in closer to Zhang Tie's cave. With his dark vision, all the mountain caves were as bright as daytime.

    Senel Clan didn't expect that the same event could happen on the second day; additionally, after one day's hard work, all the human captives had been in a sound sleep. Even those slave supervisors had become relaxed after one day's busy work. Therefore, it was much easier for Zhang Tie to teleport all the human captives into Castle of Black Iron.

    When in work, Zhang Tie had been familiar with the situation and terrain of this underground space. He knew the caves of those human captives who insisted on not eating human fleshes. Therefore, after applying a rapid moving skill and hiding skill, Zhang Tie swiftly moved among those dark caves and spaces like a ghost and teleported human captives into Castle of Black Iron one after another in the fastest speed.

    Senel Clan treated this underground space as a huge prison where they adopted very cruel and extensive management measures. In the opinion of those Senel Clan members, as long as they blocked the exits on two ends of the underground space, they would prevent those human captives from escaping. Therefore, after ending one day's labor work, the Senel Clan's surveillance on this human captives center loosened. This was then more convenient for Zhang Tie's move.

    Those members of Senel Clan might never imagine that there was a person like Zhang Tie who could teleport human captives on his side into an independent time-space.

    Additionally, as those demonized puppets who were mainly responsible for managing this place had low intelligence, the number of slave supervisors was also very limited, those people of Senel Clan could not register a holistic management over this place. Furthermore, those demonized puppets were good at destruction and killing while those slave supervisors were only excelled at slashing human captives and licking the boots of those commission officers.

    Even Zhang Tie didn't know how many people had he teleported in Castle of Black Iron. He only remembered some guys who got up and peed when he instantly moved them into Castle of Black Iron before they made any response.

    He even met some guys wearing teeth over their neck. Before those guys exclaimed, they had also been teleported into Castle of Black Iron. As to whether these people could survive or be beaten to death by other humans in Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie wouldn't care about that. Zhang Tie had witnessed thousands of people die, he didn't feel pitiful about seeing some more.

    Zhang Tie knew that this was his last time to save people. Therefore, he worked very hard at a faster speed. After losing his rapid moving effect for consecutive three times, Zhang Tie applied the rapid moving skill to himself for the fourth time; however, at this moment, he found no more people who didn't wear teeth over neck anymore.

    After running for such a long time, even though he constantly supplemented his physical strength with all-purpose medicament, Zhang Tie still felt a bit fatigued.

    "Heller, how many people do we have in Castle of Black Iron?"

    "21679!" Heller replied with a pleasant sound, "Castle Lord, if you're free, you can take a look inside. It has never been so boisterous inside. Those people think they are taken into the paradise by the God from the hell!"

    "Not until I leave out of here. And, how about those guys who wore human teeth?"

    "The moment they entered have they been beaten to death. The others thought these people were gifted by the God for them to revenge!"

    After hearing Heller's explanation, Zhang Tie became speechless. However, after sending those guys wearing human teeth into Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie found that if he could touch his enemy, he could also control the enemy's fate by teleporting him into Castle of Black Iron.

    "Can I teleport my enemy inside Castle of Black Iron by touching them?" Zhang Tie asked with full desires. If Heller replied yes, Zhang Tie would feel that he had one more trump card. The moment Zhang Tie thought that he could teleport a powerhouse like Master Abyan into Castle of Black Iron and have him under his control only by touching him had he been thrilled all over.


    After hearing Heller's answer, Zhang Tie almost sprung up, "Is there any limit?"

    "Of course there is. I thought you could understand the secret when you teleport them in, it seems that you haven't. You mainly teleport those people in through the special link between your special energy and the arch door of Castle of Black Iron. The person that you teleport in Castle or Black Iron is actually being covered by a special energy field formed by your spiritual energy, which was featured by your unique energy fluctuation frequency. It was like an access certificate to that arch door. Am I clear?"


    "Actually, it's a transient holistic coverage to that person. In order to reach this effect, you have to light more surging points than that of the person you want to teleport in. Those who have lit more surging points than you will have a higher frequency of spiritual energy. Therefore, you cannot form a holistic coverage towards those people, which means that you cannot teleport them into Castle of Black Iron.

    Zhang Tie became stunned, "You mean I cannot teleport those who have a higher level than me into Castle of Black Iron and have them under control inside?"

    "Yes. If you meet those who have a higher level than you, you could only deal with them based on your fighting skills. Castle of Black Iron would not give you any favor. Actually, when you reach LV 10, you will know that real powerhouses could rarely touch each other when in the fight. If the opponent had determined to kill you, you could barely touch them. Of course, you could not teleport them into Castle of Black Iron and crack down them inside."

    "But my spiritual energy is greater than theirs. Doesn't this work?"

    "The size of spiritual energy is different from its frequency level. One refers to quantity while the other refers to quality. You might feel the faint change in your spiritual energy each time you lit a surging point. In that change, even if the total quantity of your spiritual energy didn't increase, you could still feel your spiritual energy grow a lot. That is both a growth in the frequency and quality of spiritual energy."

    "What if they are not my enemies? Can I take those with a higher level in Castle of Black Iron?"

    "The only condition for those whose spiritual energy frequency is higher than yours is that they are completely relaxed physically and spiritually and believe in you very much!"

    "Do you have any method for the old man?" Zhang Tie knew that Heller would understand what he referred to.

    "Sorry. That old man's limbs have been chopped off. Additionally, he had watched his limbs being eaten by demonized puppets; he had been collapsed both physically and spiritually. He might die in any second. It's out of my ability to save him!"

    When Zhang Tie asked Heller about this, he had already left the place where the human captives slept and came to the open land on the side of the lava river which gathered all the human captives about 20 hours ago. Thankfully, nobody paid attention to this place at this moment. Nobody could imagine that any human captive dared to check or save this old man at the risk of their lives.

    The fiery light of the lava river brightened up the riverside. Right there, an old man losing his limbs was lying on the ground, facing the top of the underground space miserably and lonely. At this moment, he even had lost his ability to commit suicide. Those slave supervisors didn't worry that he would escape or commit suicide. Lying there, he was sensing the arrival of death in the most anguished manner.

    Watching the old man, Zhang Tie's heart raced. He instantly checked his artery and found it was still faintly pulsing. Therefore, Zhang Tie hugged the old man and left rapidly.

    Zhang Tie moved the old man back to a dark place. The old man was still breathing faintly. However, his mouth had been completely destroyed. His face looked extremely terrifying. Some ants were gnawing the old man's fleshes through wounds.

    After driving away those ants, Zhang Tie put his hand on the old man's chest and directly injected all-purpose medicament and some clear spring water into his stomach from Castle of Black Iron, allowing the effect of all-purpose medicament and water to gradually spread over his body.

    One minute later, the old man slowly opened his eyes. Watching Zhang Tie, he slightly moved his mouth. However, he could not utter one word, except for some weird voice. With a vacant look, the old man dropped off tears.

    From the old man's eyes, Zhang Tie got two messages: he appreciated Zhang Tie; he wanted Zhang Tie to end his pains right away as he felt pretty painful both physically and spiritually in each second.

    "I took those missing people away. Now, I've already taken away all the human captives who don't eat human fleshes in the entire underground space. They are in a safe place which the demons could never find. What other requirements and wishes do you have?" Zhang Tie whispered to the old man.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, the old man's eyes started to glitter as the voice in his throat grew louder. Zhang Tie moved his ear closer to the old man's mouth for a while before figuring out what did the old man repeat in hoarse, obscure and trembling voice.

    "...survive on..."

    "...survive on..."

    "...survive on..."

    "Do you want I and everybody to survive on?"

    The old man revealed a reassured look as he nodded hardly.

    Watching the old man nodding, Zhang Tie dropped off his tears at once. At this moment, this respectful old man's biggest wish was to make all those who escaped away survive on.

    Zhang Tie's tears fell on the old man's face, causing the old man's face twist painfully once again. He stared at Zhang Tie with a beseeching look and hoped Zhang Tie to end his pain.

    "I promise you we will survive on no matter what."

    After saying that, Zhang Tie closed his eyes as he moved his hand on the old man's chest. However, Zhang Tie's hand started to quiver as he felt difficult to release his battle qi.

    At this moment, the old man uttered some voice. Although Zhang Tie closed his eyes, he had understood the old man's meaning at once.




    This was the last imploration of the old man.


    Zhang Tie finally gritted his teeth and broke the old man's heart vein by faintly releasing his battle qi.

    The old man's voice stopped in Zhang Tie's arms. Zhang Tie opened his eyes as he saw a smile of being relieved.

    "I swear to destroy the entire Senel Clan and have their dirty fresh blood with all those who died here...!" Zhang Tie made a solemn pledge towards the old man's body, which remained a bit warmth. After that, Zhang Tie teleported the old man's corpse into Castle of Black Iron and had Heller bury it well.

    Zhang Tie mopped off his tears as he stood up. After throwing a furious glance at the camp of demonized puppets corps, Zhang Tie darted towards that camp as fast as a strand of smoke while being covered by the dark and the terrain.
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