Chapter 594: Demonized Puppets Camp

    Chapter 594: Demonized Puppets' Camp

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    The camp of the demonized puppets corps under the control of Senel Clan was not surrounded by too many defensive devices. Besides some stallions which were taken in from outside, the entire camp was covered with dense tents. It felt like a tribal agglomeration zone in Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    There was a brazier at a few meters in the camp. Some crude fluorescent stones were erecting sparsely. Additionally, there was a lava lake near the camp. Being effected by the three light sources, the region of the camp near the lava lake was a bit brighter; by contrast, the part being far away from the lava lake became dim.

    In the dark, patrolling demonized puppets passed by one squad after another.

    In this planet, even sun would rise in the east and set in the west. Therefore, although demonized puppets could constantly fight in special conditions, they also needed to take a rest. Precisely, the puppet worms in the heads of demonized puppets also needed to take a rest.

    Demonized puppets also slept in tents. Those dense tents were like bleak tombs and woods in a ghost city in the dark, which revealed a stink everywhere.

    The stink were from the demonized puppets' mouths when they breathed. When a place was crowded with demonized puppets, the air of that place would make people suffocate.

    Therefore, the moment Zhang Tie drew closer to the camp of the demonized puppets corps, Zhang Tie felt like entering a closed room which was filled with rotten fleshes. He almost vomited.

    However, as a fighter instead of being a dude, Zhang Tie had to bear it.

    Those tents and dark covered Zhang Tie well. Zhang Tie gradually drew closer to the center of the camp after dodging from squads of demonized puppets many times as fast as light.

    Those b*stards of Senel Clan lived in the central region of the camp, where the parent worm of puppet worms of the hundreds of thousands of demonized puppets should stay in. If the army chief of this demonized puppets corps was here, Zhang Tie would never risk his life to find trouble here. However, according to the human captives and what he observed yesterday, that powerhouse Koze of Senel Clan might not be here. Therefore, Zhang Tie wanted to have a try.

    Zhang Tie was indeed risking his life. Even if this army chief was not here, there were still many powerhouses among the demonized puppets corps, who were more powerful than Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie might lose his life due to any mistake.

    However, Zhang Tie was decisive. He would not leave out of here so easily. Before leaving out of here, he wanted to do something. That 'hooknose' of Senel Clan had to die today. Given that guy's qi, Zhang Tie estimated that he was about LV 10. "If I could get the chance, I might kill him easily." Zhang Tie had a crazier thought, "If possible, I can find that parent worm and kill it. If so, the entire demonized puppets corps will collapse."

    Zhang Tie felt it valuable to risk his life due to the above two reasons.


    At this moment, the door of a tent in front of him was opened from the inside, exposing some fluorescent light from the inside; meanwhile, someone walked out of the tent.

    The moment Zhang Tie saw that person had he hidden himself in the shadow of a tent.

    The person came out of the tent and undid his trousers. After finishing his pee, he quivered his crotch a few seconds. He then muttered and walked back towards his tent.

    When the person opened the tent, Zhang Tie instantly flashed out of the dark and struck that person with a binding chain before that person made any response. That person became stiff at once. Zhang Tie then rushed in front of him and rapidly dragged that person into the tent before closing the door curtain of the tent.

    There was a fluorescent lamp inside the tent. Therefore, that person could see clearly Zhang Tie's look. Meanwhile, his eyes were full of fear.

    Given his look, Zhang Tie was totally a human captive in the lowest class. However, Zhang Tie's strength was so great that that person could only move his eyes. Because of such a sharp contrast, that person became extremely fearful.

    Zhang Tie glanced over his tent rapidly and found nothing else but a kurbash, a dagger, clothes and bedding. Therefore, Zhang Tie estimated that this guy was a small head of slave supervisors.

    Zhang Tie instantly seized the guy's neck as he relieved the binding chain.

    "I ask and you answer. If you want to die, you can have a try. If you understand my words, blink your eyes." Zhang Tie said grimly.

    That person rapidly blinked his eyes.

    "Where's Koze?"

    "The army chief...is still not back yet!" that guy hurriedly replied as he felt the grip slightly loosened over his neck.

    After hearing this reply, Zhang Tie became reassured, "It seems that they have not paid special attention to the recent event."

    "What's the name of that 'hooknose', who chopped off the limbs of the old man a day ago?"

    "Cambo, that person is called Cambo, Senel Cambo!" the slave supervisor forcefully uttered.

    "What's the relationship between him and Cambo?"

    "He's the 3rd son of Koze!"

    "Where does he live?"

    "I don't know...I only know that many powerhouses of Senel Clan are living in the tents near the center of the camp. As I am not qualified to be there, I don't know where Cambo lives!"

    "Where's the parent worm of puppet worms?"

    "I...I don't know."

    "Where's the warehouse of the camp?"

    "Near the center of the camp!"

    Zhang Tie tossed a lot of questions in a line. When he couldn't get any more useful information from that person, Zhang Tie slightly strengthened his force and broke that guy's neck, causing a cracking sound. Closely after that, he threw the corpse into the Pool of Chaos in Castle of Black Iron in case of exposing his own trace.

    After doing all this, Zhang Tie listened to the outside carefully and found nobody was in the neighborhood. Therefore, he left the tent rapidly and headed for the center of the camp stealthily.

    The entire demonized puppets corps might have never considered that any person could slide into their camp; neither have they imagined that what threat could those human captives pose to them. Therefore, their defensive facilities were not very strict. All this was just a matter of routine. In such a case, it only took Zhang Tie a few minutes to reach the center of the camp.

    In the center of the camp, there were indeed a bigger tent surrounded by two rows of smaller tents. Those tents were remarkably more advanced in regulations. Zhang Tie observed it in the dark and found there were dozens of tents at least over there. It was very difficult for him to find that guy called Cambo among so many tents. It would be too dangerous if he met any real powerhouse.

    After thinking for a short while, Zhang Tie focused on the warehouse which was piled up with a lot of materials over 200 m away from the biggest tent in the center of the camp. He then worked out a method.

    The warehouse was evidently matched with more guards than other places. Zhang Tie found two teams of demonized puppets were patrolling around the warehouse constantly. Before doing something to the materials, he had to kill those demonized puppets. As long as what happened here was founded by others, all the powerhouses of Senel Clan near the center of the camp would come here.

    After counting the population of those demonized puppets and observing the terrain near the warehouse, Zhang Tie gritted his teeth and chose to hide in a shadow a bit far away from the center of the camp; meanwhile, he filled all the binding chains in his mind sea using his spiritual energy.

    Where Zhang Tie hid was the closest place to the patrolling route of those demonized puppets. It was over 30 m away from the demonized puppets' patrolling route.

    Each team contained 11 patrolling demonized puppets. It would take two teams of demonized puppets less than 2 minutes to pass the same region. Zhang Tie counted time silently. When one team passed by where he hid, Zhang Tie instantly rushed forward at the fastest speed.

    The distance of over 30 m instantly narrowed to 20 m. When Zhang Tie reached 15 m away from those demonized puppets, a head of those demonized puppets had found Zhang Tie as it twisted its grim head towards where Zhang Tie came from at once.

    When it turned around its head, Zhang Tie moved another 7-8 m ahead. When that demonized puppet narrowed his eyes and wanted to roar, Zhang Tie had pushed ahead another few meters.

    Right then.

    The moment the team of demonized puppets were within the attacking range of binding chains had Zhang Tie released 11 binding chains and struck them.

    Those demonized puppets became stiff at once...
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