Chapter 599: Beating Training and Promotion

    Chapter 599: Beating Training and Promotion

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    The kitchen of the Idiots opened only when the airship landed on the ground. By then, crew members might have a hot meal in the kitchen. When the Idiots executed tasks in the air, no matter how long would the tasks last, no open fire was allowed across the airship except for the boiler in the engine room which was under strict control. During the process of executing tasks, crew members could only eat dried rations and preserved food.

    In such case, whenever the airship landed for supply, the kitchen would always be crowded with people, like today.

    However, the situation today was a bit different than before. Although the crew members were eating, they were all focused on old John, the chef of the Idiots who trotted between the kitchen and the dining hall.

    Old John was very excited. As long as old John became excited, his nose would turn red. Today, old Join's nose was as red as a made-up clown.

    Of course, the one who could make this chef of a 5-star hotel so busy was the captain of the Idiots.

    As the captain was always busy, he rarely ate in the dining hall. Even though he came here, he would finish the meal and leave rapidly. It was said that old John even complained about that before; today, old John became very excited and diligent.

    The one who was more attractive than old John in the dining hall was Zhang Tie. At this moment, Zhang Tie's table had been covered with so many plates. What he ate was more than that of three tough guys in the airship. Additionally, he was still eating. It seemed that he wouldn't feel full.

    All the crew members didn't find that their captain had such a good appetite until now.

    "Hurry, give me a way, give me a way..." old John shouted loudly, scaring away some crew members who were queuing up to fill dish far away. Lifting a plate, he trotted all the way in front of Zhang Tie as he lowered his body and served that plate on the table in front of Zhang Tie. After that, he unveiled the cover of the dish and said, "Captain, try this one, golden roasted fish. This is my best dish when I served as a chef in Cyrink Empire. It took me half an hour to cook this dish..."

    When the cover was unveiled, everyone in the surroundings smelt an alluring aroma. Many people started to raise their nose to sniff.

    When old John was introducing his 'well-known dish' to Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie couldn't wait to pick up the golden roasted fish and engulf it. As Zhang Tie's teeth were as hard as steel, he soon ate up the entire dish.

    Until he ate up that golden roasted fish did Zhang Tie find old John was staring at him like being wronged.

    "What?" Zhang Tie asked with an amazed look.

    "Erm...captain, you forgot to paste my sauce on it. Golden roasted fish tastes better with sauce!" old John looked like how an artist watched a bricklayer spoiling the first-class painting.

    "Ah? Is that real?" after saying that, Zhang Tie saw a saucer of sauce beside that plate. He then revealed a bashful smile, "I will try. Hope it's not late..."

    Zhang Tie replied as he poured that saucer of sauce into his mouth and engulfed them at once. After that, he smacked his lips twice, "Hmm, it really tastes good. Well done!"

    Old John widely opened his mouth. This was his first time to see someone eat golden roasted fish in this way. However, he revealed a happy smile, "There's one more dish in the kitchen. Wait for a second, I will serve it to you..."

    After saying that, old John ran jubilantly towards the kitchen.

    Zhang Tie didn't know why he had such a good appetite today. Even though he didn't eat food for a couple of days when in cultivation, his appetite was still out of Zhang Tie's imagination. Zhang Tie felt that he could eat at least twice the food of that before.

    After planting the golden seed of 'King Roc Sutra' in the Shrine, Zhang Tie felt so hungry. This was indeed out of Zhang Tie's imagination. However, Zhang Tie also knew that great hunger represented a sharply increasing demand for energy and digestive ability. This seemed to be one of the changes that his body had experienced after planting the golden seed of 'King Roc Sutra' in his Shrine.

    There were some more changes that Zhang Tie didn't know how to describe. He didn't find these changes at the beginning. After planting the golden seed of 'King Roc Sutra' in Shrine for over 1 hour, he gradually adapted to the changes.

    Zhang Tie found his body became lighter.

    Zhang Tie thought that he lost his weight at first. He especially weighed himself on a scale; however, his weight remained unchanged. It was still 79 kg. As a result, he found that his fast moving skill was much improved. He could move in a more agile way. Sometimes, Zhang Tie felt being as light as a stick of feather.

    Besides being more agile, Zhang Tie found his strength also increased by 10%, which really shocked him.

    In legends, when roc was a super magical beast which ate dragons like eating earthworms. It was said that when dragons saw roc, they would be too scared to move. A roc would eat 500 young dragons and a king dragon a day. Additionally, this magical beast was as long as thousands of miles. After flapping its wings once, it could travel 80,000 miles at a super fast speed. To drive such a huge body, its strength was of course extremely terrifying.

    Thinking of his great appetite and those improvements in his body, Zhang Tie realized that these were benefited from 'King Roc Sutra' for sure. As for such an emperor-level secret knowledge which had manifested a great effect since he planted the golden seed in his Shrine, Zhang Tie could say nothing but praise.

    Zhang Tie started to become more desiring about the effects after LV 10. Only from the name 'Robust Ox Skill', Zhang Tie had realized that this 'King Roc Sutra' would bring him a great strength for sure in the process of promoting to LV 10, If not, those people would never name this incomplete version of 'King Roc Sutra' as 'Robust Ox Skill', with which, they could only promote to LV 10.

    When old John served a fish-flavored shredded pork with Chinese characters, Zhang Tie ate another two bowls of rice and drunk another two bowls of soup. Finally, facing the satisfactory smile of old John, Zhang Tie felt that he was almost full.


    After eating the breakfast and resting for a short while, Zhang Tie started his beating training.

    This beating training had become the most boisterous scene in the airship base of the Crystal Battle Fortress since it started. Whenever Zhang Tie prepared to be beaten, he would instantly be surrounded by a lot of common fighters in the Crystal Battle Fortress and the airship base.

    "Ah? Our Selnes Eagle is ready to be beaten once again..."

    As someone exclaimed outside the Idiots. Soon after Zhang Tie and those crew members got off the Idiots had they been surrounded by many guys who were rubbing their hands with glittering eyes.

    Zhang Tie didn't know why those guys were so positive until the first mate of the Idiots explained it to him.

    "When they have a chance to beat Selnes Eagle, it sounds great! Later on, even if they leave Selnes Theater of Operations, when someone asks them what is the coolest thing that they've done in Selnes Theater of Operations, they will swear that they've beaten Selnes Eagle many times. Additionally, he never dared to fight back. How cool!"

    After hearing such a reason, Zhang Tie forced a bitter smile. However, Zhang Tie knew that was real. If he was still a small figure in Blackhot City, he would do this too so as to show off back in the home.

    However, Zhang Tie didn't mind that. After being familiar with everyone, each beating training was like playing with friends. He didn't have any mental burden at all.

    After several months' beating training, Zhang Tie's strike-resistance ability gradually improved. Gradually, Zhang Tie posed new requirements on those people who beat him. They were requested to attack him with clubs and wooden sticks. Those weapons were made of longan wood and ashwood which were not too hard.

    Zhang Tie had tried that. On the premise of not using battle qi, when the longan wood and ashwood were broken on his body, it was just close to the attack limit that he could stand without any injuries. This was a sort of protection to himself; by doing this, those guys could fully enjoy themselves. Additionally, he could perceive the best training effect in this way.

    "Fine, as you've waited for this chance for several days, you can beat me now!" Zhang Tie stood in the middle of the training center in a training velvet, a pair of military pants and a pair of training leather shoes. The moment he opened his mouth had the others burst out into laughter.

    "Zhang Tie, when it's my turn, can I have people take a photo for us?" a guy kidded with Zhang Tie.

    "Of course, but my portraiture right is very expensive. You have to pay 100 gold coins for each photo with me." Zhang Tie burst out into laughter, followed by the others soldiers once again.

    Zhang Tie then waved his hands towards them as 7 guys in clubs and wooden sticks instantly swarmed up and ferociously struck Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie didn't fight back. In a split second, some clubs were hacked on his body...

    At this moment, Lan Yunxi and a man with the rank of major general walked over there. Standing outside the crowd, they were watching the training between Zhang Tie and those fighters.

    That man only watched Zhang Tie being beaten several seconds before drawing a mouth of cold breath. Those innocent people thought that Zhang Tie was just dodging from being beaten; however, in the eyes of powerhouses like the major general, Zhang Tie's training pattern really shocked him...
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