Chapter 605: The Eagle Broke Its Wing

    Chapter 605: The Eagle Broke Its Wing

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    The crisis came so abruptly. The wing demon had already been 100 m away from Zhang Tie when Zhang Tie caught sight of it.

    Zhang Tie released two palm bolts and changed the direction almost at the same time.

    Although palm bolts caused sonic booms, they were useless to LV 12 wing demons. They could only slightly slow down the wing demon's flying speed before being dodged away by the wing demon.

    In a split second, Zhang Tie had already exerted his utmost effort to step on the pedals as fast as possible. Meanwhile, he had the man-powered plane cut into a downward strand of cold air flow on his left and dive towards the ground.

    Zhang Tie understood that he could never defeat a LV 12 wing demon in the sky. Last time, he was embarrassed by a LV 11 wing demon, not to mention a LV 12 wing demon.

    The wing demon chased after him as it uttered a weird, frightening sound. When Zhang Tie started to dive towards the ground by the man-powered plane, that wing demon had already been less than 80 m from him. Sitting in the cockpit, Zhang Tie inclined his body as he cast another palm bolt backwards. The wing demon blocked it away with an odd-looking fork. However, In such a delay, Zhang Tie was pushed 10 meters away.

    At the critical moment, Zhang Tie recovered his composure at once as the terrain of the Tokei City, the capital of Titanic Duchy appeared in his mind immediately...

    Zhang Tie knew that he could only use three aspects to escape; mountain, water and his man-powered plane.

    There were undulating hills in the east of Tokei City. Much elevating wavy air flows formed above the hills due to the terrain. In the elevating wavy airflows, Zhang Tie could use a unique flying skill to gain a speed which was far greater than that could be gained in normal conditions.

    After flying over those hills, there was a huge lake more than 300 km away in the east of the hills. The lake was about 200 km in both length and width. It was called Star Leaves Lake. It was the biggest freshwater lake in the Titanic Duchy. As long as he arrived there, he would have a greater chance to escape even at the cost of one man-powered plane.

    Although Zhang Tie could not defeat a LV 12 wing demon in the sky, he was unrivaled in water.

    In a split second, Zhang Tie had dived from 10,000 m to 3,000-4,000 m in height. Through sharp frictions with air flows, the rapidly running propeller uttered a weird wuthering and deafening sound.

    Zhang Tie then released some more palm bolts to further slow down the speed of the wing demon. However, during this process, that wing demon narrowed the distance to 60 m.

    If it was the former glider that Zhang Tie drove, Zhang Tie might have been caught up by that wing demon. This time, the extra driving force provided by the propeller of man-powered plane postponed the time of being caught up by the wing demon for Zhang Tie.

    Facing chilly wind, hearing weird, wuthering sound from the propeller, Zhang Tie could see the objects on the ground below him more and more clearly. Zhang Tie found that the dense military camps and demonized puppets on the ground became more terrifying; however, he didn't have time to observe them at all; instead, he only thought about how to escape.

    When the contour of hills entered Zhang Tie's vision, what Zhang Tie was most concerned about happened. Two more purple black points were accelerating towards him from the front and on the left.

    "Three LV 12 wing demons? What the hell?"


    Zhang Tie instantly picked off a standard javelin from the weapon rack hanging on one side of the glider and threw it towards that wing demon behind him.

    Standard javelin's power could never be matched by palm bolts. Almost in a wink, it had flew over 50 m and arrived in front of that LV 12 wing demon. The LV 12 wing demon instantly blocked it away with its fork, causing a huge sound. However, that wing demon was also sent flying backward over 10 m while its body quivered.

    In this way, the distance between Zhang Tie and the LV 12 wing demon was expanded to over 100 m at once. The LV 12 wing demon uttered a weird sound in the air, which sounded being extremely furious and warned the other two wing demons about this trick.

    When the javelins on both sides of the cockpit were almost used up, Zhang Tie finally cut into the air territory above the hills. Three LV 12 wing demons accomplished their encirclement above the hills. Each of the 3 LV 12 wing demons was less than 100 m away from Zhang Tie.

    In this distance, nobody could escape out of 3 LV 12 wing demons' encirclement, no matter what he drove, the man-powered plane or a glider.

    Without those undulating hills, Zhang Tie felt that he could never escape. Even those who were watching this wonderful air chase from the ground in the distance felt that the result was already fixed.

    However, at this moment, Zhang Tie's man-powered plane finally entered the air territory above the hills.

    Undulating hills could produce wavy airflows. Based on his acute senses, Zhang Tie started to penetrate through those elevating airflows like a butterfly. Zhang Tie's plane suddenly accelerated, expanding the distance between him and the LV 12 wing demon behind him.

    This was an exclusive flying skill that Zhang Tie developed based on the traits of the glider. Zhang Tie named it dynamic soaring.

    Dynamic soaring could only be applied in the air territory above the undulating hills. Such area bred very special elevating airflows and a strong sense of space hierarchy. The airflows were sharply different in speed. By constantly making curvilinear motion among these airflows, Zhang Tie would accelerate its glider each time he made a turn.

    In the mother nature, this glider's driving skill was very similar to that of seagulls' flight principle among waves. The undulating hills were like undulating waves as they could produce undulating airflows in different speeds. This was the principle of dynamic soaring.

    In such a flight, the space velocity lost in each turn would be smaller than the increasing speed brought by different air flows. In this way, speed and energy could be constantly accumulated. When the air stopped flowing or the glider entered high-speed airflows from the low-speed area after a great turn, the glider's moving speed decreased compared to that of airflows; however, it increased compared to the ground. After another sharp turn, a part of increasing speed was lost. After entering high-speed airflow, it gained a momentum once again. Similarly, through the circulation of decreased airspeed -- increased ground velocity--ground velocity turning into space velocity, the glider reached the highest speed.

    Zhang Tie had not shown off this flying skill in front of others. It was almost impossible for other glider drivers to sense the changes and layers of air flow at hundreds of meters in height when in high-speed flight; not to mention that they had to frequently bear the terrifying overload caused by the large-angle turn of the glider. In the process, if the glider was poor, it might break into parts when turning, not to mention humans.

    Such a flying skill was completely an unimaginable "marvelous skill" of the glider drivers that they could never master.

    Last time, Zhang Tie dived in water to escape a LV 11 wing demon at the cost of a glider because he had no terrain to make use of within hundreds of miles when he encountered that wing demon. As a result, he could not apply his dynamic soaring skill.

    However, this time, it was a different situation. He could make use of the vast, undulating hills and expose his special skill. There was always a way out!

    The driving force provided by the propeller could mend up the losing speed when he moved out of the high-speed airflows, allowing him to cut in high-speed air flows at a faster speed. Benefited from this, he could gain a higher speed. After accelerating a few times, the speed of Zhang Tie's man-powered plane had already surpassed 600 km, expanding the distances between him and the other three wing demons at once.

    Although wing demons could do some gliding motions using airflows by flapping their wings, they could not meet the requirements of aerodynamics. They could never match some birds on the application of air flows, even human gliders. Therefore, even in the same environment, they could not catch up with Zhang Tie.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie heard furious roars behind him. When he thought that he had already dodged from their chase, a powerful qi rose from the ground.

    When Zhang Tie sensed this qi, before he made any response had the right wing of his man-powered plane been broken into pieces by a strength.

    Soon after that, Zhang Tie heard a terrifying air-torn explosion.

    "What a sonic boom!"

    The moment this whim flashed across Zhang Tie's mind had his man-powered plane swiveled and lost its control as it dived towards the ground...
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