Chapter 610: Being Framed

    Chapter 610: Being Framed

    Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

    What was in front of Zhang Tie was a colorful dodger. On the top of that dodger was a shocking title--"Zhang Tie, Selnes Eagle Surrenders to the Holy Clan and persuades the allied human forces to give up resistance".

    Below that shocking title was the introduction of Zhang Tie's event on surrendering to the demons along with some photos.

    The introduction was wholly bull**; however, the photos were real.

    In the first photo, Zhang Tie was wearing a suit of brilliant clothes and sat in the same car with Scala.

    In the second photo, Zhang Tie was standing on Scala's side and pointing at the distance.

    The third photo was the distribution diagram of the allied human forces' defense line in Selnes Theater of Operations.

    In the first two photos, Zhang Tie didn't look like being forced at all due to the angle of the photographer. On the contrary, he looked intimate to Scala. Especially in the 2nd photo, standing together with Scala, Zhang Tie was watching the gravetower demons. The blurry background of the 3rd photo was that those human captives were queuing up to be swallowed by the gravetower demons in a miserable way. That photo reminded readers that Zhang Tie was like a leader of demons like Scala, which formed a sharp contrast with those miserable human captives.

    To be honest, although Zhang Tie had stayed in Selnes Theater of Operations for such a long time, he had not seen the distribution diagram of the allied human forces' defense line so far; because it was classified. However, there was such a line "This distribution diagram of the allied human forces' defense line is what Zhang Tie gifts to the Holy Clan." in the remark of the third photo.

    As Zhang Tie's battle strength was sealed and his ring of consciousness had already been taken away by Senel Clan, Zhang Tie didn't know that someone was stealthily taking photos of him using the telephoto lens from afar. The photo was real; however, under the fake background and introduction, it would easily arouse misunderstanding to others.

    "What's that for?" Zhang Tie asked Scala icily.

    "Yesterday, our wing demons troop had already distributed 300,000 dodgers like this across the Selnes Theater of Operations. Now, almost all the human soldiers in the entire Selnes Theater of Operations have already known that you've surrendered to us!" Scala explained casually with a smile, Therefore, you're not their idol anymore; instead, you've become a traitor being sworn by every human!"

    Eyes turning red, Zhang Tie wanted to spring up; however, he was pressed forcefully back onto the chair and couldn't move at all.

    Zhang Tie understood that Senel Clan had been planning this trick since the beginning. Both the recipe of all-purpose medicament and his status as Selnes Eagle were useful for Senel Clan. These b*stards had been thinking about making full use of Zhang Tie since they caught him.

    --Needless to say, besides the first two photos, the diagram must be stolen away from the allied human forces by Three-eye Association's lackeys. However, Senel Clan used it to frame him. Zhang Tie didn't even have a chance to explain it at this moment.

    Zhang Tie could imagine how those average soldiers in the defense zone of the allied human forces would respond when they saw these dodgers. The morale of the entire allied human forces would be severely weakened. When their idol and hero betrayed them in the most unacceptable manner, they would be disappointed, furious, frustrated and fully pessimistic about the future. They would further doubt the meaning of staying in Selnes Theater of Operations, even shake their battle will.

    This was indeed a vicious trick, which both prevented him from returning to the allied human forces and gave a heavy blow to the allied human forces.

    "Your trick will not come true. Such an insidious pattern could not cheat everyone!" Zhang Tie glared at Scala.

    "Ha...ha..." Scala burst out into laughter, "Why would we have to cheat everyone. We only need half, one-third, even one-fourth of those average soldiers among the allied human forces to believe in it. If some people believed in it, and some people did not, they would have utterly different opinions and attitudes; thus, they would have conflicts and arguments with each other; the morale of the allied human forces would be weakened. As a result, they would not unite with each other tightly. That's what we want!"

    Zhang Tie knew that these b*stards of Three-eye Association had been using these methods to alienate and estrange humans from thousands of years. Although the fact was unacceptable, Zhang Tie had to admit that these sc*mbags were really good at playing tricks.

    Knowing that it was useless no matter how much he argued at this moment, Zhang Tie directly kept his mouth closed.

    Scala watched Zhang Tie as he seemed knowing what Zhang Tie was thinking about. He then revealed a smile, "Even if you could return to the camp and base of the allied human forces, do you know what's waiting for you? You're facing the cruelest interrogation. Based on the experiences in the former two holy wars, as long as you encounter such an interrogation, your future on humans' side would come to an end, no matter what the result of the interrogation was. You would have to hide yourself forever or prove that you're loyal to humans on the battlefield at the cost of your life. Which would you rather choose?"

    "Are you saying that I have no other choices but to surrender to you?" Zhang Tie asked icily.

    "Right. That's our intention. After figuring out your current situation, I think you will make a wiser choice!" Scala put it straightforwardly, "You're just 20 years old. It's a very young age. You have not started your real social life yet. Wealth, power and beauties are all waiting for you. Are you going to give up all of these? The winner of this war is going to be us. As long as you surrender to us, you could even join Three-eye Association and become one of us. After this war, you can also be an owner of this new world. Don't you think it's good?"

    Zhang Tie suddenly burst out into laughter, "I have to admit that you're really great. Your tricks are indeed impossible to guard against. However, you missed one point. You don't know what I want and care about at all. Do you think that I care about losing the honor of Selnes Eagle? Forget about that. That honor is nothing serious to me. As long as those people who care about me don't believe in your words, I don't care what other people think about me. This father is not the God, I don't need to concern about so many things."

    "The honor of Selnes Eagle won't influence me at all. What you've framed me will not wound me either. I only need to follow my heart. As to my future, I don't need to follow others' order even in Huaiyuan Palace, not to mention other places; if I could really leave out of here, do you think that I would care about that motherf*cking future being rewarded by you or hide myself? Do you think that I will fall into your trap once again by attending the motherf*cking interrogation? By doing this, even if you completely separate me from the allied human forces, you will not cause any mental burden to me at all. Later on, I will still do whatever I want. Even if I recover my freedom, I won't prepare to go back to the allied human forces; neither would I worry about being framed by those b*stards in the allied human forces."

    Just like how Zhang Tie had not imagined how they played those tricks, it was also out of Scala's imagination that Zhang Tie, at the age of only 20 could have such a transcendental thought.

    In the eyes of Senel Clan, Zhang Tie was qualified as an elite with such a great honor at such a young age. People at such age would usually care most about honor, power and social status. However, Zhang Tie didn't care about that at all.

    Actually, Zhang Tie was not transcendental; instead, he could be easily satisfied. When he was a teenager, he only dreamed of enjoying life while lying on gold coins, being accompanied by some beauties. He pursued for power; however, he was not immersed in it. If Zhang Tie was fascinated by power and social status, he should be in Ice and Snow Wilderness, instead of Selnes Theater of Operations.

    Therefore, Scala's lure didn't affect Zhang Tie at all. "After all, I would not lack money by selling all-purpose medicament if I could leave out of here. As Linda, Beverly and Fiona had been pregnant, they would follow me for the rest of their lives. Perhaps, I could marry some more in the future. With enough beauties on my side, even if I have a very bad luck in the future, I would go to Eastern Continent and enjoy my life. Like what they always say, I would survive and die together with the other humans there. That life is rightly what I dream for. I don't care about motherf*cking future and social status at all."

    "As I'm innocent, I don't care how destructive was Senel Clan's trick to the allied human forces. This is a war, a holy war between humans and demons. Both parties are doing their best to destroy the opponent; I don't need to feel guilty for the opponent's deeds. Additionally, I am a victim of the trick and have already made all my efforts for the allied human forces. Finally, I'm even framed by those b*stards of Three-eye Association in the management of the allied human forces. I don't have any moral burden at all..."

    "If the allied human forces were defeated, it'd have nothing to do with me. In the words of Donder, it's the 'common undertaking' of the allied human forces."

    After thinking through it, Zhang Tie became relaxed, instead of being angry anymore. He then stared at Scala like watching an idiot.

    This is a real wrestle between him and Senel Clan. Zhang Tie knew that if he wanted to survive on, he could not be negative; instead, he had to take the priority. Although it was out of blades and blood, it was testing his will, intelligence, decisiveness and courage. If he was defeated on any of the above 4 aspects, he would die.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words and seeing Zhang Tie's strange smile, Scala's look gradually turned icy...
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