Chapter 613: Escape

    Chapter 613: Escape

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    In the world of rats, everything was full of curiosity for Zhang Tie. Everything became huge in Zhang Tie's eyes.

    Zhang Tie realized that he could see clearly about 10 m. At this moment, he finally understood what was shortsighted. Comparatively, his smell and auditory sense became sharper. He could easily identify various odors and became sensitive to distant sounds. Additionally, Zhang Tie could sense that he had very sharp teeth and excellent climbing skills. He might even understand how rats communicate with each other.

    Zhang Tie ran around his former body for a short while and glanced at his own body from all directions. That felt pretty odd. After being adapted to the incarnated body, Zhang Tie drilled out of the cell and ran towards the outside of the torture chamber.

    The doors of the cell and the torture chamber were both composed of arm-thick steel bars. The gaps between steel bars could only hold one fist. However, the gaps were still too large for a rat to pass by.

    When he passed by the gap on a door of the cell, Zhang Tie raised his head and felt that he was passing by a huge gateway.

    After passing through two doors, Zhang Tie soon sneaked into the passageway outside the torture chamber.

    Honestly, this was Zhang Tie's first time to enter that exclusive 'VIP suite'.

    It seemed like being in a castle. The passageway was dim. The walls on both sides of the passageway were made of large blocks of rocks. There was only one dim kerosene lamp on one wall of the 5-6 m long passageway. There was a corner in front of the passageway, beside which was a room, which was a bit brighter. Although it was several meters away, Zhang Tie had already smelt alcohol and cooked-meat and heard two people smacking their lips.

    Zhang Tie ran over there along the high wall. When he came to the corner, he looked inside.

    Two people were eating and drinking at a table 7-8 m away. As lackeys of Senel Clan, they had tortured Zhang Tie a lot these days.

    Zhang Tie looked around this room and saw another table and two benches behind them. Additionally, there was a key hook on the wall, beside which were their hats and waistbands.

    Although Zhang Tie could not see what was on the table, after combining with what he heard just now, he was sure that the keys were lying on the table at this moment.

    Zhang Tie then waited there silently. After 20 minutes later, a guy finally burped and picked himself up as he staggered, "Jeff, you stay here till midnight. I will take a rest in the bedroom. Don't forget to wake me up after midnight. By the way, prepare some midnight snack for me..."

    "Don't sleep like a dead pig like you were yesterday!"

    "Don't worry. I drank less today. That brat is really strike-resistant. It's already 4 days; however, we still haven't got any information we need. D*mn it..."

    "When we finish this job, we can play some bloody slaves. It was said there were a lot of female bloody slaves, many of which were young ladies and madams of former rich families. They would do everything to survive themselves. Even slaves are better than bloody slaves, heh...heh...if only we surrendered to Senel Clan earlier, we could at least have a better position and select bloody slaves for free..."


    After uttering an evil laughter, that guy, who stood up, patted on Jeff's shoulder as he burped and left the room from another door. Jeff ate and drunk alone for a while. After emptying all the bottles on the table, Jeff rocked the last bottle and mumbled a short while. After that, he bent over the table and started to snore.

    Realizing that Jeff had fallen asleep, Zhang Tie rapidly rushed out of the corner and jumped onto that chair. After that, he easily climbed onto the highest point of the chair's back, from where he saw clearly the keys on the table.

    The chair's back was about 30-40 cm away from the table. Zhang Tie accelerated on the chair's back and flew onto the table. He soon came to the side of the keys.

    There were three keys, which matched the two doors and Zhang Tie's shackles.

    Zhang Tie tightly bit the keys. Meanwhile, he adjusted his gestures by pressing the keys with his front paws. After confirming that he had bitten them firmly and wouldn't make any sound, Zhang Tie rapidly rushed to the end of the table and directly jumped onto the chair. After that, he jumped from the chair to the ground. Finally, he hurriedly rushed towards the cell. Before leaving here, he even turned around and watched Jeff who had been like a dead pig.

    As the keys were lying horizontally in his mouth, they were blocked by the iron rails of the iron door of the torture chamber. Zhang Tie put down the keys. After that, he bit the keys vertically and dragged them in slightly. Finally, he came to the side of his own body and placed the keys on the ground.

    Zhang Tie then opened his eyes as his consciousness returned to his own body.

    He smiled as he touched that rat beside him. After that, he picked up those keys and inserted one of them into the keyhole of the shackles over his neck. With a cracking sound, the shackles were opened.

    Zhang Tie put the shackles on the ground slightly before picking himself up from the ground once again. After that, he walked to the door of the cell. Stretching his hand out of the gap on the cell's door, Zhang Tie opened the cell's door slightly and came into the torture chamber.

    After opening three locks constantly, Zhang Tie came to the passageway outside the torture chamber.

    With barefoot and upper body, Zhang Tie supported the walls using two hands as he dragged his broken foot towards the room at the corner, followed by that docile rat.

    After entering the room, Zhang Tie immediately took out a dagger from Castle of Black Iron and came to the back of the guy who was sleeping like a dead pig on the table. Covering his mouth, Zhang Tie instantly stabbed into the b*stard's heart.

    After twitching his body for a while, that b*stard was dead...

    Zhang Tie loosened his grip and drew his dagger out of that b*stard's body. After wiping off the blade's blood on the guy's dead body, he limped towards the exit of this room...

    There was a dim upward corridor outside this room. However, with the effect of Zhang Tie's dark vision, the dim corridor was as bright as daylight. It was over 30 m in length, on both sides of which were all dim kerosene lamps. There was another iron door at the end of the corridor, which was fully closed. It seemed like a huge steel plate. There was no gap on it. Whereas, there was a room in the middle of this corridor. The wooden door of the room was half covered while snoring sounds drifted out of the room.

    Zhang Tie pushed open the wooden door and limped inside. After 20 seconds, he came out of the room with some fresh blood on the tip of his blade. However, no snoring sound drifted out of the room anymore.

    Of course, Zhang Tie would not treat politely those lackeys who had surrendered to demons and tortured him these days. The only thing that made Zhang Tie feel pitiful was that Navas was not inside.

    Zhang Tie kept limping towards the end of the corridor. When he arrived at the iron door, he knew that Senel Clan really paid special attention to him; because this iron door could only be opened from outside.

    Based on Zhang Tie's senses, there were 2 guards outside the iron door. As it was too late, most of the people had already fallen asleep, it was very quiet outside the iron door. Zhang Tie sensed that the two guards were both below LV 6.

    Zhang Tie sensed that this door led to another passageway in the castle. This cell seemed to be in a hidden place in the castle. Besides himself, it seemed that nobody else was locked inside this castle.

    Zhang Tie didn't hear any other prisoners' sounds these days. From the chat of the two jailers, Zhang Tie judged that this place might be outside the Tokei City. It was not a standard prison; instead, it was a castle, a real estate of Senel Clan. It was indeed a secret place to lock him up.

    After coming to the side of the iron door, Zhang Tie knocked it. After a few seconds, he knocked it for the second time, which sounded a bit more urgent than that last time...

    "Who's that?" a muffled sound drifted from outside.

    Zhang Tie patted the door for the third time impatiently; meanwhile, his voice turned hoarse as he imitated that obscure drunken sound, "I want to see whether there's something to eat in the kitchen."

    "Jeff and Benari? Foodie!" With this sound, the iron door was opened from outside. The moment the door was opened had the two guys been struck by Zhang Tie's binding chains.

    Zhang Tie opened the door and walked out of that narrow passageway. It was indeed much spacious outside. This place led to a tower in the castle. At this moment, there was nobody in the tower anymore. Zhang Tie could see the huge windows of the tower and Tokei City outside the windows.

    He immediately killed the two guards...

    "Now, I could easily enter Castle of Black Iron. Even though Senel members could come in here, they would find no trace at all. This is much better than disappearing in the cell. Additionally, they would not find my secret at all."

    "The only problem at the moment is whether to kill Navas or enter Castle of Black Iron to recover my wounds."

    After being hesitated for a short while, Zhang Tie watched his broken leg...

    Right then, he heard loud explosions and saw bright flames from Tokei City in the far. As a result, this castle was shocked while many pitch-dark rooms turned bright.

    Zhang Tie threw a glance at the flames in Tokei City. It might come from the manor where he was put under arrest several days ago. Zhang Tie's heart raced, "Who's that?"

    At this moment, he heard footsteps from below the tower.

    Zhang Tie gritted his teeth. Facing such an urgent event, he could not hesitate anymore. After having the rat jump onto his hand, Zhang Tie disappeared...


    Two minutes later, Navas and a group of people arrived at where Zhang Tie disappeared. At the sight of the open iron door and the two dead guards lying on the ground, Navas changed his face at once as he hurriedly rushed inside with people.

    Benari was dead on the bed; Jeff was dead at the table. All the door locks were in good condition. Given this clue, they knew they were all opened by keys.

    "Hurry, report to young master Scala. Zhang Tie was robbed away from the Iron-edge Castle by a powerhouse of the allied human forces..." Navas roared anxiously.

    In Navas' opinion, the powerhouse must be sneaking inside the castle from outside. After killing the two guards, he broke in and saved Zhang Tie out of here. Given such strict protective measures in Iron-edge Castle, Navas knew that the one who robbed Zhang Tie away must be a top powerhouse.

    The moment he thought about the two corpses in the cell had Navas felt chilly inside, "If I were inside, I must have been killed by that human powerhouse like slaughtering a poultry."


    At this moment, the neighborhood of the Sun Avenue in Tokei City had long become a fire sea and battlefield. Thousands of demonized puppets swarmed over there from all directions. When those demonized puppets crowded the Sun Avenue, a rainbow bolt penetrated through the flesh wall of demonized puppets, causing them explode like a bloody rain...

    With this bolt, a 200-m long road was cleared.

    With a furious look, Lan Yunxi held a portable small bow as she took out another small bolt.

    "Yunxi, Zhang Tie is not in here. This is a trap. We have to go now. If not, we could not leave out of here anymore. There were two powerful qi, one from the north and another from the south. They will arrive here in a few minutes. By then, if you were wounded, I wouldn't know how to explain it to Zhang Clan and Lan Clan..." Standing on Lan Yunxi's side calmly, Lan elder casually waved his hand like sweeping pedals off the table, causing over 100 demonized puppets' heads explode...

    Senel Clan planned to fish here; however, they had never imagined that they could attract here a tigress and a prehistorical crocodile. After seeing that Lan elder easily exterminated a detachment of powerful bowmen nearby this place by casually waving his arm, nobody of Senel Clan dared come out at this moment.

    For those members of Senel Clan, it was already a victory if they could drag on the two figures here until the arrival of demon fighters.

    Biting her lips, Lan Yunxi shot out another rainbow bolt, causing numerous demonized puppets into a bloody rain.

    After throwing a glance at Lan Yunxi who attempted to shoot another bolt regardless of her life, Lan elder sighed inside, "Love is really marvelous." If not being requested by Lan Yunxi, he didn't know that Lan Yunxi had fallen in love with Zhang Tie. "This is the last excessive thing that he could do for Lan Yunxi. After this time, no side would allow her to risk such a danger, Zhang Clan, Lan Clan or demons..."

    "Let's go..." Lan elder put one hand on Lan Yunxi's shoulder.

    After throwing another glance at the battlefield and recalling Zhang Tie's fatigued smile in front of her, Lan Yunxi dropped off a tear...


    After a few minutes, three meteors arrived from the north and south along with a terrifying momentum. After reaching above the Sun Avenue in Tokei City, they suspended there for a few seconds before heading for the east...


    2 days later, because of Zhang Tie's event, Major General Ford who was receiving the interrogation of the alliance command suddenly died in Selnes Theater of Operations. This news aroused a great shock. There were two presumptions on his death reason. The first one was that Major General Ford was a lackey of Three-eye Association. He set up Zhang Tie this time. Therefore, he committed a suicide while afraid of being blamed. There was another presumption that he was involved in the event that Zhang Tie surrendered to demons. After being treated brutally, he committed a suicide due to fury in order to maintain the dignity of a commission officer.

    No matter which presumption was real, the final outcome was that the human troops in Selnes front lines started to doubt the capability and authority of the alliance command...

    Among the presumptions, a piece of news almost shocked everyone in the Crystal Battle Fortress although few people across the Selnes Theater of Operations knew it--Lan Yunxi, the commission officer of the airship troop of Jinyun Country was dispatched back to Jinyun Country. With the 'protection' of a Zhang elder, she silently left Selnes Theater of Operations.

    Jinyun Country and Huaiyuan Palace didn't make any explanation to the outside about this order.

    It soon came to November. From the beginning of this month, endless demonized puppets had appeared in the north of Selnes Theater of Operations and started to launch attacks to human defense line constantly, causing the ground battle in Selnes Theater of Operations to enter white-hot stage...
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