Chapter 595: Killing Cambo

    Chapter 595: Killing Cambo

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    If possible, Zhang Tie really hoped to kill all these grim and disgusting demonized puppets. However, if he did that, the parent worm of those puppet worms would feel someone breaking in at once. If so, he would not continue his plan.

    Therefore, after fixing those demonized puppets with binding chains, Zhang Tie knocked them down quickly; instead of killing them. After that, he filled his mind sea with binding chains by constantly driving his spiritual energy towards the god's rune of binding skills in his mind sea at the speed of one binding chain per second.

    After hearing the footsteps of the other team of demonized puppets, Zhang Tie supplemented his binding chains once again. Like what he did previously, before the team of demonized puppets made any response, they had been frozen by the 11 binding chains.

    Zhang Tie then dragged the 22 demonized puppets into a hidden place which was close to the warehouse before rushing into the warehouse.

    After freezing another two demonized puppets in the warehouse using the same method, Zhang Tie finally occupied the entire warehouse.

    Among all the military materials, kerosene was the necessity for both demons and humans. In that warehouse, Zhang Tie had found where the kerosene was placed only by sniff.

    The kerosene was put in about 1000 1-m high tin buckets, which were piled like a hill. The moment he saw those kerosene buckets had Zhang Tie taken out a dagger and stabbed hundreds of times in each of them.

    The moment he stabbed in those tin buckets had the kerosene gurgled out of them.

    When those buckets were leaking kerosene, Zhang Tie lifted a kerosene bucket which weighed hundreds of kg as he opened its lid and started to run in the warehouse, spreading kerosene everywhere.

    In this warehouse, besides kerosene, there were some other materials such as food, timbers, weapons and military uniforms. Zhang Tie poured kerosene over all of them. After using up two buckets of kerosene, he used another two...

    Until after pouring 10 buckets did Zhang Tie run outside of the warehouse.

    "B*stards of Senel Clan, are you ready for the bonfire?" watching those tents in the center of the camp, Zhang Tie sneered as he triggered his lighter and threw it on the kerosene line.

    As the flame of the kerosene line spread towards far, Zhang Tie hid in the dark once again.


    2 minutes later, with a huge explosion, a fiery flame higher than 50 m rose from the place where the kerosene buckets were placed, which chocked the entire camp.

    "What's the matter?" a roar sounded from a tent in the center of the camp. At the same time, a member of Senel Clan rushed out of the tent.

    At the sight of the flame over the warehouse, he instantly darted towards there.

    Only after a few seconds, when he arrived there, the entire warehouse had started to burn. That person roared, "Have people put out the fire, hurry...". Soon after sending the order, that person released a punch, which instantly broke a pile of burning crates into pieces over 30 m away. After that, the flame outside the crates became smaller.

    In a blink of an eye, other powerhouses arrived. Seeing such a big fire, the entire camp became chaotic. Many people started to put out the fire.

    There were so many fire sources in the warehouse. Fiery flames grew bigger and higher. Even those fireproof items had started to burn; especially those burning kerosene at the corner of the warehouse. It was so hot over there. Although being dozens of meters away, people could already not draw close to that place. All the tents closer to that place had been burned.

    At this moment, those demonized puppets being froze by binding chains had been burned into ashes. When they died, all the other demonized puppets across the camp uttered crazy shrieks.

    After feeling the abnormal behavior of those demonized puppets, a middle-aged man who was putting out the fire was shocked at once as he seemingly realized something.

    "Rouben, take a division of demonized puppets in line 1 m away from the camp and prevent those pariahs from making troubles here!"

    "Yes, sir!" a strong powerhouse of Senel Clan left right away.

    "Hughs, go to inspect the camp; maintain the order over there."

    "Yes, sir!" another powerhouse of Senel Clan left with two hands.

    "Bartee, safeguard the main tent with the other powerhouses of demonized puppets above LV 9. Send the warning right away if there's something wrong!"

    "Yes, sir!"

    "All the others put out the fire here as soon as possible with me..."


    Hiding in the dark, Zhang Tie was shocked by this man's decisions in such a short period. Zhang Tie didn't know who was he; but he was sure that that person was a big figure as he could command this demonized puppets corps and have those elites of Senel Clan follow his order.

    Zhang Tie found that person's purple battle qi was rolling like waves when he sent the order. Any punch of him could put out a flame or break any burning item into pieces more than 30 m away. That was an unrivaled fighting strength. It was estimated that he was at least at the level of master Abyan. In front of such a person, Zhang Tie could not stand more than 10 seconds.

    However, besides this person, there were some more people whose level was between 12 and 13, which was far greater than that of Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie knew that, he could never beat them face to face.

    Being limited to level, a LV 9 guy was not qualified to be proud in front of a corps, no matter how talented he was and how many wonderful experiences he had.

    Through this point, Zhang Tie knew better about the power of Senel Clan. This clan might be more powerful than Zhen Clan in Heavens Cold City.

    Zhang Tie focused on the hooknosed guy called Cambo among those powerhouses and those people's shadows under the reflection of the high rising flames since the beginning. When those people of Senel Clan drilled out of their tents, Zhang Tie had already kept Cambo's tent in mind.

    In that chaos, Zhang Tie sneaked in the tent of that guy called Cambo and waited for him to come back silently.

    At this moment, the most dangerous place was the safest place.

    Nobody could imagine that the fire-raiser was not in the camp, or breaking in the main tent which contained so many secrets or leading those human captives to rebel, but hiding in a tent near the center of the camp.


    With the efforts of so many powerhouses in Senel Clan and tens of thousands of demonized puppets, the fiery fire was finally put out in 40 minutes. As a result, over 70% of materials in the warehouse had been burned into ashes. Additionally, hundreds of demonized puppets were burned to death.

    After putting out the fiery fire, all the powerhouses of Senel Clan gathered in the main tent. Everyone felt that this fire was a bit weird.

    "Rouben, what about the situation on your side? Have those pariahs dared stir up trouble here?"

    "No, none of those pariahs dared to watch what happened here. After working for the whole day, many of them might be snoring like pigs. They don't know what happened at all!" Rouben sneered as he shook his head.

    "What about you, Houghs?"

    "Everything is normal in the camp. Besides those demonized puppets who became restless at the beginning, nothing special happened. "Houghs replied calmly with two swords on his back, "But dozens of demonized puppets who were responsible for safeguarding the warehouse have been burned to death. It's a bit weird."

    "Nobody else entered the main tent. Everything is normal here." The guy called Bartee looked very grim. When he talked, a killing qi could be sensed.

    After hearing these words, the middle-aged man frowned at once.

    "Scala, do you think this event is related to those missing pariahs?" Cambo looked at the empty main seat in the main tent as a light flashed across his eyes. That position belonged to his father. Now, the one who was qualified to sit beside it was his elder brother, Scala. "In the future, that seat must belong to me." Camboo thought.

    Scala also noticed the desiring look of Cambo as his mouth corners twitched once, "We can not reach such a conclusion now..." Scala denied Cambo's presumption right away while Cambo's hooknose looked a bit grim, "But I also feel what happened these couple of days are a bit weird. As the army chief is not here, we need to strengthen the patrolling force of the camp. Tomorrow, we have to have those pariahs find out that secret underground tunnel or ground crack. Additionally, the lost materials should be supplemented through the tunnel from the north as soon as possible."

    After saying that, Scala watched Cambo, "Cambo, now that you feel the two events are related with each other, you're responsible for the investigation of the two cases since tomorrow. When the army chief comes back, you can report to him!"

    "Yes, sir!"

    "If there's nothing else, adjourn. Remember to do your own jobs well!"

    When everybody left, Scala sneered towards their backs.

    Rouben was complaining about his overreaction.

    Houghs was tossing a problem.

    Bartee was also mocking him for his overreaction.

    Cambo wanted to make it more complex.

    None of the four people were loyal to him. "So what? Don't they know that they have to depend on fist instead of mouth if they want to have a right of say in Senel Clan. As long as my level is higher than them always, they are determined to be under my rule and follow my order for the rest of their lives."

    'If you have hard punch, you don't need to be clever. This is an ancestral proverb of Senel Clan. Have they forgotten about that? Additionally, are they really cleverer than me?"


    After leaving the main tent, those members of Senel Clan exchanged a glance with each other before returning to their own tents.

    Cambo looked grim as Scala was more tricky than he could imagine. If he did well what Scala ordered him to do, Scala would have a good reputation of using a good person. If not, Cambo would be regarded as incompetent and whimsical. What waited for him was nothing but mocks.

    To be honest. What Cambo said just now was indeed intending to find trouble to Scala. However, he truly thought the two events might be linked with each other. Although no abnormal situation was found, it didn't mean there was no abnormal situation. It would be unreasonable if the fire was completely owed to be an accident. Because there were truly many doubtful points.

    "Scala's performance was too calm just now. Why?"

    Cambo was raving his mind; suddenly his heart raced. "Did Scala think that the fire raiser was one of those in the main tent?"

    "This...this is really possible..."

    When he was filled with plots and tricks, Cambo came to the front of his tent. After opening it, he walked in...

    Right then, a series of punches struck him with terrifying battle qi as destructive as a pile of hot blades . He had no time to dodge away anymore. Even though he was already LV 10, he had no time to make any response in front of such a sudden attack, especially when the punch had already touched his body.

    In a split second, Zhang Tie had launched 7 punches on Cambo's throat, chest, heart and lower abdomen as fast as lightning bolts. Although the punches were silent, the first punch had already made a LV 10 strong fighter lose his ability to move and exclaim.

    Cambo laid on the ground as soft as a pool of mud. However, he didn't die. With his eyes widely opened, he watched this figure who looked like a pariah.

    "Peh..." Zhang Tie squatted as he took up Cambo's sword from his back. After that, he stood up and drew the long sword out of the sheath.

    "Did you use this sword to chop off that old man's limbs that day?"

    Cambo could not utter any word. Opening his mouth, it seemed that he wanted to say "wait"...

    Zhang Tie waved his sword, causing Cambo's head roll off his neck with an opened mouth. After catching this head and throwing his storage bag into Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie disappeared in the dark once again...
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