Chapter 607: Allure

    Chapter 607: Allure

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    "This was really a dreamland. Haven't I been captured by Senel Clan? I should be a prisoner. But why do they treat me in this way?"

    Zhang Tie would not feel strange if he was in a dark cell. However, this brilliant bedroom slightly shocked him.

    Those women had been changing clothes for him.

    Zhang Tie ignored them with a calm look as he hurriedly checked his physical conditions. His battle qi had been sealed as he could not apply them at all. In that comfortable state, he could not use too much strength. He felt a bit sleepy temporarily like how he felt soon after making love with women. Additionally, in the mind sea, his spiritual energy became stagnated like a puddle of water being frozen. He could not use his spiritual energy at all.

    In a conclusion, Zhang Tie found he had completely become an average person. Even a LV 3-LV 4 warrior could defeat him.

    What Zhang Tie was reassured was that the marvelous arch door of Castle of Black Iron was still in his mind. It seemed that the strength that restricted his spiritual energy was unable to find that arch door. Zhang Tie remembered that the arch door might be able to hide itself in some special situations.

    "Heller, can you hear that?" Zhang Tie attempted to touch Heller in his mind.

    "Here I am, Castle Lord!" Heller's voice sounded in Zhang Tie's mind. Zhang Tie then let out a deep sigh. After these years, Zhang Tie had already been relying on Heller and Castle of Black Iron. As long as he could touch Heller, Zhang Tie would recover his composure very soon no matter what danger was he in.

    In a few seconds, Zhang Tie had almost been naked, except a pair of underwear. With a big smile, those women were appreciating Zhang Tie's powerful and coordinated frame as they helped him put on a pair of wholly new clothes.

    Zhang Tie coordinated with them to put on the new clothes. No matter what, he had to wear clothes. In this situation, he didn't need to express his integrity at the risk of his life. Even if was in bare butts, he could still not cause any harm to the members of Senel Clan.

    "What's the matter with my body?" Zhang Tie asked Heller as he coordinated with those beauties.

    "Castle Lord, your spiritual and material strength have been sealed by a secret method!"

    "F*ck, it's the second time. Last time was in Ice and Snow Wilderness." Zhang Tie knew that the current situation must be much riskier than that he encountered in Ice and Snow Wilderness last time. Last time, the opponent was O'Laura; however, this time, the opponent was the b*stards of Three-eye Association. As long as he recalled the piles of bones in the underground space, he would know how terrifying and cruel is Senel Clan. Now that he fell in the hand of these scumbags, he would not have a good result.

    "How severe is it this time? Can I cope with it?"

    "They were two different secret methods. Last time, the bone-exploding needle was the unique skill of priests in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Its main energy comes from the spiritual energy of the priests. Bone-exploding needles could seal your abilities physically and mentally; besides, the executor could also sense your situation. However, this time, the secret method's main energy carried the attributes of battle qi. It is a powerful battle qi of Koz, a LV 16 battle spirit. That energy could seal all the surging points that you've lit. Therefore, you will feel that you've not lit any surging point at all. The latter method is more direct and aggressive than the former one. However, Koz could not sense your body's situation."

    After hearing Heller's words, Zhang Tie lit up his hope once again, "You mean I can defuse the current situation?"

    "Of course!"

    "How should I do then?"


    "Nothing?" Zhang Tie became amazed.

    "Yes. Actually, you could not alter the battle qi seal at all; you could only wait for its strength to weaken. When you could apply your spiritual energy, you could accelerate this process."

    "How could Koz allow this battle qi seal to defuse and weaken itself?"

    "Koz didn't know that the battle qi seal on your body could defuse and weaken itself!"

    "Ah? But why?"

    "Because he doesn't know that you're cultivating 'King Roc Sutra', an emperor-level secret knowledge. The power of emperor-level secret knowledge could not be completely sealed or bound. You can be killed; however, your power could not be killed. Even though throne-level secret knowledge might be sealed. This is the dignity of emperor-level secret knowledge!"

    "Although you have only mastered a weak power of 'King Roc Sutra' after planting the golden seed in the Shrine, the strand of power in your body still remains supreme. It is superior to all the battle qi below emperor level. It could never be completely bound by low-end battle qi. When in the weak state, it would be temporarily suppressed; however, it could not be suppressed forever. Because it has the ability to get rid of bound and seal! It would take you at most 1 week to digest the sealing power over your Shrine surging point. By then, you could recover a bit ability. You could apply your spiritual energy once again. At least, you could enter Castle of Black Iron at any time. Besides, you could use your god's rune."

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that what brought him a bit hope in the impasse was the power that he gained after planting the golden seed of 'King Roc Sutra' in his Shrine. From then on, he realized the power of emperor-level secret knowledge.

    This task was completely a trap targeting at Zhang Tie from the beginning. It was pushed by Senel Clan using the power of Three-eye Association. After realizing that the Three-eye Association could set a trap for him through the alliance command, Zhang Tie felt pretty chilly inside as he became disappointed about the future of allied human forces in Waii Sub-continent.

    Zhang Tie didn't know how many people of the alliance command had been involved in this plot. However, he realized that the power behind it must be very terrifying. Someone in the management of the alliance command must be involved in it, perhaps more than one.

    "Three-eye Association's power is really shocking. If not clean Three-eye Association's lackeys out of the allied human forces, the human defense line in Selnes Theater of Operations would collapse sooner or later. But how can I do that?" Zhang Tie forced a bitter smile. If it was possible, they had long been cleaned.

    Through this encounter, besides realizing that he was in a dilemma, Zhang Tie also lost his confidence in the management of the allied human forces.

    However, what counted most at this moment was to survive himself and escape out of here.

    When Zhang Tie figured out his physical and mental situations and the current situation, he had already put on a new pair of clothes.

    Standing in front of the mirror, Zhang Tie watched the person who was wearing a suit of noble and proper clothes and smiled calmly, "Selnes Clan must be using me. I'd like to see what tricks do they play."

    "Where am I?" Zhang Tie asked those women.

    "Master, you're in your residence, a manor nearby the Sunshine Avenue in Tokei City..." before those women opened their mouths, a male had replied when he walked in.

    Zhang Tie found those female servants were scared about that man and were saluting him with formal bows, two of them even dared not raise their heads as their bodies were slightly shaking.

    That old guy in a suit of black swallowtail looked 50-60 years old. He seemed to be a steward. However, he looked very gloomy. At the sight of him, Zhang Tie remembered an old jackal who had started to lose its fur yet still liked to eat human fleshes.

    "There's still water on the floor. What did I teach you before?" The moment he entered the room had the old guy complained as he glared at those female servants. When they helped Zhang Tie cleanse his body just now, some water was sprayed on the floor. They had not cleaned it yet.

    "We...we're going to clean it right now..."

    When a woman was going to clean it with a piece of towel, she was slapped in the face by that old guy and fell down. She wanted to cry; however, she didn't and hurriedly stood up.

    With his eyes on those women, the old guy slowly walked towards them and slapped their faces ferociously one after another. At the same time, he taught them, "Don't forget about your current status. You're not fair ladies in big clans anymore; instead, you're the female slaves here. You have to treasure this opportunity and do your best in case of my concern. Think about how those women becoming bloody slaves or entering gravehills. Then you will know how to do..."

    Being so scared, those women didn't even dare raise their heads; neither dared they utter a voice.

    Zhang Tie watched this old guy's performance with a cold look. He knew that this old man was scolding him, instead of those women.

    'However, this method only works for commoners. You've found a wrong spectator today. This father has chopped off tens of thousands' demons' heads. Of course, I'm not afraid of you.'

    "Who are you?" Zhang Tie asked him when the old guy finished his performance.

    "Master, I'm Navas, your steward..." the old guy bowed towards Zhang Tie with a respectful yet presumptuous look. He was watching Zhang Tie like watching a subordinate with a bit joking and contemptuous look, which made Zhang Tie very uncomfortable.

    "What did you call me?" under the old guy's presumptuous look, Zhang Tie grew calmer.


    "You're my steward?"


    "Who's the boss here?"

    "Of course you, master!"

    "A bit closer! I cannot hear it clearly..." Zhang Tie waved his hand towards the old scumbag.

    He moved one step forward...

    Zhang Tie suddenly sprung up and slapped his face ferociously, causing a loud sound, "Pah...".

    Those women in the room became so scared that they hurriedly lowered their heads and watched their own insteps.

    The old guy looked like an idiot as a palm print appeared on his face. After that, he glared at Zhang Tie like that he was going to eat him. At the same time, his qi grew aggressive...

    Zhang Tie drew in a cold breath as he swung his arm and watched this old guy like watching an old dog. He didn't mind Navas' look at all, "I've not imagined that your old scumbag's face is so hard. I don't like how you looked at me just now. Therefore, I slapped you to remind you of your current status. You must figure out why Senel Clan dispatched you here. Am I clear?"

    Soon after hearing the words 'Senel Clan' had the old guy lost his dignity like a deflated balloon. He lowered his head as he became docile at once, "You're right, master, it was my fault just now!"

    "Do you know about your mistake?"

    "Yes, I know!"

    "Raise your head!"

    The moment the old man raised his head and wanted to force a smile had he been slapped by Zhang Tie once again.

    With another "Pah...", a palm print appeared on the other cheek of the old guy. At the same time, a wisp of blood appeared on the old guy's mouth corner at once.

    "I felt that you were still complaining about me, how about now?" Zhang Tie watched Navas with a smile.

    Navas almost gritted his teeth, "No!"

    "You're not sincere at all. Look at the mirror, you're gritting teeth like that you're going to swallow me!" after saying this, Zhang Tie slapped Navas' face once again.

    "You..." Navas was driven extremely infuriated.

    "What? Do you want to fight me? Come on. I feel you're at least a LV 6 fighter. You must have already gathered your battle qi. I can not defeat you now. What are you afraid of?" with a sneer, Zhang Tie directly kicked Navas' lower abdomen, causing him move several steps back. As a result, he almost fell down.

    Although Zhang Tie's battle qi and surging points had been sealed, he was still as strong as a 20-odd healthy youngster. The steward must feel very painful. If a common LV 6 fighter didn't fight back, he might be wounded, even be killed by Zhang Tie.

    "Come here..." Zhang Tie waved his hand towards Navas once again.

    The old guy walked towards Zhang Tie with furious eyes as Zhang Tie slapped him once again.

    This time, Zhang Tie's wrist was tightly clenched by the old scumbag.

    Zhang Tie didn't struggle. After smiling at Navas, Zhang Tie uttered a miserable shriek, "Ah, my hand, my hand is almost broken by Navas...help, Navas is going to kill me..."

    After hearing Zhang Tie's miserable shriek, Navas' face turned pale at once. Like grabbing a red-hot iron stick, he hurriedly let off Zhang Tie's hand.

    Zhang Tie stopped shrieking as he slapped Navas' face ferociously once again with another hand...

    Only after half a minute, Navas' face had been swollen like a pig's head. Watching Zhang Tie's icy and mocking eyes, Navas finally had a bit fear in his eyes. He finally knew that a lion was always a lion. Even If it was locked, it could still not be teased by jackals.


    After beating up Navas for a while, Zhang Tie finally let him roll out of here. After taking a walk around the house, Zhang Tie finally understood his current situation--he was put under house arrest by Senel Clan.

    In the manor where he was confined, he saw nobody but some women, Navas and a team of guards with icy look and powerful fighting strength. Needless to say, those guards and Navas were monitoring and controlling him here.

    As long as he didn't want to leave this manor, Zhang Tie found that his behaviors were not restricted. Just like the real master here, he had brilliant clothes, good food and so many beauties. Almost all of his demands could be satisfied. Besides, there was a study room in the manor where he could enjoy reading.

    "According to an old Chinese saying, if a person shows his courtesy to you, he must need your help. I'm already under the control of Senel Clan, but they still treat me so well. It means that they must want something from me. The more they want from me, the more they could bear me from doing excessive things here. As I'm still alive, I must be useful to them."

    "What do the Senel Clan want from me?"

    Zhang Tie knew that he would soon get the answer from Senel Clan.

    Zhang Tie was right. 3 hours after he woke up, a major figure of Senel Clan had already arrived at his manor.


    Although they were in two hostile camps, Zhang Tie felt that Scala was visiting an old friend. He looked pretty relaxed. In the parlor of the manor, Scala was alone in a suit of casual clothes.

    "How's going here? Are you used to this place?" Scala smiled, "We have arranged some measures for the sake of your safety. After all, Tokei City is the capital. Can you understand me?"

    If not having witnessed how Senel Clan and this person treated humans cruelly and mercilessly, Zhang Tie might have been cheated by this scene.

    "If there's no war, this is indeed a good place. That's almost what I want." Zhang Tie replied calmly.

    "This war will not continue forever. This land will welcome the order of a new world."

    "I agree. Demons and Senel Clan would be exterminated sooner or later. I really expect for that world and order." Zhang Tie smiled.

    Scala watched Zhang Tie with a solemn look. However, he didn't lose his temper; instead, he responded with a smile, "Would you like to take a look with me at the outside of the city?"

    "Look what?"

    "Look at what you to see in Tokei City. Perhaps after visiting those objects, you would change your mind; and we will lay a foundation for further cooperation!"

    "Wuh? Is that real? I really want to take a look! I cannot wait..." Zhang Tie smiled.

    Scala revealed a smile too, "Fine, let's go there right now!"

    At this moment, the two people were both smiling, which caused icy and silent war flames...


    After a few minutes, Zhang Tie walked out of the manor and got on Scala's car. The car then drove out of the Tokei City.

    Sitting in the car, Zhang Tie was glancing at this city being occupied by demons out of curiosity like unveiling an icy and mysterious yashmak...
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