Chapter 598: Breaking Through the Bottleneck (II)

    Chapter 598: Breaking Through the Bottleneck (II)

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    Benefited from the leakless fruits, Zhang Tie had improved greatly on physical strength and the other aspects. In the trouble-reappearance situations, Zhang Tie's iron-blood fist and various fighting skills were further improved.

    Before coming to the Selnes Theater of Operations for the second time, Zhang Tie's marks in shadow demon cell were 6,6,10, namely surviving 6 seconds in shadow demon cell, being collapsed 6 times physically and activating shadow demon cell 10 times.

    In August, Zhang Tie had made a great progress in fighting data in shadow demon cell when he came to Selnes Theater of Operations for the second time.

    7,9,11, the latest marks of Zhang Tie. He could survive over 7 seconds in shadow demon cell, sustain collapse 9 times consecutively in the trouble-reappearance situation and activate shadow demon cell 11 times after several months' hard cultivation.

    In October, the rainy season of Selnes Plain had passed when the autumn flavor started to cover this land full of flames and smoke of war.

    Autumn was the season of harvest after sprouting and brilliance.

    Zhang Tie also made a harvest in this season. Since he obtained 'Robust Ox Skill', the incomplete version of 'King Roc Sutra' on June 11th, he would finally finish planting the golden seed in his Shrine after over 100 days.

    On the evening of October 4th, Zhang Tie was sitting on the bed in the Captain's room of the Idiots with his legs crossed.

    Since he returned to the base by the Idiots on October 2nd, Zhang Tie had been in the Captain's room. All the crew members knew that Zhang Tie was in cultivation; therefore, nobody disturbed him.

    In the Shrine surging point, that huge golden egg had been covered with dense classic, feather-like runes. There were totally 986 runes over it.

    The last rune was like a rotating spiral with a beautiful tail. The moment Zhang Tie completely manifested the last rune on the top of the golden egg using his spiritual energy and battle qi had he felt relaxed all over. After that, before letting out a sigh, Zhang Tie had quivered all over. In Zhang Tie's mind, the Shrine surging point started to rock heavily.

    When the Shrine surging point vibrated, the golden egg which was covered with 987 mysterious runes started to float and emit out colorful, brilliant lights, making the entire Shrine surging point as bright as an imperial palace. Meanwhile, Zhang Tie's lower abdomen became as warm as a thermos flask.

    Its color changed from red to orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple...

    These colorful lights appeared alternatively. They seemed penetrating through the Shrine surging point as they started to brighten everywhere inside Zhang Tie's body. Zhang Tie started to feel that his body became as transparent as glass as his fleshes, blood, bones, veins and organs gradually disappeared, causing his body void inside and outside and pretty pure. As the golden egg alternatively changed its color, Zhang Tie's body became a huge, solemn and sacred piece of glaze.

    In such a nice feeling and realm, Zhang Tie suddenly heard a groundbreaking chirp. At the same time, the golden egg broke into pieces and emitted out bright colorful lights. After that, 987 runes started to float from the golden egg and converged in the air. Finally, a huge bird completely composed of lights whose look was blurrily manifested in the Shrine.

    Although it was virtual, at the sight of the bird, Zhang Tie felt an indescribable, powerful energy and qi which could destroy the universe. He almost knelt down for that out of worship.

    That huge bird composed of lights flapped its wings as a light feather fell off its body and flew out of the Shrine. It finally landed on a place inside Zhang Tie's body...

    The huge bird constantly flapped its wings as light features constantly flew out of his Shrine and headed for everywhere inside his body...

    In the end, Zhang Tie felt that the inside of his body was covered with the lights feature from that huge bird.

    The huge bird chirped loudly for four times...

    When it chirped for the first time, Zhang Tie felt his body was as massive as land.

    When it chirped for the second time, Zhang Tie felt his body was as dynamic as water.

    When it chirped for the third time, Zhang Tie felt as light as wind.

    When it chirped for the fourth time, Zhang Tie felt as hot as fire.

    After four chirps, Zhang Tie obtained a greater mass, a more agile body, a broader sense of space and a great passion.

    Finally, the four elements and feelings mixed with each other and filled Zhang Tie's empty body once again like coloring a painting. Zhang Tie then felt the existence of his blood, fleshes, bones and organs and felt his heart beating and blood running once again.

    At this moment, the heart beats sounded like a giant hammering a battle drum.

    Additionally, the sound of the running blood in Zhang Tie's vessels was also like a jubilant brook.

    The sounds of battle drums and running brook resonated in Zhang Tie's body, bringing him a new, strange feeling. How blood flew over spine was like how brook flew over the mountain ridge. Resonating in his chest, the heart beats were like sonorous and elegant songs in the serene valley. Being combined with his innards, they performed a delicate piece of music.

    Livers, heart, spleen, lungs and kidneys; green, red, yellow, white and black; 1,2,3,5,6 (musical notes); wood, fire, soil, gold and water; fury, hatred, complaint, angry and boredom...

    Zhang Tie had never had such a feeling before. He seemed having enlightened something. He felt having everything, including the mountains, rivers, stars and universe.

    When the true feelings recovered, Zhang Tie finally woke up and opened his eyes.

    He was still sitting in the Captain's room of Idiots. However, one night had already passed. He saw the twilight of dawn through the closed window. However, he was spirited like having recuperated several days as he felt flying in the air.

    Zhang Tie looked inside his body as he almost dropped off his tears.

    At this moment, all the invisible surging points had manifested in his senses clearly. Like clearing off the clouds and seeing the sun, each surging point was an energy core in his body. They spread in Zhang Tie's body like 987 stars. Besides 34 surging points on his spine, all the other 953 surging points had manifested themselves.

    At this moment, all the 987 runes of 'King Roc Sutra' that he spent almost 100 days to visualize reappeared. Each rune matched each surging point. The image of runes clearly appeared in the cores of those surging points.

    Of the 34 surging points on his spine which had been lit, the 34 runes were as brilliant as flames. Comparatively, the runes in the 953 invisible surging points which had not been lit looked a bit dark.

    From then on, the gate from LV 10 to LV 16 opened to Zhang Tie completely.

    At the same moment, Zhang Tie indeed felt the power and the terror of the emperor-level secret knowledge. Soon after he finished planting the golden seed in his Shrine had all the invisible surging points in his body been completely manifested. That was too marvelous.

    Although Zhang Tie had not cultivated other secret knowledge, he had already heard about the cultivation effects of the other secret knowledge in these couple of months. According to Zhang Tie's knowledge, even the Zhang Clan's 'Breaking Sun Sutra' could not manifest invisible surging points until later phase. Some viscount-level or baron-level secret knowledge would cost the cultivator more time to manifest invisible surging points. Some of them even needed the coordination between outside force and medicine to manifest invisible surging points.

    However, soon after you planted the golden seed of 'King Roc Sutra' in your Shrine, you would manifest all the invisible surging points. What Zhang Tie needed to do was to light all the invisible surging points one after another and witnessed the nirvana.

    "Powerful, that's too powerful. What an emperor-level secret knowledge!"

    Perhaps this is the realm of this sutra. The one who cultivated the 'King Roc Sutra' would be like a King Roc. As long as it stretched its wings, it would break through air and clouds. In a split second, it would pass tens of thousands miles as there were only stars in its eyes. No obstacles existed anymore. The road in the front would be clear and the road in the back would turn into dust under the feet.

    In the Shrine surging point, the golden egg had completely disappeared. The one being left in the Shrine was only a brilliant King Roc Seed Rune, which had been a stick of spiritual feature.

    Now that it was 'King Roc Sutra', the method to light surging points would not be as stupid as before. That stick of spiritual feather was the key to cultivate 'King Roc Sutra' and light those invisible surging points.

    Although Zhang Tie wanted to rush in Castle of Black Iron, burning that stick of spiritual feather with those leakless fruits which were accumulating in Castle of Black Iron for a long time, and promote to LV 10 in the fastest speed, more haste, less speed. Because he had just broken through an important pass after cultivating for many days, he needed to take a rest.

    Thinking of this, Zhang Tie got off the bed, opened the door of Captain's Room and walked outside.

    At this moment, it was early morning. As it was a holiday break, besides some people on duty and some guards, most of the crew members on the Idiots had not woken up.

    It was a nice weather today. Zhang Tie came to the deck of the airship and found the sun had just come out of the horizon, tinting the eastern sky and the entire Selnes Plain into golden color.

    "After planting the golden seed in the Shrine, it was all clear in front of his eyes. There were no more mountains in front of his eyes from then on."

    A line flashed across Zhang Tie's mind as Zhang Tie felt extremely heroic. He felt very bright in front of his eyes. The sense of depression and frustration that had accumulated in his mind for several months disappeared in a second. Demons? Three-eye Association? F*ck you...
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