Chapter 609: The Trick of Senel Clan

    Chapter 609: The Trick of Senel Clan

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    Spitting out blood, Zhang Tie picked himself up from the ground. After that, he grabbed that knife and rushed towards Scala once again; however, he was sent flying backward for the second time...

    After repeating this process four times, even Scala became moved. After beating down Zhang Tie for the fourth time, Scala came to Zhang Tie's side. After squatting down, he easily grabbed away the knife from Zhang Tie's hand.

    "You are really strike-resistant. I admire about your braveness. However, it is not worth it for you to do that only for those pariahs. I've not imagined that Selnes Eagle is a hot-blood youth, ho...ho..." Scala rubbed the knife into silver powders with his hand and have them fall down and blown away by the wind.

    Panting, Zhang Tie watched Scala who was squatting in front of him. With the azure sky as the background, Scala looked a bit blurry. Zhang Tie could not identify whether he was happy or furious.

    After being struck heavily a few times, although it was not fatal, Zhang Tie still felt that all of his bones were going to collapse. He didn't even have the strength to pick himself up from the ground.

    The guard beside Scala was also a LV 10 strong fighter, who clearly knew how to abolish one's ability to fight on the premise of keeping him alive. It was already out of their imaginations that Zhang Tie could repeat the same process four times.

    "No matter what you want from me, I could only tell you, don't dream about that, motherf*cker, peh..." Although being in a dilemma, lying on the ground, Zhang Tie still remained a defiant ridicule. He then spat a mouth of bloody saliva on Scala's face, "This father has chopped off numerous demons' heads. I'm not afraid of death at all. I've not done anything regretful since I was born. If you want to kill me, just do it."

    After moping off the bloody saliva from his face, Scala stood up without losing his temper. Instead, he just watched Zhang Tie, "I thought you were a smart guy; I've not imagined that you're as same as those pariahs. I brought you here to let you know that humans have no bright future. Our gravetower demons have covered all the countries in the farther places in the north. Our demonized puppets corps are expanding at an unimaginable speed every day. After a few days, demonized puppets corps will swallow all the human troops like the swarm of locusts. If you stand on our side, you will also be the owner of a new world in the future!"

    Zhang Tie struggled to sit up before picking himself up from the ground in a groggy way. After moping off the blood stains from his mouth corners, Zhang Tie kept his shoulder square and watched Scala, "Demonized puppets could only consume the low-end power of humans. Even if you have enough demonized puppets, you only have a temporary advantage. Additionally, as humans are strengthening their defenses and clearing their fields, you could have fewer demonized puppets. Even though you have collapsed this continent, it doesn't indicate anything. Because it's just a beginning. It will not be able to determine the result of this war. Don't forget about the powerful Chinese Clan and Taixia Country which is composed of powerful Chinese in the Eastern Continent..."

    "You're right. It indeed is just a beginning. However, a good beginning indicates a half success. Chinese and Taixia Country are indeed powerful; however, do you think that we're displaying all of our power here? In a few years, the war flames will reach Eastern Continent. By then, you will see who's the most powerful."

    Zhang Tie burst out into laughter, "Hahaha, will I still be alive at that moment? Do you think that I will believe in the words of Senel Clan. You can use such words to cheat kids, but not me."

    "As long as you submit in the recipe of all-purpose medicament, we could keep you alive. In the future, you can get everything you want, regardless of wealth, social status, women or power. You can become the owner of the new world in the future together with us. If you agree, the animosity between you and Senel Clan would be cleared off." Scala finally revealed his purpose.

    Zhang Tie sneered...

    Zhang Tie didn't feel amazed about Scala's words. When he woke up this morning, Zhang Tie had been thinking about why would Senel Clan treat him so well. He finally got two answers, all-purpose medicament and his status as Selnes Eagle.

    "Zhen Clan have already known that I could produce all-purpose medicament. Perhaps, these b*stards of Three-eye Association knew this information through their own channels. It's not weird at all. Additionally, after so many years, it's hard to say whether these false messages that Huaiyuan Palace had released so as to cover his status as the producer of all-purpose medicament are still effective. Furthermore, whether can I survive on if I submit in the recipe of all-purpose medicament? Although Scala tries to imply me that they will promise me a nice life if I tell them the recipe, if I really believed so, I would be an idiot."

    Scala's trick had long been used by Donder, that cunning fattie. It's a very smart communicative skill. Before tossing out the real topic, the opponent would mislead you to the direction that he hoped. From the beginning, Scala, or the entire Senel Clan had misled Zhang Tie that if he agreed to cooperate with them, he would survive on. They expected to crack down Zhang Tie's will to resist and have Zhang Tie submit in what they wanted.

    Zhang Tie was sure that he would die for sure as long as Senel Clan got the recipe of all-purpose medicament. Three-eye Association's credit was only effective to its own members. They had been used to reach their targets in terms of cheats and threats. This had long been proved in the history.

    Therefore, for public benefits or selfish reasons, Zhang Tie would never submit the recipe of all-purpose medicament. Additionally, the recipe of all-purpose medicament really contained too many secrets. Therefore, Zhang Tie would never reveal it to these b*stards of Three-eye Association.

    Seeing Zhang Tie being so decisive, Scala didn't say anything; he just waved his hand and had a guard take Zhang Tie away, "Perhaps, you will realize that it's the wisest way to cooperate with us in a few days!"

    Gritting his teeth tightly, Zhang Tie didn't say anything...


    Zhang Tie was then put under the house arrest of that manor for two days, during which period, nobody came here to ask about his opinion. Zhang Tie didn't know what trick those b*stards of Senel Clan played until the 3rd day...
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