Chapter 608: Order of Three-eye Association

    Chapter 608: Order of Three-eye Association

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    If not observe carefully, it was hard to imagine that Tokei City had been occupied by demons.

    As the capital of Titanic Duchy before, of course Tokei City was very prosperous. At least in Zhang Tie's eyes, this city was much more prosperous than Blackhot City. The city streets were very broad; additionally, the buildings on both sides of the streets were very tidy and distinctive. Sculptures could be seen everywhere in the city.

    It was about 3 pm, the most boisterous time in this city. Both sides of the city streets were crowded with people like that in other human cities.

    The scene in front of his eyes shocked Zhang Tie very much for a second; however, Zhang Tie instantly found that this city was abnormal. Although there were many people on the streets, they were too quiet. Besides footsteps of passers-by on the streets, Zhang Tie, in the car, almost could not hear any other sound. Zhang Tie found that those passers-by even tried their best to tread softly. The quiet scene formed a sharp contrast with the bustling crowd, making Zhang Tie feel terrifying.

    Besides being quiet, Zhang Tie even found that above 90% of passers-by on both sides of the streets were walking on the leftmost side of the sidewalk. He could barely see anybody go in a direction not allowed by traffic regulations. Even some places on the sidewalks and the roads were spacious, everyone was still walking on the leftmost side, although it was already too crowded.

    In the crowd on the leftmost side of roads, Zhang Tie saw a yellow symbol like armband or breastplate on their arms. There was a yellow three-eye image on that symbol.

    However, a few people who could walk freely on the right side of sidewalk were also wearing a symbol on their arms. There was a blue three-eye image on the symbol.

    Those who wore blue symbols were all walking with a proud look. Some of them were even followed by a team of fully-armored soldiers. It seemed that they were patrolling on the streets.

    There were very few vehicles on the roads, carriages or cars, making the roads very spacious. In some crosses or intersections, at the sight of Zhang Tie's car, those passers-by would stop on the roadsides. They didn't continue until the vehicle was dozens of meters away after passing the crosses or intersections.

    The roads were too clean. After over 10 minutes' travel in the car, Zhang Tie didn't see anyone clean the roads at all. However, he didn't see any waste on the roads, even litters or wasted packages. That was amazing.

    "What do you think about this city compared to those human cities?" Scala asked Zhang Tie.

    As Zhang Tie's physical and spiritual abilities had been sealed, Scala was not worried that Zhang Tie would make any trouble on the road. Therefore, he just sat in the same car with Zhang Tie.

    "It's a bit out of imagination!" Zhang Tie replied honestly, "The streets here are very clean. The passers-by have a strong sense of order!"

    Scala revealed a proud smile, "This is the new world order that we're pursuing. In such a new order, humans will not be exterminated. Everyone is carrying their own responsibilities. Everything is running perfectly. We will help humans correct their shortcomings and castrate the evil traits in their personalities. Don't you think the current Tokei City is nice? Have you seen any human city cleaner, tidier and more orderly than this city across Blackson Humans Corridor? There's no waste, no thief, no traffic police in this city. Don't you think it's more civilized than other human cities?"

    "It's indeed very clean and tidy here. However, I find it is as icy and lifeless as gears. I want to know how a person would be punished if he threw a piece of litter on the street?" Zhang Tie asked calmly.

    Scala glittered his eyes, "If someone throws litter on the street or doesn't follow traffic rules, we will turn that person into a demonized puppet. After that, he will know what is order."

    "People would die miserably just because of dropping a litter or going the wrong way?" Zhang Tie stared at Scala with a scrupulous look, "This is how you help humans correct their shortcomings and castrate the evil traits in their nature?"

    "Right!" Scala confessed frankly, "Humans are born to succumb to fear and power. We turn them into civilized ones and have them abandon the evil and ugly traits in their nature through threat and power. Is there any problem? Although it sounds brutal, as long as habits are formed, such a social structure will have an extremely high efficiency. Additionally, it could exterminate unfairness to the utmost. Isn't this what most of the people pursue for?"

    "Do you think they are still humans in this system? Is there any difference between them and animals or machines?"

    "That's where humans' suffering comes from. They are always pursuing what doesn't belong to them. If one day, all the cities in the world are like Tokei City; if everyone is educated to be docile since they are born and worships us like worshiping the God, if everyone treats it gloriously, happily and honorably to be slaves by sacrificing themselves for us, don't you think it is nice?" Scala smiled, "After we win this war, we only need 50-100 years, namely 2-3 generations, to accomplish brainwashing for all the humans. We will have them forget their own history and everything about humans' past and live as how we design for them full of gratitude. They will even desire for maintaining this system. This is actually not hard to make. On how to rule humans, we're more experienced than humans!"

    "Can you do that? Compared to other continents, Blackson Humans Corridor is just a tidy, remote place. Do you think that you're qualified to be proud only after conquering some human countries here?" Zhang Tie sniggered.

    "You will see it very soon!" Scala didn't want to make any explanation. Instead, he moved his eyes to the place before the car. Following his eyes, Zhang Tie saw a pyramid-sized flesh mountain which was covered with honeycombs...

    The car soon arrived outside Tokei City and was close to those terrifying, huge pyramid-sized monsters.

    In Tokei City, Zhang Tie felt a brutal order; however, outside the city, Zhang Tie felt as terrifying as in the hell.

    He saw a large area of concentration camps being surrounded with wires on both sides of the roads outside the city, where gathered numerous humans. Great batches of demonized puppets were wandering nearby the wires. Most of the wires had been tinted weird dark brown with fresh blood. Many humans' skulls were hanging on the wires, making it more terrifying...

    When they passed by a concentration camp, Zhang Tie saw some people climbing out of the wires although a lot of wounds had been caused. With fresh blood all over, he was screaming loudly because of fear. However, in a split second, before the car rushed over there, a team of demonized puppets had already arrived there and pressed him on the roadsides as they started to gnaw him like wild beasts.

    After a few seconds, Zhang Tie saw a large area of fresh blood and that person's scattered body parts over the ground. Some demonized puppets who were chewing something with bloody mouths even turned around and stared at Zhang Tie with grim looks as they uttered muffled roars twice.

    After passing by large areas of concentration camps, Zhang Tie saw an endless military camp of demonized puppets in the wild. He was really shocked by the population of demonized puppets. They were everywhere in the military camp. Only after a glance, Zhang Tie estimated that there were at least 2 million demonized puppets over there. There were many more that he could not see...

    The car parked. There was a pyramid-sized flesh mountain hundreds of meters ahead of the car. Within dozens of kilometers behind the flesh mountain, there were another dozens of flesh mountains...

    Needless to say, Zhang Tie opened the door and got off the car.

    The moment he got off the car had he smelled a stimulative stink, which came from the flesh mountain ahead of him. It smelt like a dead fish being dried in the sunshine, almost causing Zhang Tie vomit.

    As it was daytime and he was so near, Zhang Tie finally saw clearly this object in front of him.

    Under the sunlight, the flesh mountain in front of Zhang Tie was shining smooth luster, which told Zhang Tie that object was very wet on its surface. It was like a catfish being scooped out of the water. As it was too huge, Zhang Tie had to raise his head.

    Zhang Tie saw a thin layer outside the honeycombs constantly breaking while some red-brown fluid kept running out of the cavities. Before all the fluid ran out of the cavities, demonized puppets being covered with maroon liquid mucus had already drilled out of those cavities naked one after another as they uttered shrill roars...

    However, after some thin layers were broken, what drilled out of cavities along with those maroon liquid were rotten, twisted corpses which didn't make any response at all. The moment those corpses slid out of those cavities like wastes being dumped, the flesh mountain had already stretched out some disgusting huge mouth-parts which were like sausages and sucked them back.

    There was a huge wiggly, bloody mouth which looked like the entrance of grave below the flesh mountain. Numerous people were queuing up and crying as they were thrown into the hell-like huge mouth by a lot of demonized puppets...

    When a new demonized puppet was produced in a honeycomb-sized cavity on the flesh mountain, a person would be thrown into the wiggly, huge mouth.

    This flesh mountain was more like a living being arsenal being used to produce demonized puppets by demons.

    Zhang Tie's soul was shocked as he saw those people struggling to resist from being thrown into the huge, wiggly mouth with heart-wrenching cries. Some of them could only watch their relatives being swallowed by that flesh mountain. Zhang Tie's eyes turned red as he dropped off tears.

    "This is the evolutionary form of the parent puppet worm. We named it gravetower demon. Compared to parent puppet worm, it could not move; however, it had a great productivity. After entering it, a person would be turned into a demonized puppet which could fight alone after 12 days. A mature gravetower demon has over 16,000 cavities. It could produce over 1,000 demonized puppets a day on average and provide us with demonized puppets constantly. Now, we've already produced over 10 million demonized puppets. Additionally, we are producing over 30,000 demonized puppets a day. Soon, we will be able to break the human defense line in Selnes using the demonized puppets corps. It won't work no matter how many alchemists' bombs do the allied human forces have. This object could exterminate humans at the cost of humans. Do you still think that the allied human forces could win?" Scala asked Zhang Tie with a proud look.

    "F*ck you!" Zhang Tie roared as he stabbed towards Scala at once.

    It was a silver knife which was used to open envelops from the study room of the manor. Its blade was only as long as 8 cm which was not sharp. However, this was the most powerful weapon that Zhang Tie had at this moment.

    Zhang Tie really could not stand it anymore. If not his battle strength was sealed, even if he was almost dead, Zhang Tie would also struggle to bite off a mouth of flesh from this b*stard of Three-eye Association.

    "Although I might be killed, so what? I have to fight for humans! You b*stard!"

    Zhang Tie showed his dauntless personality at once. He rapidly stabbed towards Scala's throat regardless of defense at all.

    A knife was useful only when it attacked the fatal place.

    Scala just stared at Zhang Tie with a contemptuous look. Before he defended, a guard on his side had already stretched out his hand and boomed Zhang Tie over 10 m away...
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