Chapter 606: A Terrifying Trap

    Chapter 606: A Terrifying Trap

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    In the process of applying dynamic soaring, Zhang Tie was in a low height but at a very fast speed; after such an attack, the man-powered plane was only a bit higher than 100 m in a few seconds.

    It kept swiveling and plunging, making Zhang Tie a bit dizzy. However, he recovered his composure very soon. When the man-powered plane was dozens of meters away from the ground, Zhang Tie rapidly picked a rotachute out of his coat and pressed its button at once.

    The moment he pressed the button had the two leaves of the rotachute started to rotate. With a powerful buffering, Zhang Tie was instantly drawn out of the man-powered plane's cockpit.


    Several seconds later...

    "Boom..." the man-powered plane crashed into pieces 200 m away, scattering all its parts everywhere. When Zhang Tie was still about 10 m away from the ground, he had put away the rotachute and had his body fall down faster.

    After buffering the plunging inertia by rolling on the ground for a while, Zhang Tie hurriedly sprung up. When he was going to dart towards the east, a man stood in front of him.

    At the sight of that man, Zhang Tie stopped at once.

    That man was wearing a dusky golden armor with a hooknose. His qi was even greater than that of Master Abyan. He was just watching Zhang Tie with a calm, faintly icy look. Zhang Tie felt like a frog being gazed at by a poisonous snake as goosebumps covered his back.

    It was this man who shot down Zhang Tie's man-powered plane just now. If that man targeted at his cockpit, Zhang Tie was not sure whether he would be able to stand up now.

    After fighting Abyan many times, Zhang Tie clearly knew the fighting strength on that level. Therefore, since this man stood in front of him, Zhang Tie had given up his plan to escape. Due to such a sharp difference in level and fighting strength, Zhang Tie knew it clearly that it was just like seeking for trouble if he tried to escape.

    "Who are you?" Zhang Tie asked that man as he felt that he had seen that hooknose before. Meanwhile, a bad whim flashed across his mind, "After encountering three LV 12 wing demons in the air, I was finally shot down by a powerhouse. Is this a coincidence?"

    "I'm Koz!" The man opened his mouth as Zhang Tie's heart raced. The bad whim became clearer, "How could I meet a member of Senel Clan here?"

    That man kept gazing at Zhang Tie's face. Even Zhang Tie's most trivial mental changes could not escape from his eyes. After telling Zhang Tie about his name, Koz found that Zhang Tie faintly narrowed his pupils. He then let out a sigh, "It seems that you're that person who destroyed the good plan of Senel Clan in Misty Moon Woods in June. You killed my son Cambo, right?"

    "I don't know what you're talking about." Clearly knowing that in war there was no objection to deceit, of course, Zhang Tie would not expose the truth. After hearing Koz's words, Zhang Tie felt chilly as falling into a terrifying trap being especially set for him.

    "You don't need to think too much about that. I'm especially waiting for you here. I've not imagined that you, a tiny LV 9 fighter who has been rewarded with the honor Selnes Eagle, really have a talent. You almost escaped from the encirclement of three LV 12 wing demons. It seems that you are waiting for me to kill you." That man revealed an icy smile.

    When the man said these words, the 3 wing demons had already arrived here. After seeing the man's hand gesture, they then left.

    "Right, I am Zhang Tie, the Selnes Eagle. I admit that you're more powerful than me. However, don't dream about getting any intelligence from me!" Zhang Tie watched that man with a calm look.

    That man burst out laughing before watching Zhang Tie with a sinister smile, "Hahahaha, do I need to get any intelligence from you? You really think that we are afraid of the allied human forces? Who has dispatched you here? Have you started to cultivate the 'Five-element Ground Look Sutra' these days?"

    "What are you talking about?" Zhang Tie finally changed his look.

    "I'm just leaving you a chance to see clearly who will be the winner of this war!"

    In a few seconds, Zhang Tie heard another air-breaking sound as some more people appeared, surrounding him right away.

    Those people were young elites of Senel Clan whom Zhang Tie had seen in the underground space of Misty Moon Woods.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, they were like how timber wolves stared at little white rabbits with a cruel and aggressive look. Zhang Tie looked around and found that he could not escape this time. Therefore, he became silent and wanted to see what trick did these members of Senel Clan want to play.

    "Take him back!" Koz said as he pointed at Zhang Tie with a finger, as a glittering battle qi flashed towards Zhang Tie. As Zhang Tie was only 10 m away from Koz, he didn't have time to dodge away. With a headache, he passed out and fell down the ground at once.

    "Dad, why not kill him for Cambo's death?" Rouben moved one step forward as he licked his lips and watched Zhang Tie who was lying on the ground. At the same time, a shrewd light flashed across his eyes.

    "Keep him alive. He's still useful to Senel Clan. We would deal with him when he was useless. Are you afraid of him escaping at this moment?" Koz said icily as all the other young elites of Senel Clan exchanged glances with each other and nodded.

    Koz waved his hand. Scala then walked forward and lifted Zhang Tie by one hand. After that, a group of people darted towards Tokei City.


    Zhang Tie didn't how long had he been in the coma. When he woke up, he only felt warm and comfortable all over like bathing in hot water.

    He opened his eyes and found himself lying on a huge, cozy bed. What in front of his eyes was a golden, noble mosquito curtain with long fringes. The bed had a faint rosemary flavor.

    "Am I still alive?" after remembering the last scene before he lost his consciousness, Zhang Tie instantly sat up on the bed. However, everything in front of him made Zhang Tie confused...

    He was in a brilliant, noble bedroom.

    "Master, you woke up..." Some beautiful women instantly swarmed up when Zhang Tie sat up.
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