Chapter 611: Tenacious Bones

    Chapter 611: Tenacious Bones

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    Zhang Tie sensed Scala's fury from his icy eyes. However, he became more relaxed.

    "Do you think that we dare not kill you?" Scala threatened Zhang Tie.

    "Do you think that I expect to survive here?" Zhang Tie glared at Scala, "The only purpose for you to keep me alive is that you still want something from me; you want to use me to weaken the morale of the allied human forces. Will you keep me alive when you reach your target?"

    "It seems that you understand everything!"

    "I've witnessed many life and death situations; everyone will die, including me!" Zhang Tie replied calmly.

    "How do you feel about your current life?" Scala changed his tone.

    "Not bad. I have food and drinks here. I also have servants. Very few captives could enjoy such a special treatment!"

    "Yup. Precisely, you're the first captive who could enjoy such a special treatment. At this moment, such a life in Tokei City is almost like living in paradise. It seems that good living conditions couldn't move you. Meanwhile, you have some misunderstandings about Senel Clan as you start to doubt our abilities. Usually, we will use another set of methods to open the mouth of the captives and make them docile to us. Do you want a try?" Scala revealed a frightening look.

    "Pleasure!" Zhang Tie stared at Scala with crossed arms as he raised his mouth corners, revealing a sarcastic look.

    Scala suddenly launched an attack as fast as a lightning bolt. Although they were 2 m away from each other, Scala instantly pointed at Zhang Tie's left chest with one finger.

    Even If Zhang Tie's battle strength was not sealed, he still could not easily dodge away from such a super powerhouse's attack in such a short distance.

    In a split second, Zhang Tie had sensed that the icy battle qi of Scala stabbed in his body through his left chest. Soon after that, the battle qi started to shoot around in his body like disordered icy blades...

    Zhang Tie's face turned pale. In a minute, Zhang Tie's face had been covered with a thin layer of frost while blood ran out of his nostrils, being surrounded by icy, white vapor.

    Scala watched Zhang Tie with a cruel look as his finger still rested on Zhang Tie's body, "How do you feel now?"

    "Cool...very cool...like...like eating ice cream..." Due to the great pain, Zhang Tie's body quivered as he forced a smile on his face which was covered with a layer of white frost, "That's all you Senel...Clan could do?"

    Scala frowned as Zhang Tie's tenacity was out of his imagination. At this moment, Zhang Tie's suffering was very clear. The Icestar battle qi of Senel Clan could cause a LV 12 pain in one's body. It was almost as painful as delivering a baby. He could never imagine that Zhang Tie could bear it.

    "Do you want something sharper? Fine, I will show you!"

    As Scala said this, his eyes revealed cold lights. Meanwhile, the battle qi that raged in his body shrunk into a bundle of needles which were as fine as ox's hair and ferociously stabbed into Zhang Tie's heart.

    "...cool..." Zhang Tie squeezed out this word as he glared at Scala with bloodshot eyes. His face then turned red. In less than 10 seconds, he sprouted out of a mouth of blood. Closely after that, he fell backward and passed out.

    Some of Zhang Tie's blood fell on the table; some on Scala's clothes. Reeking cold vapor, they froze very soon.

    After standing up, Scala shook those ice dregs off his clothes. After that, he threw a cold glance at Zhang Tie who was lying on the ground as he clapped his hands.

    After hearing the clapping sound, Navas, the steward of this manor instantly drilled in the door like an old jackal who had a sensitive smell. At the sight of Zhang Tie lying on the ground, Navas looked very happy as he bowed towards Scala respectfully, "Young master."

    "This person's honeymoon in Tokei City has come to an end. He's yours. Keep him alive. You know I want from him!"

    Licking his lips, Navas threw another vicious glance at Zhang Tie, "The recipe of all-purpose medicament, I know it. Erm...some methods are very effective. However, they might cause severe damages to his body, erm..."

    "I've told you. Just keep him alive. Don't let him lose his hope for living. This man is very tenacious. He's very important. As he killed a member of Senel Clan, he could only be executed by Senel Clan. Am I clear?"


    "We cannot stay here anymore. In the evening, I will dispatch someone to escort him together with you to Ironedge Castle. It's much safer over there!"

    "Ah, young master, do you mean someone would come here to save him?"

    "There's a message from the allied human forces. The alliance command has already been discussing the plan to save him. Although they've not passed the plan, we have to strengthen protective measures. As this person is a hero of the allied human forces, they would come here to save him for sure. After escorting him away, make some arrangements here, keep everything running as normal as usual like he is still here. We should set a trap here. If some people really came here to save him, we would capture them all!"

    "Young master, don't worry. If he really exposes something about the recipe, I will tell you right away. Without your consent, I would never expose any secret to anybody, even Ruben. " After hearing that Scala's order, Navas immediately expressed his loyalty.

    Scala nodded satisfactorily as he praised inside, "What a shrewd old man!"

    "Hmm, he's yours!"

    "Navas will never disappoint you, young master!"

    "Hope so..."


    After Scala left, Navas watched Zhang Tie who was in a deep coma on the ground as he couldn't stand to grin hideously. He squatted down and patted Zhang Tie's icy face, "Brat, I will treat you well!"


    Zhang Tie didn't remember when he was in the coma like this the last time. Neither did he know how long he had been in the coma. With a sharp icy sense, Zhang Tie quivered as he opened his eyes once again.

    This time, he didn't see that luxurious bedroom and those beautiful female servants who called him master anymore; instead, he saw a furnace about 8 m away in front of him.

    That furnace was about 1 m in height. The coals inside the furnace were glowing, making its surroundings red. In the beating flames, Zhang Tie saw all sorts of grim instruments of torture, because of which, the entire room was filled with a gloomy qi.

    At this moment, water flew off Zhang Tie's hair one drop after another. Zhang Tie knew that he was awakened by water. He found that he was fixed on a hob. As a result, he could not move his limbs. He was a bit weaker as he was stripped to the waist.

    The icy water flew onto the ground along Zhang Tie's feet, making Zhang Tie quiver once again; meanwhile, he remembered the aggressive battle qi of Scala in his body. Until then, Zhang Tie's heart still ached, "F*ck, hope it could bring me an iron-body fruit."

    After realizing his current situation, Zhang Tie forced a bitter smile, "It seems that the Senel Clan finally revealed their inner true side. Are they going to execute penalty on me? Is this the psycho war of those b*stards? What a sharp difference in treatment!"

    "Brat, you are awake?" Navas walked in front of Zhang Tie with a gloomy face as he looked pleasant and ferocious, "You finally fell in my hand". With a kurbash in hand, he supported Zhang Tie's chin with the handle of the kurbash.

    "I planned to sleep for a long while, but you woke me up!" Zhang Tie revealed a smile, "What? Have you changed the room for me? The method that you used to wake me up is really special. Is there also a new room service? Hmm, very special morning call..."

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Navas' eye corners jumped a couple of times. After that, he gave Zhang Tie a sharp smack, "Brat, you're still tenacious, hope you can stick to it after a short while!"

    "Your massage skill is really harsh!" Zhang Tie twisted his neck as he turned his face back. At the same time, he swam his tongue towards one cheek inside his oral cavity. Soon after that, he spat out a mouth of bloody saliva before smiling like nothing had happened, "Actually, the most tenacious part of me is not my mouth, but my bones. After a while, you can give me a good massage service on my bones. If you do it well, I might reward you some copper coins!"

    "Wuh, really?" Navas turned around with an insidious smile. He took out of a triangle-headed hot-red brand iron from the furnace. When the brand iron was still over 10 cm away from Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie had already felt the hot waves, "I'm sorry to make you wet just now. I'm afraid that you're a bit cold; how about warming you up..."

    "It seems that the room service is really well-matched, I can have a free warm-up!" Zhang Tie replied with a smile...

    Navas revealed an insidious smile as the hot-red brand iron was pressed onto Zhang Tie's chest forcefully.

    With a scorching smell, Navas forcefully pressed the handle of the brand iron as he stared at Zhang Tie's look...

    Zhang Tie quivered all over as the veins on his forehead bulged. He gritted his teeth silently while his sweat rolled off his forehead like water drops...

    1 minute later, when the color of the brand iron became fully dark, Navas took the brand iron away from Zhang Tie, "How about it, brat, what else do you want to say?"

    Lowering his head, Zhang Tie watched that scorched skin as he raised his head and revealed a faint smile, "I've...not imagined that...this room...could also provide tattoo service...can...can you give me a try...on my right side? Symmetric triangle patterns...would look better..."

    Navas' pleasant look froze at once...
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