Chapter 604: Falling into the Lions Den

    Chapter 604: Falling into the Lion's Den

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    Zhang Tie skimmed it over and found the cultivation process of this secret knowledge started from lighting surging points on one's heart, livers, spleen, kidneys and lungs. Based on the interactions between the five human organs and five elements, namely gold, wood, water, fire and soil, it could constantly trigger one's potential and advance it to the utmost.

    Zhang Tie felt this cultivation method was fair and progressive. It was fantastic. Starting from LV 12, the cultivator would have one more strand of the strength of the five elements respectively after each level he promoted. This strand of strength was unusual, with the rising level of the cultivator, in the later phase, when the cultivator collected all the five elements in his battle qi, his battle qi would grow more powerful.

    "What's its level? Where did you get it from?" Zhang Tie asked Major General Ford.

    "This viscount-level secret knowledge comes from the exile imperial household of the Dutin Kingdom which had been destroyed by demons in the north. Through the coordination of the alliance command and out of their respect and approval to you, the exile imperial household of Dutin Kingdom agreed to present this secret knowledge to you. Their only requirement is that you should not reveal the contents of this secret knowledge to others without their consent."

    "Don't worry. I promise to not reveal it to anyone else. However, it is not my business if someone gets it through other channels." Zhang Tie replied solemnly.

    As the old saying went, a Phoenix that lost its feathers could not even match a chicken. Zhang Tie really wondered what other cards could they play as the exiled imperial household who had already lost their privileges and territory. It might be a secret knowledge in the imperial household of the Dutin Kingdom in the past, however, only after coordinating with the exiled imperial household and promising some virtual conditions to them, the alliance command had already obtained their secret knowledge. Therefore, that exiled imperial household must be in an embarrassing situation. Additionally, before he got this secret knowledge, Zhang Tie was not sure whether it had been read or copied by others.

    Major General Ford understood Zhang Tie's meaning. However, he didn't know what to say. Instead, he just nodded and asked straightforwardly, "The alliance command has already satisfied your requirement, may you tell me when to set off?"

    "I will set off tomorrow!" Zhang Tie replied rapidly. To a certain degree, this task was a trade. Now that he had already gained what he needed, Zhang Tie didn't want to put on airs and waste time.

    "Good!" Major General Ford nodded. "This task is very important. According to our judgment, you will probably find valuable intelligence in Tokei City, the capital of the northernmost part of the Titanic Duchy. Tokei City is the most populated city and the largest city in the Titanic Duchy. If demons have a lot of evolutionary forms of parent puppet worms, those objects would exert their role to the utmost in Tokei City. After all the citizens across Tokei City were transformed, they could provide millions of demonized puppets for demons. Those demonized puppets could never be completely covered in Tokei City."

    "I will take a look in Tokei City."

    "Good luck!" Major General Ford picked himself up from the seat.

    The two people then shook hands with each other.


    When Major General Ford left, Zhang Tie toyed with that secret knowledge for a while before slightly smiling and throwing it into Castle of Black Iron. Perhaps a complete viscount-level secret cultivation knowledge was already very precious, however, for Zhang Tie, now that he could cultivate the "King Roc Sutra", all the other secret knowledge below emperor level would lose their attraction to him.

    With the viscount-level secret knowledge as a disguise, Zhang Tie would have no obstacles on the way of cultivating the "King Roc Sutra".


    On the second day, the Idiots kept flying southward since it set off from the base of Crystal Battle Fortress. After leaving Crystal Battle Fortress for half an hour by airship, Zhang Tie had already driven his man-powered plane away from Idiots.

    It was a nice weather. Only after a short while, Zhang Tie had already found an elevating thermal airflow. He then started to climb up in spiral manner as he kept moving southward.

    After coming to the top of a huge mountain range in the south, with the help of the powerful elevating airflow brought by the mountain range, Zhang Tie entered the stratosphere once again. After that, he changed his direction and started to fly northward towards Titanic Duchy.

    In the stratosphere, Zhang Tie stepped on the pedals to make the propellers rotate faster. With the terrifying power, the speed of propeller could almost reach above 3000 r/m. Benefited from such a high speed, the man-powered plane could maintain a steady flight state in stratosphere in fast speed without having to lower its height, during which period, Zhang Tie could experience the perfect manipulative performance of the plane.

    When he left the Crystal Battle Fortress, Zhang Tie didn't even bid a farewell to Lan Yunxi. Although this was an important task and he might meet dangers, he would encounter dangers each time he executed the task. Since he came to Selnes Theatre of Operations, he had already executed a lot of dangerous tasks like this one, if he had to bid a farewell to Lan Yunxi each time before he was going to execute a task, he would feel very boring, not to mention Lan Yunxi.

    Wars might change a lot of things. Previously, Zhang Tie thought it was bragging and exaggerating to forget life or death when on the battlefield. How could a person not care about his own life. However, when he was really in such an environment, he finally understood that it was not exaggerating, it was very real. When you became numb, you would feel boring to think about many things. Of course, you would ignore your life or death.

    Zhang Tie realized that when one considered life or death on the battlefield, it was like concerning about whether that person in front of you would break wind or not. Such a boring risk always existed, which you had to face. However, it was actually not under your control in most cases. It was not worth you wasting time.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie didn't feel that this task would change him a lot. After gaining the man-powered plane, Zhang Tie even felt that he would face fewer dangers. He started to be more confident about accomplishing the tasks.

    Before entering the air territory of the Titanic Duchy, Zhang Tie was always thinking about that scene, the old man whose limbs had been chopped off watched demonized puppets gnawing his limbs. If he didn't enter the underground space that day, that old man might also die in the end. However, he would not die that miserably in front of Zhang Tie. Therefore, Zhang Tie felt guilty about that old man. At the same time, he hated the Senel Clan very much.

    Zhang Tie was thinking that after accomplishing this task and promoting to LV 10, he would change his look and seek a chance to sneak into the territory of the Senel Clan. He had to make the Senel Clan restless. Perhaps he was not able to exterminate the Senel Clan at this moment but he could at least make some troubles for them and make them restless.

    After entering the airspace of the Titanic Duchy, Zhang Tie recovered his composure as he paid high attention to this task. As it was a major task, Zhang Tie dared not make any mistakes.

    As it was in the stratosphere, Zhang Tie could better hide his man-powered plane. This height could not be reached by any LV 9 and LV 10 wing demons. The plane could not even be easily observed by naked eyes on the ground. For a better hidden effect, Zhang Tie had the crew members of Idiots paint the lower part of this plane into allure, which was as same as that of the sky. Benefiting from this, his man-powered plane could fully hide in the sky.

    On the way passing by the Selnes Plain, Zhang Tie didn't encounter any wing demons but he didn't become relaxed. After entering the airspace the of Titanic Duchy, Zhang Tie selected a route which had been well planned. He attempted to avoid the sensitive regions and whether he might encounter wing demons in his imaginations; he chose a relatively remote route to head for Tokei City, the capital of the Titanic Duchy.

    After coming to the Selnes Theater of Operations several months ago, Zhang Tie became less interested in the landscape below his eyes.

    After flying for 3 hours, when he reached the hinterland of the Titanic Duchy, Zhang Tie met a team of wing demons. They were flying thousands of meters below Zhang Tie in rows of black points.

    Thankfully, they didn't find Zhang Tie. Those wing demons hadn't imagined that human aircraft could fly in the stratosphere, causing a fly-over.

    Zhang Tie kept changing his directions. When it was past 3 pm, after flying for over 2,000 km, Zhang Tie finally reached the airspace of Tokei City, the northernmost capital of Titanic Duchy.

    In the distance, Zhang Tie had already seen the rising objects outside Tokei City. As they were so high, Zhang Tie was not sure what they were. In order to see it clearly, Zhang Tie took out of his telescope and looked below.

    He saw dozens of pyramid-sized flesh hills being covered with honeycombs outside Tokei City.

    However, before Zhang Tie could see it clearly, a sudden sense of crisis had made his heart race. Zhang Tie moved his eyes away from the telescope as he saw a dark purple wing demons who was accelerating towards him with a grim look.

    'Dark purple? LV 12? Being able to fly in the stratosphere?' Goosebumps covered Zhang Tie's scalp at once.
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